Shockwave Character Sketches

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Character Sketches for Shockwave.

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013




Matt- Protagonist, abducted human, brainwashed with intelligence, teleportation, restoration, regeneration, future sightings, and a perfect memory. He has 6 total accompanists, Mytchel Dilk, Robbie Burting, Andrew Lauphrie, Laurie Dilo, Lyndy Dyfa, and Hannah Caros. He embarks on a mission against the Aldrian Empire, who seeks to destroy Earth and humanity.

Mytchel- Supporting Character, made contact with the Reporian, the alien resistance, and offered Matt as a sacrifice to help the Reporian. Mytchel is the first to accompany Matt on his adventures through space.

Robbie- Supporting Character, one of Matt’s oldest friends. He becomes the 2nd accomplice of Matt.

Andrew- Supporting Character, Perhaps Matt’s best friend. Matt’s 3rd accomplice. He has a flirtatious relationship with Lyndy.

Laurie- Rare Character, Matt’s 4thish accomplice, met Matt when they were little, never talked to each other, until she started dating Robbie.

Lyndy- Rare Character, Matt’s 5thish accomplice, has a flirtatious relationship with Andrew.

Hannah- Matt’s interest and 6th and final accomplice. She returns Matt’s feelings, but never go anywhere but a kiss.

The SHIP- Matt’s vehicle through space, acronym for SPACE HAETRIC INCUBATION PORTAL.

Wewlin (whew-lin)- Matt’s, Robbie’s, Laurie’s and Mytchel’s home town.

Avlen- Andrew’s hometown, Matt’s abduction

Heets- Lyndy’s and Hannah’s hometown, Matt’s return.

Flashlight- Matt’s only weapon

The Aldrian- Universal Empire; wants to destroy Earth

The Reporian- The Alien Resistance

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