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A tattoo mysteriously appears on Shawn's arm...

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012




"Mate, what’s that on your arm?" Kerry asked as she passed the joint to me.

"What?" I asked.

"That. On your arm, is that a tattoo?"

I took a long drag and felt the smoke fill up my lungs, I closed my eyes, leaned back and breathed the smoke out, I felt Kerry’s hands grabbing my shoulder. I looked at her and she was looking at my arm with a puzzled look on her face.

"When did you get this done?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Its fake isn’t it?" she asked.

I took another puff and passed the joint back.

We were at Kerry's. We were Supposed to be at school but School was rubbish, school was full of Dick heads, we didn't fit in so we went in the morning signed in and then bunked off to Kerry's. Her parents were always away on business so we had the pad to ourselves. We watched foreign movies, played video games and got high. I loved Kerry's room. Her closet was in the corner and it had little drawings and pictures of us from way back stuck on it, Her acoustic guitar was leaning against the wall, her Desk was by the window and it had papers,rizzlas,a laptop, pens and a lamp resting on it, The bed was huge and warm and the covers were always crumpled up by the feet and half hanging on the floor, We were lying on it. I Loved Kerry's room, it felt like home.


I stood up and walked to the mirror. I had to be home in a couple of hours so I just wanted to make sure my eyes weren't too bloodshot, I stared at my reflection. Mirror version of me stared back at me. Scruffy ginger hair, pasty pale skin, freckles, bushy brows, stubble...all my flaws exposed. I was shirtless because it was so hot, which was rare for this country. My body wasn’t bad I guess, I wasn’t like a body builder or anything but there was some definition to my chest, there was no six pack but when I flexed real hard you could see a few muscle bumps, my arms were kinda ripped for a scrawny guy.. Wait a sec...What the hell was that?

"What the ...?" I moved closer to the mirror.

There was definitely something on my arm. It appeared to be a bird of some kind. I licked my fingers and rubbed them against it. It wasn’t coming off. I was confused. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Was I really that High? I couldn’t be, I hadn't had that much.

"Yo Kerry look at this shit, I’ve got a tattoo."

"Yeah that's what I was saying."

"I didn't get this done." I said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I didn't go to a tattoo place and get this done, Moms wouldn't even let me do that shit" I was still rubbing at it.

Kerry got up and walked up to me, she inspected the tattoo." So you are saying you don’t remember getting the tattoo?"

"No...I mean, do you remember me getting a tattoo?" I asked. “You are with me all the time don’t you think you would have noticed me getting a flipping tattoo done?"

"Well, am not with you all the time..." She said.

"This is fucking weird"

"It’s a good tat though."

"Are you listening to what am saying? I...DID...NOT...GET...THIS...SHIT...DONE! I went to bed, no tattoo woke up, tattoo"

Kerry frowned, it was the face she made when she was deep in thought, she walked up to the bed and sat down. “yeah I guess I would have noticed it."

"Exactly." I said..

"Maybe it’s like a ghost trying to send you a message."

"A Ghost?" I gave her a "Get real" look.

"Its a fucking tattoo that appeared out of nowhere I don't think the idea of a Ghost is that ridiculous in this situation" She passed what was left of the joint to me.

"Why would a Ghost give me a tattoo of a bird?" I asked as I placed the joint between my lips.

"It's a Sparrow." she stood up and went to her desk. "Let me Google up what sparrow tattoos mean"

I stood up and right then I felt a sharp pain in my head, I closed my eyes and sat back down on the bed.

"You Okay?"

"Yeah, just...this like fucking headache, you know." I responded without even looking at Kerry at her desk.

"You want some aspirin?"

"Nah I'll be fine. It’s gone now, it was like, I don’t know."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, yeah.So is there anything about sparrow tattoos?"

"Okay, So I typed in missing tattoos and the only thing coming up..."

"Missing tattoos, why would you type that in?" I asked cutting her off, “I thought we are looking for Sparrow tattoos?"

