Unraveling the Assassins

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A Q-and-A of all the questions and mysteries of the Assassin Trilogy.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



What are the Assassins? What do they do? Who founded them? All these questions are asked to be by the people who I gave the stories to read in the begininng, back in September 2012 when I wrote the first draft in 3 hours tops. The questions are very simple, and here are the answers.

-What are the Assassins?

The Assassins are a group of 7 children, taken from their time, and raised and trained in the United States. They all are from a different time, and different country. They are all unknown and dumbfounded to what they are there for.


-What do they do?

The Assassins are freaking assassins! They kill people, more specifically important figures. The people killed were/are/going to be important figures in history.


-Who founded them?

In the third book, you will find out who founded them... It's still a mystery to everyone!


-Why did Zachary Caroline run?

He thought he could make it. He couldn't take the pressure that was getting to him.


-What are the Assassins trying to prevent?

This is no spoiler, World War III, or as a special someone calls it World War X


-Do the Assassins have rivals?

Themselves. In the first book Zachary wants to kill Louis, but tries not to until he attempts to think out a way.


-Why do the leaders become so angry at the children

They have stressful jobs


-What are they Assassins true names?

The United Assassins of Future Peace


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