In LOVE with an Angel.

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Everyone has someone special in their life and their presence causes a change in you. For me she was an angel who when was their made me feel special and this is dedicated to her.

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



tick tock tick tock tick tock, is all that i can hear,
as if time is slipping away, whenever you are anywhere near,
the moment you are about to leave my heart rate dips,
if it was possible i would say that as if it weeps,
but the times you are close it skips many beats and hops,
and i wish like i was a crazy scientist who cud somehow make time stop,
don't blame it on me, i am ,what can i say, not me when with you,
i loose the strings to the world and my senses, to you, as if they glue,

the thing that you do with your eyes, every time you smile,
i get lost, every single time i look in them, in a world so immobile,
then the breaking dawn color of your hair makes me so nostalgic,
how such rare beauty of nature you posses, with each shade as if hand-picked,
so perfect yet absorbing more from life,a walking masterpiece of gods work,
your sight gives me hope not to give up and have faith as someone out there still knows its worth,

for me you are a fallen angel walking in a mortal shell,
so fragile yet strong,the most pious emotions i have ever felt,
i know i might not be worthy enough but still i have dared to feel,
the most painful yet beautiful of the feelings for you but i fear,
i fear if you came to know about them , you might just walk away,
because i am ready to wait forever, all you need to do is stay,

but i know a day will come when we will have to say goodbye,
and i wont bind you with any strings of my love coz i know how much u r waiting to fly,
to fulfill your destiny and go back home where no pain no sorrows are known,
the lands where our creator is at work, in love and care of the al-mighty, where you actually belong,
here i shall wait and bear the longing coz i know you care and will always be by my side,
and when i end the worth of all my pain will be the priceless drop of tear that will roll down from your eyes.....

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