Twelve pillars

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Well its just concept for a story I'm planning on writing

Submitted: March 25, 2011

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Submitted: March 25, 2011



The main concept is that in the year 1976 humans discovered magic once more. Resulting in a great war between humans and magical creatures. The war leads to a treaty between five dominant speices of earth.

The Elves, Goblins, Humans, Vampires and Beastmen.


Magic was  now a part of the lives of every race in society.

Different types were classified.

Elemental magic manipulated nature

Telekinetic magic was to move things with the mind

Dark magic was magic that was used in destruction

White magic was for healing and protectiong

Chaos magic was a type that was forbidden to be even spoken of so nobody knows what it is


Use of magic was not restricted, as long as it was used in a safe way and not to harm people.

But there was also one thing that people could not do, because it was currently impossible to use magic with technology.

Magic could be used to power,enhance or alter machines but it was impossible to combine it to technology, or at least that was what people were told.

A lightning spell could be used to power an engine, but engines could not be combined with a lightning spell, so continuous casting was necessary.

Machines could not filter magic energy and use it to enhance it permanently, all effects were temporary and ended up with the machine melting down.


Each specie was characterized by traits that were unique to them


Elves were the first race that were able to use magic, being able to use powerful dark and light magic was a common trait in their specie.They are a beautiful race of humanoids with markings on their body and pointed ears.


goblins are a race that has relied more on science through the centuries, their intellect have led them to be one of the most technologically advanced races and also their telekinetic abilities are not only used for carrying and operating machines.They look humans but are slightly shorter, their eyes glow in the dark and their skin is pale due to being in labs for most of their life.


Vampires are a night dwelling race of humanoids. Despite popular belief they are not immortal, though they can live longer than most races, their life span being longer than that of the ancient elves. Their abilities are more akin to Dark magic and telekinetic magic. Being extremely powerful telepathics they are unchallenged by any other race.


Beastmen are the tanks of the five race alliance. They are masters of using magic with physical strength. They specialize in Elemental magic, being paganic and worshiping the elements as gods.Though it is rare an telekinetic beastman is extremely powerful, capable of going toe to toe with a vampire. Also due to past relationships with vampires they are very hostile towards vampires.


Humans are the most flexible of the five races. Being able to use all forms of magic with out any drawbacks common to other races, such as mental instability for telekinetic beastmen. Though physically weaker than vampires and beastmen, they are persistent and determined. They are also the most densely populated races in the alliance, making a war with humans inevitably pointless since other races lose morale in their numbers. They are the race that created the five race alliance when they eventually decided it was pointless to fight a war that would wipe them all out. Some races, such as the elves have a grudge against humans.


Machinaxus is a sentient machine race that developed what seemed to be a free will that was created by the goblins and rebelled a thousand years prior to the five race alliance. They were hated by all other races except the humans who found them fascinating. Three years after the the formation of the alliance the humans had created a peace treaty with legion, the sentient machines were willing for peace to happen if both sides were too. They are unable to use magic but have technology to fight against it.


In the year 2007 a group human of researchers have discovered a way to do it. But they kept it secret.

In 2014 a young soldier named Axle Shadowraith was chosen to wear the first ever armor designed to combine magic and science. His existence in battles and wars kept secret to test the armor properly. Being called romulus team, he is part  one of the most elite soldiers in the alliance.


On one faithful mission axle discovers a being composed of pure magic called the shadow. The creature bonds with him and his armor. On that very day, twelve ancient magical machines called pillars of the end created by the original generation of the five species arise. Each one with an incredibly strong guardian of the five species.


Now axle is on a mission to assemble a team to fight the guardians and prevent the end of the world.

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