The Bench/ An Event

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This short story involves two boys making observations while sitting at the park.

Submitted: January 14, 2014

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Submitted: January 14, 2014



The Bench/An Event

A bench occupied the space beside a flowering dogwood tree near the bank of a small lake at the local park. It was not through an act of unsupervised design that the bench found itself sitting there. No, the geographical accommodation of this particular bench served an assigned purpose. The bench was placed in this specific location so that folks who wanted to waste away their time gazing at the swimming ducks could rest their bottom if they began to tire. Usually it is not the norm for any member of society to enjoy staring at ducks or anything for that matter while standing up for a prolonged time, usually.

On this particular November morning two boys sat on the park bench. The both of them were orphans and although they weren't kin to one another, one cared for the other just as much as the other cared for the one. These two occupants were not sitting there watching the ducks swim by, although certainly the ducks were swimming by. The older of the two was Silas. He donned a pale blue cap, slightly torn by constant wear. The cap was tilted forward to where a shadow lingered above his eyes. Silas was full of prudence and scarce of speech. The younger boy was Idris.

Idris, as a certain saying goes, had no way to make sense of this world no more than a bird flying in the sky did. Though he was a young fellow, his mind already worked like that of a lower class carpenter or a bricklayer, that is to say, day to day.

They sat now observing the scenery at the park. Two men strolled into their line if vision, walking juxtaposed, hand in hand.

"Silas look. Them two men is holding hands", Idris pointed out. Upon hearing this, Silas directed his attention towards these two individuals and a frown soon surfaced on his face.

"Men ought not to hold hands and stare into each other's eyes in such a manner. A despicable thing."

"Why is that Silas?"

"Ain't right."

"You don't think it's right?

"Certain things are beyond human opinion boy", Silas cursed, "What they doing ain't natural."

"And how come they are doing it?" Idris asked.

"Folk often acts and does queer things her boy. This is America. Country progressive like that, i guess."

Hearing this caused Idris to turn to his friend. Silas and Idris looked at each other and smiled. Loud laughter followed. The passersby looked at the two boys who seemed to be laughing like schoolboys, and they also smiled.

The two men who were seen holding hands had disappeared into a bend. Two female joggers passed by. A mother walking with her child passed by. By and by the ducks swimming in the lake became noticeable to Silas and Idris. The two boys sat watching them and the park bench once more served its purpose.

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