vengeance of a dreamer

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Vengeance of a Dreamer


A book by

Max Mena




Force the Change

He convinced himself that he needed to do it for his family, for himself, and for his country.  It took him many years to perfect it, a biological agent that would consume the world’s fossil resources.  Maybe it was vengeance, maybe it was patriotism but he knew what he needed to be done.  He knew the destruction the glutinous giants of fossil fuels would continue to deliver to the world.  They destroyed his family, his livelihood, and his way of life.  That is why he decided to unleash a serum that would free humanity from fossil fuels.  This is a story of perseverance and honor of a man that is willing to do anything it takes to propel humanity into free energy and everlasting existence.

He changed his name for his purpose.  Once he went by this birth name Robert Creed, now he goes by the name Gratis Joule.  Gratis Joule has waged a war against those that oppress humanity by not releasing free energy technology on to the world.  Instead the enemies of Gratis Joule want to further pull humanity into financial slavery by not allowing any other forms of energy to replace fossil fuels.  A 600 trillion dollar empire is certainly hard to take down but Gratis Joules knew exactly what would cripple this oppressive gargantuan.  You have to attack the source of the power thought Gratis Joules and thank to his expertise in the realm of science and bio chemistry he and only he could have concocted such a genius weapon.  The weapon to free the world of oppressive anguish from fossil fuel technologies is at the palm of his hands.  This story is about the progression to humanity to everlasting free energy.


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Robert creed was born in February 2nd, 1960 in a suburb of Houston.  He was born in a blue collar family household.  His father a man by the name of Harry Creed worked for Western Oil a giant in the fossil fuel industry sector.  He was a jack of all trades working on the field exploring and setting up oil rigs.  His mother a woman by the name of Eleanor Creed also worked for Western Oil as one of the many secretaries for the company.  There romance started at work and blossomed beyond to bring fourth Robert Creed into the world.  Soon you will see why a very unfortunate turn of events would influence Robert Creed and his actions in life.  Eleanor was working one day as a liaison for new hires when she met Harry a young man with beautiful hazel eyes.  Her duties were to show the young hired employee around the company premises.

The Tour

The tour of the facility was a long one as there were many sectors within the facility which the company operated from.  She introduced him to many of his future fellow coworkers.  These men were all oil rig workers born 2nd and 3rd generation into the industry this is all that these men knew as a way of life.  She toured through the lunch area, the time clock area, the tool area, the locker room, and introduced him to many rooms leading to equipment used for field exploration.  Harry loved the tour and as daring as he was approached Eleanor to ask her for a cup of coffee which she accepted.  She recalled it was his eyes and his looks that convinced her to say yes to Harry.  Harry went in straight to work and knew exactly his place.  He was an oil rig man for most of his young life having learned from his dad and his dad learning it from his dad.  He was a third generation oil rig worker and it was in his blood and his veins to pump the earth of its black sludge.

The oil paid for everything including the facility, the salaries of these men, the logistics, and the equipment.  Pretty much anything that the company has was completely paid by oil revenue.  For the oil rig workers it was not red blood that pumped through their veins it was not red at the very least no it was black like the oil they pumped everyday from the ground.  Production was at an all time high and demand was booming for the 1950’s.  The American Dream was a promise for all Americans and Harry was determined to reach it.  The pillars of the American dream which included a wife, kids, a house with a white picket fence, and a dog was played on every block of the American streets.  A new frontier of American ingenuity was taking shape and America needed all the energy it could get.  That is where Harry came in, he knew how to deliver the energy American needed and in return he was going to fight for the American Dream.  All he needed was a lovely lady by his side and that lovely young lady just happened to be Eleanor.

The Date

Good ole Harry was very polite and extremely courteous.  He kept it simple and presented chivalry.  This was taught to him by his early years in the army.  He had served a tour in the World War 2 fighting the Germans in the battlefield and now he was fighting for the love of his life.  That’s how it was for Harry; he knew what he wanted in life and was not afraid to fight for it.  After work they would frequently meet at a café down the headquarters also owned by Western Oil.  It seemed like Western Oil owned everything within five miles of headquarters.  They liked it because they received there employee discounts and the cup of Joe was really not bad at all.  Weeks went by where they would find themselves wanting to be more with each other.  They would go to the local roller rink and skate around with friends and family.  In those days things were pleasant and peaceful and love was in the air.  In those days there was tremendous growth.  The sky was the limit and the American Dream was within the grasp of regular American blue collar workers.  Weeks turned into months and always careful to treat a lady Harry was patient waiting for the right moment to ask would you like to go steady.

The Moment

There goes Harry and Eleanor of to another adventure, is what everyone thought of the lovely couple.  They would venture to Galveston to setup a picnic and enjoy a lovely Saturday at Stewart Beach underneath an umbrella with a bucket of ice cold beers and 2 loungers.  The loungers were hardly used as the couple would love to stroll through the beach holding hands as romance filled the air.  What a delightful sight to see two young love birds enjoy nature at its best.  There was a special day Harry picked to ask Eleanor the question that would lead to heavenly bliss.  It was about 6 months into their relationship on a Saturday at Stewart Beach.  There he proceeded to ask with eagerness to her respond do you want to go steady, do you want to be my girlfriend.  When they spoke on the subject they were open and honest and knew what they both wanted.  That day both agreed that their love for each other was meant for a long stretch of highway of love.  Now they were boyfriend and girlfriend and that’s what Harry had envisioned from the start for he knew that Eleanor was going to be his girl.

Exit to the Chapel

Wow things are getting serious for the couple.  Just about 2 months ago they celebrated their one year anniversary.  How happy everyone is for the couple they seem to be a perfect match people say to each other.  They also decided on the one year anniversary that they were going to move forward to the next step and move in together.  They wanted to see how it would be like if they were to live together for the rest of their live without marriage.  If they enjoyed each other’s company living together only then will they decide to get married.  They wanted to do things right and that meant sacrifice and commitment.  Then the miracle happened for as you can imagine living together had its perks and from those perks came a bundle of joy that was expected but unexpected.  So much for planning the right marriage lucky for the couple they were madly in love and would be ecstatic to welcome another member to their new established family.  Off to the chapel jokes Harry as he celebrates with family and friends.  They revealed to everyone what miracle was occurring in their lives and that soon the newly married couple would bring in to the world Robert Creed.

The wedding was exquisite all paid for by the headquarters with friends and families contributing as well.  It was at the chapel which was on Western Oil land.  Much of the event was paid for by the company because that is how they acquired loyalty from its employees.  The food, preparations and entertainment was covered by family and friends.  What a delightful wedding it was and the bride was as beautiful as can be.  Harry knew he made the right choice.  He was not expecting things to move so fast but when are in love things always work out.  Eleanor was not expecting any of this to happen so quickly either.  She was always taught to stand your ground and not give the goods easily.  She was taught that a man had to work for her love and luckily the man she decided to marry happened to be a fine gentleman that would cherish her and the bundle of joy she was bringing to the world.

After the Marriage

After the dust settles, the drinks have been drunk, the celebrations have been toasted and the guest have gone home, now comes eternal love.  We did it Harry said with joy and aspiration.  Eleanor happy as can be says well Harry we sure did but we are not done yet.  Off to the honeymoon and where else but good old Cancun Mexico off one of the resorts owned by Western Oil.  Employees enjoyed free accommodations to company owned properties.  The couple was well ahead of the ball game.  They had virtually no debt from the wedding and they had saved much of their time together and on their own to combine savings in an effort to purchase land for a house.  In the army Harry learned many skills one of among them the skill of carpentry.  With his hands he can provide for this family and now he was building the home his family would live in.  There was no shortage of help everyone loved the newly married couple.  In the weekends family and friends would come to the site and work on projects to build the house.  In those days permits were easy to come by and the building codes were not as strict.  Texas has always had a history of minimal government intervention so when it came to building the dream house that Eleanor wanted Harry had no impedance.

It took 6 months but the house was finally complete and not a day too soon as baby creed was getting ready to make his presence known to the world.  Eleanor was 8 months pregnant and about to go on leave.  One more month she said to herself and this bundle of joy will be out of me.  It is tough to carry 8 pounds of love for 8 months.  The tireless sleep, the swollen feet, the baby stomach, the headaches, the dizziness, the cravings and everything you can think of that a pregnancy can produce in this situation was happening.  No matter what was happening Harry was there for Eleanor.  From cravings of cookies and cream ice cream, to avocados and chips, to steak with mash potatoes and of course Eleanor’s favorite the famous New York Style Cheese Cake on the cravings a pregnancy can produce.  Through the entire pregnancy the one thought that kept going through the mind of Harry is how Eleanor can look so pretty, just as when they first met.  It made him fall in love with her again and again and that was the everlasting love a man can feel for a woman he truly loves.

The Hospital

How time flies by and the baby will not wait any longer.  The day was frantic and there was chaos in an organized manner.  Even as the air was tranquil turbulence for one of the most peaceful looking days made for a hectic rush to the hospital.  In a split second what turned out to be a normal day transformed into a new journey of calamity.  My water broke cries out Eleanor.  Harry had everything prepared and knew how to take care of the situation.  After all war tour could only prepare a human being for the unexpected.  He grabbed the luggage for the hospital stay important numbers and the keys.  He escorted his wife to their car and proceeded to head to the hospital.  Luckily this holiest of days was also on a Saturday the 3rd of December of the year 1960.  Now there was a rush to the hospital and thankfully the roads were clear as not many drivers were out at that specific time.  The night was slowly approaching and there was a full moon that day.  Good ole Robert Creed was born there hours later at St. Patrick’s Hospital.

Everyone arrived at the hospital waiting patiently for news of Eleanor and the baby’s condition.  All of their family and friends dropped what they were doing and made it to the hospital.  Anticipation was tantalizing as everyone prayed for the best outcome.  Everyone wished for a healthy baby boy to be born.  Through prayer and determination from both doctors and staff the task was being performed.  Eleanor never experienced so much pain but she took it with stride as the best doctors tended to her every need.  She was a trooper and delivered little Robert Creed into the world.  How blessed was the world to be introduced to the future innovator.  Robert Creed was the one being that was born to change the direction of the future.  No one had any idea the baby they were holding in their hands would ultimately change their way of life. For now everyone was happy that the baby was born healthy and that Eleanor survived the delivery.  As people gathered in prayer to thank god for a successful delivery the champagne bottles were being popped and soon enough everyone was celebrating for the joy of the new born.  Before the week ended everyone in the close knit community knew about the birth.  All expenses paid by the headquarters of course.  That is how the company bought loyalty of their employees by providing from start to finish all of the coverage necessary for births as well as hospital stays were ways they could wield the loyalty they needed out of their workforce.  Now Eleanor, Harry and their new born all owned their livelihood and their very lives to the company now.

The Early Years

As time passed young Robert Creed grew and grew as time trickled through the universe.  Many of his birthdays were celebrated at the Creed’s residents which Harry built during the pregnancy.  The family was living the American Dream.  Young Robert has his own room, clothes, toys and the love of a nurturing mother and a humble but strict father.  It was the pillars for a strong suitable childhood which would birth genius.  Robert excelled in many areas the years following his birth.  He learned to read at the age of 4 and loved books.  He especially loved books about nature.  He loved to read animals, insects and many types of wildlife.  He especially loved digging holes in the backyard driving his parent’s crazy but that’s what kids do at his age.  Robert was always intrigued by new discoveries.  For him it was as if he discovered things for the first time even though he knew that from his books all of the wildlife he encountered had been discovered.  Since a child with much imagination he always dreamed of making new life from science.  Robert could not wait to go into school and practice what he knew would be his favorite subject which was science.

He knew the word science but did not know what it entailed.  He would always read in his books and magazines about new innovations occurring during his young years by scientist in many respective fields.  Through elementary school and middle school he always took an interest in the realm of math and science.  As he grew older he discovered just how much power can be held in the hands of scientists and mathematicians.  Young Robert Creed was becoming much of a prodigy and his parents would want their child to mature into.  Robert excelled mostly in academics but also played some sports as a youngster, primarily in the meter dash.  He loved the acceleration and the limitless potential of the human body.  Through speed and endurance he figured out the potential humanity and wildlife in general have and use in everyday life.  His parents would support him in many of his activities always proud of their son’s accomplishments.  Young Robert may have turned out to be another person if it was not for a tragedy that struck him in his young years at the age of 12.

That’s When Everything Changed

The work on an oil rigger is a dangerous field and no one knew this more than his father Harry.  Young Robert was in school one day enjoying one of his favorite class’s biology when he was called into the principal’s office.  He wondered what he could have the possibly done because being called into the principal’s office you were usually in trouble.  He was told to go to the principal’s office by his teacher.  Strolling along the hall down to the principal’s office he heard a similar voice crying within the principal’s office.  Now he recognized the voice that appeared to be in tears which was that of his mother.  The closer he got the faster he walked.  He started running towards the office worried that something horrible may have happened.  He pauses as he sees his mom sitting in a chair and the principal hugging his mother.  He wonders what has happened and proceeds to ask the question.  His mom tells him that she has something to tell him.  What is it mom what’s wrong says Robert what’s happening why are you crying asks young Robert.  It’s your father Robert, your father suffered a horrible accident in an oil field and he is dead.  Robert fell to his back, could not believe what he has just heard.  His dad and he were supposed to go to the movies to catch the latest movie Space Invaders at the local drive in.  He didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye and he knew thing were going to be different from that day forward.  Nothing would ever be the after the accident and his father’s accidental death.

The funeral was grand as Harry had many loyal friends and family members.  His son Robert and his wife Eleanor were present.  Even the CEO of Western Oil managed to show up and give his respects as Harry was an upcoming foreman with long tenure.  Tragedy had struck the company and this was a quick way to build the public relations needed to see the company past this.  Robert did not know what to think of any of it.  The funeral was all paid for by the company.  There was a life insurance policy through the company that would provide for them.  Something just did not seem right to Robert.  Out of all the years that Harry spent working on oil rigs he was about the safest of individuals and always came home.  Why now and why him Robert asked himself.  It just does not make sense cried Robert on his mom’s shoulder.  Robert could not figure out in the complexity of the mysterious death the reason behind it.  It was an accident.  There was no one to blame no one to reach out to for questions.  Now Robert and his mom had to pick up the broken pieces and move on.  They could not imagine that the following day and everyday for the rest of their lives a part of themselves would be waiting for Harry to come home.  The sadness of family members and friends for the death of Harry was tremendous as no one deserves to dies but especially Harry.  Harry was gentlemen, a leader, a husband, and especially a father above all.

Dealing with the Pain

No one can imagine the pain of losing someone as precious and important to one’s life as their husband and father.  There is an art involved in the way that people deal with pain, sadness and turmoil.  Some carry anger drenched in a pool of sadness as the confusion and despair pierce through ones heart.  Some carry a wound of sadness in a form of a spear lodged in ones heart stuck like a thorn of a dying rose.  People dealt with the pain of Harry passing away with both humility and strength.  They also dealt with it as a life changing experience.  Eleanor took the pain and decided to become stronger for her son who desperately needed he support through these turbulent times.  She continued her career at the company and eventually was promoted to management within the human resources department.  At that time it was a very powerful position for a woman to have and certainly one that was granted based on her tenure and experience within the company.  This was a position that she well deserved through her loyalty to the company.  She did well with Robert and continued to raise him just like Harry would have wanted her to. 

Robert moved on from his dad’s death in a different way.  He decided that fossil fuels and the harvesting of such commodities was the reason why his father died.  He blamed Western Oil for not providing a safe place for his dad to work and instead cared about their profits.  He declared that as he grew into the scientist that he want to be he would make sure that fossil fuel usage would be eradicated in the future.  There were many new technologies emerging that were gaining a reputable place around his time.  The sector of renewable energies saw bit advancements and Robert saw this as an opportunity to honor his father by advancing such technologies.  He wanted to bring the change that was needed to prevent more deaths such as his father’s death to other families.  He envisioned that with time certain events and certain situations could be an influence to persuade many of Western Oil affiliates and management to consider investing and taking on projects of alternative energies as part of their energy investment portfolio.  At that time Robert was young and full of ambition with hopes and aspiration to better the future for humanity.  He felt that Western Oil owed him the opportunity to educate himself in the realms of biochemistry with an emphasis of exploration of new technologies.  He wanted to use a scholarship setup through Western Oil to accomplish the completion of his master’s degree in honor of his father’s death.  There was not a better way to honor his father’s death by pursuing another route of energy production that involves less tragedy and less pain.

The Wonder Years

The years following his father’s death young Robert entered every science competition that there was trying to build his college portfolio to gain entry to the top elite universities in the country.  He excelled in many areas of academia and sports and all was for the honor of his father.  That was one of his dad’s wishes which they talked a lot about.  His dad was determined to guide young Robert towards a better path.  His father did not want young Robert to follow the path of an oil rig worker.  No matter what tradition instilled by his family of long lines of oil rig workers was, Harry was determined to break the cycle of the blue collar worker and he wanted something more for his son.  Robert responded by taking an interest in alternative energies.  There are many forms of alternative energies that were being introduced to the world making it possible for one day to replace fossil fuels.  The advancements in new technologies excited young Robert.  He was determined to advance in such studies.  He loved all forms of energy that had the potential to replace fossil fuels.  The advancements in new technologies excited young Robert.  He started to incorporate many aspects of alternative energy in his life including recycling waste.  He found out through further studies that there are many difficulties in the recycling of plastics.  All of the plastics had origins of the deadly grasp of fossil fuels.

In high school young Robert took mechanic classes through an intense vocational program.  Through the help of friends in his class they were able to convert his diesel engine to run on diesel as well as biomass energy from the recycling of cooking oils from restaurants.  During the oil crisis of the 70s young Robert saw the damage that particularly oil and other fossil fuels could have on the economy.  The 1974 oil crisis did not affect young Robert at all.  He was able to drive to restaurants to gather the oil that he would convert to fuel from all the local restaurants in the neighborhood.  These businesses offered the waste oil for free to young Robert as it reduced their spending in the removal of oil waste.  At the time fuel was so expensive that none of his friends were able to drive except young Robert.  Even though his car smelled like the sweet salty smell of French fries he was definitely mobile while others were walking on foot or hitching rides.  Some people had to stand in long gas lines waiting for fuel and young Robert would be astonished at the simplicity of the technology he used.  He envisioned biomass as the wave of future and the gas lines proved how fragile the fossil fuel system was and the way it cripples whole entire economies.  He learned his craft through books and experiments until he was able to perfect his blend of biomass fuels in his garage.  The same garage that housed many of equipment his dad owned from years of oil rigging.  Eleanor envisioned much potential for her son as she would always come home and he would be processing his synthetic blends of biomass energy from the collected oil waste of the local restaurants in the neighborhood.  She would think that her boy turned what regular people consider waste into his own form of transportation and that was a very proud moment for her.  She envisioned her son as a genius. 

College Applications

Young Robert wanted to attend a university that shared his philosophies of energy use and the implementation of alternative energies in the world.  He applied to many universities but the one university where he could pursue a master’s degree paid for by Western Oil was the University of Houston.  There he would pursue a master’s in biochemistry engineering with a minor in applied technological science.  This would allow him attend a university and have it paid through by western Oil since they had a relationship with the University of Houston.  It seemed that they even owned part of the University.  There was almost nothing that Western Oil did not own.  The only thing that Western Oil did not own or pursue was alternative energies.  They had plenty of cash reserves to pursue alternative energy programs and they also did invest a small portion to research and development of such alternative technologies.  Young Robert wanted to change all of that as he saw a future where Western Oil would diversify and branch into alternative energies.

This is where our story truly begins.  The ties and bonds that young Robert makes at the University of Houston would propel him to much greatness.  The education that he would receive from high scholars would open up another world to young Robert.  His high school transcript was impeccable.  His extracurricular activities which included much participation from both science competitions and sports made his transcripts really bright.  The University of Houston was delighted to welcome such a prestigious student to their halls.  Young Robert knew that there was not much he needed to worry about as all of his schooling was paid for by Western Oil.  Just like every student he would rely on part time jobs that could provide a little bit of extra money to spend.  Robert did not spend much on fuel as he continued to use waste oil to fuel his car.  He just needed money to spend on himself to let loose every once in a while.

The Journey Begins

The day finally came when young Robert would first walk through the halls of the University of Houston.  He proudly wore their colors on the first day in order to make friend in the easiest way.  He wanted to be accepted by his alumni’s to create bonds that he can cherish forever.  He arrived with an egg crate full of LP’s, turntable music system.  Science books and a couple of suitcases full of clothes.  He brought with him some mementos from home so that he would avoid getting home sick.  He starts taking many of his belongings upstairs to his dormitory.  It seemed he was the first to arrive at his dormitory.  His room slept a total of four and it was a very large room able to accommodate four individuals easily.  The form almost looked like a small apartment fully furnished with two bedrooms.  Each room had two twin size beds.  The kitchen was small with enough room for two people at one time.  The living room area was open and there was couches left over from the previous students that graduated before them.  This was now home for young Robert and he was going to make the best of it.  He wondered the personality of his new roommates and when they would arrive. 

Someone comes in through the door of the dorm.  Looks around and sees Robert with egg crate full of LP’s in his hands.  Awesome we have a music lover says the stranger soon to be his friend.  Hi my name is Bryan Sails and you are says the stranger.  Bryan was originally from Florida a genius in computers he was raised in a single mother household.  He grew up fighting for his place in the world.  He was a lot like young Robert but a little bit more hostile.  My name is Robert Creek it’s a pleasure to meet you says the young Robert Creed.  Well what do you say we settle down this place we can help each other out with our other belongings says Bryan.  Sounds like a great idea Robert says.  Instantly these two would become the best of friends as they both knew what it was like to grow up without a father.  As they were bringing their belongings upstairs along comes in his other two roommates.

The other two roommates look around and scope out the dorm.  Nice pad this will be perfect says one of them.  His name was Richard Benson a genius in anthropology he knew all that there was to know about any point in history about the human species on earth.  He came from Connecticut so we called him the Yankee only because he was from up north.  He didn’t mind being called a Yankee because his favorite team in baseball was the Yankees.  Then there was Larry Trent he was the darker of the bunch.  His parents died in a car accident when he was just three and he was raised by his aunt and uncle his whole life.  He was outcast among his family as he never really fitted in so he could not wait till he left his small town in Arizona.  He came in and sat down with a six pack of PBR and said who wants a beer chuckling in an attempt to bring humor into the room.  Larry was a genius in anything that had to do with psychology.  The darker side of him brought him to appreciate the inner workings of the mind.  They spent all day settling down and fixing up the place to their liking.  Afterwards they did decide to have that beer that Larry invited them to have and they talked the entire night away. 

The First Morning

The next morning the guys all woke up and Robert decided to cook a little bit of breakfast with anything that he could find in the kitchen.  He managed to scrape together some eggs with dry French toast with no syrup and a glass of milk.  Larry Says man we need to go shopping for some groceries which car should we take.  Robert suggested they take his car as he wanted to introduce them to his awesome car with the biomass conversion.  They go downstairs and Robert introduces them to the technology.  Look guys it may smell like French-fries but its mobile and the fuel is relatively cheap says young Robert.  They drove to the local supermarket after scrapping all the money they could to get groceries.  They purchased the bare essentials enough to feed them and keep them going through the semester.  What a joyful bunch these four teen adults were as they planned to venture through the years together and collectively they all wished to grow up to be influential individual in society and contribute to the human race.  They were about to embark on the journey that would change their life’s forever and the University of Houston was going to make these young adults into men of the future of the great United States of America. 

They all had their respective courses at the university and Robert decided to tackle head on his prerequisites first in order to be eligible to take his favorite classes all revolving around the areas of science.  In the first semester young Robert took his disciplines in mathematics, history, humanities, astronomy, and physical education.  He also joined the track team as it was one of his favorite sports to participate in.  The week passed by and the boys all had so many projects to look forward to start.  Many of these projects were exciting for them because it engaged them and it challenged them.  Young Robert felt taking the prerequisites would place him one step closer to obtaining a masters degree.  Only then can he truly feel that he has honored his father’s wishes.

Middle of the Semester

It didn’t take long before young Robert got used to the classes as everything became manageable.  He even had enough time to work a part time job at a local restaurant and brewery called Sally’s where he was given access to all the waste oil that he would need for fuel.  Young Robert felt proud that he was able to pick up his routine fairly quickly.  It was not long before young Robert met another friend that he would hope to pursue as more than a friendship.  The lovely girls name was Lily Hail.  Young Robert caught the attention of Lily one time when she was observing him collect the oil waste at Sally’s for his fuel.  She simply asked what is it that you are doing with that oil and he proceeded to explain the entire process to Lily.  She found him to be very intriguing and ahead of his time.  That was the first time that she had ever seen such technology and even though his car smelled like French-fries she did not mind it.  Every time that they would take a ride in his car the smell would make them hungry so it wasn’t long before they found themselves eating at Sally’s.  He also enjoyed time with Bryan, Larry, and Richard as well.  They were the best of pals and young Robert grew closer to all of them especially Bryan.  It was full steam ahead as the semester kept chugging along and the drive the train right through the semester towards the end nonstop.

During the middle to the end of the semester the race was on and Robert felt he could keep the rhythm going just enough to finish all his courses with straight A’s.  He still kept working at Sally’s where he was able to scrape up enough cash to cover the fuel for the trip back home and see his mom after the semester was over during the winter break.  During his meets in track Robert showed much promise.  He was one of the fastest in the entire team and he was poised to win at least 2nd place if not 1st place.  Low and behold Robert was able to win 1st place.  He was excited to take the trophy back home and place it in his room. He would be able to come home winning a meet and getting 1st place.  He was coming home with straight A’s.  He was coming home to spend time with his dear mom that took care of him through the best and worst of times.  He truly adored his mother and would do anything to make her proud of his accomplishments.  He also had plans to get back earlier to the university and meet up with his buddies and his close friend Lily to go camping as the winter break brought about excellent camping weather. 

End of Semester

Robert packed some things to go back home and visit his mom.  He said goodbye to his friends and told them that he would see them for the camping trip in no time.  He proceeded to drive back to his house with his books to read and his trophy to show his mom.  The drive was about 3 hours long and although it was not too long by the time he arrived all he think about is giving his mom big grand hug and quickly dash to the kitchen for his moms cooking.  His mom knew her son long enough to know that when he came home the very first thing he would want, the one thing that he would miss the most out of everything is her delightful cooking.  Eleanor cooked her son’s favorite meal which just happened to be spareribs with mash potatoes and dark gravy with a side of corn bread with a glass of cherry flavored kool aid.  His mom was the only one that knew how to cook spareribs just the way he liked them.  She had a secret rub that was simple to make and tasted delicious.  Everything else complimented the delicious spareribs she would make him.  Robert quickly remembered that he forgot to bring in the trophy to show his mom before he could finish he dashed to the car and got the trophy.  With a sparerib on one hand and the trophy on the other he showed his mom his achievement.  Eleanor was so proud which she especially thought to herself and said it out loud to Robert also stating that his dad would be so proud of the man you are becoming.  Well come inside and finish your dinner and we can go for an afternoon walk around the neighborhood is sure everyone would be delighted to see you.  Sure thing sounds like a plan says young Robert.

The walk was really a way to reflect on the day to talking about personal issues along the way they would stop by the houses of some of their neighbor’s to say hello.  Young Robert told his mom about the friends that he had made, about his buddies that started as roommates and have become very close.  He also told his mom about Lily and she was very surprised, excited, and delighted at the same time.  She explained that she was happy for him and that she would love to meet her one day.  They walked to one of their neighbor’s house the Douglas’s.  They were close friends of his family and Tom who was the head of the household was a fellow oil rig worker that worked alongside his dad.  It was a quick pit stop to say hello and see how things were going.  Robert told Tom about his experience at the University of Houston and he explained that he knows his dad would be very proud.  That’s good to hear that is what I have always wanted says young Robert.  They leave to walk some more and they stopped by a park where they run into the Jacksons.  The Jackson’s were a humble family finishing up a picnic at the park where there kids were playing.  They dropped by and said hello and even had a quick plate of desert.  No one could say no to the delicious pecan pie the Jacksons made it was truly delicious.  They said goodbye to the Jacksons and hurried back home to enjoy one of their favorite movies showing on TV.  Once the movie was over both of them went to bed and Robert could not wait to start the week off enjoying the company of his mom.

