We Are Monsters

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This was an essay i wrote where i took one line from a story i read which is the very first line and then i moved from there creating something wholey my own and unlike the original in any way.

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013




There is a spider crawling along the matted floor of the room where I sit; he runs with heedless, hurried haste, he hobbles awkwardly towards me, he stops – he sees my giant shadow before him, and at a loss whether to retreat or proceed, mediates his huge foe—but as I do not move and seize a shoe or other solid object to steal his life by, as he would upon hapless fly within his toils, he passes me. I lift up the matting to assist his escape, am glad to get rid of the unwelcome intruder, and shudder at the recollection after he is gone. A child, a woman, or anyone who relishes in the squirming death of inferior creatures - my philosophy has gone beyond that –I intend the creature no ill-will, but still despise the very sight of it and its numerous scraggly legs. I pride myself in my reverence of life, no matter what form it comes in. I feel -as that spider has done me no harm other then look its way -that it has every right to be on this earth with me; it has just as much right as I do in fact. For what would make me any better than him? The fact that my higher thinking allows me to acknowledge this other creature with more understanding; Shouldn’t that be the reason in fact that I wouldn’t act with such an animalistic violence towards another living creature which is so clearly my inferior? Killing it would be cruel for it could do me no real harm by continuing on its way.

Nature seems (the more we look into it) made up of antipathies: a strange tendency of people to avoid all instances of acquaintance with anything not shiny and plastic. It has become the way of life that we do not stray from our urbanized societies and our asphalt jungles that comfort us so. We feel out of place in a habitat once natural to us, surrounded by creatures that once stirred little fear. A Native American circa the 1600's wouldn’t blink an eyelash at a spider crawling across the hand woven mats laid with in their simple homes. Is it evolution or devolution that has made us so weak and feeble, relying on electronics and technologies to do everything for us, building no real skills of our own?

Where along the time line did we walk blind folded into a state so debilitated and flimsy? Hardly a one of us could survive in a world outside our comfy communities. We have grown terrified of the world we live in, and, blind to our effect on it. We are so ignorant about how we effect the ecosystem that we are dismantling it, a sabotage from the inside, we have become rather, an intruder in a world no longer ours. Our fear and confusion heighten to the point of paranoid destruction. We fear what we don’t understand so greatly that we find that the only solution is to mutilate and extinguish it before it can do the same to us. All things become foes, a harmless spider no bigger than your pinkie nail or a panda bear who’s face decorates children’s clothes; we hunt until near extinction. We seek only to learn from them when examining their corpses or monitoring their incarcerate behaviors. Why is it that we who once lived among them are no so entirely disassociated from them? Is it possible for us to advance our understanding in sciences and other studies without losing all we understood about ourselves as animals and our world as our dwelling?

The aversion to the elements and the fellow indigenous creatures is so prevalent among our kind it is accepted as ordinary. We don’t think twice when a damsel squeals and shrieks immediately upon the mere sight of an insect, let alone its touch. What divorced us? Can we maintain our achievements and find again our roots on this earth? Some frown at theses attempts, call us dirty hippies, but are we? Or are we just seeing what most are blind to? Seeing what consequences most are so ignorant of. Where is the line between perplexed inadvertent action and deliberate ignorance to what we find rattling to think about? When will we be at blame? Does every spider need to be squished and every tree need to be processed before we will see what we truly are? Before we will see we are behemoths. We are fiends. We are monsters.

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