Your my Superhero

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i wrote this about someone who had the velvet voice that could talk me down from a cliff if i needed. this poem was me realizing sometimes i have to stop thinking of my own pain and see that my hero has troubles too

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



If your superman

And I'm the damselj in distress 

Then sometimes you have to fail

Even when you try your best


I cant be saved every time

Even the best of us can lose 

I know how hard you always try

I know your intentions are true 


Even superman gets tired sometimes

Of the damsel who always needs help

I don't expect unconditional heroics

Maybe this time the hero needs help


I could never be upset with you

No matter what you've done 

I wont ever hold a mistake against you

Even if this time the bad guys won 


Not everyone can be a hero

We need to cherish ones like you

In a world as scary as this one

You always know what to do 


Your my unacknowledged superman

Your the savior whos song is unsung

No one has helped me like you have

Even if you don't see how much you've won 


I want to fly with you my superman

But i know i never will

Your from another world my love 

And Aim to small to fit this bill


But i love you my sweet superman

I don't mind watching from afar

Sore high my glorious superman

Next time you can save me from harm 

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