The next morning Eleanor had a scrumptious breakfast waiting for Robert.  They talked about work and what was happening in Eleanor’s life.  She proceeded to explain how things have changed in Western Oil.  The pay in not good anymore, there are more accidents like the one your dad was involved in and the benefits are getting cut for the new workers says Eleanor.  Thankfully we are ok as I fall under management in the human resources department and my benefits and pay have stayed the same Eleanor explains.  It seems that Eleanor was explaining to Robert about what was happening at the time to Western Oil.  She explained how Western Oil was a company that was being consumed by corporate greed.  As the years went by this was the momentum that the company was heading towards and it seemed really dangerous.  It was really obvious now to both Eleanor and to Robert what Western Oil was putting profits on the shareholders ahead of the safety that it would provide for its employees and the treatment of such employees.  He spent time with his mom and continued to catch up on old times.

Robert was determined to pursue a safer alternative to the energy demands of the world.They visited everyone in the neighborhood participated in cookouts in the neighborhood as this was a very tight nit community.  They roasted a whole pig for his visit with all the works.  This community looked after each other and Robert always was there to help anyone as much as possible just as much as they were willing to help him out.  One of the favorite past times of the town was fishing by the creek.  Robert would stop by those fishing and talk and have a chat with them.  He would routinely make sure that everyone would be participating at the cookouts to make sure everyone that he could see during his visit would be there.  When the cookout came Robert attended with his mother.  Robert was casually talking to everyone in the cookout. 

While at the cookout Robert overheard his neighbors talk about how many of the companies in town including and especially Western Oil were polluting the stream at the local creek with contaminants.  This had to change for the beauty of the town was being stripped away of its innocence life seemed to take a different turn.  People were not happy to work for the local companies such as Western Oil because as many of the arguments illustrated the companies were getting very greedy.  Robert wanted to introduce technology and experiments that would improve the process and clean up the pollution that the fossil fuel industry was producing in the town of Houston.  After the cookout and after hearing all of his neighbors voice their option on the matter Robert decided that all of the cries of his fellow neighbors only made his drive and passion for what he was doing even stronger.  He went back to his University with a new found sense of what he was doing and what he was pursuing for his studies.

The Pit Stop

On the way back young Robert picked up Lily who was already waiting for him.  She had gone and collected the waste oil that normally needs to be collected for fuel purposes.  She had everything ready as far as camping materials and even packed some experiments that Robert wanted to test out while camping.  All of the essentials were brought including tents, Medical supplies, cooking pans, utensils, fishing poles, canned food, bread, ice, beer, and all the typical camping equipment that average run of the mill college students can scram up.  Everything was just right as they had all they needed for a successful camping trip and the weather was definitely cooperating.  There was still plenty of sun out of the warm days and at night the temperature was cool to the touch.  One could feel the moisture in the air as if water was floating around you.  They finally were ready to go as everyone packed their cars and headed out to the camp site.  The campsite went by the name the Summit on account that the union army used this location to hold meeting during the Civil War.  It was a gorgeous place with plenty of animals, birds, insects, plants, trees, and pretty much all of it was untouched by the vice grips of the fossil industry.  All that remained in these woods was old mine shafts were prospectors would dig for minerals such as gold and silver.

They left at noon and arrived two hours later to the campsite.  They quickly started to setup camp as they would stay at the site for about 4 days.  This was meant to free their souls and intertwine them with nature which many of them wanted for themselves as well as for the studies.  The location that they setup camp was perfect it was a large clearing about 30 feet in diameter and had much protection from the elements just in case it rains or Mother Nature decided to stir up some trouble.  There were humongous shade trees that normally would not grow in or near Houston but this area was high in the mountains and all of its beauty including trees came from the fertile grounds that were fed by the stream running through the small hills.  The stream was fed by an underwater spring source.  That was the best tasting water in all of the Houston area and not many knew about it.  You had to have lived in Houston for a long time to know that secret.  This was the secret place that Young Robert chose to reveal his future intentions and what his studies and future living had in common.  It was a simple plan but with much complication but if Robert could make it work it would be a true dream come true.  Robert just needed support from people that he could trust that were not tied into Western Oil and it’s this small group of friends he found such ha source.

The Vision

They all sat around a campfire they started singing songs.  Larry was a gifted guitar player.  He picked it up in his teenage years.  They all sang songs from the past and present.  They gathered tree limbs for the marshmallows.  They all sat around and talked about the future, and what they envision for their children that wound up in situations of family displacement and family abuse.  He wanted to provide them with the guidance that he was provided with in a very simple manner with no judgment and complete acceptance.  He saw the world as one where anyone can be helped and everyone can enjoy a better life for themselves with proper guidance.  He had affection for the love of humanity, its struggles and perseverance.  Bryan talked about his future and his interests.  He wanted to be a computer science engineer and one day start up with own consulting company that would advise on matters relating to the field of computers.  At that time computers were just staring to come out and Bryan saw the future need for consultation work in the computer and information technology field.  He was a true visionary and wanted to be a jack of all trades when it came to computers and the future network of computers.

Richard had a love for history and particularly the history of humans on earth.  He always had trivia that he would tell people making him the history buff in the group.  He studied as many cultures as possible and wanted to explore the world to discover new civilizations that have not yet been uncovered.  He loved the history of innovation and progression within civilizations from the beginning of time to modern time.  He talked about how many events taking place today have the potential to defy out culture.  The freedoms that we come to enjoy are all derived from the sacrifices of many great men from the past.  That is the main reason that he loved history is because the best way to build a future is to study the past.  The decisions made in the present can only be guided by the paths taken in the past.  He found everything exciting including the formation of empires, ancient technology, historical places, and the artifacts of sacred places.  This all forms part of the remnants of past civilization and guide the paths to our futures.  He always sounded like he was full of quotes but he always made you think about your decisions and even gave good advice on many situations common to man.

Young Robert had a vision of a different future where he would utilize many of the traits from his friends into creating a greater future.  He was always in awe at the affection and understanding displayed by Larry.  He always liked Bryan’s future outlook in technology. He also liked Richard’s perception of life and how to implement such knowledge of changes in human lives and the affects of any of those changes into the greater realm of the human race.  Robert wanted to introduce to entire world a simple concept.  The concept of renewable energies always intrigued Robert.  He explained to everyone that if the right decisions are made going forward, with the understanding of implementing such technologies to the overall general public in the right way would be the first steps to the introduction of renewable energies.  He envisioned a world where photovoltaic’s and wind turbines were generating electricity instead of oil and coal electric plants.  He envisioned the use of biomass technologies to power our engines and machineries that existed in the world as to diversify the fuels consumed around the world.  He wanted to expand on current technologies such as water turbine technologies around the world.  There are so many different technologies that were about to come out and Robert saw no reason why these technologies should not be made readily available to the general public.  This was his duty and he would stop at nothing to fulfill this dream for the human race.

He wanted to change the perception of fossil fuel companies so that they may invest in many of the renewable energy technologies that intrigued him.  As far as Robert was concerned these company through years of earning huge gluttonous profits owned it to humanity to invest in renewable energy.  His idea and was to graduate with a bio engineering degree with a minor in technological innovation in order to have the knowledge necessary to become the administrator of a program that did not yet exist.  In other words Robert wanted to assert change in Western Oil by convincing them that he would be the right person to be placed in charge of a program whose purpose and emphasis of alternative energy diversification.  He concluded that by introducing new technologies it would create the jobs that his father wanted him to provide for blue collar workers such as himself and for many hard working individuals in society.  No longer would there be endless lives lost in the process of the extraction of fossil fuels which have cost so many lives since the discovery of such commodities.  His father was one of the employees who died at the mercy of corporate greed and deception.  Robert wanted to pursue this course of action in the name of his father and he took from each of his friends a little bit of each of them the qualities that were needed to accomplish such a feat.  Convincing a giant such as Western Oil to steer in a different direction from their normal working model would take persistence and convincing.

Then there was Lily who Robert enjoyed spending time with.  Robert saw in her a pillar of strength because she was the first person besides her mom that wanted to support all of his dreams no matter how impossible they may seem.  That is why he gravitated towards her for her understanding and care was very comforting.  She also had a vision of the future which she shared with Robert where she wanted to also assist in the improvement of the work conditions for everyday blue collar workers.  She came from a family of blue collar workers and she desperately wanted to scale up the ladder of the corporate world while making a difference.  She was majoring in business management and was one of the few women at the time attending classes.  Lily loved the fact that Robert completely saw her as an equal.  It was a respect that she was not used to receiving from men.  To her Robert was the perfect sweetheart with dreams and aspirations that can fill the entire universe.  She loved his tenacity and persistence as well as his understanding and intellect.  Robert and Lily on that camping trip got really close and wanted to pursue the next stage and move from a friendship level to a more serious level.  They both realized that having a full blown relationship could complicate their studies so they started a relationship in the most simple and basic fashion.  Robert was excited to hear that Lily wanted to pursue in the future the possibility of becoming an item.

The Second Semester

Along came the second semester and now since many of the prerequisites were out of the way Robert was looking forward to getting into classes that pertained to his career field.  He took up next level prerequisites but also added new classes such as bio chemistry, and molecular science which he absolutely loved.  The inner workings of organisms intrigued Robert especially in through experimentation one could manipulate such molecular structures and create new organisms.  He envisioned utilizing experimental techniques such as gene splicing to create organisms that can rid the world of pollutions created by fossil fuels.  Robert envisioned being able to make changes in a molecular level to photovoltaic cells so that they can absorb much more of the sun and rival the every prices of conventional fossil fuels.  It seemed that Robert was very well ahead of his time and his professors encouraged him to pursue different avenues for his projects.  The professors offered him much leeway in the phase of experimentation because they already knew that Robert had much more of an understanding of science them most students.

Robert started to work on many experiments that involved a new concept called gene splicing.  At the time there were scientists that were able to crossbreed many species of plants to produce unique strains.  He wanted to make a strain of plants that can survive in many atmospheric conditions including arid terrain, survive with very minimal water, be able to reproduce in abundance, and have the fastest rate of photosynthesis of nay of the plants in the world.  Even though this was almost impossible at the time Robert decided that one of his experiments would produce the results he was looking for he performed much experimentation with many failures yet he never would give up and each failure brought him closer to his goal.  Failures can lead to success and persistence to stay determined with expectations of success will overcome those failures.  Patience was one of Robert’s unique traits as well as his overall sense of perseverance.

He also experimented with photovoltaic cells to improve their efficiency in order to produce a higher quality solar array unit capable of rivaling the energy cost deliveries of fossil fuels.  Robert always thought outside the box for this reason he wanted to incorporate solar array cells into forms that can be adapted to commercial buildings such as skyscraper windows and roof tiling for residential homes.  He envisioned being able to produce photovoltaic cells that would be portable, flat, and flexible for many applications in the world.  Such dreams seem impossible but not to young Robert.  He wanted to produce such a powerful solar array that they could power electric cars of the future.  It seemed that Robert was well ahead of his time but with ideas such as the ones he wanted to experiment with.  His visions were innovative but could only be fully implemented and could only become a reality for the world by getting the corporation of companies such as Western Oil.  He wanted to give them the ability to fund such projects so that Western Oil could put itself ahead of the curve as well so that they can diversify and grow with change.

Another experiment that Robert began working on was the development of technological processes which can turn biomass from almost any plant material and other photosynthetic celled organism into fuel.  This was already in experimentation by the general scientific community but Robert wanted to make it so that the genetically altered plant life can grow in extreme abundance and be used in a process that he would create to make the entire extraction of fuel from biomass as efficient as possible.  What a dreamer was this young Robert whose dreams would one day become a reality.  Many people did not believe in young Robert’s dreams and would tell him that his experiments were not feasible and impossible and that made him more determined to defy his skeptics.  Biomass had the potential to turn otherwise useless materials such as landscape waste fiber from the hemp plant as well as sugar cane plants, and bamboo all of which can grow in abundance and grow rapidly.  Robert realized that his ideas were very bold so he needed to make sure that his experiments were successful if he were to propose them to Western Oil.  Robert was always taught that the first impression is the best impression.  In an industry that is not easily impressed such as the fossil fuel industry Robert knew that his experiments needed to show results before anyone could ever take him seriously.  He knew that if he kept trying he could get many of his experiments and ideas to succeed so they can speak for themselves.  It would only take a bit of ingenuity and persistence.  Robert had the support of Lily and all of his friends because they believed the goodness that came from his proposals and his ideas.  At the forefront of all his ideas was the memory of his father and they understood this side of Robert and embraced it so they decided to support him in every way possible.

Professors Take Notice

Robert has been enjoying every moment since he arrived at the University of Houston.  He consistently scores high on test and advances rapidly through the materials of each class.  As young Robert completed the 2nd semester he dashed into the 3rd semester never stopping his experimentations that he would perform in between semesters.  Everything was intriguing and the more experiments he performed the more advanced Robert would become.  He took on many realms of science and outpaced many of the students in his classes.  He welcomes anyone that would want to learn with him with open arms as the eagerness and different viewpoints helped him advance his research.  In the 3rd semester he was inducted into the honors program for which for which he enjoyed much praise and recognition.  There was a lot of recognition around that time that he was even featured on the local newspaper as the wiz kid with many inventions.  During the 3rd semester Robert developed many relationships with many experts that were looking to engage him with his new ideas of innovation.  Robert always had a mindset that the changes that were required for the future of society had to be orchestrated by the scientific community.  In Roberts mind science was the only means to introduce the innovation needed to take humanity past the grasp of the fossil fuel industry.

The 3rd semester was beginning to become the foundation and the start of the legacy that young Robert would soon cement into the University.  Robert talked to many scientists that were looking to pick his brain about ideas and experiments.  He won many awards throughout the semester which he entered.  All of the awards that he won attracted more attention to his cause and efforts.  Robert felt that he was starting a movement and who better to assist with the momentum and the drive than his buddies.  Lily also helped out believing in that the seeds that would be planted today could bear fruit to the rejuvenation of the human race.  Many people at the time started to care more about the environment and the effects that fossil fuels had in everyday life.  Robert’s vision was beginning to unfold and reveal itself.  Robert wanted to push companies and organizations that had the means of financing such change to contribute.  Robert wanted these companies to start putting humanity and the future generations of our country ahead of profits and ahead of appeasing their investors.  At times of war everyone contributes and as far as Robert was concerned the initiative was pressing and the situation was in the battlefronts.  The war for the production of tomorrow’s energy was just beginning and unbeknownst to the public they would be witness to many new products and services to improve their lives.

The Fourth Semester

In between the 3rd and 4th semester Robert was invited to many Universities around the country to talk with scientist in many respected fields eager to get a glimpse of the next generation scientist and entrepreneur.  They heard about the movement that was started at the University of Houston and wanted to replicate it throughout their campuses.  Robert saw this as a sign that he was making progress to change the perception that many years before would have never changed and now were evolving.  Many people supported Robert’s efforts because they lived through the struggles for the last decade that would not be forgotten.  Robert remembers seeing gas lines during the 1970’s oil crisis.  It had a sluggish effect on the economy.  He remembers many losing jobs and losing houses.  Robert remembers seeing families struggle instead of prospering.  He attributed the collapse of many parts of the economy due to the irresponsible use and selling of fossil fuels which included oil.  Many of Robert’s experiments involved alternative renewable energies.  He looked into many ways to facilitate the application of new alternative energies and their feasibility to provide the energy humanity was craving.  Some of these experiments dealt with the cleanup of heavy pollution produced by the production of fuels from fossil fuels.

Robert was able to get credits for some of his classes as he tested out of the classes that he did not seem interested into.  During the 3rd semester he tested out of 3 classes and during the 4th semester he also tested out of 3 other classes.  By finally getting to the 4th semester it seemed that he was actually able to obtain credit for 3 years of schooling in just 2 years.  This was a great accomplishment that did not diminish his determination from reaching his goals.  Robert saw this as a way to facilitate his love for the classes that he did want to take and that he was advancing further towards his destiny of making a true difference in society.  During the end of the fourth semester he was starting to get recognition for being a gifted student appearing in more news articles.  This made Eleanor completely happy and satisfied that she had done the will her husband desired for their son.  During this time Robert fortified his bonds with his closest friends, his buddies, his professors, multiple universities, national scientists, and just as equally important his soon to be girlfriend, Lily.

The Final Semesters

During the 5th semester Robert continued pursuing his interest in experimentation in renewable energy and alternative energies.  By this time Robert had many companies wanting to know his graduation date and if he could come on board and form part of their team.  Robert really had many options but his loyalty was to his original mission.  That mission was to change a grand glutinous giant such as Western Oil into a company that was safer to work in and in which its energy portfolio included renewable energy investment.  His logic was if he could get them to change their mindset of energy production then the rest of the fossil fuel industry would follow as they would be a perfect example of innovation and success while diversifying their energy portfolio.  He still had the ambition of graduating with a bachelor in science with an emphasis of bio engineering.  He still had the ambitions of graduating with bachelors in science with an emphasis of bio engineering, resource exploration, and alternative energy development.

Western Oil was also playing for his schooling and due to an agreement between his mother and the company the tuition that paid for the schooling needed to be repaid in the form of employment.  Robert had to work for Western Oil in order to repay his tuition.  Robert would have to put in four years of service to the company earning a modest wage in their exploration team unit.  Luckily with all of the press and all of the notoriety that Robert was getting he forced Western Oil through public pressure of its image to open up a small unit that investigated possible diversification of their energy portfolio into alternative energies.  Everything was coming together for Robert and all he needed to do was to press on forward.  Now he just needed to finish the 6th semester and he would have the starting platform that he was looking for to establish at Western Oil.  During the 6th semester many changes took place.  Robert was finishing many of his experiments.  Some of the experiments came with success and other with failure but the ones what were successful he decided to built upon and decided to take all of his innovations with him to Western Oil.  Many people wanted to follow Robert as he created a movement that influenced many in the scientific community yet they could not understand why he wanted to go work for what they deemed as the enemy.  Robert saw things differently he explained to them that his viewpoint is that the changes needed to come within these organizations and that as individuals in the scientific community we can facilitate these companies to change their habitual investment strategies.  These words influenced many to demand change from the fossil fuel industry and that they needed to work with the industry as oppose to go against it. 


In 3 years time young Robert was able to achieve a bachelors in bio engineering.  This was an incredible feat for such a strapping young man.  Robert excelled in all areas of the Universities curriculum and now was on his way to acquiring a master’s in molecular bio engineering.  Robert was excited to pursue this degree and advance in his field.  Eleanor, the entire family and friends were all excited for Robert.  It was a very simple way through hard strenuous work to honor his dad.  By this time Robert was able to secure a position at Western Oil which was offered to him for the new department created within the organization.  The new exploration team of Western Oil had the sole purpose and mission to provide research and development techniques of conservation and efficiency in current technology.  The department was also responsible for the exploration and implementation of new technologies including alternative energy projects.  Robert was ecstatic that Western Oil was taking these steps in order to step into the 21st century.  They realized that they had a public relations nightmare of being the old fossil fuel giant that is not willing to change with the times.  The company let the team pick the name for the new department.  Rightfully young Robert thought of the metamorphosis project as the proper name for the department.  They had a set budget which through time Robert would hope to increase as a direct correlation of the success of projects the team could deliver. 

Robert was allowed through the newly established partnership between the University of Houston and Western Oil able to complete his masters through his work performed in the metamorphosis project.  This was a winning situation for everyone.  Western Oil setup the venture to clean up its image of being a dirty pollutant of the environment and show the world that it is taking steps to contribute to the environment.  Robert has long dream of turning the company that has owned the oil industry into a company that can proudly diversify its energy portfolio.  This would in turn encourage and entire movement where customers demand diversity and produce to them plentiful choices of fuels.  As far as Robert was concerned the more success his project brought the less oil was being drilled which equaled to less fatalities of human life, nature, and overall increase the protection of mother earth.  Robert was determined to make his partnership work and was up to the task to give his all in an effort to make this all work for himself, his dad and the future of humanity.  Graduation was a blur compared to the daunting but exciting challenge.  As Robert started his position at Western Oil he was accompanied by many that worked with him on his most important projects which included fellow students and colleagues.  Many other scientists reached out to Robert with the intention of working with him.  Together they could grow and prosper sharing information in order to advance their objectives.  Robert’s buddies moved into their respective careers and became very successful in their professions.  It seemed that they were all on their path to success.

First Week at Work

All of his buddies including Lily were still completing school.  Young Robert was still advancing in many aspects of his life but still felt he was leaving his closest acquaintances for a higher purpose.  The first week was an introduction into the company including its finances the designated budget for the department, the expectations of the department, outlook of the program, the department’s purpose and the disclosure agreement as any research would belong to the sole property of Western Oil.  Willingly Robert accepted the terms of his employment and for the entire week he went to social functions promoting the new department, its projects and goals for the future of Western Oil.  Robert was introduced to the facility that would house his experiments and advance studies for his department.  Western Oil wanted to research and as its own discretion so as to decide whether to proceed with the implementation of such technologies.  Robert agreed to the agreement of his employment and was convinced that through time he could convince the company to venture into the implementation of the new technologies including alternative every technologies into their energy portfolio.  There was lots press, and many interviews that were taking place the first week.  Many appearances were scheduled with leading experts in the industry and collaborations were being established to corporate with data for scientific research through the various minds of the industry.

The first week was intense and Robert could not wait till everything simmered down and he could get into the work that he was destined to create.  He proceeded to uncover all of the equipment that he asked for to perform his experiments which he was sent from the University of Houston.  The lab was bigger and better than anything that he worked in before and with his existing equipment and the new equipment that made up the facility was very impressive.  This atmosphere could surely procure the next wave of technologies to advance the human civilization into extraordinary status.  It was much more than a simple experiment.  Robert believed that through the technological advances, his lab could produce the necessary advancements to procure the end of war conflicts sparked by access to fossil fuel technologies.  Robert wanted to promote life with his experiments and new technologies and produce an environment of peace and tranquility.  With new technologies and diversification of earth’s fuel generation portfolio the need for conflicts would subside through time.  It was a race against time to save as many lives as possible through progressive efforts and innovation.  Robert wanted to take a stand that enough blood was squandered away for the precious black gold including his fathers.

The first technology that was still in the experimental stages was a hybrid form of algae that could reproduce very quickly and through its decomposition would be able to transform itself into a biomass fuel.  In essence Robert planned on growing massive culture batches of the algae and through minimal processing transforms it into a biomass fuel that could be uses with diesel engines.  It would be a major breakthrough and one of a kind when it came to the production of such as fuel.  This was a technology that looked very promising to replace standard diesel which all major industrial machinery and complexes use in the daily business activities.  This technology could be added to the current batch of diesel as it is able to be mixed quite well as a blend with standard diesel fuel.  The algae also were bred to feed on the contaminants that fossil fuels produced in order to reproduce and thrive.  It was a situation that Robert dreamed about.  In this scenario the algae that produced the fuel would feed on its own contaminants making it able to recycle its own waste.  The process worked very well in an experimental stage but now Robert needed to apply it on an industrial scale in order for it to compete with the fossil fuels that were currently being used.  That would be one of the first projects that Robert and his team would work on to further advance the metamorphosis project.

Another experiment that was in the preliminary stages of development when Robert was attending the University of Houston was the optimization of photovoltaic cellular technology.  With Robert’s knowledge and wits, Robert was hoping to produce a photovoltaic panel that could covert 50-60 percent of the suns energy into electricity.  Currently at the time the photovoltaic panels were harnessing less than half the amount which was at about 23-28 percent.  By doubling the efficiency of photovoltaic technology Robert had hoped to make the technology a viable option for implementation in areas of the world that experience the most sun exposure such as the south portion of the United States.  Imagine the possibilities and the amount of electricity that could be harnessed from a photovoltaic system capturing more than 50 percent of the solar rays.  Such technologies could be implemented for many applications such as residential, industrial, nautical, aerial, space and sea navigation, as well as the automobile industry.  Creating an automobile that uses a combination of bio-fuels as well as adapting hybrid electric mechanization integrated into the system would create a stronger efficient vehicle.  The battery system for the electric motor of the vehicle could be recharged through a photovoltaic power unit on the roof and the trunk of every car.  If the technology became printable the windows of the cars can procure energy for the car as the photovoltaic cells could be printed on the window panels of cars.

These two projects by themselves have the ability to transform mother earth and the entire human species and progress it to a better more advanced state.  It would create a balance in the chaos that exits in with the utilization of fossil fuels.  Robert always thought that it was time to give back to nature which has looked after humanity and its existence for thousands a year.  There are many projects that Robert wanted to start on but these two projects were the ones that seemed the most feasible.  Both the projects required intense negotiations between multiple industries as well as lobbying efforts to change laws and regulations in order to force the changes at a local level.  It was an uphill battle but very attainable and within reach.  After these projects Robert would concentrate on the creation of a fuel system that utilized the most abundant source of energy in the universe which was hydrogen.  By utilizing hydrogen it could produce a limitless and almost free fuel whose only cost would be associated with the extraction of hydrogen which is available for extraction in many forms on earth.  It would be a decade or two away so for now he would concentrate on the first two technologies.  Robert instantly thought that the best project to work with would be the algae bio-mass fuel since it was the most robust way to introduce and implement alternative energy technologies into a full scale industrial format.  Robert proposed that once the technology is viable through a series of campaigns directed to the different sectors of the economy there could be a coordinated effort to implement this new technology.  The first entity that Robert would have to convince would be Western Oil.  Once Western Oil come on board they would fund the second of implementation but first they needed to start with further developing the technology.

Family Life

At the same time that Robert was developing projects for the Metamorphosis project under the alternative energy wing of Western Oil Robert was also hard at work forming a relationship with Lily.  Lily has been like a rock at his side traveling through the treacherous waters and turbulent times that are accompanied through implementing change.  She loved being with someone that was willing to contribute to the formation of their own future and the future of humanity.  The determination that Robert displayed only conveyed the compassion that he showed for the advancement of humanity.  This philosophy was shared with Lily as well.  She wanted to pursue the same agenda that Robert was on course to pursue.  Lily also wanted to compliment Robert’s strategy and connections in the industry into something they can both proper from.  Lily graduated with a business degree in industrial financing.  As a result it was possible for Lily to establish a company which could facilitate partnerships with alternative energy providers and any entities looking to incorporate alternative energy projects.  Since Robert was really big in the community of alternative energy development and had ties with many developers and providers of alternative energy she was able to successfully launch her business. 

The business name was chosen by Lily to be named Alternative Energy partners long for AEP.  AEP’s sole success relied on the facilitation of the process between clients wanting to establish alternative energy projects and the providers of various tools and equipment bringing together fantastic alternative energy projects.  AEP manages the projects from start to finish.  At first it was a bit tough to start out the business as there was a lot of conversations and explorations that needed to occur in order to bring the right people together but after a while and through the contact list that Robert had created through the years Lily was able to pursue and start the first ever project for the company.  By immersing multiple projects through the establishment of their company they were able to get a local view of the changes that were being implemented on the ground through the entire United States.  As a result many of these projects served as a catalyst for the movement that Robert and Lily wanted to orchestrate for many years and now they were proud to be in the forefront.  They were proud to be the innovators of the movement as well as the founding members of the progression of such a change. 

As AEP became successful through the years Robert and Lily also decided that with such success they could also hire individuals to manage the business.  The business grew to the point where Lily was able to hire a small group of employees that did most of the legwork for the company and Lily sat at the top of the business making strategic decisions to further and expand the business.  This in turn allowed Robert and Lily to start concentrating on forming a family.  They got so caught up on their daily lives Lily with her startup business and Robert with his projects at Western Oil that they decided the formation of a family should take place in their near future.  They decided to simultaneously pursue their projects and a family at the same time.  For this reason they decided to advance their careers as much as possible so as to bring their progress to a point where they could dedicate time to the formation of their family in the future.  Since their lives were so complicated they decided that organizing and planning such an event would be the best possible option.  The best part of planning such an event is that they could plan for the assistance that they needed for a new born.  They spoke with Eleanor about getting help with taking care of the baby.  At this time Eleanor was only working part time training her replacement as she was set to retire.  Eleanor would then assist with the birth and nurturing of their future child.  As a result of planning they were able to conceive and play the waiting game for their new born to arrive.

Robert and Lily continued to pursue their careers as the baby was coming.  Lily managed to turn the company into a profitable enterprise and was able to hire a manager to manage the day to day activities of the company.  Robert also started to delegate some of his management workload to other team members since there were great advances on the project proposals for the metamorphosis project.  As a result Robert had time to take care of Lily’s needs.  They went to parenting classes together and took a lot of advice from Eleanor in regards to taking care of a new born.  Even though nothing could really prepare a couple with the surprises of a new born a little training for the inevitable could not hurt.  As Lily continued to carry the baby for a longer period of time her stomach started showing.  What a beautiful site for Robert thought seeing Lily develop her baby stomach.  As time passed by they noticed that Lily’s stomach was developing abnormally larger than usual so they decided to go get an ultrasound to see what was occurring just to confirm that everything was going fine and according to plan.  Lily setup the appointment and Robert accompanied her to the doctor’s office.  When they arrived they were seen right away by the ultrasound technician.  During the ultrasound session the technician and doctor provided the new couple with heart racing news.  The ultrasound showed that there were twins growing inside of Lily. They were excited and nervous at the same time as the idea of twins would mean twice the work but twice the joy as well.  At one point during the visit the doctor advised Lily to start taking it easier and restricted her travels.  As a result Lily decided to work from home as her assistants would carry the large physical workload for her and she could make major decisions from the privacy and comfort of her home.  Robert continued to work on his projects at Western Oil and was progressing on the most successful of all projects which is the harvesting of algae bio-mass.