"We can’t be that specific babe, first we need to find out if anyone's woken up with one of their tattoos missing and then get more info..."

"When did you change your..." I'd turned round to look at Kerry and...Her clothes...What the fuck?

"What is it, you look spooked?"

Her clothes. Just a minute ago she was wearing that black and white striped T-shirt that I liked and her yellow pair of skinny jeans But Now she had on this hooded, short-sleeved black top on top of a Black T-shirt, she had some sort of hooped chain thing hanging round her neck and Her trousers were black and baggy (she never wore them baggy.) What the Hell? There’s no way she'd changed into that without me noticing. I’d had my eyes on her the all time, the only time Id not been looking at her was when she'd gotten up to go to the desk and that was only for a split second.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked.

It wasn't just the clothes, her eyes looked different. She had dark eyeliner on and something else was different, she had a piercing just below her bottom lip. Kerry had always talked about getting a piercing but she always chickened out. What the fuck was going on? Thoughts were running through my head, was this some sort of prank? Was Kerry trying to trick me? How the hell could she though? It just wasn't possible, One second she was in different clothes, no piercing and the next she was like a totally different person, it didn't make sense. Oh, and her hair, her hair was black! I stood up and rubbed my eyes.

"babe is everything Okay?"

"What the fuck, your clothes...Your are not." I stuttered trying to put together the right words.

I was shaking.

"Babe you are scaring me" She said.

It was still her voice. Her voice hadn’t changed.

"What the Fuck's going on?" I spun around, looking round the room.

It was the same room, everything was the same except for Kerry...No, wait...The guitar, It was now an electric guitar and the wall...There were posters all over the wall, Posters of Bands I'd never heard of. Fuck I was losing my mind. My heart started racing even faster. Maybe it was the weed maybe this was what they called a "bad trip" maybe someone had laced the weed with some weird drug, I was scared and confused and I didn’t know what was going on. Kerry was looking at me and she looked just as confused as I did. I felt my knees getting weak, my head felt light, I fell down and slipped into darkness. I don’t know how long I was passed out for but I remember waking up and seeing Kerry's face, the concerned look in her blue eyes, Her Blonde hair, her black and white stripped T-shirt, I remember thanking God that it had all just been a dream.

I sat up, I looked around the room, the posters were gone and the guitar was back, I smiled, whatever weird dream I'd had it was over. Kerry was staring at me. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth was slightly open.

"You okay?" I asked.

"What just happened?" She asked

"Did I just...did I faint?" I asked.

Kerry was looking pale as if she'd seen a Ghost. “You are Shawn right?"


"Well, a second ago you were Mark." she said.

"Mark, Who the fuck's Mark?" I asked.

"Okay so am on the laptop tryna get more info on the sparrow tattoos and then you start freaking out...well I thought it was you but then I turn around and it’s not you, I mean it looks like you but you've got like all these tattoos and shit and your hair's like weird am all like what the fuck..."

"Wait you mean that shit was real?"


"Wait, I’m not the one who was...You are the one that was all weird and shit. Your hair was like black and you were wearing this hoodie thingy and..."

"Hoodie thing?"

"Yeah you were like all Goth and shit and and...And the room was different there was posters and shit everywhere and the guitar was different..."

"What are you talking about?"

I shook my head."There’s some seriously weird shit going on here, man."

"I am so confused."

We sat on the floor, not saying a word, I was confused and scared and shocked and didn't know what was going on.

"So, this girl...she looked exactly like me?" Kerry asked

"Yeah it was like you but you know, different." I said.

"What was her name?" she asked.

"I don't know." I said.

"You didn't ask?" she asked.

"No, I was too busy being frightened." I said sarcastically.

"Oh." she said.

We both fell silent again. Kerry had her thinking face on; I looked at my arm and looked at the bloody tattoo. All this madness had started with that bloody tattoo.

"The room, it looked exactly like this room?" She asked.

"Yeah but there were posters on the wall and an electric guitar..."

"Did the room belong to...The other girl; you know the one that looked like me?"

