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this was something i hardly remember writing. when i reread it i hardly recognize it but i know it to be one of my own no worries.

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013





There is a tulip in the snow

Frosted but alive

Never had a place to go

Doomed to never thrive

Through every season it stood tall

No matter what the weather

It managed to get through it all

With the hope of keeping it together

The brutal ice made it strong

So no angry wind could shake it

The suffocating snow made it wise

So no blazing sun could bake it

It hoped and dreamed some one would pick it

To be the one a person loved

It wanted them to delicately take it

And not just blindly shove

It to the side and find another

More deliciously scented

The beauty captured like no other

Its self esteem never again dented

But for now a tulip stands in the snow

Frosted but alive

You can thaw it out you know

With you it can finally thrive 

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