Algae Bio-Mass

At the metamorphosis project within Western Oil there were major advancements in the procurement of energy from the batch growth of algae bio-mass cultures.  The algae bio-mass was genetically altered evolving into a life form that provided an immense source of energy because of its abundance.Robert and his team were able to take algae and alter its genetic sequence to change its behavior and its characteristics of its composition as a life form.  Many alterations made it a stable fuel source that could be harvested and implemented on an industrial scale.  For instance one of the genetic alterations for the algae bio-mass was that it was able to reproduce at an immense level.  This was needed to grow large batches for the conversion to a fuel source.  Another genetic alteration that was used by the team converted the photosynthetic process used by the algae life form to consume more than carbon dioxide.  As a result of this alteration the algae bio-mass could consume many other contaminates including many forms of carcinogens.  It could also absorb and break down many forms of pollutants such as what is in waste water as well as industrial by product waste.  Another alteration that was made to the life form was that during the consumption of such harmful materials that it consumed to provide itself with energy it in turn extracted any energy matter into its body composition.  Therefore the process of extraction of the fuel from the algae bio-mass would come from its decomposition.  This would occur by a sterilization method where it killed the algae and speeded up the decomposition of the organism in order to release the energy that it harvested. 

Algae bio-mass organisms were procured to be able to recycle the contamination of the world and recycle its own waste with a constant photosynthetic life cycle.  It was a marvelous idea and the team was extremely close to perfecting the bio organism.  All that they needed to do was to come up with a binding agent that could combine both the algae bio-mass fuel with current fossil fuels on the market such as gasoline and diesel blends.  If they could create a binding agent for both of the fuels they could then create different level grades of blends.  This was necessary in order to slowly start the production of the algae bio-mass and to eventually replace the current fossil fuel consumption with algae bio-mass.  They were close to finding the mysterious agent that could be the break to having the ability to streamline the product.  This was the first step into advancing towards converting the old systems of fossil fuel energy consumption into a more advance cleaner alternative energy revolution.  This was Robert’s strategy to meet the industry half way to convince them to come all the way to the other side of energy consumption.  Algae bio-mass was the first step of many steps envisioned by the gifted scientist of the metamorphosis project and this philosophy was instilled in the department from the beginning by Robert Creed.  Looks like with a little bit of hard work and a little bit of time the binging agent solution will present itself and they can move on to the next project. 

The Twins Are Coming

At the same time that Robert was advancing on the algae bio-mass project Lily was hard at work expanding her company and growing it into a multinational giant.  AEP was getting ready to work on a project involving many projects in multiple cities in the United States and select cities from many countries of the world.  It was a joint venture between many of the fossil fuel companies in the United States as well as international companies.  As a result of this joint venture they placed the consultation in the hands of AEP.  This was a big project that involved many levels of approvals.  As a result each one of the projects would have to be meticulously orchestrated due to multiple zoning laws, government regulations and industry regulations.  Once there was an agreement reached between all parties then the project would begin and AEP saw the project through from start to finish.  As the global contract expanded so did the team under Lily.  She could provide consultation to various managers of the company from the comfort of her home and this was a perfect scenario since Lily was about 8 months pregnant by this time.  It was just a matter of time before the twins would be born. 

One day Lily was working on a photovoltaic project in conjunction between Western Oil and the city of Los Angeles.  In the middle of a conference call it happened.  All of a sudden she felt some pain and she excused herself from the conference call.  All of a sudden Lily’s water broke.  She screamed for her assistant to come and help her who was luckily dropping some paper work for her approval.  The assistant was quick to respond and helped Lily into her car.  Robert was on his way home when he got the call from his assistance and luckily was right around the corner.  He was able to meet his wife and her assistant in the driveway and he knew where to get the night bad for the hospital stay.  They left right away to the hospital and on their way their Robert called his mom to let her know the great news.  Eleanor took care of the rest of the news delivery letting all of the families on both sides know what was happening as well as letting their closest friends know about the birth.  This was surely an exciting time for everyone for the same miracle that took place over 30 years ago was happening again.  Only this time it was twice the experience and twice the fun. 

This would be the first twins on either side of their families.  Robert, Lily and her assistant arrived at the same hospital that Robert was born and ahead of time doctors already had the room setup with nurses ready to action on Lily.  Only a little bit of time had passed and a large number of people started making their way to the hospital.  Both sides of the family were large and friends were plenty.  The hospital room quickly grew in numbers and conversations of excitement spurred through the air.The most talk about of conversations what will the twins be named.  Will the twins be a boy and a girl, two boy or two girls.  That question was up in the air as they decided to leave the sex of the twins for a surprise.  Lily was quickly taken into the birth room.  Robert soon followed with scrubs and the doctors were leading the way.  The climate was tense and stressful as the possibility of complications with twins being born was extremely high but they were in the best hands with the best doctors looking after the birth.  The moment finally came and the twins by the grace of god both were born alive and healthy.  One of the twins was a girl and the other one was a boy.  As a result of this birth they decided to name the twins Jack Creed and Jill Creed.  Everyone was happy including Lily who was exhausted and fell quickly asleep after the twins were taken away.  Robert and Lily got a chance to hold the babies before they were taken away.  The look of his face was full of joy and excitement.  It was the same look on his face that his dad had when he was born thought Eleanor when she thought about her Harry.  Every started to celebrate and started to talk about the home coming party for the twins but Robert decided all that he wanted to do is get his family home and start to take care of them.  Now he had two little ones and a beautiful wife to look after and now he felt his families was once complete.  Even though the road ahead was difficult as having kids can be the thought of twins made it entertaining and delightful.

The Binding Agent

Robert was awarded two weeks leave from Western Oil and his team took care of business at the metamorphosis project.  During the time that Robert took care of both Lily and the Twins it gave him time away from work to think about the different binding agents that could work for the algae bio-mass blend.  One day during his two week leave at home he was washing the dishes and taking care of the household for Lily and the twins when an idea hit him.  He finally thought of a binding agent that could actually work.  It was a chemical that was a byproduct of the reproduction process that took place in the batches of algae bio-mass.  It was a chemical that could be extracted before the decomposition process where the algae bio-mass was exterminated.  During the process of decomposition this organic compound dissolves but if it could be extracted it could be used for the blending process as it had binding capabilities due to the high ionic levels of the chemical agent.  You would think that the stresses of a new family could occupy the mind of a new father and husband but Robert found comfort in analytical processing of his projects.  It seemed that the more he was away from his work the more that he thought about work.  He loved his family very much but a part of him also enjoyed the work that he was doing only because the more that he would progress the better a world he could create for his future twins.  He felt that as he owed it to his dad to progress humanity into a world of alternative energy to give common workers a safer place to work.  He also felt that he needed to see this energy revolution through to the end for the future of his kids and the future of humanity.  A parent will always want to leave a better world for their child to be raised in and it was up to him and others like him to lead the movement to force the change.

Robert quickly went to work after two weeks and shared his thoughts with the team and they quickly went to work on his hypothesis.  They quickly found out that his hypothesis was correct and they were able to make the synthetic blend.  The synthetic blend was a complete success and now it was time for Robert and his team to show the company what the Metamorphosis project was able to produce for Western Oil.  The meeting was set to take place as soon as Robert could deliver the news to the executives of the company.  This was pure genius and some of the team members broke down in tears as they understood the significance of this achievement.  Finally this could provide the world with the answer to the fighting that is sparred through the depletion of limited resources.  It would be able to clean up the environment that humanity lives in and make us a cleaner species able to contribute to our general ecosystem.  It would contribute to the stabilization of the world economy so that no one would have to go hungry or suffer because of the cost of fuel.  This was the first of many steps in the alternative energy revolution and it was a very tangible and effective way to push the needle towards alternative energy implementation on a systematic world scale.  The future is here and this substance, this energy source, the algae bio-mass created was going to change humanity forever more.

Presenting a New Source of Energy

Presenting a new source of energy was the slogan that Robert and his team came up with.  They were able to procure a large synthetic batch blend that was in the process of test trials.  As the presentation was being prepared the results of the test trials were being recorded for documentations purposes.  The team setup a test model of an engine which was running on the synthetic blend made from algae bio-mass.  It was performing rather well and the trials were concluding that blend worked just as great as gasoline and diesel would perform as well.  The slogan was created to capture of the attention of the executive and the investors.  The data was being compiled on a daily basis with hourly incremental analyses.  As a result of such data compilations the team could also see if the new source of energy could be tested in extreme conditions as well.  As the test progressed the team noticed that the new blend made the gasoline and diesel fuels burn at a higher temperature providing a higher temperature catalyst for the blend.  This was very promising as the internal combustion engines that were operating with the blends were engines that also happen to have fuel deposits from prolonged use.  With the higher internal temperatures that were able to be reached internally burnt off excess deposits around the gaskets.  This feature would make it appealing for combustion engines that were running at a very high mileage.  The blend would help extend the life of many combustion machinery and engines worldwide.  Since all the deposits would be burnt off eventually through continuous operation the air quality would become healthier and the pollution that infects the earth would be extinguished in theory.

The only problem was that there needed to be a full general consensus throughout the entire industry and worldwide implementation in order to see dramatic results.  This would be a great challenge since there are many differences in standards and regulation which vary greatly between different countries, nations, municipalities and local governments.  Lily’s consulting firm AEP was willing to help with the understanding of different guidelines needed for the creation of fuels and further refinement processes.  The team started to see that the biggest challenge is to convince spectators that this was a legitimate fuel alternative.  The spectators that the group would need to consult with comprise of government officials, private investors, company executives, presidents and chief executive officers from many private companies.  It was a big list of people that needed to be all part of a general movement.  The team knew that if they could convince the executives of Western Oil that this was a viable alternative fuel to invest in then they could begin to reach out to everyone else in a general public relations campaign.  The new source of energy would take a series of steps for the introduction to the world economy.  It would need to be presented as a stabilizer of oil price fluctuation.  This would require legislation which did not yet exist.  It would be a way to combat the price gouging that is accompanied by political conflicts around the world. The new source of energy could be used as an additive as well as a substitute of current fossil fuels currently in production worldwide.  The date was set for the presentation and for the next 3 weeks the team would have to work really hard to make sure they could deliver on the date the most futuristic viable product they could in a very enlighten and articulate fashion.

The team worked on the presentation model as well as the collection of data that would be presented to the guest.  Robert worked on the message that they would also deliver to the public in case that Western Oil wanted to proceed fairly quickly with the implementation of the new fuel developed by Robert and his team.  Robert figured that with a public message a campaign of awareness could be started providing a catalyst for the movement.  The day came and the three weeks passed by so quickly for the team that they almost did not make the deadline but at last all of the materials and the test model was setup at the laboratory.  Robert met with the entire group that was gathered for the presentation.  He gave a quick brief overview of the department and its goals, the projects they have been working on and the beta project that they were ready to be presented to.  Robert invited them inside to the Laboratory.  They had Televisions playing back much of the data compiled by the team and Robert handed out a pamphlet created by the team for the visitors.  The pamphlet had a lot of data that was relevant to the research and development of the entire project.  Many questions that would potentially be asked during the presentation were illustrated in the pamphlet.  The visitors were welcomed to ask any questions they may have in order to provide the clearest consensus of the entirety of the project.  Robert decided during the middle of the presentation that he would recite a speech for the entire group.

The Speech

Welcome Visitors, Investors, Western Oil Executives, Members of the Press and Colleagues.  You are all welcomed to the next step in the modern evolution of the next generation fuel that recycles itself.  It performs under extreme circumstances just like gasoline and diesel fuels.  In fact we are able to create a blend making the new source of fuel an additive to conventional fuels from around the world.  The fuel derives from the harvesting of large batches of Algae Bio-Mass making it a fuel that can be refined in almost every coastal shore of the world.  This new fuel is highly productive, extremely efficient, and overall adaptable to many implementations and applications around the world.The Algae Bio-Mass production could potentially take over as a substitute to many fuels around the world.  A fuel that could provide alternative to shortages can be a very powerful instrument in the global economic efforts of stability and change.  It is a fuel that can last many generations until further development of alternative energies becomes available.  The new Algae Bio-Mass Fuel feeds of many of the contaminants that are directly linked to by products in the world’s industrial complex.The fuel could also feed on pollution as well making it a fuel source that can clean up the world’s atmosphere and provide a habitable environment for humans to reside.  It is important that we proceed with projects such as this one because it provides the avenue of clean energy that we should provide the next generation.  As times have changed and new initiatives are introduced such as Algae Bio-Mass production the image of Western Oil will progress into a company of morals and standards whose intentions are to provide the best most progressive future for humanity.  It is said that greatness comes from simplicity.  This form of energy is extremely simplistic and very manageable giving hope for the future of humanity a tangible substance for it to progress.  Please join me in our conversation for the future of our children and ourselves with any questions that you may have about the new fuel source derived from Algae Bio-Mass which we call ABM.

During the speech many of the invited read through much of the pamphlet and kept up with Robert continuance of details of the technology and the alternative fuel source.  They asked a variety of questions as the new fuel source of the future intrigued them believing that this could potentially replace the modern fuels derived from fossil fuels.  The investors were very interested in the bottom line profits that could be obtained by the savings brought by the new fuel product.  The production cost involved the exploration, extraction, refining, and logistics to deliver the fuel would be all minimal with the new fuel source.  As a result this could add to their bottom line and increase the effectiveness of deliverable products.  They were amazed that this product that Robert and his team came up with was a tangible substance that could be created in a controlled fashion under most stable conditions.  The new fuel source would provide the perfect balance of supply and demand enabling for the consistent growth of world economies with stable fuel prices worldwide.  They were amazed that the engine setup that they setup earlier was still running on the blended mixture of ABM and gasoline.  The executive were impressed with the results and assured Robert that they would double the funding for the metamorphosis project since Robert and his team yielded the results that Western Oil was looking for when they decided to go ahead with setting up the research and development section that is Robert’s team.

The executives of Western Oil started to speak amongst each other about the new discovery.  They all were contemplating on how they could implement the new source of fuel into their product line.  It was a matter of investing in the technology necessary to create an enormous amount to blend with current fuels in Western Oil refineries.  A new facility would have to be built to house the production of the ABM fuel.  The facility would require that Western Oil dedicate a small portion of land which they currently had available to build the warehouse needed to house the operation.  This would require a significant investment that would need to be approved by the company board of directors and the company pool of investors.  It would require an approval from many individuals so the information would have to be presented in a way as to win a majority approval.  Many times the way that the presentation is given and the information that is displayed will win over an entire group of people and that is what the executives of Western Oil asked Robert to do for a bigger group. 

They explained to him that they would want to proceed with the project and that he would need to perform the same presentation with the same information and additional information of production and refinement of the ABM fuel to the board of directors and Western Oil investors.  Robert felt very excited that they decided to take this approach because it meant that a massive juggernaut of a company that was known for only investing in fossil fuel technologies was changing.  Robert finally felt that he was able to influence change in a part of the private sector that many viewed as not changing.  It was an amazing achievement and one that his father would be proud of.  He couldn’t wait to deliver the news to Lily who was at home recovering from the birth of the twins.  How exciting Robert felt that his dedication and determination finally paid off and he was able to capture the attention of the right people that could make a difference.  Robert himself along side with his colleagues was the catalyst for the change.  Public sentiment against pollution and the support the public gave to companies that were earth friendly started a movement that could not be stopped.  The consumer was asking for the type of products that Robert was able to deliver to them.  Society at the time was demanding such changes and Robert was a champion for these changes.

The executives assured him that they were 100 percent behind him.  They assured Robert that they would be very interested in promoting the ABM fuel source for immediate production.  The executives just needed to rally support from everyone in the company which they would have no problem gathering support from.  Together Robert and the Executives would be able to convince the majority of the investors and board of directors to allow for a vote in the annual investors convention where all of the board of directors and investors gather.  At the convention investors would vote on the nominations of board of directors and company initiatives.  At the investors convention Robert and his team would be able to prove to everyone that the future of fuel involved the production blend of ABM.  The date of the convention was in two months so the executives asked during that time to produce as much of the fuel as possible.  They also wanted Robert to continue testing the ABM fuel during the long term and to document as much as possible in order to provide everyone with as much information as possible.  After a successful agreement it was time to wind down the presentation and celebrate their achievement.  Everyone in the metamorphosis project started to celebrate and one of the assistance brought in bottles of sparkling cider to celebrate the success that had occurred.  After a few words from many colleagues Robert got a chance to speak.  Robert congratulated everyone for their hard work and determination.  He extended his gratitude by giving a toast to cement success for the record books.

After the party Robert went home and told Lily about the great news.  His mother Eleanor was there with Lily tending to the twins.  He came in with flowers and a bottle of champagne.  He entered the living room area and greeted everyone in his family.  Robert announced to both Lily and Eleanor the great news.  They were excited for Robert and they all began to rejoice in the long awaited achievement.  Robert poured three glasses of champagne and gave a toast.  Robert said that this toast and this moment he dedicates to his family, his new twins,  his wife Lily, his mother Eleanor and the one person that started all of this his dad Harry who he envisions looking out from the heavens as the guardian angel of his baby twins.  Eleanor also gave a toast and said that she was so proud of her son and her new found daughter Lily and that Harry who was the love of her life and still is will forever be in everyone’s heart and that he would be extremely proud of Robert’s accomplishments.  Lily also gave a toast and thanked god, her loving husband, her family including Eleanor who she considers a mother and her loving beautiful baby twins.  It was such a beautiful day and Robert decided to get takeout for the entire family from this lovely restaurant right down the road that served the best Mediterranean food and he got the food delivered.  It was a day full of great news, delightful drinks, and a scrumptious dinner Robert thought to himself this day could not get any better. 

The next day Robert began working on retrofitting the laboratory to increase the production of the batches of Algae Bio-Mass for the quantities that the executives wanted produced.  For now until the convention many of the other experiments that Robert was working on would have to be put on hold until after the convention.  Robert had every intention of coming back to projects that he envisioned would become a success with the proper funding.  For now since the executives were on board with the new source of energy ABM fuels he decided to pour all of his resources into bringing it to the next step of production.  Robert was quickly producing the amounts of batches that the executives were looking for and the executives started sending a special group to transport the fuel.  The alternative fuel was collected by Robert and his team into oil barrels and transported to a warehouse nearby.  After a month of production Robert started planning the next phase of the project which is the collection of data to present to everyone at the convention.  Robert had many types of combustion engines running simultaneously on the new fuel source.  One engine was running on a blend which was comprised of 50 percent gasoline and 50 percent ABM.  This fuel blend was very successful in the continuous trials and was the most promising since a lot of the engines running in the United States ran on gasoline.  Another fuel blend that was being tested was a combination of 50 percent ABM mixed with 50 percent diesel.  This fuel blend was performing great but not as efficient as the gasoline and ABM mixture.  The team concluded that the diesel mixture burned at a lower temperature and a slower pace making it extremely similar to the host that it’s binding with.  In this case the reason why ABM was so efficient is because it would help the gasoline burn at a higher temperature replicating its host and making it a catalyst to enhance its characteristics.  That is why the diesel mixture was not as efficient as the gasoline mixture.  There was a great benefit to the diesel mixture in that it seemed to provide more power and torque which is typical with diesel combustion engines.  The ABM was replicating the characteristics of the diesel fuel that it was binding with and enhancing its performance acting as its own catalyst.

The new ABM fuel was turning out to be a dream that was coming true for everyone in the process.  The executive loved the idea because it had the potential to not disrupt their production easing constraints that they experience due to seasonal changes of refinery blends, bottlenecks that occur during the transportation process and disruptions that occur during natural disasters or political turmoil.  Robert and his team loved the fact that the fuel was self cleaning and contributed to the environment and earth’s sustainability.  The governments of the world would love it because they could protect their economies from constraints and oversupply of oil in the world which could hold the price steady.  The private sector including many industries that are powered by fuels such as gasoline and diesel fossil fuels would see a stable landscape where they can smoothly deliver products to their consumers without having to worry about consumer sentiment and public perception of the products they create for their consumers.  In fact if the price was stable for a long time the products that they produce for their customer base would consistently deliver on the efficiency of their products utilization of the specific fuel as oppose to the fluctuation of the fuel prices that occurred due to various reasons.  If there was a price stability of fuel then all of the private sector can deliver on the promises of all of their products.  The investment sector would be able to perceive with great accuracy the ability of companies to deliver on their investments precise returns on their investments.  One of the factors that effect any investment in the public and private sector is the fluctuation of the price of commodities which include fossil fuels.  It in the equation of investment the fuel variable could be stabilized then investors could expect an increase on their return with precise accuracy.  Everyday citizens of the world can enjoy stability in fuel prices which could help their bottom pocket.  Everyday citizens that rely on steady paychecks to pay bills could enjoy certain stability for their household budgets.  That would allow households to have surplus cash that they can count on in order to spend on activities such as activities and entertainment.  This could profoundly have a positive effect on individuals and entire families.  It is amazing how an increase or decrease could affect the average households spending behavior and as such it correlates directly with the world economy and that is exactly the type of lifestyle that Robert envisioned he could deliver to humanity as a whole.

From Vision to Reality

The metamorphosis project was a complete success with its first beta product and now it was time to present it in the convention.  There were many investors and key figures in the convention including those from other industries including the plastic, chemical, automotive, and service industry.  The investors were high in numbers as the prospects of a new source of energy brought in new investors as well as political figures from around the world.  This was ground zero and Robert was expected to deliver the new product for the world to see.  Robert entered the convention with his team and quickly got to work.  The week before they prepped their staging area and the presentation in order to deliver to the invitee’s flawless direct information from start to finish.  Just like in the presentation to the Exec’s of Western Oil Robert was set to present the information of the metamorphosis project for the world to see including those in the convention.  Robert started to deliver his presentation and continued to speak with much appraise for a few hours in which he took questions from the audience about the product called ABM.  Everyone seemed to comprehend the product and they also were able to see the product in action through live demonstrations of combustion engines running both the gasoline ABM blend and the Diesel ABM blend.  They were impressed that the product worked in front of their eyes with the live demonstrations.  They also sifted through the data that Robert and his team submitted and distributed through a comprehensive pamphlet of the ABM products.  Overall everyone was impressed and a roll call vote was scheduled immediately after the demonstration.  As the demonstration ended it seemed that the new product was poised for the approval of the majority of the board of directors and the majority of investors. 

The vote results were entered into the system and the announcement was projected through the PA system of the convention.  Everyone gathered at the center of the convention in front of the projector that would announce the result of the vote.  The results came in with 100 percent of the board of directors approving the measure and a total of 75 percent of the investors approving the measure as well.  This was the success that Robert dreamed about transforming Western Oil into an alternative energy giant and this was the first step.  Everyone loved the product and by overwhelming majority approved the production of the facility to produce the ABM products.  Robert and his team celebrated on the floor popping bottles of champagne on the presentation floor and everyone rejoiced at the approval awarded to Western Oil to expand into unknown territory.  Robert phoned home to let his wife and his mother know the news so they could spread the word.  The news media also covered the developments as they were invited to the convention for the announcement.  Robert also spoke with the media and delivered the statement he prepared for them so they could project the success of this team to the entire world.  The media took the story by a firestorm projecting to the world that a new change in future fuels would be coming to the world.  Soon after the convention the news kept on reporting on the progress of the new facility and the projection of the introduction of the new fuel source.  The whole entire world stayed in tune but as quickly as the news reported the new fuel source it soon dwindled out of the main headlines.  That is the way the news of the world works one minute you are the latest trend and the next day old headlines are replaced by a new headlines.

Robert went home after the convention to celebrate with his family the majestic success he delivered to the world.  He knew that he needed a good night rest a god by his side in order to give him strength to see the start and completion of the project that was yet to come.  The next day Robert and his team met at the metamorphosis laboratory and quickly started to work on the plans of the facility to give to engineers and architects so as to lay out the diagrams for the construction of the first ABM facility.  The ABM project was to be completed in one year as board of executives gave the team a timeline of completion and a budget.  For the orchestration of the construction of the facility Lily’s company was hired in order to facilitate the project.  It was a grand project requiring all of the resources from Lily’s company.  Construction occurred one month after the convention.  The site was prepped laying the foundation and the steel beams that would become the skeletal structure of the warehouse.  The warehouse was setup in record time within four months.  It took a few more months to setup the internal facility with the machinery and refining equipment needed to house the industrial size batches of Algae Bio-Mass.  During this time Robert supervised the construction and setup of the equipment as this was sensitive equipment that needed to be handled with the best care.  After a few more months production of the first batch was set to start which would reach full refining peak within 6 months.  Each month of production would create a turnover of ABM fuel that could be stored for future blends.  The process was quite ingenious.  The facility would house what would equate to a circle of life.  The birth of Algae and quick destruction of the Algae making the decomposing matter into a fuel that could give life to many forms of life from organic to inorganic life forms. 

Within a year they would be able to produce the ABM fuel and store it for the future production blend.  The storage of large amounts of ABM would ease the demand of refining the gasoline and ABM blend by providing a buffer amount that could be consistently maintained to adequate production levels.  Once a certain amount was made it would trigger the next phase of production which would be the refining blend of 50 percent ABM and 50 percent gasoline.  The entire process would make allow for the product blend of ABM gasoline to be available for the general public within a year of the start of ABM production.  Robert was on schedule to deliver on the promise of the facilities completion within a year to the board of directors.  Every month Robert would deliver a progress report to the board of directors so that they could allocate the proper funds to the construction as well as to prepare some of the refineries for the future refining of ABM blends.  Everything was going according to plan and Lily’s company was making sure of it coordinating between all levels of individuals and companies involved in the construction and reporting it to the engineers and Robert’s team.  Western Oil was taken the proper steps to ensure its future as a worldwide energy provider.  Throughout the months the project progressed at an extraordinary pace.  Roberts’s team started to input all of the equipment in the facility within 3 months of the deadline.  Robert was working long hours to make sure that the project would succeed and it was surely paying off.  Robert delivered the last report to the board of directors which stated that within a month they would finish the facility with all of the equipment ready setup.  He also stated to them that the facility will be up and running to start the production of the ABM soon after in order to build up the inventory for the refining process.  The board of directors was extremely satisfied and they decided to schedule the grand opening of the new facility in one month’s time.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The unveiling of the facility came and Robert had a speech lined up to deliver to everyone.  He worked on his speech all night proud of all the words that he was going to give to all that attended.  As the unveiling approached Robert went ahead of Lily and the kids as he needed to be there to make sure that the presentation was ready to begin.  Lily and the kids would meet him later down the road for the unveiling.  Robert arrived at Western Oil with complete joy and a sense of accomplishment.  He quickly got to work making sure that everything was ready to go for the cutting of the ribbon.  Robert checked all of the equipment and ran some test to make sure that everything was set to flip the switch that would start the process of harvesting the Algae Bio-Mass.  The time came to invite everyone to the unveiling and people started to come in through the gates of the facility.  Everyone gathered at their assigned seating and picked up the pamphlets that were left for the crowd.  The unveiling music started and there was much excitement that was building to hear Robert’s victory speech.  Everyone sat down with much anticipation.  Through the loud speaker the message for the ABM fuel was delivered.  They introduced ABM as the next generation of an alternative fuel source completely compatible with today’s fuel sources to lead the future to the next step in fuel energy evolution.  They proceeded to introduce Robert and his team and the glorious success they were able to accomplish.  Robert started to work his way to the podium to deliver his speech.  As he approached the podium he looked towards the crowd with much happiness.  He looked towards the direction of the assigned seating for Lily and the twins but they were still absent.  Robert figured that Lily was running late and would show up eventually.