"I don't know, probably."

"The tattooed version of you, this Mark guy, he was going on about how my clothes and hair were different, maybe he was talking' about the other girl, you know, the other Me." she said.

"Oh so you think me and this other me, swapped places?” I asked trying to wrap my head around the whole thing.

“Yah I mean maybe all em’ sci fi movies we saw about alternate realities and shit...maybe there was some truth to em.” She said.

We sat there in silence for a while and then I got up.

“Where you going?” She asked

“Gotta Pee, I’ve been holding it in for ages.” I responded as I walked into the toilet.

No need to close the door, I unzipped my pants, flopped my lil guy out and watched as the golden stream of piss splashed into the water.

“You know, all this talk of parallel universes is kinda turning me on,” Kerry said from the other room.

There was something about the way she said that, like she was trying to seduce me or something. I almost stopped pissing mid-stream. I’d known Kerry since we were little kids and she’d never hit on me once. People, my parents included found it really hard to believe that we were just friends.

“What do you think the other versions of us are up to right now?” She asked.

“Erm...I don't know” I said.

The door slowly creaked open, I shook my little guy and watched the tiny droplets of piss fly off then I zipped up, wait zipped up? I was wearing a tracksuit bottom, there was no zipper on a...I looked down I was wearing Black baggy trousers; I didn’t own a pair like that. I turned around and standing in the doorway was the other Kerry.


Before I could say anything, she walked up to me and kissed me. Her lips were delicious. I’d never really thought of Kissing Kerry, don't get me wrong she had the most amazing looking lips ever; I always made fun of her and told her she had blowjob lips. I closed my eyes and kissed her back, sucking her lower lip into my mouth, she tilted her head to the left. I released her lip and our mouths connected, our tongues pressed against each other, swimming in each other’s mouths. My heart was pounding like crazy; it was like being kissed for the first time. She squeezed my butt and pulled me closer. I sucked her tongue, tasting her, exploring her mouth; I ran my tongue over her lips. She started removing her top; I quickly took off my T-shirt, our lips reconnected. We hungrily kissed, our tongues pressing against eachother,She un-did her bra, tossed it on the floor, I’d only ever seen Kerry naked once and we were like 13 even then she’d had the biggest tits in class none of the guys ever noticed though coz she wore clothes that covered em up real good. My jaw almost dropped, those were some fantastic tits, and they were bigger than I’d expected and they were perky and...Oh my God they were like porn star tits, I grabbed em. They were warm and my touch caused her nipples to get all erect, she had some lovely nipples, bigger than I thought they’d be actually, I felt myself being drawn to them, I leaned in and kissed her left nipple, I opened my mouth and sucked on it, she ran her hands in my hair, I moved on to her right nipple and sucked on that one too, she let out a slight moan. I closed my eyes and sucked the nipple in letting my tongue make little circles round it, she pulled me up and kissed me, I pulled her closer, her lips were sooo yummy, I bit down gently on her lower lip, she was moving up against me, practically dry humping me, my hands were like a kid’s in a candy store, they were exploring her body, she pulled back and got her knees in front of me, I looked down. She smiled at me as she unbuckled my belt, I closed my eyes, I felt the cool feel of her fingers, she pulled it out, I looked down at her just as she was about to kiss it, our eyes locked. My heart was pumping at like super speed. I had never had a blowjob before, I’d seen it millions of times in porno movies but had never actually had one, who would have thought that my first one would be from my best friend...well, technically it wasn’t Kerry. She kissed the head of my dick, her lips felt soft; she kissed it again and continued to plant soft kisses all around, she Licked it up and down no doubt tasting the pre-cum that was oozing out of me. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips round the tip of; I felt her sucking me, taking me in. Shivers ran down my spine and spread throughout my body. She started bobbing her head. She alternated her hand strokes and mouth strokes, looking up at me the whole time. It didn't take long for me to feel that all familiar sensation.

“Oh fuck gonna...Am...Am...Am Cumming.” I stuttered.

