Ode to Seasons or Women's Bliss

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An expressive call for the much ignored beautiful nature of things.

Submitted: January 09, 2010

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Submitted: January 09, 2010



Ode to Seasons or
Women’s Bliss
The prose within a poem that will be following this statement is only the author's humble attempt to appreciate an inexplicable simplicity within the beauty of nature. To the author, the best way to realize this beauty is to live it, a relaxed awareness of being there in that moment. He believes a woman and the ever-changing seasons are one in themselves. Each person lives with a looking glass facing them permanently, it is our job to see, seize, and accept these reflections of love, joy, and the compromise that comes with life.

Fall: She walks through infinity.
Hair: gold - a Greek gift -
The wind teases it,
Her form is divine,
Cast by the cool Sun -
That is not worthy
As a witness to Sin -
A halo forms, I reach;
It is too late, it is winter.

Winter: I pride in disobedience.
Immature, haughty,
I come to my senses
When I am alone.
It’s a white storm,
And two dark spots
Appear. Oh Heaven!
Those glossy marbles
Contain the universe,
She has wings! No,
She is too far. My
Dark light prances away.

Spring: Her eyes are green
And nature sings,
The chord of love
We lay in grass, dull,
Rival to her bright
Gaze. I am lost
And she captures me.
Night nears; Sun sets.
Her beauty, yet unmet.

Summer: She encases all.
Makes trivial the Fall.
Whispers music of
The coming; a dove,
A messenger from
Airy last. Makes dumb
Always forgives. I've seen
Her my whole life. She's been
My whole life. I love her.

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