The Victory Speech

Robert began his speech following triumphant music.  Robert began his speech by saying “I would like to start by thanking my colleagues at the Metamorphosis Project and Western Oil for giving us the opportunity to develop the technology and funding our project for the ABM fuel source.  I would also like to thank my wife Lily and my mother Eleanor for being there most of my life and supporting me through the entire tenure of this project.  I would like to dedicate this speech and the entire project to my late father Harry Creed who perished during a tireless campaign of extracting oil from the earth.  Thank you Western Oil for giving us the opportunity to bring this new fuel to the world.  Without your dedication and investment the future of humanity will progress to the next evolution of energy production.  The new source of ABM fuel can power any mechanical engine and industrial machinery just the same way as gasoline and diesel.  ABM will provide the world with the stability that it longs for with the potential to end world conflict and economic turmoil.  ABM can assist in the progression of third world countries to develop their economies on the basis of a stable fuel supply and a stable price.  ABM will allow countries around the world to increase their economies by providing the stability of prices that household around the world could rely on in order to provide themselves with extra income to spend on themselves and their family members.  It will allow the rich to invest with confidence and the poor to breathe a sign of much needed economic relief.  It will allow the average man to survive easier throughout life knowing that help comes very rarely and much help is needed in today’s turbulent times.  Without further or do I would like my team to join me in the cutting of the ribbon and the flipping of the switch to power our facility.  Let’s hear it for prosperity, stability, progression of humanity, and the evolution of fuel for all to enjoy.”

Robert’s team joined him up on stage and together they cut the ribbon and flipped the switch.  The entire facility lit up in a marvelous spectacle and you could hear the humming of the startup of all the machinery and equipment within the facility.  There was a huge celebration afterwards and everyone was rejoicing about the new fuel source developed by Robert and his team.  Robert was joyful but was also worried since he could still not locate Lily and the kids.  Robert decided to call Lily at this moment to see if she was on her way.  Robert thought maybe she ran into some traffic and she was on her way but he was still worried because they should have been at the event by that time.  When Robert did not hear from Lily he decided to leave the event and drive home to check on Lily and the kids.  Robert proceeded to drive home the same way that he always drove home to see his lovely family.  This was the same stretch of road that could be taken to the Western Oil facility from his house.  Robert started to see that there was no traffic that Lily could have run into.  Robert continued driving down the stretch of road eagerly anticipating that Lily and the kids would be still at home.  Maybe they have not left yet and so Robert kept driving towards home.  Robert then encountered some traffic on his way home near his residence.  There were a few police officers that were directing traffic around what appeared to be an accident.  Robert slowly approached the accident as the police officers were guiding the traffic to a detour away from the traffic. 

As Robert was driving through the detour he noticed the accident through his side window and he could not believe what was before his eyes.  He immediately stopped his car and got out.  He ran towards the accident and attempted to enter the scene of the tragedy.  The police officer did not allow him to enter.  Robert yelled at the officer to let him go.  He explained to the officer that the car that was in the accident was his wife’s car and she was travelling with his kids.  The police officer paused and then with deep sentiment delivered the most horrific message to Robert.  The police officer said “Mr. Creed I am so sorry to tell you this but your family was involved in the accident and your entire family has perished in the accident.”  Robert was in complete shock and could not believe what the officer just told him.  Robert asked the police officer what had happened and the officer explained to Robert that it appears that the left front tire of the car exploded and at the high altitude of the vehicles speed caused the entire automobile to flip on its side.  It then rolled over multiple times killing everyone inside due to the severity of the roll over.  Robert could not believe what he had heard.  The police officer helped Robert to the side of an ambulance and then directed one of the other police officers to move Robert’s car to the side of the road.  The police officer advised Robert to accompany the ambulances that were taking away the bodies to the hospital.  The Police officer helped Robert to the ambulance and advised Robert that they would be sending him a counselor to get him some immediate help in coping with is loss.  He then asked Robert if he wanted him to alert his family about the situation.  Robert gave the officer his mother’s phone number.  The officer proceeded to call Robert’s mom to let her know about the incident and she asked which hospital they were driving to.  The officer let Eleanor know which hospital the ambulance was going to and she told the police officer that she was on her way.  Robert was helped into the ambulance and the ambulance drove away to the hospital.  Robert arrived at the hospital and the staff took the bodies of his family away and they helped Robert inside the hospital.  The hospital staff quickly took Robert to a waiting room where the counselor the police told him about was waiting for him.  They proceeded to start to talk and the door closed behind them.  This was the saddest day Robert had ever experienced more than since the passing of his dad.  He was devastated at the hospital waiting for his mom to arrive speaking with the counselor.  Robert asked himself how this could have happened.  The sadness of his family passing away was as if his life and his soul were drained from his body.  Eleanor finally arrived at the hospital frantic and was directed by hospital staff to the room that Robert was in.  Together they held each other crying endlessly through the night. 

The Funeral

Robert could not function the next day as he felt deep sorrow for his loss of his family.  He went home after two days of being at the hospital not wanting to leave his family even if they were dead he still felt that he would somehow leave them and he did not want to leave them.  Eventually Eleanor convinced him to go home with her to her house.  They got home and Robert was shown to his room and Eleanor fixed his bed and placed a glass of water on the nightstand by his bed.  Robert went fast asleep as he was completely exhausted and emotionally drained.  Robert awoke the next day feeling completely depressed and not wanting to get out of bed.  Many people tried to call him but he kept ignoring all calls.  At one point he decided to turn off his phone so as to not receive any more calls.  Eleanor rang everyone to let them know that Robert did not want to be disturbed for a while as he was grieving.  Eleanor brought up some food for Robert to eat as Robert had not eaten in days.  Eleanor convinced Robert that he needed to eat for his health.  Eleanor knew the pain that he felt.  She knew it very well for not too long ago in the distant past she lost her Dear husband Harry.  Not only did Robert loose his wife but the twins as well.  It seemed that no part of Lily survived and that magnified the pain that Robert could have possibly felt. 

Eleanor could not imagine the pain that Robert was feeling right now so all that Eleanor could do for Robert is to be there for him at this time of need.  She felt that at this time she could attend to his request and assist with funeral proceedings.  Western Oil had a insurance policy for all of its employees and their families therefore the funeral would have to be quickly setup.  The funeral proceeding were a hard event to plan as everyone wanted to pay their respect to Robert and his family.  That means that the funeral would have a very extensive and extremely large gathering.  Eleanor started to plan the funeral proceedings for Robert.  After a few days Robert came around and gathered enough strength to assist Eleanor in the funeral proceedings.  The Funeral was to be held at the biggest church in the city of Houston which would be big enough to support a large crowd.  One of the hardest conversations that Eleanor and Robert spoke about during the funeral proceedings is the conversations that they had about such sensitive situations such as life and death situations.  Robert did recall that one time Lily did speak about having an open casket funeral that would end with her remains cremated.  Robert thought that it was a joke at the time Lily talking about her death but now it seems surreal.Since that was the only conversation that he had to relate to it was the closest he had to the subject of how she would want her body handled.  That was one of the most gut wrenching conversations that Robert ever had but it was necessary.  They setup the date for the funeral to occur two weeks after their deaths.  The funeral home needed time to fix up the bodies for the open casket proceedings. 

Two weeks past by and the time came for everyone to pay their respects to the Creed Family.  The funeral home did a wonderful job of presenting the bodies.  They all looked like the life was taken out of them and they were frozen still with no souls to inhabit their bodies.  Many people came to the funeral proceedings.  Many of the workers from Western Oil came to the funeral including all of the executives, the board of directors, and the biggest investors within the company.  Everyone in the company and worldwide heard about the tragedy that struck the Creed household through the news.  As many as 5000 people came by to pay their respects which were also composed of the Creed family and friends and all of Lily’s family and friends.  The saddest part was the kids passing away.  The crash was too severe for them to survive.  No one could have survived the crash according to the police reports.  The day was pleasantly dreadful for Robert and Eleanor for they needed to entertain and look after the guest at the funeral but they felt it was an emotional hell hole that they were experiencing.  No one should have to say goodbye to their wife just as no one should say goodbye to their husband and this is something that both Robert and Eleanor experienced.  Under no circumstance should the parents outlive the children in any family and that is exactly what occurred with this tragedy.  Robert now had the tragic destiny of burying his children before his own death and the feeling of loneliness would forever haunt him for both his kids and his wife are both gone.

A Few Weeks down The Road

By now a few weeks had passed since the death of Roberts’s wife and kids.  The dust had settled and everything was somewhat getting better.  Robert still did not come into work during this whole time as he was still in the morning process.  Western Oil granted Robert administrative leave for as long as he needed it in order to recover emotionally from the pain of the loss of his family.  The longer that Robert spent away from work the less he wanted to go into work or work for Western Oil anymore.  Western Oil reminded him too much of Lily and her company that worked in conjunction with his department.  There was just too much history to just go into work and not think about his wife and his kids.  Robert could possibly not concentrate on any of his research and development for the metamorphosis project due to his loss.  The grieving process works differently depending on the person or the family.  For Robert to have his father taken away during the most vital part of his life when he needed his father and to have his wife and kids taken from him is a weight to large to bear.  Therefore Robert decided to take more time to recover spending time with his mom, family and friends.  At this point Western Oil and his research were at the lowest priority.  Roberts’s health was more important to him at this point as it should be.  Robert had to settle the estate for his family including the selling of Lily’s company to a Western Oil affiliate who was always interested in acquiring the company.  Robert did not want to deal with Lily’s consulting firm AEP so he reached out to the company and setup the sale of the company.  He made a great amount of money for the sale of the company.  He decided to take a step in another direction.  At this time he wanted to not deal with any research and simplify his life as much as possible.  It would take several months afterwards when Robert would start to heal taking it one day at a time.

The selling of Lily’s company AEP and the selling of much of the properties at the estate gave Robert a substantial fund which allowed him to not have to work for any company including Western Oil and as such Robert started to decide that he wanted to work on his own for a while before entering the private sector once again.  This would allow him to work through his loss and grieve in his own way while experimenting at his own pace in a small laboratory.Robert did not want to deal with the general public, with authority and colleagues.  Robert wanted to seclude himself from the world as his loss made it impossible to deal with other people’s issues.  As a result of the feeling of detaching himself from the world and keeping mostly to himself the decision of leaving Western Oil was getting easier and easier each and every day.  He would speak to only his closest family and friends and even then he wanted to keep almost everyone at a distance.  Robert decided to purchase a property outside of Houston that was very secluded.  He wanted the world to forget about him and his crazy experiments.  He blamed his ambitions for the death of Lily and the kids.  He started to think that if he had not had Lily take the kids with her to the event then none of this would have happened.  Even though he could not have controlled the situation a part of him still blamed himself for the tragedy.  He started to hate himself and the ambitious behaviors that went into trying to change the way the world.  He thought that the entire time that he wanted to have the world change its ways of being glutinous fossil fuel abusers into clean energy consciousness promoters ultimately led indirectly to the death of Lily and his twins.

Robert decided to purchase a home secluded in a rural area north of Houston. It was perfectly secluded with a small town on the edge of the rural area.He gave his notice to Western Oil and they definitely understood how he felt and told him that they supported his actions.  He moved to the new home and started to setup his small laboratory where he planned to continue for himself the experiments that he enjoyed performing.  Even though the accident was unforeseen Robert decided that if his family whom recently passed away could not enjoy a world of clean alternative energy then no one would be able to enjoy such a world.  Even if it sounded selfish one would have to ask themselves would they not take the same actions.  Robert just lost his family and many in his circle would have wanted him to continue on forward but his family’s loss was a devastating blow to his struggles and initiatives.  The small home was just enough for Robert with an ample basement where he could setup his small laboratory.  He planned on working on the projects that he was going to introduce in the future to Western Oil.  Even though he did not want to share with the world the alternatives that he would one day create he did decide to document everything so that when and if he ever passed away he would want a gifted young man to take his thoughts and creations and apply to their future.  Robert decided that he was going to live his life in seclusion because that was now the way that he felt the most comfortable dealing with the world.  He continued for the next year to live in seclusion sometimes crying, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, but mostly emotionless as if his soul and his spirit had been taken away.  Robert displayed the full characteristics of a completely stoic figure with not much too loose and nothing to feel towards others.  He had no fear for his future because to him he felt that he was dead to the world.  The one thing that kept him going through the years was his family and his promise that he felt he owed his dad.  Now that his family was gone and his dad was gone he felt that he owed no one anything and that the world did not deserve the fortunes that he would bring to it.  Eleanor definitely understood the level of pain that Robert was feeling and she knew that Robert would need her support no matter how he dealt with his loss for only Robert would be able to come full circle and deal with the notions of moving on in life.  Robert would take his loss one day at a time.  Each and every day he would get better and then would stumble as a memory would spark an emotion and then he would turn stoic.  Pretty soon this repeated action of emotional recollection and emotional drainage of feeling and memories only made him feel numb of his surrounding and to the world.  

The Mysterious Visitor

Robert continued to work relentlessly with his experiments at his home.  The experiments offered him an escape from the reality of his loss.  Robert had a routine of solitude.  He would go into town once a month to get supplies for his experiments, food and supplies for the house.  He loved living in solitude escaping the torment of the world.  It was the end of the month in October and he decided to take his routine trip down into the town to resupply.  He had been making this trip for many months now.  He remained a stranger to many people of the small town he lived near.  Robert did not speak to anyone when he ventured into town unless he had to.  Usually it was the store attendant that tended to his special orders.  He picked up his supplies and proceeded to load them into his pickup.  After he was done loading the pickup with the supplies he started to drive away.  While he was driving away he noticed that someone was following him for a long distance.  Robert figured it was one of few and in between neighbors that he lived by who happened to venture into town at the same time.  He kept driving not paying much attention to the other driver but the further that he drove away from the town and the more rural the surrounding got the more consistent the other driver was to keep following Robert.  Robert decided that this was very suspicious that someone was following him this far out of town. He finally reached his home and immediately pulled into his driveway reached under his seat for his pickups tire iron and quickly got out.  He noticed that the other driver drove into his driveway but kept his distance. 

Robert and the other driver locked eyes as the other driver proceeded to exit his vehicle.  The other driver asked him if his name was Robert Creed.  Robert acknowledged why he wanted to know who he was.  The other driver introduced himself stating his name was Gregory and he was a close friend of his fathers.  Robert told him he does not remember ever meeting or knowing of him and Gregory proceeded to tell Robert that he used to work with his dad before his death.  Robert started to ask the most obvious question of what he wanted and why did he want to speak with him.  Gregory proceeded to tell him that after Harry died he continued to work for Western Oil but was moved to the Oklahoma rigs after the accident.  Gregory proceeds to explain how he has since retired from Western Oil and now lives in Oklahoma City Oklahoma.  Gregory told Robert that he worked with his dad all the way up until the day of the accident.  What was strange about the accident Gregory proceeded to say is that Harry was working on an oil rig alone with no supervision and no assistants.  Harry was the only one working on the Oil rig since they were short staffed.  There were pressure valves that were extremely sensitive and if the pressure valves settings were incorrect it would lead to an explosion of the rig.  That is essentially what happened during the accident and that was the cause of the accident but what is strange is that Harry knew the exact precise settings for the pressure valves and Gregory could never figure out how Harry would have not set the pressure valves to the right settings while working on the oil rig. 

During this time Gregory explained that Harry was extremely dissatisfied with the management at Western Oil and felt that the company was treating the company employees unfairly.  As a result Harry started to action on the talks of organizing a labor union for oil rig workers.  It was in the infancy stages but Harry was gaining a lot of momentum and support among his fellow oil riggers.  Gregory proceeded to state that he thinks that someone deliberately reconfigured the settings to be incorrect and cause the fatal accident.  Gregory stated that his suspicions were always there but he could never prove it until now.  When Gregory retired he still managed to keep in contact with some of his fellow buddies who continued employment at Western Oil.  One of his buddies decided to reorganize the daily logs of measurement readings that needed to be filed for each oil rig.  His buddy needed this constant information of data in order to gauge what the proper reading should be after the rebuilding of the oil rig occurred some decades later.  Well what he found made him take a second look at the numbers.  He found that Harry did set the numbers for the pressure valves to the right settings that day and that there was no way that the pressure valves could have been recalibrated unless a special key was used which was always carried by the foreman on site.  Well Gregory seemed to think that one of the other foremen by the name of Steven Drake changed the settings deliberately in order to cause the accident to occur.  He had access to the special key that allowed access to the pressure valves as well.  Gregory remembers that after the accident it was not shortly after that the morale of the men involved in unionizing diminished and Steven Drake was promoted to a management position that oversaw all of the employees of the site including the entire group of foreman. 

Gregory told all of this to Robert and it seemed to click for Robert that he dealt with Steve Drake before as he was one of the Board Members of Western Oil.  Robert was fascinated with Gregory’s story because a lot of it rang some truth.  Steve was one of the first to push for the approval of the metamorphosis project.  Steven was always quick to approve any expenditure for any projects that Robert needed approval for.  To Robert it seemed very strange that this particular board member was always first to approve expenses and push for all initiatives that Robert Proposed.  Now Robert started to think that Steven was just too friendly and too nice.  Gregory started to tell Robert that Steven through the years was extremely abusive to everyone that was beneath him controlling them with an iron fist.  He would be involved in scandals siphoning money out of the company without anyone knowing by making employees purchase company stock to drive up the stock price and then he would turn around and sell his stock for a profit.  He would routinely make employees participate in this pump and dump strategy where he would purchase at a low price the company stock either at market price or he would buy it directly from his employees if they needed money and needed to cash out the stock quickly.  He was running the small pump and dump scheme for many years.  Gregory said that he even used the ABM story to drive up the price of a large amount of Western Oil stock that he purchased by driving the story behind the genius of Robert Creed and his amazing team selling it to many investors.  Robert soon came to find out that Steven was only looking for his best interest.  Robert asked Gregory how is it that you know all of this.  Gregory replied that he had much testimony from friends that were affected by this and that he had connections from inside the company that were loyal to him and were letting him know this information.  These people that were divulging this information only did so because they were sick and tired of the hypocrisy and the corruption that was eroding the entire company from within.  They wanted to get the information to someone that could follow it up and make sure that Steven and those that were in his inner circle of corruption within Western Oil could be brought to justice. 

Gregory continued to speak with Robert about many things that were occurring within the company.  The Corruption at Western Oil was endless and there were no limits to the extent that Steven and his band of cronies would go to make sure that they would siphon their illegitimate share of the company.  Robert decided to join Gregory in his investigation only because he understood how the oil rigs at Western Oil worked and he knew about the special access key needed to regulate the pressure valves and the fact that he always remembered his father being extremely precise on regulating the pressure of the valves so as to prevent an accident which occurred during his death.  Robert decided to let Gregory into his house as he felt he should grant Gregory the privilege since he was one of his father’s old buddies from the past.  Robert showed Gregory the spare room downstairs and told him he could stay with him for the duration of his investigation.  Gregory accepted the invitation and was very delighted to work with the son of one of his best friends Harry Creed.  Gregory decided to get his belongings from his car and bring them into the house into the spare bedroom.  Robert invited Gregory to have dinner with him and they talked the night away about his father’s past.  Gregory told him stories that he knew from his dad’s past and new stories that he never knew about Harry and Eleanor.  For Robert it was great to get an insight into his parents as he found it comforting and healing.  Robert told Gregory the events that unfolded in his life with the passing of his wife and kids and Gregory was very sympathetic of Roberts’s situation.  Gregory understood Robert’s pain because he himself had lost his wife later in life and while his wife and he were together they lost one of their teenagers in an auto accident.  They continued to talk the entire night conversing about their stories from the past and comparing life experiences drinking the night away.

The next day Robert awoke and saw Gregory making coffee in the kitchen.  Robert started to fix some breakfast and the two men began to eat and converse.  Gregory started to explain to Robert that as he has retired he has had ample amount of times to dedicate to investigate the cronies of Western Oil.  Gregory explained to Robert that he was also in the military just like his father and he got intelligence training while in the military.  He learned how to use devices used to capture sound and visual footage.  He had fairly expensive equipment to not take his intentions of an investigation serious thought Robert.  Robert was intrigued by the new equipment and immediately wanted to know how to use the equipment and offered to help Gregory with the investigation.  Gregory started his investigation a few months ago but ran into problems because he did not have the logistics of the inner workings of the board of members and the investors.  That is why Gregory sought out the assistance of Robert because Robert recently worked at the complex and knew much of the distinct behaviors of the men that Gregory wanted to investigate as well as patterns that could assist in capturing the footage needed to expose the corruption within Western Oil.  There was one device that Gregory had that was an amplified Omni directional microphone that was able to pick up sound from 100 yards away fairly expensive but very efficient.  He also had a high definition camera that was able to capture pristine footage from a very long distance with a telescopic lens.  This was all state of the art technology and Robert was excited to join Gregory in this adventure.  For Robert it was a way to escape the horrors of his families loss by getting an explanation for his loss that may or may not be there but was worth investigating. 

Western Oil Gate

Robert and Gregory started to plan for the investigation and how to proceed undetected while collecting precious information about the perpetrators.  In the next few weeks Robert learned much about espionage and counter intelligence colleting.  Gregory taught Robert valuable skills in order for him to assist Gregory in the investigation process.  Within a month Robert picked up everything that Gregory taught him.  Gregory and Robert were able to compile a wealth of information about Steve, the henchman which formed part of the Board of members and some of the investors of Western Oil.  Gregory had very little information about the corruption and only was going off what he was told by various friends that are present employees as wells as past employees all with the same story that definitely needed investigating and the attention of Robert and Gregory.  Robert knew the entire layout of the Western Oil complex including the logistics of all that were being investigated as well as the security logistics of the complex.  Robert knew the security guards by names and knew their patterns and behaviors that he could expose in order to collect vital information on the investigation.

Robert and Gregory started to drive to the Western Oil facility in order to start the surveillance project.  They stopped about 100 yards outside of the facility complex and took a side road that lead to a mountain that campers used as a campsite.  It was the perfect cover to retrieve information with their equipment as they could get close and be able to hide in the brush of the woods.  The first day they camped out not much occurred as it was the weekend and many of the important figures they were investigating were not in until Monday first thing in the morning.  Time passed by and during that time they were able to map out in detail the complex facility of Western Oil including new security installations.  By the time Monday rolled by they already had a lot of information collected about the logistics of the security at the facility.  They gathered the logistics of breaks and shift interchanges and the security devices that they had around the perimeters.  As the board of members made their way into their offices on Monday morning they spotted Steven Drake making his way into the office.  The office was at the closest point of the entire facility so they were able to pick up pristine conversations in their offices particularly the executive board room.  All of the board members each had their own office and during the time that Robert and Gregory camped out they were able to listen to many conversations.  A lot of the conversations had to do with day to day activities of the company and some were just simple life conversations about their families and friends.  Every once in a while they would pick up on some conversations that grabbed their attention as it pointed to corruption within the company.  They continued to gather information and started to compile profiles of each of the board members.  By the end of the week they had compiled a lot of information which they could present to the media.  At the end of the week the board members gathered at the executive suite to discuss the week’s progress and the future plans of the company. 

During the meeting on Friday the board members started to talk about the introduction of the ABM fuel into the market and the potential profit that the company could make by introducing the product to the market place.  The numbers were immense and what they were planning was nothing of betrayal of the consumer.  During the conversations they talked about how Western Oil would keep the price of gasoline at the current price which was extremely high while introducing ABM as a blend to their current gasoline products.  All of this activity would be disclosed to the public but instead of lowering the price since it would provide more supply then the demand that the high price was responsible for they would introduce reports of refining problems with the ABM fuel into their product.  Therefore the Public Relations image that they were portraying was false and they were able to inflate the price while collecting excess profits which they could be siphoned into the company account.  The board member had individual’s accounts that they would get quarterly profits from the corrupted scheme.  Robert could not believe what he was hearing and this infuriated him because that was not the intentions that Robert had for the fuel.  The ABM fuel was suppose to be used to control the price of fuel to benefit the common man not to profit off the common man, the average consumer who is vulnerable to highly inflated energy prices.  They were using his invention as a tool of corruption and greed to harbor the excess surplus profit for themselves.  This was definitely enough information for them to go to the press and reveal to the world the corruption scandal that Western Oil was running which was a lot bigger than what Robert and Gregory thought.  They continued to gather information through their recognizance missions camping out at usual camp site. 

Robert and Gregory were routinely going from Robert’s home to the campsite back and forth for a couple of months to gather the incriminating evidence against the board of members and the investors of the company.  At night both Robert and Gregory would take turns breaking in to the facility and gaining access to the offices to retrieve financial information that showed the corruption in real time data.  They gathered information of contacts and the operations scheme through their retrieval of documents.  They immersed a lot of incriminating documents against the majority of the board member and a lot of investors that were involved in the entire scheme conjuring a paper trail that could not be denied.  There was one week in particular that was most revealing out of all and this is the week, the day, the hour, the minute, and the second that ultimately would turn a young successful scientist bent on making the world a better place to a vigilante obsessed with getting vengeance for himself, his family, and everyone in the world that Western Oil had wronged.During a conversation that Robert and Gregory were listening into they were able to pick up hints of a plot against the family of Robert Creed.  Steve Drake was talking to another board member in his office unbeknownst to them that Robert and Gregory were listening in revealed the sadness behind the tragedy of Roberts’s wife and kids.  Steven Drake kept talking about how it was messing with his conscience the death of Lily and the twins.  It was revealed through Robert that Steven hired a henchman to provoke the accident that led to Lily and the twin’s death in order to devastate Robert and have him leave the company due to the grieving of his loss.  This would allow them to take over the ABM technology and profit from the price manipulation.  At that moment at the precise time that Steven Drakes Conversation was revealing all of the information to Gregory and to Robert it all started to make sense to Robert.  At that moment Robert completely understood and all of the events that lead up to the tragic event of his family’s loss were all part of a conspiracy against him.  Robert came around full circle understanding and accepting the tragic news without breaking apart.  News like the one that Robert received would provoke virtually any man to the point of psychosis.  This is not to say that Robert was completely distraught and extremely angry and if it were not for Gregory being there by his side Robert would have immediately thought about how best to kill the men that massacred his family and his dreams.  Gregory started to talk to Robert telling him that he knows that it’s a very extreme situation but that the best way to get these people back is to report them to the authorities and exposing them to the world.  It took all the energy in the world for Robert to stop himself from murdering the men that killed his family.  Robert agreed that they should continue to gather information and expose the corrupted killers for what they truly are a bunch of thieving, conniving, slivering, rats who know nothing more than to fill their pockets with blood money on the souls of millions if not billions of people including Robert’s dear wife and twins.  Robert agreed to continue to help Gregory gather all the information but only on one condition and that is that Gregory would keep Robert’s vengeance to a secret.  Robert was already accumulating thoughts and ideas about how best to attack the entire group so as to get vengeance not only for himself but everyone that they had wronged. 

After collecting all the evidence that they needed to get a full proof conviction to law enforcement and to the media Robert would be given time to compose an organism that would attack the oil reserves of Western Oil allies, investors and board of members in order to force them to use the ABM technology and cut into their profiteering scheme.  It was a plan that would involve bioengineering the Algae Bio-Mass organism to attack the oil fields around the world and turn the fossil fuel deposits in oil fields into Algae Bio-Mass.  Robert was the only scientist in the world that could manipulate the organism to consume all fossil fuels and turn oil fields and gas fields into liquid hydrogen as a byproduct.  This would force all companies in the world to adopt ABM as the only fuel source in the world.  At the same time Robert wanted to make the process of producing ABM available to everyone in the world including all his fellow colleagues and friends.  He wanted to spread it throughout the world in order to force the change the world needed and get the knowledge of creating these fuels out of the hands of greedy, maniacal, and vicious investors that are only interested in profits and not in progressing humanity.  Robert was going to beat these evil conspirators at their own game with their own tools and products in order to finally resolve the situation once and for all.  Gregory agreed with Robert that he would keep his vengeance a secret and proceeded to gather further evidence against the conspirators.  By the end of a 4 month stake out camping out in the woods they were able to immerse all the evidence that they would ever need in order to put all of these conspirators behind bars where they belonged, provide attention to the issues of the day and put a spotlight on corruption and greed that has completely stopped the evolution of fuel energy transition into alternative energy concepts and products.

The Beginning of the End

Robert went to work right away on altering the Algae Bio-Mass organism to be able to infiltrate the hydrocarbon compound that forms fossil fuels into pure liquid hydrogen.  During this time Robert got very little sleep as his desire for vengeance gave him all the energy he needed to stay persistent.  His drive to succeed based on vengeance was the motivation that he needed in order to perfect his greatest creation.  He would end up calling his creation the elixir and it would create chaos once unleashed.  The elixir would change the world’s financial environments to rid greed from the system that plaques progress and prosperity.  It would require a redistribution of wealth the lights that history has never seen.  Those that have played honest and true their entire lives innocent of vile and repulsive greed will be able to breathe easier after the chaos since fuel prices will steadily drop.  This act of vengeance will ultimately spare the desperate and hungry systematic starvation and impoverishment.  After many trials in his laboratory Robert perfected the organism and started to develop a prototype device that could carry the elixir to the oil deposit of his choosing.  Robert was able to invent a drilling device which drilled through about 50 feet of earth including bedrock and release the elixir.  The elixir would make its way to the fossil fuel deposits all around the world attacking the fossil fuel conglomerates at the source of the greed and corruption.  As time passed by Robert quickly started to produce the elixir in large batches and started to build many of the devices to take with him during his many trips around the world.  When he would get to different areas of the world he would then release the organisms into the ground to attack various large deposits around the world.  At the same time that he would venture around the world introducing the agent of freedom who calls the elixir Robert would also spread his knowledge of the ABM fuel processes around the world amongst many scientists that believed in a world revolving around free energy.  It was a one two punch against the fossil fuel conglomerates and it was a very effective way to cripple them to their knees.