She kept on sucking, I felt my knees get weak as I climaxed. It was the most amazing feeling ever. A 100 times better than wanking. The best part was she swallowed every drop. The blowjob was amazing but now that I had cum I was afraid things would get awkward but the other Kerry didn't make it awkward at all, she got up wiped her mouth, kissed me and then said something about being thirsty and skipped out the bathroom.

I pulled my trousers up, did my belt and walked into the bedroom. The other Kerry wasn’t there. I looked around the room; it was creepy how similar the room was to Kerry’s. I walked up to the wardrobe. It looked exactly like Kerry’s but the pictures stuck on it were different, they were pictures of us, well, pictures of the other me and the other Kerry. They looked happy in the photos, there was one of them kissing at what looked like a party, one of them singing karaoke, one of her dressed like a guy and him like a chic, loads of photos showcasing how much they loved each other. As I stood there staring at those photos I realised something...


The door bell rang.  My first thought was shit Kerry’s moms is here I gotta hide but then I quickly remembered that I wasn’t with The Real Kerry so it didn't matter that we wasn’t in school. I mean, for all I knew the other Kerry and the other me had already finished school. I heard a loud scream coming from downstairs. It was definitely Kerry. I could recognize her voice anywhere. Instinct took over; I ran out the room and dashed down those stairs. The front door was wide open, Kerry was lying on the floor shaking like she was having a seizure or something and 3 guys were hovering over her, they looked up and saw me. For a split second we all just stared at each other. They were all holding these metal stick things that seemed to have some sort of blue electric sparks circling round the end. We all moved at the same time, they ran towards me and I ran back up the stairs. I burst into the bedroom and looked around for something to put against the door. I could probably move the wardrobe but before I could put the thought into action the door swung open and the guys charged in. I picked up the electric guitar that was near to where I was standing and swung with all my strength, it connected with the face of the guy who was in front, He fell backwards. I tried to hit one of the other guys but he got me first, punching me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me. One of the other guys cracked me in the back with the metal stick thing, I felt an instant sharp pain flow through my body, and I fell to the ground. It was as if every muscle in my body was contracting.

“You are not so tough now. Are you, you fucking freak?” One of the guys yelled.

I was in so much pain. Every bit of my body ached. Tears were rolling down my cheeks involuntarily. One of them kicked me in the face, the impact jerked my head back, my bottom lip split open, there was blood everywhere, I could taste it in my mouth, I curled myself up in a ball like a foetus, they all joined in kicking the crap out of me and stomping on me, the pain was so fucking unbearable, I felt at least 2 of my fingers break, one of the fuckers was repeatedly stamping on my side, smashing my ribs,  my knee made a funny sound as one of the kicks connected sending even more pain flowing through me. Just when I was sure I was going to die the other Kerry ran through the door, she was moving so fast her features were almost blurred. I watched in amazement as she grabbed one of the guys by the neck and lifted him off the floor as if he was a feather, I watched her snap his neck like it was nothing, and his limp lifeless body fell down beside me. The other two guys attacked her at the same time, both swinging their metal stick thingies she punched one of the guys so  hard that his head spun around and his neck snapped loudly But the other guy got her, his stick crashing into her back, the electric shock made her body spasm and she dropped to the floor. The guy looked at his two buddies laying on the floor both dead, he looked pissed off.

“You fucking Bitch!!!” he yelled as he hit her repeatedly with the metal stick thingy.

With each hit her body rocked and twitched, there was spit foaming at her mouth. I was still in a lot of pain but I gathered every ounce of strength in me and got up, the guy wasn’t even looking at me coz he was too busy hitting the other Kerry, I picked up the  TV and smashed him over the head with it, he went down like a sack of potatoes. I dropped the TV and sat back down in pain. There was blood flowing out of my mouth, I looked around the room there were 3 guys lying on the floor two of which I was positive were dead, I’d heard their necks snap, and the other Kerry was still twitching and shaking on the floor. This was all too much for me, I was scared, I was confused and I was losing a lot of blood... I passed out.


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