Tears unseen

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Its what we all see but not realize.

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Tears of sorrow & tears of pain,
loss of thy dearth or efforts gone in vain,
tears of joy & tears of glee,
rolling down thy eyes upon the taste of victory,
but these are those, seen by one and all,
much is left to say even after the curtains fall,

deeper than to know,scars leave their marks,
never do they heal,and randomly they spark,
reminding you of thy misdeeds or thy broken heart,
pulling you down into thy misery or thy unforgetfull past,
many have tried to overcome, many have failed to flee,
wounds heal but not all souls, get to be at peace,

if ask a soul tainted with blood why it cannot sleep,
what haunts, him in his imaginations what is it that creeps,
or a mother who lost her child, along with it, her jist to live,
why she refrains from her very nature,to nurture and to 'Give',
the millions in need who eat nibbles to live just to see another day,
women who survive by begging ,or give in and fall some scavenger's prey,

cries unheard, eyes dried out, pretentious smiles they keep,
befooling all ..of their suffering,whilst underneath their hearts weep,
in tears of blood & tears of will, draining them clean of any hope to live,
rolling down them eyes these tears unseen, they mark their eternal grief,
if there be a God and he is just ,then why he forbade these few and not all,
forbidden from happiness and the basic needs why they were left to crawl,

naive of him for he wished to see a world with compassionate hands,
with a shattered faith now he hides his face for he chose the wrong clan,
now greed and power rule the fate of the unfortunate ones,
and soon enough the day will come when the last prayer will be sung,
the right to live ,lost at the hands of few who could not respect their gift,
all will fall for the price must be paid on the judgement day,no matter how unjust,

the end be it at the very hands of the one who moulded and casted us,
inevitable fate yet all i pray is that this is not the last he had with us,
i know he loves and he will be hurt for his is a never ending pain,
and when it will be over tears of his remorse and regret will rain,
a new beginning is the only hope for the renewal of his faith,
the new chapter shall serve him with the fruit for all his wait,

and the last of the tears shall be shed of satisfaction and beleif,
trickling down as he acheives the much awaited inner peace,
and life shall bloom again throughout with new values it shall breed,
and the ones who rise from this womb will deserve the eternal gifts,
paradise what we call shall be on earth with nothing but peace and laughter,
and like the fairy tales the world shall be a place to live happily ever after....



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