On one hand Robert would secretly attack the fossil fuel deposits around the world and on the other hand he would spread the wealth of knowledge from one scientific community to another the concepts of producing ABM and other alternative fuel sources.  In order to avoid eventual capture once the fossil fuel conglomerates would start to realize his plot he would be able to use the scientific community for safe harbor and passage between countries and nations around the world.  In order to communicate secretly messages would be transferred from Robert to Gregory and from Gregory to specific points around the globe that headed these communities.  These heads were extreme activist that believed in the ideas that Robert was proposing but wanted to take action.  Here was the chance and the change they were looking for in order to deal a devastating blow against fossil fuel giants for the common man.  Robert couriered all of the materials around the world so he would not have to carry any of it with him and they would be stored in safe houses where he could retrieve them for future use.  These safe houses would be the areas around the world that he would travel to establishing miniature bases of operation for his multitude of attacks.  As far as the disclosure agreement that Robert signed with Western Oil about the knowledge of ABM fuels and the consequences of not disclosing to the world the knowledge of ABM fuel production he was prepared to accept them.  No matter what happened at the end Robert needed to do this for his family even if it meant facing uncertain death.  His mortis operandi would be that of a widower that lost his wife and kids and wanted to explore the world in order to find closure for himself.  Eventually suspicion would come from the investigation of multiple fossil fuel sites that would be compromised but during a very long time many investigators as well as forensic scientist would be scrambling to try to figure out if it the sabotage of the sites is a natural occurrence or if it was manmade.  Robert was happy to spend the rest of his life weather he survived the journey or not sabotaging the corruption of Western Oil which led to the death of his wife and kids.  Robert was ready to give his life for the change that he so desired and would be willing to sacrifice his life for such a purpose which was more than what was awarded to his family.  Lily and the twins were never given an option so now Robert will not give Western Oil an option as they must indeed be derailed and stopped from their malicious, corrupted, vile and immoral corrupted campaign.

Fight and Flight

Robert had his suitcase packed and he was ready to go in the morning just in time as Gregory came around to drop him off at the airport.  They both entered the car and proceeded to drive to the airport.  During the drive to the airport Robert remembered the past a reminiscence of Lily and the twins.  He immediately thought about the situation that he was venturing into and the dangers that would await him.  He proceeded to reminisce about his happy life and how a tragedy changed it all.  Robert thought about the time that he found out about the conspiracy of his wife’s death and the term fight or flight came to his mind. At that point Robert was not given the opportunity to fight for the death of Lily and the twins in order to avenge their deaths.  Robert was robbed the opportunity of reacting to his loss because the conspiracy masked the perpetrators responsible.  Robert remembered how angry and upset he became when he found out at first that Western Oil was behind his family’s loss.  Gregory started talking to Robert about the plan and the technology that would be used to communicate amongst the group that Robert was going to interact with including himself.  Gregory handed him a satellite phone.  This phone Gregory explained has multiple layers of encryption technology built in and it would be the safest way for them to communicate back and forth.  Gregory also handed Robert a specialized laptop with heavy encryption algorithms with built in bit torrent communications in order to completely privatize communication between intended recipients.  This technology would enable Robert to work in secrecy as he would slowly unleash the new organism amongst the biggest fossil fuel deposits of the world.  Robert told Gregory to make sure that from now on they use his alias name Gratis Joules in order to create secrecy in the mission.  From now on Robert would be introduced as Gratis Joule to his international contacts where his missions would take place. The first mission was to travel to Russia where some of the biggest oil deposits were located belonging to Western Oil.  Robert boarded the plane heading to Russia with connection through Heathrow airport.  The day was brisk and there was a chill in the air and Robert felt that the beginning of the end was fast approaching.  Robert was not looking forward to the extreme cold frigid temperatures of the Russian landscape and some of the biggest fossil fuel deposits that were the key target areas within Russia were in the most inhospitable portions on earth.  The flight left in the evening and Robert quickly fell asleep on the flight on his way to his destiny as the savior of humanity and the vigilante avenger of his family’s death.

Robert had some dreams during his flight to Heathrow that were very much disturbing as if they were from the future and the past.  Although not many can interpret dreams the fact that there was images of his family dying without Robert being able to get to them or getting there too late begged the notion that he felt somewhat responsible for the deaths of Harry, Lily and the twins.  In his dreams he would end up dying for a cause usually in a war with many enemies in many lands in a forgotten world.  Robert quickly woke up with some turbulence as they were approaching the UK and the flight attendant announced to the passengers to buckle up their seat belts as they were getting ready to approach their landing.  After the landing Robert proceeded to his designated gate which he was told to go to by the flight attendant on the plan.  Many of the passengers were heading to Russia to visit family and friends.  Many passengers were on their way to establish and maintain business relationships with the Russian government.  Russia was viewed as a country where many can gain large profits in the energy sector which is the reason many of the passengers represented many of the companies that were based on the United States.  Not included on this trip purposefully was the representative from Western Oil who would instantly recognize Robert and blow his secret cover.  Robert wanted to venture into unknown lands with as little recognition as possible in order to continue his mission to the end.  Robert was met at the airport of Moscow by a Russian Scientist name Vladimir Gustof.  Vladimir recognized Robert from a picture that he was sent from Gregory and He approached Robert with the secret word.  Hello says Vladimir Gustof you must Gratis Joules I have heard so much about you please come I have a car waiting for us says Vladimir to Robert.  Robert replied yes and agreed to follow Vladimir to his car.  Vladimir Loaded Roberts Luggage and started to speak to him about his facility and the work that he is doing.  Vladimir and Robert entered the car and started to drive to the facility that Vladimir worked in and where Robert would base his first mission from.  Robert immediately felt the shivering cold of the Russian cold front.  While driving Robert saw many images portraying the Russian government as a savior of the people and that particular propaganda was scattered in posters and billboards throughout the entire drive.  Yet as Robert took a look around at the environment in which they were driving through Robert saw a lot of poverty and homelessness and that struck a chord with Robert as his technology which he created for Western Oil was suppose to be the catalyst to begin the end of poverty and homelessness.  Yet in this land of Russia just like in his homeland of the United States he saw the same disparity of lifestyles and the unfair distribution of wealth throughout the different classes of their society.  Robert started to ask about the people that were homeless and in the streets and Vladimir’s response was dire stating not to worry about those that he sees out in the streets as most of them would not make it past this very cold winter.  It seemed that in all places in the world the rich could care less about the poor as they went through great lengths to systematically enslave the poor and innocent.  This was one of the first parts of the world that would need change just as in many other areas of the world that needed to see regime change in order to force change amongst all societies of the world.

To Russia with Love

Robert and Vladimir arrived at the facility and Vladimir made sure to show Robert his quarters for the visit.  Each visit was scheduled to last one week giving Robert enough time to show the scientific community how to make the ABM fuel to be able to supply its citizens with the fuel needed for their nation.  The knowledge they would learn would be spread secretly throughout the entire nation of Russia in order to prepare for the scarcity of gasoline and diesel fuels and assist them in the transfer of power from the fossil fuel conglomerates to the people of the nation of Russia.  This would be the first of many missions that needed to succeed in order to start the revolution which would serve as a template for future missions.  During the first day Vladimir introduced his colleagues to Robert that would be assisting in the ABM production of fuel for the country of Russia.  That very first day after getting settled Robert decided to get some rest after a very long and tiring flight.  The next morning Robert awoke to a radio alarm clock and the enchanting melody of the Russian national anthem.  Vladimir and his colleagues were awake and moving about through the small facility and were tending to the facility checking on projects that they were working on.  Some of Vladimir’s colleagues were making some food for the crew so that they could start of their day and everyone had a cup of tea to start of their day just right.  Robert brought some coffee grinds with him anticipating that Russians don’t generally drink coffee and prefer tea.  After a while the breakfast was ready and they all sat around to eat some of their delicious breakfast that they made in their small break room.  Right away everyone started to eat and converse about their experiments and their progression.  They talked about their families and friends.  They talked about the future of the facility and their goals for their individual experiments.  Vladimir decided to ask Robert about his experiments and what the goal of his visit was so that it would give Robert a chance to introduce to the group the ABM fuel technology.  As Robert started to elaborate on the ABM fuel technology many natural questions about the technology came up which Robert gladly answered.It did not take long for everyone to agree how inspiring the new ABM technology was and how it could revolutionize the world specially their own economy as it would provide affordability to many Russian citizens that are in dire need of alternative fuel sources for the harsh winters.  Robert did not let them know about his secret plans to sabotage the oil and natural gas sites that were owned by Western Oil.  Only Vladimir and the head of the scientific communities that were in countries that Robert wanted to target knew about his plans and they were all in agreement about the mission swearing in secrecy to the mission and vowing a pledge to help Robert in facilitating the infiltration of the Western Oil sites.  All of the head of the scientific communities agreed with Robert that a change needed to be made and that there needed to be a forceful change in order to create a more sustainable future.  Robert was in great company and felt that he could very well succeed in all of his missions.  Throughout the entire day Robert went around conversing with the scientist and observing their experiments to get some ideas of his own finding inspiration in like minded individuals worldwide.  Everyone was eager to see the ABM technology revealed and they could not believe that Robert was willing to give such secrets away.

The next day Robert presented the ABM technology to the entire group with help from Vladimir and everyone was mesmerized by how easily the fuel was made and even though the concepts were complex with the dealing of the genetic alterations that Robert introduced to these organisms once the organism were thriving and reproducing the ABM fuel technology quickly procured fuel.  Robert setup a small combustion engine which he fed the refined fuel to and to everyone’s surprise the ABM fuel was able to run the engine.  They were so amazed that they decided to ask even more questions ranging from adaptability to other mechanical engine types to the feasibility of the industrial production of ABM as a fuel to their economy and different economies worldwide.  Robert explained to the group that if this was done correctly then each community around the world at a local level would be able to produce their own batches of ABM fuels so as to be able to produce the right amounts in order to provide a constant and sustainable price for fuel.  This would mean that production could be controlled to keep inflation of fuel prices in check.  Robert claimed that no one in the world should go hungry or cold because of the price of fuel.  Vladimir and his colleagues agreed with Robert and vowed to pledge support for the technology and help the technology expand within Russia.  Robert was very pleased to hear that everyone agreed with him and felt that if he was able to reach Vladimir and his colleagues then it would completely feasible to introduce the technology worldwide.  Robert gave everyone a copy of all of his materials and research to help promote the ABM fuel technology for the immediate future.  Vladimir congratulated Robert on a wonderful presentation and proceeded to explain to everyone that they would be stepping out to get some fresh air and introduce Robert to some of the finer things in Russia.  Everyone bid farewell to Vladimir and Robert.  They were both off on their way to see some historical sites.  Historical Site was code word for the recognizance mission of the Western Oil Facility in order to infiltrate their site with the organism he created called the elixir.  After about a few hours of driving they finally reached the Western Oil site in a Russian Town outside of Moscow called Pitriv.  Pitriv was a small town and the people that lived there worked on the site extracting oil and natural gas which Western Oil purchased.  Robert planned to release his device that contained the elixir to infiltrate the site and within one day be able to disable the entire facility.  It was a risky and dangerous recognizance mission but if they were successful then it would allow Robert to release the elixir into the ground.  They quickly noticed that there was not much security in one side of the entire perimeter.  The north side of the site was not as secure and even if it was the furthest point of the entire site with Roberts’s device they would be able to reach the entire site and infect the oil and natural gas deposits with the elixir.  The elixir just needed to infiltrate one oil or natural gas deposit in order to become a contagion of the other deposits on the site.  As the elixir infected each and every deposit it would expand absorbing the entire site and rendering the extraction of fossil fuels from the site worthless.

Robert saw an opportunity and quickly sprang into action as he ran from the bushes which Vladimir and he were hitting in order to throw the device over the fence.  The device landed safely on the ground without alerting any of the authorities.  Robert ran back to the bushes to join Vladimir.  Robert immediately thought that at that moment and that precise time he was entering the point of no return.  After he were to press the button to activate the device there would be no turning back and he would forever be a  corporate criminal responsible for sabotaging the precious commodities of a global enterprise.  Once he pressed the button he realized that his life would never be the same and that in order to go back to the beginning of his journey it would be a longer path then the one that he chose by pressing that button and activating the device.  The device started to operate instantly.  It worked just as planned.  After it landed it anchored itself to the ground and it slowly started to activate the drill in order to work itself into the ground.  They saw it disappear into the ground within one minute and it slowly worked itself into the target oil deposit.  Robert calculated that the device would reach its target within about 30 minutes of the device drilling into the deposit.  After 30 minutes of the device drilling the device indicated back to the monitoring device that controlled the actions of the device that it reached its target.  At this time Robert and Vladimir decided to leave as their presence may have been detected if they stayed much longer.  They reached safety and drove away into the dark night leaving behind the fossil fuel deposits owned by Western Oil in utterly useless.  The mission was a success.They drove to a hill far away from the facility where they unleashed a menace called the Elixir.  Vladimir decided to celebrate this triumphant victory with a bottle of the finest Russian Vodka.  They took a shot and toasted to the beginning of the future of alternative energy and the end of beginning of the end of fossil fuel technology.  Vladimir showed Robert some of the historical sites as promised while they were driving back to the laboratory.  When they reached the laboratory and Robert decided that he was tired and wanted to rest.  Robert shook Vladimir’s hand and said goodnight as the next morning Robert was set to work on the ABM technology further unveiling to the scientific group before he was set to leave.  Robert went to sleep and was glad that he made it safe back to the laboratory.

Robert woke up the next morning and immediately went to work showing the other scientist the rest of the process of the ABM fuel technology.  All of the colleagues were very interested in the continuance of the presentation of the technology and continued to ask questions to make sure that if Robert left as scheduled they would know the technology in full terms.  Robert continued his presentation for the rest of the day with the goal of having a beta prototype of the ABM fuel technology in operation before he left the next day to the next mission.  They worked the entire day and although it was very exhausting to go through the entire technology and its basis they were able to accomplish an operational prototype which they could continue to progress.  Robert was extremely satisfied with the way that the trip turned out as he felt he accomplished all of his goals within the time of his trip.  Now he could have a couple of days to plan the next trip with Gregory.  They would use Vladimir as a point of contact for the next mission.  Western Oil has vast operations in a town south of Tehran in Iran.  Vladimir knew of a colleague who works on experimental alternative energy experiments and has been a community activist pushing for the need of alternative energy implementation in the nation of Iran.  Vladimir’s colleagues name is Pakash and Robert would be meeting him momentarily after a flight from Russian to Tehran.  Robert phoned Gregory to give him the next mission contact name and the logistics based on the information that Vladimir was able to provide.  This mission would be risky involving the use of a fake passport as during that time there was a travel ban of all United State Citizens to the nation of Iran.  Therefore Gregory decided to create a fake passport for Robert using the latest technology in covert operations.  This was what Gregory and Robert prepared for before his departure for Russia so Gregory sprang into action and started to create a fake passport for Robert.  Once the passport was complete he was able to courier straight to Vladimir’s address within 2 days.  After receiving the passport and packing his belongings Robert was ready for his next Mission.  He made sure to finish the last touches on his presentation, the prototype, and made sure everyone had all the information they needed to progress the ABM fuel technology.  Gregory also sent Robert his flight itinerary and with the fake passport and itinerary on his right hand and his luggage on his left hand he was off to his next mission.  Vladimir dropped him off at the Russian International Airport and waved goodbye to Robert.  Vladimir’s departing words to Robert is he was thankful for his success and wishes one day to see him once again.

A Land of Many Mountains

Robert entered the international Russian Airport to check in his luggage and to board his flight to Tehran Iran.  The goal was to make it through security without raising suspicion.  Robert did not know how good of a fake the passport that Gregory made for him was but he did know that if anyone could provide him access to Iran it would be Gregory.  He approached the security checkpoint and gave his passport to the security agent.  The security agent looked at Robert and verified his trip itinerary asking him many questions about his trip.  They were the type of questions that would be normally asked during the checkpoint process.  Robert gave a flawless answered as he told the security agent that he worked for an international humanitarian organization and he was traveling to Iran to help out in the rescue efforts occurring in Iran.  There was a massive earthquake that jolted Tehran Iran and with Robert giving him this story the security agent let him go through security and board the flight.  Robert worked himself to his assigned seat and was extremely grateful that the fake passport and his cover story worked to gain him access to the Iran.  The flight departed and Robert quickly fell asleep on the flight as the exhaustion of the trip to Russia was relentless and tiring.  Robert closed his eyes looking forward to the next mission.  Robert was awoken by the flight attendant to let him know that he needed to buckle up as the flight was getting ready to land.  They landed safely at the Internal Airport of Tehran, Iran.  At the airport Robert went to pick up his luggage at the luggage claim.  After picking up his luggage he proceeded to exit the airport.  As he was walking outside of the exit a man spoke out the secret code to know that it was indeed his Iranian contact Pakash.  Pakash announced to Robert you must be Gratis Joules my name is Pakash.  Pakash stated to Robert the urgency to leave right away without raising suspicion.  Pakash told Robert to follow him right away without looking directly at him so as to not alert the authorities that Pakash was Roberts’s point of contact.Robert decided that he needed to quickly leave with Pakash for two reasons one was that he was illegally in the country of Iran and two that he did notice that people were following him at the airport.  Pakash and Robert quickly scurried through the big crowd and managed to lose their tail.  The agents that were following him were not able to keep up with Robert and they quickly lost track of him through the heavy crowds.  Robert followed Pakash to his automobile and they quickly took off leaving the airport as fast as possible.  As soon as they were out of the airport and away from danger Robert thanked Pakash for assuring his safety as Robert felt that he was in impending danger.  Pakash apologized for the scare telling Robert that the agents that were following him were merely following orders from the top leadership of Iran.  Since not many outsiders are allowed to enter the country Pakash told Robert that they are ordered to follow anyone that is foreign to the nation of Iran.  Robert understood and quickly realized this mission would be a dangerous one and he needed to disguise himself in order to perform the mission in Iran.  Luckily Pakash had just what Robert needed at his laboratory.  They arrived at the laboratory and quickly dashed inside without anyone seeing them enter Pakash’s site.  The laboratory Pakash had was at his home in the outskirts of the city of Tehran in a village called Duribi.  Pakash welcomed Robert into his home and showed him to his room.  Pakash had a modest home, clean and pristine and the room was well kept where Robert would be staying for the one week.  Robert settled in and decided to join Pakash for some tea that he was invited to in the patio of Pakash’s home. 

The two men talked for hours about the mission and the purpose of Robert’s visit.  Pakash was very excited to have Robert with him for the week as he could not wait to ask him questions about the equipment that Vladimir sent to him via courier.  Robert explained to him that as of tomorrow he will explain to Pakash the ideas, concepts, and fundamentals of ABM fuels.  This made Pakash very excited as he also had experiments and concepts that he wanted to present to Robert before he was to depart to his next mission.  Robert went to sleep that night with a feeling of nervousness as he realized this mission needed extra care and precaution but he was at last safe for now.  Robert woke up the next morning to the hustle and bustle sounds of the town and Pakash was already awake putting together something to eat for Robert and himself.  Both men sat down and started to converse about the day’s upcoming activities.  Pakash surprised Robert by giving him a brilliant disguise for him to wear.  It was a thobe and scarf in order to hide his identity from the authorities, protect him from the sun’s exposure, and protect him from the windswept dust and sand.  Now Robert felt completely safe and could operate in secrecy to infiltrate the oil facilities owned by Western Oil.  They began the day by driving through the town and to the site of the Western Oil facility.  On the way to the recognizance mission Pakash started to speak to Robert about the importance of his work and what he was going to do for the cause.  Pakash explained that the top leadership of Iran in reality do not care about the everyday people of the nation and are influenced by nations that have oil interests such as Russia, China, and the United States.  He explained how the leadership painted a different picture to the general public of the heads of the nation of Iran being against such tyrannical powers which the general public perceived as true.  A total lie to the public was told to the general public only for political exploit.  The reality of the situation is that they are in bed with such nations and in fact are very friendly with such nations secretly.  Pakash explained that the Leadership of Iran uses the oil revenues to suppress the citizens of Iran.  They control the information, finances, products and services that enter the nation of Iran and the citizens are forced to accept it only because they do not know the freedoms that they can enjoy outside of Iran.Pakash explained to Robert that the oil industry does not progress his people it oppresses the citizens of Iran.  As such the goals that Pakash has had for the future of Iran involved steering it into the direction of alternative energy use, freedom to access any information, and the liberty to access and enjoy all products and services without the approval of the leadership of the Iranian government.  Robert immediately thought that Pakash was fighting for a good cause just like he was and felt in good company.

They arrived at the facility and immediately noticed the heavy presence of military guards from the Iranian regimes.  This was going to be a difficult mission and Robert would have to rely on the cover of nature to mask their presence.  They drove around and parked the car on top of a hill far from the facility.  Robert started to gather information about the shift change of the guards and the facilities perimeter security.  Robert noticed that the southern site of the facility had a strong guard presence but was less significant than the other sides of the facility.  As a result Robert could see about timing his infiltration properly to coincide with a sandstorm that was bruin to the far north of the country and was making its way to the town in about 2 days time.  This worked out perfect because Robert could utilize the two days to explain to Pakash the information and process of the ABM fuel technology.  Pakash and Robert made their way back into the town from the Western Oil facility recognizance and intelligence gathering.  They went straight into Pakash’s house so as little people as possible could see Robert so as to not raise suspicion.  Robert and Pakash went right to work assembling the equipment that Vladimir sent by courier inside the laboratory.  They finished the assembly of the equipment and Robert started to go through the necessary information and the steps of creating the prototype ABM fuel technology.  Robert explained the process to Pakash and this time around since he had the experience from explaining the same process to the Russian scientist was able to deliver his presentation much easier and smoother this time.  They spent the first day setting up the prototype so that it could be active by the next day.  They worked well into the night and accomplished a lot of the process.  All that was left was to explain further the purpose of the ABM fuel and the future implementation that should take part in his country of Iran and his neighbors in the region.Exhausted from the presentation Robert decided to go to sleep and continue tomorrow to finish off the rest of the presentation.  Both men went to sleep and Pakash was eagerly excited to continue the progress that they experienced on that day.

The next day the two men went straight to work to complete the prototype so as to leave Pakash with a working prototype and all the information he needed for an industrial implementation across the nation and into its neighboring territories at local levels so as to expand the horizons of sharing the technology with many people.  It was a communal redistribution of the world’s fuel and implementing the redistribution at a local level would keep it from the hands of greedy entrepreneurs who would want nothing but to not share this information and keep artificially raising prices at their own will such as what Western Oil was planning to do.  Both men finished work on the prototype and there were little questions remaining to be answered.  Alongside with the information that Robert provided to Pakash it was all that was needed to progress the ABM fuel technology for Iran and later on much of the Middle East.  Robert felt that he had penetrated two of the world’s most volatile areas of fossil fuel production.  This in itself was a great success but Robert was not done yet first he needed to successfully infiltrate the Western Oil facility of Iran and then move on to the next target.  Both men heard the eerie sounds of a strong wind coming through the town.  That was a very familiar sound to Pakash and signified that they only had moments to start the infiltrating mission of the Western Oil facility.  The two men set course for the facility out beating the storm and reaching the facility.  Robert sprang into action as the storm was coming through mildly and visibility was diminished.  Robert ran to the south side of the fence and through the device over the fence and it anchored itself to the ground.  Robert ran back to the car where Pakash was waiting.  As soon as Robert entered the car he pressed the button and the device started to perform its function.  They waited one hour till the device hit its intended target.  During that time the storm started to decapitate and when the one hour mark came around the target signaled to Roberts monitoring device that it successfully infected the oil deposit.  They started to drive away as the storm settled virtually unseen.  They arrived back to Pakash’s house and celebrated the success of a daring and dangerous mission.  The men drank a popular Middle Eastern drink called Arak which is very popular in the Middle East.  Once they were done celebrating they each went to bed as they were extremely tired from their adventure. 

The next morning the two men spoke about the next mission and location over breakfast prepared by Pakash.  Pakash advised Robert that he knew the colleague in China that lived near one of the facilities of Western Oil which would be the next mission Robert would be undertaking.  Pakash advised Robert that she is someone that could be trusted most definitely as he has known her for many years.  This made Robert feel safer as there was little information about the scientist from China named Mei Lee.  This was due to her keeping an undercover profile within china as to not alert the extremely powerful Chinese government officials of her activities.  Robert contacted Gregory to let him know of the progress that was made and Gregory was happy that the first two missions out of the 10 missions were extremely successful.  Gregory advised Robert that there was very little information about the new location that he would be traveling too but that based on the intelligence that he had gathered from the other scientist that he had contacted that she was very trustworthy.  Pakash sent a message to his fellow colleague in China to let her know of Robert’s arrival in which she replied that she would be pleased to receive him as a guest.  On the last day of his trip to Iran Robert ran through the ABM fuel technology concepts and prototype to make sure that everything was clear and understood by Pakash and that all the information he needed to proceed with the spread of the new fuel to the Middle East was at his disposal.  Robert started to gather his belongings in order to get ready for the next mission for mainland China.  Gregory ordered the next flight for Robert with the same cover story in which he came in to assist in the relief efforts from Russia in order to board a flight to China.  Robert was driven to the airport by Pakash and dropped off at the entrance to the terminal for his flight.  Pakash bid a farewell to the fellow colleague from the free world who he considered a liberator of oppressive peoples and he took off.  Robert decided to enter the airport and just as before he went through the security checkpoints.  He was able to get through security fairly easily and proceed to board the flight to China.  As the flight took off he breathed a sigh of relief as he completed a successful second mission of the 10 facilities he would eventually target.  As the flight took off he fell asleep due to exhaustion of the dangerous mission he undertook. 

The Peoples Republic

Robert was awoken by some turbulence that hit the flight due to the overpass of mountainous terrain and a weather front that they were being flown through.  About an hour later they arrived at the Hong Kong international airport and everyone on the plane including Robert was relieved that they arrived to China alive and well.  Robert got off the flight and proceeded to customs in China through security.  As Robert was going through the security line he took out his fake passport and itinerary to show the customs agent of the Chinese government.  This time around as the agent saw that the passport was from Russia he did not ask too many questions and decided to let Robert go through to the exit.  Robert exited the airport and walked around for a bit and then he heard those magic words from a surprisingly beautiful young woman.  The woman called out Robert’s alias saying you must be Gratis Joules my name is Mei Lee.  Robert was told my Mei Lee to come with her as she had a car waiting for them.  Robert followed and when they approached the car it was a limousine company owned.  They entered the limousine and drove off from the airport.  Mei Lee started to talk to Robert thanking him for arriving in China and asking him how his flight was.  Robert responded by saying that the flight was a bit bumpy with some turbulence but nothing that he could not handle.  Mei Lee was glad that he arrived because she was looking forward to getting knowledge of the ABM fuel technology and told Robert that if she were to get the information about the new technology she would be more than happy to assist Robert in infiltrating the Western Oil facility. Robert agreed and explained to Mei Lee that in due time he would show her all of the information and present to her the technology and even leave her with a prototype.  Mei Lee was very please with Roberts response and the two of them continued talking the entire ride to her residence.  Mei Lee told Robert that he would be staying with her at her place outside of the City of Hong Kong.  When they arrived Robert was amazed to see the size of the house and Robert started to grow suspicious.  Mei Lee was not the typical scientist that would be interested in such a technology and Robert immediately stopped and asked her why would she help him as Robert points out to her that she has all the luxuries in the world and has no need for any of what he could offer her. 

Mei Lee invited Robert into her house and told him that she would explain everything in due time but that he must trust her for now.  Mei Lee welcomed Robert to her kitchen and asked one of her servants to tend to Roberts bad and another to serve them some hot tea.  Robert agreed to let his bag be taken care of and agreed to some hot tea.  Mei Lee asked Robert to walk with her to her patio.  During that walk Mei Lee began to explain to Robert a story from her childhood that started with her parents.  When Mei Lee was growing up she explained to Robert her parents were hard working individuals with loyalty and honor to the Chinese government.  Her dad worked at a Chinese nuclear power plant constructing the second phase nuclear core.  This was a big project sponsored by the Chinese government in order to provide electricity to a starving industrial city complex.  During the construction her dad succumbed to nuclear radiation poisoning as a result of him and the other workers working in such close proximity to the nuclear power plants first phase which was already operational.  There was a small leak that was not detected until it was too late when many of the workers came down with symptoms of nuclear radiation poisoning.  Her dad died three days later and left her and her mom by themselves with no one to take care of them.  Through hard work and with help from her family her mom was able to put Mei Lee through the best schools in Hong Kong.  Eventually she was able to attend Harvard in the United States as an international student with a full scholarship.  She worked really hard and eventually graduated with a degree in business.  She moved to Hong Kong and started an alternative energy company with an emphasis on hydropower electricity generation.  Mei Lee explained to Robert that she now owns a hydro power plant in China delivering much of the electricity needed to power the city and as a result she is expanding into more ambitious projects that could help out the communities of her homeland.  Mei Lee explained to Robert that it is what her mom would have wanted her to do and it is a way to avenge her dad’s death.  Now she was interested on how she could help the average Chinese citizen.  She has made her fortune and is set for life but now she wants to be able to give back to the people at a local level a way to sustain their own existence without them being subservient to an economic slavery that the Chinese government has place on its people.  Mei Lee explained to Robert that further more the activities of the industrial complex governed by poor environmental law enforcement legislation proposed by the Chinese government has led to wide spread pollution in all major cities in China.  As a result if we were to give the power of clean energy generation to the people at a local level then those individuals lives would greatly improve explained Mei Lee.  Mei Lee asked Robert again if he was willing assist her in the mission that she feels compelled to deliver to her people. 

Robert agreed to assist Mei Lee in her mission because it was ultimately the same mission that he wanted to deliver to all of the people around the world and as such both of them shared the same visions.  Robert asked Mei Lee if she can make sure that she did everything in her power to help out the Chinese people as she is promising and after the Chinese people have gained their energy independence that she may assist others in other countries to achieve the same goals Mei Lee agreed to the proposition because to her all children of earth are all innocent of the wrongdoings of grown peoples.  By helping other nations including her beloved China gain the energy independence it deserves it would ensure a clean safe world for the future children of the world.  At that moment Robert shed a tear for he knew that what he was doing was the right thing to do and that this really was the best way to avenge and honor his family’s death. Robert was shown to his room and Mei Lee excused herself as she was heading to rest as well.  She advised Robert that she would be up and early tomorrow morning and that she would be introducing a group of scientist that she wanted him to meet.  Robert fell asleep tired and exhausted from the flight but feeling that he had momentum on his side and that in the far future eventually hope and prosperity would arrive to those that need it most.  Robert awoke the next morning with one of the servants knocking on his door advising him if he could prepare himself as his guest would be coming shortly within the next two hours.  Robert woke up and started to get ready quickly as to be prepared for the visitors.  Robert started to prepare his presentation and as he was finishing his preparations the servant came by and asked Robert if he cared to join Miss Mei Lee for an early breakfast.  Robert decided to take her up on her offer as he was starving from the trip.  Robert joined Mei Lee at the dining room table and the two started to converse about the visitors that were attending his presentation.

These individuals Mei Lee explained are scientist representing all of the provinces of china which have been commissioned by Mei Lee’s company to view Robert’s presentation.  Mei Lee explained that they were sworn to secrecy with a contract signed under her company.  She presented the contracts for Robert to view for the 23 scientist that would be attending the meeting and after Robert looked at the contracts he agreed that it would be a successful venture within China for the ABM technology.  Robert and Mei Lee finished their breakfast and proceeded to exit the mansion.  They proceeded to drive away to the meeting in Mei Lee’s limousine.On the trip to the meeting Robert got a glimpse of the damage that Mei Lee talked about in regards to the Chinese people.  Robert saw guards inflicting damage on civilians and pollution as far as the eye can see with many of the Chinese citizens wearing face mask to protect them from the air pollution that was around them.  The rivers were contaminated and filled with a lot of trash.  Robert saw people collecting water for drinking, bathing and other purposes and he immediately thought this image could only reinforce his mission.  They arrived at the headquarters of Mei Lee’s corporation next to an enormous hydro power plant next to a river.  The headquarters was immense and in charge of many hydro power plants around China.  They entered an immense boardroom where the 23 scientist awaited for the presentation and as they entered they greeted Mei Lee and Robert.  They were all anxious to start the presentation as they had heard some information about the ABM fuel technology.  They were very interested in seeing how the technology worked and were ready to take all notations and receive information as needed.  Robert started by presenting himself and a brief history about himself and immediately began to present to the scientist the materials and the information needed to build the prototype and advance the technology.  Once the presentation was concluded Mei Lee instructed the entire scientist including Robert to follow her to a secret room where they would build the prototype.  They were all show to the room and they immediately went to work to build the prototype that same day. 

After much work they were finally finished with the prototype and presented the prototype to Mei Lee in which Robert gave clear instructions about how to be able to implement the ABM fuel technology as a local industrial scale.  Robert suggested that they secretly concentrate the implementation one province at a time from the 23 provinces that the scientist belonged to.  Mei Lee agreed with the proposal Robert presented as that would be the best strategy for the entire country and would assist in the secrecy of the technology from falling into the hands of the Chinese government.  Mei Lee was extremely happy with the success that was presented to her all thanks to the help of Robert and now it was Mei Lee’s turn to deliver on her side of the bargain and help Robert infiltrate the Western Oil facility outside the Hong Kong Province.  Robert and Mei Lee left the facility with a feeling of accomplishment as they felt the change that would be coming to the Chinese people will be a grand step for the advancement of the quality of life of all the citizens of the Peoples Republic.  Robert and Mei Lee drove back to the mansion to prepare for the infiltration mission of the Western Oil facility.  They arrived at mansion in time for Dinner and decided to leave the planning and infiltration mission for the next day as due to a very exhausting day for Robert.  Mei Lee treated Robert to a lavish dinner of Chinese cuisine which Robert absolutely loved and throughout the night they conversed about their lives, their losses, their goals and aspirations over a bottle of Baijiu which was a Chinese drink a favorite by the local of the Honk Kong province.  After a while they decided to go to sleep as they were both very tired and vowed to start the infiltration mission first thing in the morning. 

Robert woke up in the morning to the knocking of one of the servants to let him know that Miss Mei Lee was expecting him for breakfast in about one hour.  Robert awoke and proceeded to get ready for the breakfast as it was going to be a busy day of planning as Mei Lee needed to go over a lot of security protocol she uncovered for the facility.  Robert met Mei Lee for breakfast and afterwards proceeded to enter her home office.  Once they entered the office and the doors were closed Mei Lee showed Robert the security protocols of the site.  There were many protocols that were in place as this was not a normal facility which was composed of oil and natural gas deposits.  This particular site outside the outskirts of the Hong Kong province had a refinery in place and as such with there being a refinery in place it also contained more security making the mission significantly riskier.  Mei Lee had a plan for this as she would couple Robert with some special operations free lance agents that she had hired to deliver the elixir package.  Robert thought that this would be the best option as he could not risk getting caught this early considering he had multiple other missions that he needed to complete.  Robert agreed that if the men that Mei Lee hired could get into the Western Oil Facility in China then he could very well activate the device from a distance by amplifying the signal of his monitor.  This was definitely a possibility and Robert just needed some parts that Mei Lee could acquire for Robert in order to amplify his monitory and the signal apparatus on the device.  Mei Lee showed Robert the immense complexity of the facility and Robert realized that this would require that they implant multiple devices around the entire complex and that this would be a dangerously complex infiltration.  Robert and Mei Lee formulated a plan and Mei Lee called one of her servants to bring in the two men that would assist in the mission. 

The men entered the office in uniform ready to take action on any mission presented to them.  Mei Lee presented both men to Robert and after a formal introduction they were all given the necessary information needed to successfully complete the mission.  These men were mercenaries for hire and came highly recommended based on past experience.  After hearing the men explain their expertise and what they could assist with on the mission Robert felt extremely comfortable that although there was much danger on the mission that they could successfully complete it.  They continued to plan the operation and alongside the planning the men brought over recognizance information about the logistical security forces of the facility.  Everything was all in place in order to start the mission which would occur in the late hours of the night.  The men were ready to go and they also gave Robert a specialized camouflage suit that could blend with the natural environment surrounding the complex.  Robert suited up and made the additional configurations to his devices and monitors and proceeded to exit the office with the men.  Mei Lee offered all the men the best of luck and that she expected Robert back for morning tea.  The men took off in a jeep wrangler with military camouflage to blend in to the environment.  When they arrived at the complex the two men advised Robert to stay in the jeep and proceed to take off if he were to see a flare in the night sky blue in color.  That would signify to Robert that they had been captured and that the mission should be aborted.  Robert completely agreed and was glad that he could stay behind at a safe distance since he was not completely trained for this type of mission. 

The men went around the facility like ghost undetected and extremely efficient in disguising themselves within the elements.  They needed to plant a total of 4 devices.  One of the devices was set at the northern end of the facility where there was a huge complex of oil and natural gas deposits.  On the other side of the facility on the southern site there was a another smaller but notable field of natural gas and oil deposits that needed to be infiltrated as well so a device was dropped on there as well.  Then the other two devices would have to be implanted on the two piping systems of the facilities refineries.  The facility had a refinery on the east side that refined diesel fuel and another one on the west side that refined gasoline fuel.  On each of the refineries existed a huge reservoir system of oil waiting for refinement and it was these reservoirs that needed to be targeted.  The two men successfully implanted the devices.  They soon retrieved with no detection to the jeep and advised Robert that the devices were implanted.  At that moment Robert received the alert from all of the devices confirming that they all reached their target and as soon as the last device was ready Robert pushed the button.  The devices released the elixir and soon the entire complex was infected.  The men drove away accomplishing a successful mission all the way to Mei Lee’s mansion.  Upon arrival Mei Lee and her servant were there to greet them and upon learning of the success of the mission Mei Lee instructed her servant to pay the mercenaries for their work and to drive them to their departing destination.  Robert was welcomed into the back patio where Mei lee had some breakfast laid out with hot tea.  They conversed on the success of the mission and what Robert’s next mission consisted of.  Robert explained to Mei Lee that since he has had three successful missions it would be imperative that he continue until he experiences any difficulties in his 10 missions.  Robert explained to Mei Lee that his next target is a refinery in main land Japan a location on the outskirts of Tokyo Japan.  Mie Lee suggested that she could arrange for Robert to be flown to Japan in the morning on her private jet.  If Robert was suspected of all the mayhem that he has inflicted which no there was no indications this was the case he could evade the authorities by being flown in a private jet.  Robert took Mei Lee’s offer and went to pack up his things for the morning flight and thanking Mei Lee for her help. 

A Haiku for a Coup

The next Morning Robert was ready to go before the servant came knocking with his suit case ready to go he opened the door and the servant guided him to the garage where the limousine was waiting for him and Mei Lee was on the side of the car waiting for Robert to say her departing words.This limousine will take you to the company jet and the pilots have clear instructions to fly you to Tokyo Japan said Mei Lee.  Mei Lee wished Robert a safe journey and wanted his fortunes to come true not only for himself but for the world all together and she bid him a farewell.  Robert was driven to the airport and boarded the short flight to Japan in less than 4 hours.  During the 4 hour flight he had some dreams of Lily and the twins which started out as wonderful dreams and ended in a nightmarish twist where he was always too late to save them.  He awoke as the flight was landing thankful that he did not need to sleep any longer as the dreams he was having were not pleasant to have.  Upon his arrival he had a private limousine in Japan take him to his next destination in Tokyo Japan compliments of Mei Lee.  The limousine drove him to a hotel in the outskirts of Tokyo.  During the ride there he saw much modernization of an industrial society heavily dependent on fossil fuel imports.  There were many industrial sectors that included the biggest names in the tech and auto industry.  Robert knew the underlying fundamentals of such as economy is weighed a lot upon the imports of such fuels at a relatively stable price.  Japan’s economy was very sensitive to the world price of fuels that it would import and as such the introduction of the ABM fuel technology needed to take place in order to provide Japan with self sustainability.  The trip to Japan had to do more about spreading the ABM technology to a vulnerable nation that needed it desperately more than infiltrating the small Western Oil facility on the outskirts of Tokyo.  The limousine dropped him off at the Hotel Empress right outside the outskirts of Tokyo where he planned on meeting with a top scientist and long time colleague that was eager to receive the information that Robert had and to see his long time friend. 

Robert checked in to his hotel room as a guest on a private suite that was exclusively reserved for Mei Lee’s company when she would visit Japan.  It was the privacy that Robert needed to plan out the other missions and speak with his colleague in private.  Robert was shown into his room under the alias Gratis Joules.  When we closed the door to the hotel Room Robert called Gregory to let him know about the journey and the success that they have had on the last three missions.  Gregory was glad to hear from Robert and Gregory told Robert that they started to investigate the infiltrations that occurred in the locations of Russia, Iran, and China but that authorities could not conclude who or what infiltrated the facilities.  This was great news to Robert as he was getting worried that the authorities may be growing suspicious of him and his travels.  Gregory commended the travel to Japan with the private flight as a way to evade the suspicious of the authorities because if would provide a disruption in the patterns so as to not link Roberts travels with the incidents under investigation.  Robert told Gregory that he had one week to complete his mission in Japan before Mei Lee was to send for her private jet to fly Robert to which ever location he would choose.  Gregory thought that this was extremely great news as the next mission location that Robert would be traveling to may require the use of a private jet.  Robert instructed Gregory to reach out to his Colleague Professor Harimoto to let him know his location at the Hotel Empress and to meet him at the lobby of the hotel for a drink.  Robert asked Gregory which location was the next mission which required the use of a private jet.  Gregory suggested that Robert take the private jet to the war torn country of Nigeria which desperately needed the ABM technology.  Robert agreed as Nigeria who was on the grips of a civil war took precedent over all missions in order to help with the mass killing that were taking place there.  Gregory told Robert that he would phone Professor Harimoto and have him meet Robert at the Lobby for drink.  Soon after Robert was done conversing with Gregory He proceeded to wait for his long time colleague and trusted friend Professor Harimoto. 

At the bar Robert ordered some sake as he awaited his friend’s arrival.  Robert loved Sake served Cold with a pint of the best Japanese beer on tap.  Soon after his friend Professor Harimoto arrived and Robert greeted him.  He already had a drink waiting for him and they began to converse.  Robert asked how his friend’s family was doing and how he was doing.  They are doing great explained Professor Harimoto.  Professor Harimoto looked Robert in the eye and said I am sorry for your loss Robert.  The Professor told Robert that if he can do anything to help in his journey and for his loss to let him know and he would be glad to lend a helping hand.  Robert was glad to hear this because he did end up asking the Professor for help in Spreading the ABM technology throughout all of Japan in secret.  Professor Harimoto agreed that if Robert showed him the technology and helped him build a prototype at his small laboratory that he would spread the technology throughout main land Japan.  Robert also asked Professor Harimoto if he had access to the site plans of the Western Oil facility that was on the outskirts of Tokyo. Professor Harimoto advised Robert that he could definitely retrieve the information that he needed but that those plans were not allowed to leave the University that he was the Professor of.  Robert Understood and gave Professor Harimoto a list of questions that he needed answered in regards to the logistical security of the facility.  This was the safest way that Robert could retrieve the information he needed without implicating Professor Harimoto.  Professor Harimoto left the bar after conversing with Robert for a few hours and agreed to come back tomorrow afternoon and meet him at his hotel room.  Robert had a few more drinks and retired to his room as he was exhausted and wanted to catch some rest before his long day tomorrow.

Robert woke up in the morning and decided to get ready before his friend Professor Harimoto was to come and meet him at his room.  During the morning Professor Harimoto went to his University to retrieve the information needed by Robert for his infiltration mission.  After retrieving the information of the facility he quickly left the University and onward to the Hotel Empress.  Professor Harimoto was very happy to get the information for Robert and in return he would get access to the ABM fuel technology developed by Robert.  Professor Harimoto arrived at the Hotel Empress entrance and entered the lobby, took the elevator up to Robert’s room and knocked on his door.  Robert was just finishing getting ready and allowed Professor Harimoto in.  The men quickly got to work exchanging information.  First Professor Harimoto gave Robert the information needed to infiltrate the Western Oil facility.  Professor Harimoto was able to get the layout of the security towers of the facility and Robert quickly concluded that the eastern side of the facility was the least guarded and therefore would be the best way to gain access.  Robert provided the Professor with all of the materials needed for the ABM fuel technology which the Professor was happy to receive.  Professor Harimoto and Robert left the Hotel Empress and proceeded to drive to the small Laboratory the professor owned inside Tokyo.  After Arriving at his laboratory Robert took a look around and was impressed by how innovated the laboratory was which included a lot of the most modern devices and scientific instruments.  Like Robert Professor Harimoto’s expertise was bio molecular engineering and kept up with the works of Robert throughout the years.  The two men quickly went to work and Robert started to show Professor Harimoto all of the materials, concepts and fundamentals of the ABM fuel technology.  Throughout the entire presentation Professor Harimoto was extremely impressed with the materials that were being presented to him.  It did not take long before the two men were building a prototype as Professor Harimoto had the materials needed to quickly build the prototype device.  The two men spent all day going over the presentation, materials, and building the prototype.  At the end of the day the two men completed the prototype and all of the main questions about the technology that Professor Harimoto had for Robert were answered. 

Professor Harimoto dropped off Robert at the Hotel Empress and said some departing words to Robert.  Professor Harimoto told Robert that he wished him luck in all his adventures and that he would one day want to work on future projects with him wishing him safe passage on all his trips and missions.  Robert assured the Professor Harimoto that he would be successful in all the missions and that one day they can work as colleagues on future project.  Robert told him this so as to not worry Professor Harimoto but he knew deep down that although he would most likely be successful on all his missions eventually he would be captured and brought to justice and likely would not be able to see his dear friend.  Robert went right to work as he returned to his hotel room.  He decided to rent a car with his fake Russian passport that Gregory supplied to him in order to avoid suspicion.  Robert walked about a block from the Hotel Empress and went into a car rental company.  He successfully rented the car with cash and was quickly on his way to the Western Oil facility outside on the outskirts of Tokyo.  When he arrived he parked far from a distance and in the cover of darkness dressed in black was able to get close to the east side of the complex.  He waited for the change of guards from the guard tower which was positioned on a tower.  With a pair of binoculars he verified that the guards were distracted and changing their shifts after waiting for approximately three hours.  When the switch was taking place Robert snuck up and threw the device over the fence.  The device landed close the deposit that Robert was looking to target.  This facility was very small and only had several oil deposits which made the mission quick to implement.  As the device anchored itself on to the ground Robert proceeded to run quickly back to the brushes that he was hiding the entire time.  Robert activated the device and the elixir started to infect the deposits.  The infiltration was a success and after Robert’s monitor confirmed that the elixir worked.  Robert quickly dashed to the car rental and drove away to the hotel to celebrate his success.  Robert dropped off the car safely and with no troubles. 

Robert walked back to the Hotel Empress and quickly went to his room.  From his room he rang Gregory to let him know about the progress that occurred and how he successfully finished his fourth mission.  Gregory was very pleased and gave Robert a progress report on the investigations that started with the Western Oil facilities that were infiltrated.  Gregory let Robert know that they could not figure out what was occurring with the sites and they had no conclusive evidence as it seemed unexplainable.  Gregory and Robert were pleased with Gregory telling Robert that his missions may be so successful that they may never find out why the sites became inoperable.  Gregory gave Robert the details of the next site where he should travel to for his next mission. Robert was to meet with a humanitarian expert in Nigeria where a brutal war was occurring and since the country was involved in a brutal civil war over the control of the country’s oil and natural gas deposit.  The name of the humanitarian expert was Michael Rustle and he would meet him at a private airport in the neighboring country of Ghana where it was safe to land.  Robert thanked Gregory for the information and afterwards got in touch with Mei Lee.  Robert explained to Mei Lee his travel arrangements to see if she was still willing to help him out with the flight to Ghana and she agreed.  Robert went to sleep as he was exhausted from his mission and the planning of his next mission.  Robert could not wait to get to the country of Nigeria as he was eager to display the ABM fuel technology so that it could be spread throughout the entire continent of Africa.  The world was plagued with many wars over oil and natural gas deposits but out of all the places in the world where this was most true was the continent of Africa.  Throughout the entire continent and in many of the African countries otherwise people tribes of the African mainland would turn to war in order to control the limited resources that surround them. 

The Mother Land

Robert awoke the next day and quickly got ready to meet with the private jet that Mei Lee sent him to fly him to Ghana.  He had a limousine waiting for him courtesy of Mei Lee.  Robert packed his luggage and left the Hotel Empress and as he entered the Limousine he saw a note that was addressed to him.  The note was from Mei Lee and it simply said that she wished him the best in his next missions and that if he was ever in trouble to call her and she could arrange for him to disappear away from any authorities as his contribution to the Chinese people earned him that right.  The note stated that she has the ability and resources to extract him from wherever he needed help or from where he was captured and she would attempt to rescue him.  This note gave Robert more confidence to complete his mission.  Robert boarded the flight and quickly took off to Ghana.  Since the flight was a very long distance the private flight needed to make an intermediate stop in Saudi Arabia.  They needed to stop to refuel in Saudi Arabia in order to complete the journey to Ghana.  The flight made it to Ghana in record time only taking 16 hours on a flight that regularly takes 18 plus hours.  After arriving in Ghana he was met at the outside terminal of the small private airport by Michael Rustle.  Robert knew it was Michael Rustle from the picture that Gregory sent to him earlier and from the fact that He referred to Robert by the name Gratis Joules.  Michael advised Robert that he was safe in the country of Ghana and he had a car waiting for them to take them to a safe house.  Robert put his luggage on the back of a car and they proceeded to the safe house.

The drive was a short distance and when they arrived at the safe house they entered a very quaint small residence on the outskirts of a small town.  They were only staying at the safe house for one day while they ate some food and rested.  After entering the safe house Michael prepared some food that he had made previously for the trip.  They ate plentiful as the trip was very long, treacherous and extremely dangerous.  The men went to sleep early in the morning as they had an early and long trip to drive to the area that needed the most assistance.  Ironically the assistance that was needed was the infiltration of many of the oil deposits that were located in Nigeria specifically on the outskirts of Lagos the biggest city in Nigeria.  The next morning Robert and Michael packed for the journey all of the materials needed for the treacherous journey.  They packed all of the materials including ammunition, guns, and food rations in case of a violent encounter.  Michael also packed much needed medical supplies to bring to the war torn country.  After packing the jeep they proceeded to depart from the safe house and quickly were on their way.  They drove through the thick jungle through paved roads riddled with pot holes due to heavy rains, poor paved construction, and war shells hitting the roads.  Sometimes the roads would convert to dirt roads which were the reason why the jeep was a lot more reliable for the treacherous journey.  The trip normally took 15 hours of nonstop driving.  The men decided to make the trip in 2 days so as to drive through the daylight to avoid danger from the guerilla warfare that was occurring near the border of Nigeria.  The men drove all thorough the day and closely reached the border about 50 miles on the safe zone where the civil war had not reached yet.  The men decided to take a break and camp out in the jungle making a campsite with a fire in order to prepare some camping food.  The men were very hungry from the long trip and welcomed the rest.  Once the campsite was set the men prepared food over a campsite fire and started to really talk about the situation on the ground in Nigeria. 

Michael started to explain to Robert the situation on the ground in Nigeria.  There was a bloody civil war that was taking place and the two sides were fighting for the rights to the oil fields outside the outskirts of Lagos Nigeria.  The civil war consisted of sympathizers of the government that currently controlled the oil fields and consisted of mostly of Tabidu Tribesman and the guerilla army that were protecting their lands from a takeover as their lands also contained undiscovered oil deposits.  The guerilla army consisted of the Nabila Tribesman that wanted exclusive rights to the land as it has been historically inhabited by the Nabila Tribesman for thousands of years.  Because the Tabidu Tribesman had a ruling government in the country of Nigeria they wanted to confiscate the lands from the Nabila Tribesman.  As a result there has been a never ending conflict that has lasted an entire decade.  Michael explained to Robert that unless the oil deposits were rendered obsolete on both sides of the conflict then they would continue to fight till the bitter end.  As such if the elixir were to infiltrate all of the oil deposits involved in the Nigerian conflict then it could ultimately end the civil war.  Michael was advised by Gregory that Robert could assist in the conflict so that Michael and his team could assist with the aftermath of the violence.  Robert Explained to Michael about the device and the way it can be used to infiltrate entire oil fields.  Michael was excited to hear about Roberts’s device because he knew of many individuals that did not want to continue the struggle and were sympathizers of piece willing to risk their lives to end the brutal merciless war plaguing their country for an entire decade.  During this time Robert started to formulate a plan involving trusted sympathizers to infiltrate the oil fields throughout the country.  They just needed to reach Lagos and organize a group of sympathizers to release the devices that Robert built while at the safe house in Ghana.  All they needed to do was reach the lands of the Nabila Tribesman where there was a safe zone which consisted of a group of individuals that wanted peace.

The men awoke the next day and packed everything in order to head over the border into the war torn country of Nigeria.  As they drove closer and closer to the border the sounds of war intensified.  The sounds of pain from the pillage of war, the smell of villages burning, and the smell of burning flesh was in the air.  It was a horrifying alarm to the human senses that awoken despair and horror.  Robert immediately agreed that this travesty needed to stop and not a moment too soon.  Thankfully the men reached the safe zone and entered the villages where the noblemen of the Nabila Tribesman lived which were the individuals that desired peace.The noblemen were part of the older generation and did not want to have their entire tribe involved in the civil war.  Michael and Robert were greeted by the representative of the noblemen.  Michael and Robert were shown to their sleeping quarters and they unpacked.  The two men joined the noblemen for a meeting to explain to them the details of the plan to end the war over dinner.  The dinner consisted of a massive feast of African dishes native to the Nabila Tribesman.  During the meeting there was much excitement as the men that came to their rescue the noblemen believed would really bring an end to the brutal civil war.  Robert was asked to explain how the technology would assist them in the process of ending the war.  Robert explained that his device could destroy its oil fields by depleting the molecular structures carbon atoms and turning the oil deposit into liquid hydrogen.  Robert explained to the noblemen that if he were to help out and organize a campaign to deplete their one and only natural resource to the world then there economy would suffer.  The noblemen told Robert that it is better to struggle through a bad economy then to continue with a never ending war.  The Noblemen agreed that they would supply the two men with the men that they needed to infiltrate all of the oil fields throughout Nigeria.  All of the oil fields would be infiltrated even the ones from the Tabidu Tribesman.  It was agreed that the next day Michael and Robert would have a group of men that they can train in the process of infiltrating the oil fields.  Robert was glad to assist for two reasons.  The first reason is because it would take a drastic measure such as the infiltration of the oil fields with the elixir to bring an end to the bloodshed.  The second reason for Robert assisting Michael and the Nabila Tribesman is that the oil revenues that were responsible for the bloodshed came from many areas but none as prominent as Western Oil.  Western Oil was taking advantage of the conflict and purchasing oil at a very low price illegally even as the United Nations would sanction any company for participating in such activities.  Western Oil’s complete disregard for human life extended from the African plains of Nigeria to Robert’s own family.  Robert felt the pain that Western Oil inflicted upon the people of Nigeria as their pain was the same pain he felt back in Houston.  This is why he felt it was an obligation that he continues his campaign against the evil conglomerate the world knows as Western Oil.

Michael and Robert retired to their quarters after dinner and went to sleep to rest after a long trip and a bountiful meal.  Robert and Michael awoke the next day and got ready to meet the small group they would train to infiltrate the facilities during the blitz campaign against the oil fields.  Robert and Michael met the men that were going to be the individuals that would save the country of Nigeria and they all looked ready.  These men looked determined and eager to learn the process of infiltrating the oil fields.  Robert had over 100 devices that he produced with the help of Professor Harimoto when he was still in Japan.  Robert brought the devices with him for this specific mission.  The devices were easy to use as they consisted of the device and a detonator.  There was no monitoring of the devices so they would be simply taken to the location and detonated.  The men were to sneak through the defenses of the oil fields and implant the devices anywhere they saw major oil fields.  Michael produced a map of the major oil fields that existed in Nigeria and the men were separated into smaller groups.  These smaller groups were given territories that they would infiltrate helping each other in the process.  After the devices were implanted the men would detonate all the devices and return back to the village with a progress report.  The mission was dangerous as they needed to evade capture of the government army and the guerilla rebels on both side of the war torn country.  Robert and Michael showed the men tactics to keep hidden during the process of infiltration.  The men quickly picked up the training and within a day they all knew how to successfully implement a successful mission.  Now all that needed to happen was to wait for the dead of night this way the men could infiltrate all the facilities in the cover of darkness.

As soon as darkness fell the men hoped on motorcycles and took off to their missions.  The noblemen along with Michael and Robert all prayed for the safe return of the men knowing that some of them would be captured and executed.  The noblemen figured it would better to have the death of these men then the entire population of the Nabila Tribesman.  Robert thought that this was one of the main reasons why he decided to extend his expertise to the world in order to stop such atrocities such as the civil war in Nigeria.  A couple of days passed with no words and then the first wave of men started to report in with great success.  The men that had succeeded started to help those that did not succeed as their missions were more dangerous and required more precision to execute.Against all odds all of the men were able to detonate the devices except for one site which was the government’s strongest hold.  This was the government of Nigeria’s biggest oil deposit extending miles and miles of heavily guarded terrain and since it was extremely vast.  Luckily there was some shrubbery and trees that the mission could be launched from utilizing these features for cover.  The site required that the men implant a total of 7 devices in order to attack the entire site and infiltrate the entire supply of oil.  The men successfully implanted 6 devices but on the 7th device they ran into some trouble and some of the men were captured.  As the other men that evaded capture watched in horror to see their fellow patriots beat mercilessly they went ahead and detonated the device knowing that they would never see their fellow patriot man.  They quickly revealed back to the headquarters at the village where Michael and Robert were listening in that there was casualties which resulted in 3 deaths at the hands of the government militia.  This was very sad news for the entire village but expected as the mission was extremely dangerous.  The men that survived returned safely and were welcomed back with a celebratory feast symbolizing the peach and prosperity that was set to come for the entire nation of Nigeria.  Both of the factions on either side would be dealt a heavy blow by cutting off their source of financing their war efforts.  The nation may decline economically but at least the violence wound end.  Michael and Robert joined in the celebration and they all celebrated the entire night away.  Both Michael and Robert retreaded to their sleeping quarters and began to pack their belongings in order to leave first thing in the morning. 

The men quickly got some sleep as they were dreadfully tired from an emotional couple of days.  The men woke up the next day and proceeded to exit the village to drive back to Ghana.Before leaving the noblemen of the village said there departing words and wished them a safe trip.  The advised them that they are always welcomed to their village and that they are hopeful for the future.  They wished for both Michael and Robert to spread their help and knowledge throughout the world as others in the world could benefit from their help.  Michael and Robert took off and started the drive back to Ghana.  They wanted to cross the border into the safe zone and then finish the two day journey on the next day.  The two men kept on driving until they passed the border and once they passed the border they camped out as usual.  The two men talked about the future of Nigeria.  Michael advised Robert that he would bring him safe passage to his next destination.  Robert asked Michael what he would do next to help Nigeria.  Michael advised Robert that his organization could enter once the violence quells down and assist the citizens of Nigeria overcome war atrocities.  Robert was happy to see that Michael was determined to assist the citizens of Nigeria.  Robert promised Michael to give him access to his research on ABM fuel technology and he promised Michael that he will set it up so that multiple scientists from all around the world including those in Africa would assist Africa in adopting the ABM fuel technology.  Spreading ABM Fuel technology would facilitate an easier transition to stabilize a turbulent economy.  The two men fell asleep quickly as to finish the trip back to the safe house where Robert would wait for a flight to his next destination.  In the morning the two men packed everything and proceeded to drive to the safe house.  Once they reached the safe house the two men unpacked all of their belongings and Robert called Gregory to let him know the great news.  Gregory was excited to hear the great news and as usual he gave him a status update on the investigation.  Gregory told Robert that the investigators were dumbfounded and could not figure out what was occurring.  Gregory alerted Robert that his next destination should be to Brazil to help assist a young scientist by the name of Ernesto Campos that wants to liberate his nation from the clutches of Western Oil.  The country of Brazil has many points of interest on lands purchased by Western Oil sold by the Brazilian government.  The Brazilian government took away the land from the native Indians that inhabited such lands for thousands of years.  The Brazilian government had forced the people to leave the land by threatening to imprison the natives if they did not comply with a judicial order to vacate the lands.  The Brazilian court did not honor the rights of the natives because the judges accepted bribes from Western Oil.  The corruption of Western Oil reached throughout ever part of the world including the poor defenseless natives. 

Christ the Redeemer

Michael organized a flight for Robert to fly out to Rio de Janeiro.  Robert waited to the next day as the flight came thru early in the morning and he would sleep on the flight as the duration of the fight would be at least 8 hours.  Robert packed his luggage and while waiting built many of the devices Michael dropped off Robert at the airport and he said his departing words.  Michael wished Robert Good Luck to his next adventure, the people of Nigeria as well as the helpless Indians from the Amazon will be greatly appreciated.  Michael also wised to work with Robert on future projects as it was a pleasure to work with him during the last two weeks.  Robert entered his flight headed to a private airport near the Amazonian village in Brazil.  The flight was set to make a landing at the international airport for Refueling and to pick up supplies for the foundation Michael runs in Africa.  The flight would drop of Robert close by to the north of the City in a small village of the Amazonian Indians.  The flight took off from Rio de Janeiro international airport to the small village landing safely after a two hour flight.  The Flight landed on the private airport by the village where a young scientist was awaiting Robert’s arrival.  As Robert stepped out of the airplane the young scientist greeted him and spoke the magic words.  The young scientist introduced himself as Ernesto Campos.  Ernesto welcomed Gratis Joules to Brazil.  Ernesto told Robert that he had a jeep ready to take them to the village.  Robert was excited to be in Brazil because he always wanted to visit the Amazon jungle and explore the lungs of the world.  He was against a lot of the deforestation that was occurring in the Amazon and if he could help the locals take back their land from the greedy hands of an oil company such as Western Oil he was more than glad to join the fight. 

On the ride to the village the young scientist Ernesto Campos explained the situation a bit more and the more he revealed the more Robert thought that it was necessary to take effective action on behalf of the Indians of the Amazon.  The judge that ruled in favor of Western Oil and against the Indian natives was bribed by Western Oil effectively purchasing the decision of the judge.  The decision was finalized so that even appeals would not work in this case as all the appeals during the court process proceedings were exhausted.  This is why Ernesto needed Robert because Gregory told Robert that he had the technology to render the oil deposits that Western Oil was trying to get to useless.  Robert explained to the young scientist the way the technology worked.  Robert explained how the elixir came to be and the missions that the bio organism has infiltrated.  Robert also told the Ernesto that he would be glad to show him the ABM fuel technology so as to incorporate it throughout Brazil and especially for the Indian locals of the Amazonian jungle.  Robert envisioned a similar scheme as what was implemented in Nigeria as the Indian community only cared about their land and not the vicious black gold that lay beneath them.  Robert was excited to help out because now he could spread his technology and his outreach to a separate but equal continent very close to home.  Robert and Ernesto arrived at the village about one hour later to be greeted by a welcoming festival.  The locals heard about the savior called Gratis Joules that would deliver them to their salvation by fighting the oppressive enemy called Western Oil.  The head leader of the village personally welcomed Robert and Ernesto and showed them to their quarters where they would be staying.  Ernesto interpreted for Robert as the dialect and language of the natives was a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, and Indian tongues.Ernesto was a master linguistic of many languages and was able to interpret many dialects and languages of the South American continent.  After Robert settled into his quarters he joined in the festival.  Robert was presented by many new foods that he never had the pleasure of consuming.  These foods were native to the region and looked extremely delicious all grown locally and on the lands that Western Oil was set to take over.  As a result if Western Oil were to take over the lands they would first alter the landscape by deforesting the landscape of all trees and vegetation the existed on the lands and burn down any brush that was on the deposits to locate the oil rigs. 

This means that there could never be any coexistence between the natural lifestyle of the native Indians and the industrial Conglomerate of Western Oil.  This was interpreted by various conversations taking place at the festival by Ernesto.  Everyone had something to tell Robert because everyone in the village felt their homeland was of high importance to keep and maintain for the future generations.  They all felt that since this was their land that they are the ones that should command their destiny and not a corrupt judge sitting on the aftermath of an imperialistic empire.  Robert could not agree more as he saw that oil companies were trying to manipulate the landscapes of the world.  These oil companies were directly responsible for many atrocities on this earth against Mother Nature and the inhabitants of earth.  After hearing all of their stories Robert asked Ernesto to interpret a message for the native Indians.  Robert directed Ernesto to tell the Native Indians to fear not of the oppressive force that they are being inflicted upon and that although they are scared they should look forward to the future as the future will be promised for them by the salvation that they will bring to them in the form of science.  The natives praised the two men and vowed to assist Robert and Ernesto with any help in the form of willing and brave volunteers within the village.  There was a select group of Natives comprised of the youngest, smartest and bravest of the locals in the village that knew the Amazon like the back of their hand and knew how to survive in the jungle.  The problem that the natives had was that the oil deposits were not disclosed to them since that was a hidden secret that Western Oil kept as a result of investing in an exploration team to find the oil. 

Robert explained to the natives through the interpretation skills of Ernesto that Robert had electronic devices that he brought with him.  Robert was able to bring spare devices left from the Nigeria mission that could be implemented in a similar mission.  This particular mission would be simpler than the mission in Nigeria where there were two war factions that the volunteers had to maneuver secretly throughout a vast land.  This time the native Indians of would only have to deal with government officials that were safe guarding some of the oil and natural gas sites.  The advantage that the native Indians had over the government officials was that they knew the land and could maneuver through the land faster and more effective.  As a result the native Indians could walk through the jungle virtually as ghost not seen or heard.  The only problem that they had was the fact that they did not know the oil deposit sites that were explored and located on the Amazonian map.  Robert needed to get his hands on a copy of the exploration map that Western Oil explorers compiled for the company.  Robert and Ernesto advised the entire native village they would retire to their quarters and formulate a plan which required precise implementation.  Robert and Ernesto retired to their quarters to ponder on the plan to infiltrate the oil and natural gas sites of Western Oil.  Robert quickly rang Gregory to ask for some assistance in the matter as he was still on stateside and could very well acquire the information needed to implement a successful mission.  Robert told Gregory the plan and the precise information that was needed.  Gregory told Robert that it was definitely possible to retrieve the information via informants that worked within Western Oil on stateside that had access to such materials.  Gregory advised Robert that it would take him one day to retrieve the information.  Gregory planned on getting snapshot photos of the exploration site surveys that were stored on the information vaults of Western Oil headquarters.  Gregory finished his conversation with Robert by asking for a satellite linkage to send over the information.  Luckily Ernesto had such a device in his local laboratory in the village along with a printer to print out the images that would be sent via a satellite feed.  Gregory quickly went to employing the services of one of his most trusted informants that had access to the information vault.  Gregory gave the informant a small camera that could take precise vivid pictures.  On that same day Gregory told the informant the information that he needed and within two hours the informant was able to retrieve the information needed from the surveys without setting of any alarms or raising any suspicion. 

After Gregory developed the images he compiled them all into one solid image detailing the geographical features and the names of villages the sites were close to.  This took some research which Gregory was able to compile and illustrate on the copy of the explorers surveys.  After careful calculations labeling and precise detailing of geographical features the map was completed and Gregory was ready to send the entire map to Robert.  Gregory was able to send the entire high definition image to the satellite link at the laboratory of the young scientist Ernesto Campos.  Gregory called Robert and Robert answered with anticipation asking Gregory if he was successful at formulating and sending them the image they needed.  Gregory told Robert to ask Ernesto to look in his system to see the file as it was accessible through the satellite link.  Gregory gave them the server location that the information was placed onto.  Ernesto was successful as retrieving the precious information and was able to use his printer to print out multiple copies.  The multiple copies would be used for the training of the volunteers of native Indians at the village.  Now that they had the copies of the explorers surveys all they needed to do was separate the oil and natural gas sites by the regions that the volunteers knew best.  Ernesto and Robert quickly went to the village and assembled the men that would partake in the mission.  Robert and Ernesto spent a partial amount of the day planning and choreographing the entire mission placing the best men in the best possible positions.  The men were shown how to operate the devices and how to detonate the devices from a safe location.  They were trained in the art of secrecy as to avoid suspicion from the government officials who may or may not see them throughout the jungle.  By the end of the day the men were fully trained and the mission was ready to commence.  The men were given a prayer by the elder priest of the village wishing all of the men including Robert and Ernesto the best luck in this dangerous venture.  The men took off in all directions and were told to report their progress via small handheld radios that Ernesto provided to them equipped with GPS locators.  The GPS locators could be used to find the men in case they ever got lost through the treacherous jungle.  The amount of land that needed to be infiltrated was immense but the men were up to the task knowing that if they were to be successful at their mission they would ensure their villages survival. 

 The first men reported in about 2 days into the mission with information about the missions.  It seemed that the men were successful at infiltrating about 1/3 of the sites for a total of 60 sites throughout the entire Amazonian jungle which were closest to their village.  The men wanted to infiltrate the sites proposed on the lands of other villages that were smaller and less known.  Some of the villages were so mysterious that they did were not until the explorers encountered them through their explorations for oil and natural gas. The oil and natural gas sites were really close to their communities so it was of upmost important that after the men protected their own village that they would be willing to lend a helping hand to their neighbors from the far north.  In ancient times these tribes would fight for their very existence.  During these ancient times most of the tribes around the area would fight against each other for the rights to resources the aided their survival.  In the present these tribes have unified in peace and abolished war between their neighbors.  They quickly realized that they needed to come together against a bigger enemy.  The common enemy they all have had through the years of tyranny and oppression are the foreigners who have come and partitioned their land relocating them to other parts while their land rights are subject to future limitations and annexations.  This needed to stop and these brave men were the ones to put a stop to the oppression the Indian communities were subject to because of the natural resources that surrounds them.The men reported into the village to Ernesto and Robert about another full day into the mission with a progress report.  They successfully implanted about half of the devices on the exploration map.  The mission was going very well unbeknownst to Western Oil as their precious commodity they had invested so much money into was evaporating without any notice.  The surprise tactic would deliver a death blow to the glutinous oil conglomerate.  Brazil was the first investment that was proposed for Western Oil in a decade as the company kept working in areas around the world that they already had established.  Brazil was to mark their golden era of investment in oil and natural gas as it was an extensive site that was untapped and undeveloped. 

  The men reported to Ernesto and Robert after another successful day of the mission that they had infiltrated about three quarters of the sites on the explorers map.  By this time an entire week had passed and through the reporting of the men the entire map was almost complete except for an area to the Far East within Brazil that was heavily occupied by government officials and specials forces of the government.  For a successful mission of the rest of the sites absolute secrecy in their approach needed to be implemented.  The men chose a select group that were to act as decoys and distract the officials and even risking arrest while another group that were set to infiltrate the restricted areas went to work planting the device.  This tactic took a little longer to implement but it gave way results and for another day’s mission the men reported having implanted about 90 percent of all the devices.  Even at this level if the men were to abort the rest of the mission they would have stopped this menacing power called Western Oil from taking their land.  The men asked for the opinion of Ernesto and Robert on the situation and they both concluded that there were enough devices detonated and that they could abort the mission.  As the men were in agreement one of the elders of the group spoke up and asked the other men if they would be willing to follow him even to the death and finish the job.  He asked them to help him because he decided he was going to finish the mission so as to deter any future invasion of their land and send a message that the Indian communities of the Amazon are strong and can defend themselves by any means necessary in order to safeguard their future.  The men agreed with the elder and they all decided to continue with the mission.  Even though the mission required that the men enter the most volatile and dangerous portions of the sites where there were militarized zones the men wanted to finish the mission to be welcomed as heroes in their village and to prove that the Native Indians of the Amazon as they once were are great people of legendary stature.  These men wanted to preserve the existence of their lives and future generations that were to come and if they did not finish such as mission then it would invite future conquest for other precious minerals around the area.  The men decided to employ the same tactics as the previous missions separating into groups and helping each other by one group acting as decoys and the other as the infiltrators.  The tactics luckily worked on the military sites as well as even the military had a tough time maintaining full surveillance of the grandiose sites.  Finally after almost a full two weeks of infiltration of all the sites on the explorers map marked for preparation the mission was completed and the men returned home.  Unlike the mission in Nigeria there were no casualties and that was very impressive considering that they had a vast distance to cover.  The only difference was that there was not an open conflict of war and that allowed for an easier implementation of the devices and the success of the entire mission.  The men were received by a huge celebration in honor of their bravery.  The village also praised the training and assistance of both Ernesto and Robert.  Robert felt at home with nature and the people of the Amazonian jungle.  Robert only wished that his wife and kids could join him as they would be as happy as he was.

The 51st State

The next day Robert decided to pack his belongings and head out to his next mission.  From his quarters Robert called Gregory to get advice on the next location that they should try to infiltrate and the next mission they should begin to plan.  Luckily Gregory had the next details lined up for Robert in regards to his next mission.  Roberts’s next mission involved travelling to Alaska to the land of the Eskimos.  Gregory lined up a flight for Robert to take departing from Brazil straight to the 51st state of the United States, Alaska.  The Eskimos were battling the United States Government as they were in disputes over land rights.  The government was taking the Eskimo nation to court because they were in open protest of the land use granted by the government to the Western Oil Corporation.  Western Oil was planning on extracting oil and natural gas deposits from a portion of land that was leased to Western Oil for the purposes of extracting oil and natural gas for the military complex.  The program formed part of a strategic funding from the department of defense geared towards building a higher supply of oil and natural gas reserves.  As a result the United States Government put extreme pressures on the Eskimo nation to allow for the building of a pipeline to transport the oil on the land the Eskimos inhabited.  The Reason behind the open protest of the Eskimo nation against the United States Government from building the pipeline on their land is because of a high risk of an oil spill that could damage wildlife and plant vegetation around the pipeline.  The Eskimo nation enjoyed a prosperous tourism industry established on their beautiful prestigious lands.  By building the pipeline the visibility of such a pipeline would be a virtual eyesore and the Eskimo nation were in complete defiance doing everything in their power to stop the United States government from acquiring their land.  An oil spill would create unspeakable horror to the citizens of Alaska and the Eskimo Nation.  With the intense pressures that are associated with the delivery of oil through a pipeline and the harsh landscape coupled with the climatic changes and remote location would create a potential risk for the accidental release of oil.  There would be a massive influx of media about the oil spill drastically altering forever the image of a pristine and undisturbed work of beauty that nature bestowed upon the people of the Eskimo nation.  Gregory told Robert that if he were to join forces with a local activist in Alaska that supports the Eskimo nation they can provide the perfect solution to the dilemma. 

The Activists went by the name of Janice Doyle and she was already famous as an anti pollution activist.  Janice was a very powerful figure within the Eskimo community as she was recognized by the Eskimo nation as having blood ties to a prominent Eskimo family in the community.  Janice was part Eskimo and part American.  Her loyalty was with the Eskimo nation and she called upon anyone that could help with the situation.  Gregory contacted her to let her know that they would be willing to assist but that she needed to have pure secrecy on the matter and not reveal any details about the assistance that she would receive.  The situation was very bad on the ground with the equipment set to move in and no court order to object to the project left to derail the project.  Janice made the decision to accept the help but would only accept the help if no one was to get hurt.  Gregory assured her that no one would get hurt in the process and then let her know about Robert who would come to visit her in due time to assist her with the situation.  Gregory gave her the instructions of when Robert would arrive and the location she could meet him.  Gregory gave Robert instructions on how to get to the small village that needed the assistance on the outskirts of Anchorage.  Ernesto was able to drop off Robert at the international airport with the rest of the equipment that was not used on the mission in Brazil.  Since it was very hard to get equipment to that part of the world Robert needed everything he could take with him to succeed in his next mission.  During the trip to the international airport of Rio de Janeiro Robert told Ernest about the ABM technology and how he could help the native Indians of the Amazon develop the technology so that they can power their small community without ever worrying about any foreigner entering their land.  With the ABM fuel technology the native Indians could then become self reliant and not have to rely on any help from the outside world solidifying their seclusion and way of life.  Since the trip to the airport was about a 4 hour ride Robert had enough time to explain to the young scientist the way the technology worked and how to build a prototype.  Robert gave the young scientist all of the details of the technology including any data needed to complete a successful prototype to implement in the villages of the native Indians of the Amazon.  Robert had all of the information that the young scientist needed and he also had all of the number to the previous scientist that he contacted so that they could guide him through the process and deliver to him the necessary equipment needed to build the prototype.  Robert and Ernesto arrived at the airport and Ernesto gave Robert a warm and fond farewell to what he would equate to as a hero for the rest of his life.  He told Robert that at anytime if he ever needed his assistance he would be there and that he and the native Indians of the Amazon would provide him safe passage and harbor if he ever needed it as long as he lived.  Robert was thankful for the kind words and thanked the young scientist for the opportunity to help the native Indians of the Amazon.

Robert entered the airport and with his US passport was able to go through security and board his flight to Alaska.  Gregory advised Robert that all of the materials that he needed for the mission was being flown to the activist that was waiting for him at the international airport in Anchorage.  The flight took off and Robert fell asleep on the flight as it was a long flight taking approximately 23 hours in total with 2 stops once in Houston and the other stop in Los Angeles before heading to Anchorage Alaska.  During the one stop in Houston he was planning on visiting his mother for one day as the flight allowed for an overnight stay before heading to Los Angeles.  Robert was awakened by the flight attendant to let him know that they arrived at the Houston International.  Gregory was already at the airport waiting for him to arrive so that they can go over the rest of the missions and start to plan an escape for Robert as he was still not considered as a suspect.  Robert also rang his mother to let her know that he would be arriving for one day and he wanted to see her.  Eleanor was delighted to hear his voice and she was glad that he was visiting her after such a long time as they have not seen each other for over 6 months.  Eleanor told Robert that she would have prepared for him a home cooked meal.  Robert told his mother that he would be bringing a guest with him named Gregory.  She recognized the name and told Robert it was ok to bring him to the house.  Robert grabbed his luggage and proceeded to exit out of the airport to meet Gregory.  Gregory was outside waiting for his friend and was glad to meet him with open arms.  Gregory was excited to hear about the missions and the stories behind them but he also had additional information to give him before his next mission. 

On the ride to Eleanor’s home Robert told Gregory about all the adventures that he experienced and all of the people that he was able to meet and encounter.  Gregory was reminded of his old days when he was doing recognizance missions for the United States Military.  Gregory also told Robert about the new developments in the upcoming missions which Robert agreed to.  The next missions as outlined by Gregory would have Robert travel to Alaska to help out the Eskimo Nation.  The next mission after the Alaska Mission would be to travel to Mexico to help out the Mexican people from an oppressive government with ties to organized crime.  After the mission to help out the Mexican people Robert was to take a trip to Cuba as he would be allowed to travel with is doctored Russian passport to the small island in order to escape any prosecution.  The reason for this is so that Robert could ask for asylum from the Cuban government in return for access to the ABM fuel technology.  Gregory mentioned this to Robert because although there were no suspects that were being looked into eventually investigators will figure out that he is responsible for the infiltrations.  Robert was glad to hear that Gregory had a plan for him after the mission in Mexico as the dangers of being a wanted man by a corporation such as Western Oil who can flex their muscles and call upon the influences of many governments can lead ultimately to persecution and death.  Luckily Gregory was compiling all of the information currently up to date in order to submit it to the media so that publicly Robert could be vindicated.  It was a brilliant move provided by Gregory and it was great way to bring the message of perseverance against corruption of corporations and world governments to the spotlight.  The last mission that Gregory had lined up for Robert would be a mission that did not require too much activity on behalf of Robert.

 If the investigators were to zero in on Robert as a suspect then Robert could distract them through the media as far as the investigation is concerned this way Gregory and his small team of IT experts can hack in to the Western Oil corporate server and extract all of the data needed to show the accounting fraud for the Western Oil Gate conspiracy in regards to the accounting activity.  Gregory needed the accounting data of Western Oil to prove that they were utilizing the ABM fuel technology to manipulate the price of gasoline and diesel fuels offered to the public.  The matter of the fact is that this one visit in between the next destination was the one and last time that Robert was to meet with his mom.  Robert wanted to take the time to explain to Eleanor the entire situation and cherish the last moments that they could see each other for a very long time.  Gregory and Robert arrived at Eleanor’s house and as soon as the car drove into the driveway Eleanor came out and greeted the two men and gave Robert a great big hug.  She shook Gregory’s hand and thanked him for helping out Robert Through his morning.  Eleanor invited the two men into the house for some lunch and since Robert and Gregory were both parched and hungry they agreed to some of Eleanor’s delicious home cook meals.  After the two men ate, Robert asked Gregory if he could have some free time with Eleanor to speak privately.  Gregory agreed and stepped out to the backyard to give Eleanor and Robert some time to speak about the situation.  Robert sat down with Eleanor in the living room and proceeded to explain the entire situation.  Robert told Eleanor about Gregory and his assistance.  Robert explained the details of the missions that were performed in the name of Lily, the twin and Harry.  It was a lot to take in but Eleanor understood and at the end of Robert explanation she took a deep breath and thanked Robert for all that he did.  Even though it was the wrong thing to do Eleanor understood that it was for the right reasons.  She also understood that there was so much corruption within the state of Texas, the United States Government, Western Oil and its affiliates that this would be the only way that justice could be fulfilled.  Eleanor supported Robert in every way possible and understood the pain that was caused to Robert.  As a mother and a wife who lost her husband to the same entity that harmed Robert so much taking away his wife and kids she completely understood his position and the decision that he took to avenge their deaths.  It was a peculiar situation but one thing is for certain that Eleanor and Robert agreed with which is that there are only specific situations that warrant such actions and this situation was one of them.  Eleanor told Robert that she supports him all the way and to let her know if there is anything that she could do to assist him. 

Robert told Eleanor that there was one thing that she could do in order to assist them and that is to deny ever knowing the information that was just given to her.  Robert advised Eleanor that there may be law enforcement as well as government agents that will question her and if she knows the whereabouts of her son and if anyone did ask she was to tell them that he came to her one night to visit her in between flights as he was heading over to Alaska to meet a friend.  That story would fit the pattern they are looking for as they would believe her story and leave her alone which is what Robert would ultimately want.  Robert also advised Eleanor that when he gets to his final secret location that he cannot reveal to her for her protection he will be able to contact her via a satellite phone.  Every time that she needs to get a hold of him Robert instructed her to call Gregory and he will set up the communication so that it is discreet and encrypted.  Eleanor agreed and after taking a deep breath she said to Robert that what she would like very much is to spend time with her son as she won’t see him for a very long time.  Eleanor invited Gregory in again from the backyard and all three of them decided to open a bottle of wine and play some games for entertainment purposes as they waited for dinner to be ready.  After playing some games Eleanor excused herself as she wanted to start dinner for herself and the two men.  Eleanor was set to make a scrumptious dinner for her son and his guest as the men planned further the details of the next missions.  A few hours later after extensive planning Eleanor announced that dinner was ready and they were welcome to eat.  It was a delightful dinner that Eleanor cooked which included Robert’s favorite spareribs with mash potatoes and dark gravy with a side of corn bread with a glass of cherry flavored kool aid.  They all dug in to the delicious food and continued to converse over the delightful dinner.  After Dinner they continued to talk about past memories over a bottle of wine.  Afterwards late at night they all grew tired and Robert showed Gregory to the spare bedroom and they all went to sleep as both Robert and Gregory needed to leave early for the connecting flight. 

The next day Eleanor’s cooking woke up Robert and Gregory and they proceeded to head downstairs to eat a delicious breakfast.  After breakfast the Gregory excused himself and thanked Eleanor for her hospitality and proceeded to load up Roberts’s luggage in his car.  Robert took this moment to say goodbye to his mother and assured her that everything was going to be alright.  Robert exited the house and both men drove to the airport.  As they approached the airport Gregory said his departing words to Robert wishing him success on the next missions.  Robert went through security and boarded his flight to Alaska.  Robert took his assigned seat on the flight to venture into the wilderness that is Alaska.  After 10 hours of flying the flight attendant announced that they were preparing to land in the great state of Alaska in the beautiful city of Anchorage.  After landing Robert exited the small airport and met with the activist know as Janice Doyle.  Robert recognized her from the picture that Gregory showed to him on the ride to the airport.  Janice said the magic words to confirm that it was truly Janice by greeting Robert with the name Gratis Joules.  Robert and Janice exited the airport and proceeded to her Jeep.  The jeep was equipped with snow tires and was lifted high of the ground.  The two drove off and started to converse about the weather and the wildlife of Alaska.  Robert was extremely excited to arrive in Alaska as the beauty that the landscape holds is immense and he couldn’t wait to experience it on the trip.  Janice told Robert that they were driving to her laboratory where she had the equipment that Gregory sent to her via courier.  Janice advised Robert that they would be staying at the laboratory and she had a spare room that he could settle in.  Within an hour they both arrived at the laboratory and Robert settled into his quarters.  Afterwards Robert met with Janice to converse about the details of the mission and how he would be able to assist in the situation. 

They started to converse about the problem that needed to be address and Robert proceeded to let Janice know about the technology that could assist the Eskimo nation.  After Robert explained the device know at the elixir Janice advised Robert that she knew of some people of the Eskimo nation that were willing to help and had access to the lands that the government was trying to confiscate and annex to the project they wanted to implement.  This was great news as Robert needed all the help that he could get to implement all of the devices.  Janice advised Robert that it would be better to show the gentlemen of the Eskimo nation how to operate and detonate the devices out of fear that the harsh environment may be too dangerous for him to accompany the men on the mission.  Robert agreed with Janice and instead offered to observe from the base of operations which would be the laboratory with Janice.  This would ensure that the mission would be well coordinated with maps that Janice had access to from the Geological department of Alaska that performed the oil exploration for the government.  The plan was for Robert to start a prototype of the ABM fuel technology at the laboratory which Janice could continue to monitor and expand throughout the Eskimo nation as a substitute fuel.  At the same time Robert would train the gentlemen that he was set to meet the next day to implant and detonate the devices throughout the oil fields.  It was a brilliant move as the Eskimo nation would have a direct answer to the government if they were to ask for immediate compensation they would be able to produce the ABM fuel for the government to store in their reserve facilities.  Robert also suggested that instead of a pipeline for the delivery of the fuel to the reservoir that they build a reservoir on the land away from the tourism industry right next to the shipping docks of the city of Anchorage in order to transport the ABM fuel to the reservoirs that the government wanted to deliver the fuel in the first place.  This model would create gainful employment in a safe environment for the Eskimo nation.  The problem that was occurring and the push for the exploration of the oil fields were coming from the Western Oil lobbyist that was pushing for the legislation and the funding of the project.Robert went to work right away projecting that it would take him about 2 weeks to build the prototype for the Eskimo Nation and about one week to build the devices and train the gentleman to infiltrate the oil fields.  Robert was excited to help out the Eskimo nation just as he helped out the various tribes and citizens around the world that he had successfully assisted.  His efforts gave the David’s of ill represented yet larger portion of society which held little power in society society a tool to fight against the conglomerate goliath called Western Oil. 

Robert continued to work for one whole week on the prototype excelling each and every day as well as showing Janice the technology and how to maintain it.  Robert provided Janice with all the information she would need to give to scientist of the Eskimo nation in order to further expand the program in Alaska.  After one week of strenuous and dedicated work Robert stopped his progress and directed his attention to meeting with the gentleman that would carry out the infiltration missions of the oil deposits.  Janice left the facility to get the gentleman from the neighboring Eskimo village.  She left for an hour and during that time Robert called Gregory to let him know about the progress and to ask for a status report on the situation that was occurring in Mexico.  Robert received the information he was looking for as Gregory stated that it was a similar mission to the one that he was performing in Alaska for the Eskimo Nation but in Mexico he would be helping the descendants of the Aztec nation.  These native Indians were also being forced off their land just as in Brazil and Alaska.  It was a dire situation that needed attention as soon as possible.  Robert agreed that the way the situation was progressing in Mexico he would need to arrive there in a few weeks before the Mexican government was to implement the judge’s orders against the native Indians.  Robert asked Gregory to line up the mission to Mexico so that everything could be expedited only because he wanted to accomplish the mission in Mexico and quickly escape to the island of Cuba for Refuge.  Robert had an eerie feeling about the mission he was on not so much on his success but the fact that the full force of the United States government would now begin to investigate the matter.  This made Robert nervous yet he realized that the Eskimo nation desperately needed his assistance.  Robert ended the call and bid Gregory farewell.  Janice returned soon after and the gentleman walked in behind her.  Janice introduced the men to Robert.  Robert began to explain to the gentleman their purpose for their mission and if they were willing to commit to the mission.  All of the men agreed they would commit to the mission and told Robert that for their people and their beloved Eskimo nation they would be willing to give up their own lives.  This is what Robert wanted to hear as these men had a look in their eyes just like the previous men that he trained to carry out his missions.  Robert began training the men on the technology and how to infiltrate the oil sites in order to plant the devices and detonate on site.  The men were extremely excited because it was the adventure of a lifetime in which if they were successful would make them legendary within the graceful people of the Eskimo nation. 

After two days of training the men were ready to fulfill their mission and these particular men were right for the job as they were born into the wilderness that they call home which to most would be an unbearable and unforgiving environment to survive.  These men knew the Alaskan wild country like the back of their hands able to survive on their own for weeks with not assistance.  After the men were given handheld radios and they organized their equipment they were on their way to the freezing landscape of Alaska set to arrive to the oil sites within a few hours walk.  The men took with them camping equipment as well as food to nourish them.  They also took the devices that contained the elixir for the infiltration.  The men stuck together and started to go from site to site planting and detonating the devices.  The men were well aware of the sites that Western Oil was trying to explore as they kept an eye on the surveyors from the exploration team.  The mission was to compromise the sites so as to deter Western Oil from accessing the oil sites.  The mission would take a few days to complete but the team of men was up to the task.  On the first day the team radioed in to let Robert and Janice know that they were able to detonate about 25 percent of the devices throughout the large extensive land.  Robert and Janice asked them how the conditions were and the men radioed back in that since the night was approaching they would be setting up camp and settling down until tomorrow for the next mission.  Janice and Robert were completely satisfied with the progress that the men made on the first day of the mission.  Robert and Janice continued to work on the prototype throughout the night burning the candle at both ends.  They both grew tired and decided to retire to their quarters to get some sleep for the next day.  In the morning Robert was awakened by a voice on the radio.  The team of men was radioing in that they started to plant the other devices and were already at 40 percent complete. 

They told Robert that they would be able to plant about 70 percent of the devices today as the conditions improved for the mission.  Robert walked over to the mess hall where Janice was cooking some food for the two of them so that they could continue the progress made on the prototype.  Robert told Janice that the men were already on their way to completing the mission for today.  Robert and Janice ate some of the delicious food that Janice prepared and soon after started to work on the prototype.  Later during the day the men radioed in to let Robert and Janice know about their progress and as it turned out the men made tremendous progress and planted 80 percent of the devices.  They were forced to stop as the night rolled in and they setup camp to get rest for the last day of their mission to plan the other 20 percent of the devices.  Robert and Janice were in complete shock as the men’s progress was incredible.  The men rested over night and so did Robert and Janice as they all awaited the completion of the mission by the few and proud from the Eskimo nation.  The next morning the news came in very fast as the men radioed in to Robert and Janice that they had completed the mission and had successfully planted and detonated all 100 percent of the devices.  The infiltration was a success and Robert and Janice were ecstatic.  They received the news on that morning as they were getting ready to finish the prototype for the Eskimo nation.  The men radioed in to let Robert and Janice knows that they were heading back to the laboratory and to expect them within six hours.  Robert and Janice continued to their progress on the prototype and as they worked throughout the day they were able to complete the prototype before the men came back from their mission.  Within an hour of Robert and Janice completing the prototype the men came back triumphantly and with a sense of accomplishment that only legendary heroes could feel.  Everyone decided to celebrate as Janice offered everyone some whiskey to drink.  After taking their shot decided to attend the celebration that was prepared for the victors.  Everyone left the laboratory and headed about an hour drive away to the small Eskimo village where the men lived.  The men were welcomed to a fabulous feast compiled of typical dishes from the Eskimo nation.  Robert and Janice were also welcomed to the festivities.  One of the Elders of the Eskimo nation decided to take some time to say a few words to congratulate the men for their bravery as well as loyalty to the Eskimo nation.  He also took the time to thank Robert and Janice for their services offered to the Eskimo Nation.  Robert and Janice were honored to receive the respect of the elders which represented the entire population of the Eskimo nation.  After a few hours Robert and Janice excused themselves from the celebration and proceeded to head back to the laboratory in order to startup the prototype.  They needed to start to harvest and create the ABM fuel so that the Eskimo nation could offer the fuel and the proposal planned by Robert to the United States government as an alternative to the original proposal to extract the now obsolete fuel from the rendered oil sites.  Robert and Janice continued to work for close to a week preparing the batches of fuel to present to the United States government as well as drawing up the plans for the facility they would propose to the government officials at the next hearing.  After completing all proposals and plans Robert asked that before anything is to be submitted that he be allowed to take his flight to Mexico in order to avoid capture of any Kind.  Janice agreed and they started to plan his trip to Mexico along with Gregory.  Robert called Gregory to let him know about the progress that was made and to put into action the plans for the next mission to Mexico.  Gregory ordered a flight for Robert to fly from Anchorage Alaska with a connecting flight to LAX Los Angeles International airport to Mexico City in Mexico.  Janice was asked by Robert and Gregory if she could drop off Robert to the airport as soon as possible as time was of the essence.  Janice agreed and as soon as Robert gathered all his belongings as well as the materials needed for the next mission to Mexico they took off to the Anchorage airport.  After arriving to the airport Robert proceeded to exit the car and Janice walked Robert to the entrance.  She was saddened to see Robert leave since she was interested in knowing the man that saved the Eskimo nation that she has fought for the last 5 years.  This remarkable man that came from nowhere came in and in 3 weeks was able to resolve the entire situation.  Robert was honored to hear such compliments of his character and fortified his drive to complete his future missions.  Janice gave Robert a warm hug and thanked him.  She wished him a lovely trip and a successful mission to Mexico.  Robert walked into the airport and went through security with no issues.  Robert boarded the flight to LAX and as soon as the flight took off Robert went to sleep to get some much needed rest for the 6 hour flight. 

Agua Negra

The flight attendant woke Robert from his sleep and advised him that they would be landing soon in order for him to prepare for landing.  Once the flight landed Robert exited the flight and proceeded to get a bite to eat at a bar at the airport while waiting for his connecting flight.  Robert sat down at the restaurant bar at the airport and ordered some delicious wings and a pitcher of beer.  After he was finished drinking his glasses of cold beer and ate his delicious garlic flavored wings he decided to proceed to the gate where his connecting flight would take off from.  Robert took a trolley to the next terminal and arrived at his gate.  The flight was set to take off in one hour and they started to board for the flight.  Robert successfully boarded the flight and it took off to Mexico City Mexico.  The flight was short flight lasting less than 4 hours so Robert used this time to prepare going over the plans drafted by Gregory, Janice, and himself.  The flight arrived at the airport in the afternoon and Robert exited the flight.  Robert had clear instructions to exit the airport and spot someone that was wearing a red scarf with glasses.  Once he approached this individual they would know who Robert was and call him by his alias.  Robert exited the airport with his luggage in his hands and walked about 100 feet until he spotted the individual.  She was standing on the corner with her back against a pillar and when he approached her she greeted him with the magic words.  The stranger introduced herself as Juanita Velez.  She asked if he was Gratis Joules which Robert said yes.  Juanita advised Robert that they must hurry and leave as they may be followed by government agents working for extremely corrupt Mexican Government.  Robert headed in Juanita’s direction following her very quickly through the crowd to her car.  They soon took off and after further distance realized that they were not being followed.  Juanita breathed a sigh of relief and explained to Robert that at the airport they were definitely not safe as agents were in pursuit of anyone from her organization.  She was sent to retrieve Robert from the airport incognito avoiding their detection successfully.  Juanita explained to Robert that the Mexican government that was in power right now was extremely corrupt and would do anything to influence the final decision to drill of the coast of a small town in Mexico called Maricruz.  Western Oil explorers discovered a big oil deposit underneath the ocean about 400 feet below water and had plans to build an offshore oil rig.  The town of Maricruz and its inhabitants did not want Western Oil to drill and extract the oil as it would disrupt their only source of income.  The town of Maricruz and their inhabitants made their living off the fishing industry.  Juanita explained to Robert that the building of the oil rigging structure would disrupt the fishing industry in the area for at least a couple of years as the Mexican Government was planning of making the entire coast and the town of Maricruz off limits.  They wanted to move out the entire small population of Maricruz and relocate them into Mexico City.  The people of Maricruz did not want to leave their town and loved their way of life.  They have lived in fear that their small town would be taken away from them by court orders enforce by government officials given by corrupt judges that were bribed into their decision by millions from Western Oil’s greedy corporate members and investors.  They desperately wanted to enter the Mexican territory to expand the reach of Western Oil beyond the state of neighboring Texas.  Robert knew that the order from the judges was already issued and the government officials were trying to negotiate for the departure of the people of Maricruz.  This meant that Robert would need to assist in the mission of infiltrating the oil sites as there was no time to train any volunteers.  Robert advised Juanita that he was very eager to assist with the situation and that he had a device that could render the oil sites useless.  Juanita was glad to hear that Robert had a plan for her people and she asked him to let her know what she can do to assist him knowing the situation was very dire. 

Juanita and Robert arrived at a small house in the village of Maricruz.  The house belonged to Juanita and she was glad to have Robert as a guest as he arrived to their small town to assist them when no one would even dare.  Juanita showed Robert to his room and she asked him if he would mind settling in and joining her for some dinner later during the day.  Robert agreed and decided to settle his things and join her afterwards in the dining area.  Robert soon joined Juanita at the dining area and she had a delicious Mexican dinner lined up on the table for both of them to eat.Juanita lived alone in this small house and there was a story behind the reason she lived alone in this house. Robert found out that Juanita lived alone in this house because she was a widow and was still morning for her husband’s loss and her son’s loss.As they ate dinner Juanita explained to Robert that her small town and the fishing community have been under siege from government officials for years.  Juanita explained to Robert that her husband and son were outspoken supporters against the government moving in and taking over their small town.  They were against the government taking away their town and way of life as they rallied support amongst the people of Maricruz against the government’s efforts.There was one faithful day about a year ago when there was a protest demonstrated in town an altercation occurred.  Juanita’s husband and son were organizing the protest and the government officials came to the town to stop the effort.  One of the judges issued an order to disband the protest as an unlawful organized protest.  As the protest was being disbanded it turned violent and there was a clash between the protesters and the government officials.  The clash turned intense very quickly and shots were fired.  No one knows who fired the first shot but after the altercation was over her husband and her son were both shot multiple times.  They were dead immediately on the scene.  Juanita started crying and shed some tears as she told the story.  Robert told her that it was ok and that he understood exactly what she was going through as he also lost his wife and two kids to the same entity behind all of this turmoil and anguish.  Robert explained his loss to Juanita and she immediately knew that he was speaking truth in his words.  Juanita decided that for such sadness that was shared by both of them there needed to be a toast performed for their loss.  Juanita took out a bottle of tequila with a small worm on the bottom of the bottle.  Juanita told Robert that she usually saved this bottle for momentous occasions but this moment needed to be celebrated as this was a glorious moment where two individuals were combining forces to bring down a tyrannical organization that influenced worldwide government officials to do their bidding and did not care of the lives that would be lost in the process.  Juanita and Robert continued to converse about their families and the morning throughout the entire night.  At the end of the night they both retired to their respective rooms to get some rest. 

The next morning Robert awoke to the fresh invigorating smell of Mexican food.  Juanita was cooking a typical Mexican breakfast that smelled scrumptious.  Robert got ready and met Juanita in the kitchen.  She was glad to see that he was awake and jokingly apologized for waking him up as her food is legendary as the smell alone would awaken even the heaviest of sleepers.  They both sat down to eat the delicious food and they conversed about the plan that was placed in action.  Robert asked Juanita if there was anyone that she trusted that had a boat.  She knew of one man that was very passionate for the cause and worked alongside her husband and son.  She trusted him because he was a long time friend of the family.  Robert was pleased to hear this news and he asked Juanita if she could find out how soon he would be able to have the boat ready.  Juanita told Robert that she would find out later during the day as she could pay him a visit to see if she could contract his services for the day.  Robert asked Juanita to see if her friend could offer his assistance during the night time to avoid detection from the authorities that were patrolling the area.  Juanita advised Robert that she will let him know if her friend can take out the boat during the night hours.  Juanita asked Robert to explain to her how he would be able to assist them.  Robert started to explain to Juanita how the elixir worked and how they would infiltrate the oil sites.  After Robert explained to Juanita how the technology worked and the previous missions that he used the elixir in she was confident that his devices would give them the ultimate success.  Robert excused himself from the kitchen and went back to his room.  Robert proceeded to call Gregory to ask him on the progress of the shipment of the materials he needed to build the devices needed for the mission.  Gregory picked up the phone and as the two men talked Gregory was able to confirm to Robert that the package arrived in the small town of Maricruz at the postal office.  Robert was thankful that Gregory was successful delivering the materials.  Robert also told Gregory about the mission and the changes that occurred as he would be personally involved in the missions because of the extenuating circumstances.  Gregory agreed and wished Robert the best of luck on the mission.  Gregory also let Robert know that there was a flight already booked from a private planed charter flying out of a small town right by Maricruz called Lavos which had a private airport about 100 miles from Maricruz.  At the airport Robert was scheduled to fly from Lavos to Havana in Cuba in one week so time was of the essence.  Robert was excited to get to Cuba as he always dreamed of reaching the shores of the island.  Robert concluded his call with Gregory and proceeded to the kitchen and luckily caught Juanita before leaving. 

Robert asked Juanita if he could accompany her into town as he needed to pick up a package of materials sent to him.  Juanita was delighted to take Robert to the town’s post office and agreed to take him.  Robert and Juanita entered her car and they were both on their way into town.  As they were driving Robert saw the gracefulness of this quaint little town with its simplistic way of life.  It had a certain look of once upon a time feel where time just stood still and the troubles from the modern world in its complexities did not make its way into the town.  These people seemed humble and happy to live in their town but saddened and helpless as they were being forced out.  This powerful image of a people of grace only fortified his intentions to help out the town of Maricruz.  Robert and Juanita arrived at the town’s post office and successfully picked up the package.  Robert continued accompanying Juanita as she performed daily errands.  Towards the end of the ride she advised Robert if he could accompany her to a house on the outskirts of the town close to the coastline.  Juanita explained to Robert that she contacted the owner of the boat they would use for the mission and that he wanted to meet him before they were to embark on the mission.  Robert agreed and they drove to the house and as they approached the house Robert noticed the boat on the driveway.  The boat looked very powerful with twin engines state of the art and it had a marine flag from the United States on the back of the boat.  This was not your average boat owner nor was he an average fisherman.  Robert and Juanita knocked on the door and a man appeared.  The man was a tall man in his 60’s in good physical shape and was definitely American.  Robert recognized that he was dealing with a past marine from the United State Military.  The man introduced himself as Peter Ross and he invited Robert and Juanita to come in.  Peter offered them something to drink which they accepted.  Peter brought them both Mexican beers from the local brewery in Maricruz.  Peter laughed and said this is the only source of water I trust in these parts as he laughed.  They started to converse about the mission and what Peter was needed for.  Peter agreed and took the offer as he wanted to pay homage to his late friend Juanita’s husband and son.  Peter wanted to assist in every way possible and also did not mind receiving compensation for the job.  Peter explained that he enjoyed the sea and fishing for a living since he was a kid.  Peter was passionately against Western Oil entering the waters of Maricruz because he was a witness to the catastrophe of an oil spill as one occurred while he was stationed on the gulf coast in the state of Louisiana.  The all agreed that in three days time they would meet at the port at night and Peter would have his boat ready to go for the mission.  They shook hands with Peter and they exited the house. 

They drove away back to the Juanita’s house and when they arrived at the house they unloaded the materials that were sent to Robert.  That same night Robert started to work on the devices needed for the mission.  Robert needed to retrofit the devices so they would be submersible and water proof.  Robert needed to build three devices for the three oil sites that needed to be infiltrated.  The devices he was building were bigger and more complex than the other devices previous used on the other missions.  Also Robert needed to dive with the devices to guide them into place so the device could be detonated properly.  The devices Robert was building had a drill as a design for the infiltration of the bedrock under the sea in order to enter the oil deposits.  This mission would be dangerous as Robert would enter shark infested waters.  Robert planned to build the devices for the next 2 days in order to have them ready for the mission on the third day he was set to meet Peter at the port by the Maricruz coast.  During the two days Robert got very little sleep as he was working against the clock to build the devices.  Juanita helped in every way possible bringing Robert food and beverages as he worked tirelessly through the second night.  Finally on the second night after burning both ends of the candle Robert was able to complete the devices.  The devices were state of the art with a homing apparatus equipped with a water proof pressurized seal built to withstand up to 500 feet of water pressure.  The devices had propellers to guide them to their destination which could be guided by remote control.  The remote control was water proof as well able to control the device from about 100 feet away.  This is why Robert needed to dive with the devices in order to guide them to their specific destinations.  Once the devices were properly guided to their destination they would land on the specific spot for drilling and they would anchor themselves to the sea bed.  The devices would be activated once they reached their targeted destination drilling through the sea bedrock until the devices reaches vast oil deposit in order to release the elixir.  Robert gave Juanita the great news and they both celebrated with another bottle of tequila.  She called for a toast for the prosperity and the salvation of the beloved town of Maricruz.  Robert and Juanita both went to sleep tired from all the hard work that they put into the building of the devices.  They also needed to get plenty of rest for the next part of the mission which involved deep sea diving in treacherous and shark infested waters. 

The next day both Robert and Juanita woke up early and ate some breakfast to be ready for a long dangerous day.  They were alert and in high spirits eager to start the mission.  They packed the equipment and the devices needed for the mission as well as food and water for the trip.  Peter had the rest of the materials and equipment needed to complete the mission.  They drove to the coastline to meet with Peter and they parked close the port in order to unload the materials and devices they brought unto the boat.  After meeting Peter and conversing about the mission all three loaded the materials and devices onto the boat as well as the food and water.  All three sailed away off shore with an alibi that they were all going on a fishing and exploration trip.  They sailed away into the afternoon to the three destinations that needed to be infiltrated.  They arrived at the site about 3 hours later and they had about 4 hours of day time left to start the dive.  Peter had all of the equipment ready for Robert and Robert was ready to go wearing all of the necessary diving equipment including an oxygen tank.  Peter had a shark tank that Robert could enter into in order to avoid any shark encounters.  As they arrived right above the first oil site they attached the device to the shark tank and with Robert in the tank Peter released all of it to the sea.  Robert descended about 300 feet and saw that he was about 100 feet from his targeted area.  Robert signaled to Peter to stop the tank and once it stopped Robert released the device.  Robert activated the device and guided it through the propeller system to its intended target.  During this time Robert could not help but adore the fish life that he was seeing.  He could only think of the devastation that would occur to the fish life and the aquatic life of this illustrious sea if Western Oil were to be successful in drilling for oil in these waters.  The first device reached its destination and it anchored itself to the sea bed.  Robert activated the drill and the device started to drill into the sea bedrock.  The first device was successful and Robert signaled to Peter to pull him up to the surface.  When Robert rose up from the water both Peter and Juanita were excited to hear the first device was successfully implanted.  They now needed to complete the second mission and Robert got his equipment ready and swapped out his tank with a full tank for the second dive.

The team was ready to implement the second device and within an hour reached the second site.  Robert went under with the shark tank and again guided the device to its intended destination.  Robert descended about 200 feet and could see the intended target within his sights.  Robert released the devices and guided through the clear beautiful waters of the gulf into its intended target.  Once the device reached the target site it anchored itself onto the sea bed.  Robert activated the device and it started to drill into the sea bedrock to release the elixir to render the oil site useless.  Robert through these two dives could only gaze in awe and beauty of the sea life that he was witnessing.  Robert signaled to Peter to pull him up and as Robert surfaced they realized that darkness was approaching.  Time was of the essence as the team needed to get to the third site to infiltrate it with the third and final device.  They arrived at the third location and quickly got ready to make the third and final descend to the bottom of the sea.  Robert attached the device to the shark tank and equipped himself with a fresh new tank.  Robert started to descend into the sea and he could not see the bottom at first glance.  It seemed that the third site which was the biggest of all of the sites was 600 feet below sea level.  Robert kept descending into what seemed like an eternity passed exotic wildlife some of which he had never seen before.  There were sharks surrounding him, whales, and dolphins.  There were exotic colors to the fish in the sea and pack of fish swimming in coordinated formation.  Robert descended to 500 feet and finally saw the bottom of the sea floor.  He signaled Peter to stop and once the tank stopped Robert released the device.  He began to navigate the device through the waters to reach its intended destination.  He hoped that his design would withstand the intense pressures of the sea.  Finally after about 3 minutes the device reached its intended target.  The device anchored itself to the targeted area and Robert activated the device.  The device like the others started to drill into the sea bed in order to release the elixir of death to the third larger site.  Robert signaled for Peter to pull him up and as he was being pulled up Robert took a look at the wildlife that thanks to their efforts would remain undisturbed.  Robert was proud that he ventured into the dangerous waters of the Mexican ocean in order to stop Western Oil from destroying such precious life. 

As Robert arose from the water he felt victorious.  Peter and Juanita who patiently waited with much anticipation helped Robert out of the waters and into the boat.  They all celebrated that night sailing back into the harbor as victors over tyranny.  Once Peter parked the boat they unloaded their materials and equipment to take to the car.  It was late at night as the mission took the majority of the day.  Robert and Juanita thanked Peter for his service and paid him just as promised which Peter was happy to receive.  Peter told Robert that he now considered him a true friend and if he needed anything he just needed to ask and he would provide assistance.  Robert was glad to hear that Peter believed in their cause and their efforts enough to establish a friendship.  They shook Peters hand and bid Peter a farewell as they proceeded to depart.  Robert and Juanita entered their car and drove away through the darkness back into the town of Maricruz.  Upon arrival of the town of Maricruz they quickly went into the house and went straight to sleep each in their respective rooms as the mission made them grow very tired.  They needed to get some rest for the morning as Robert needed to catch a flight during the mid afternoon traveling to Cuba from the town of Lavos and the trip took about 2 hours to get to.  The morning came and Robert awakened again by the sweet aromas of the delicious Mexican breakfast that Juanita cooked.  Robert decided to gather all his things in order to be packed and ready for the two hour trip.  Once Robert had all of his belonging ready and he got ready himself he joined Juanita for the wholesome breakfast she cooked.  Juanita was happy to see Robert awake and asked him to join her for the breakfast she prepared.  She thanked Robert for everything that he had done for her and for the town.  She told Robert that cooking a delightful breakfast for the hero of the town was an honor and that it was a shame that he needed to leave so fast since the town would on that weekend celebrate their success.  Juanita told Robert that she had not felt such happiness since the passing of her late husband and son.  Robert was honored to hear these words as they meant a lot being as he was acquiring his happiness from his loss with the missions that he was bringing to reality each and every day.  After breakfast they decided to pack Roberts belongings in Juanita’s car so as to drive to the town of Lavos.  As they drove for the two hour ride they exchanged fond memories of their late family whom have passed away.  The memories and the reminiscing of those memories now took a new shape in their lives.  Those thoughts and the love that they have ties with for their lost loved one will now represent triumph.  The sadness that was felt before with the memories of lost loved ones has now transformed to perseverance and success.  They both arrived at the small town of Lavos and they clearly could see the landing strip that Gregory told him about.  Juanita parked by the entrance of the airport in order to let Robert out.  As Robert exited the car she asked him if she would ever see him again in the future.  Robert replied to Juanita that he did not see why they would not be able to one day talk freely without any source of danger.  Robert assured her that once he reached Cuba he would call her to let her know that he was safe.  Juanita bid a farewell to Robert and wished that one day soon they can converse more about the future more than the past.  Robert grabbed his luggage and equipment and proceeded to go to the airport entrance and as he crossed the chain mailed fence he saw a pilot in the distance.  The pilot had glasses on with a tropical short sleeve shirt and khakis short.  Robert approached the pilot with the only plane on the strip and asked her what her name was.  The pilot stated her name was Samantha Green and she was hired to fly Gratis Joules from Lavos Mexico to Havana Cuba.  The pilot asked Robert if he was Gratis Joules which Robert replied yes to as she told him the magic words that let Robert know that this was the pilot that Gregory hired for the trip.  She advised Robert that they were ready to go and that she would grab his luggage to put into the luggage compartment of the plane.  The plane was ready to go with a full tank with more than enough gas to reach Havana Cuba.  Robert was excited to hear this news and was enthusiastic to fly on a Cessna caravan plane on the airs of the Caribbean Sea.  Samantha and Robert entered the plane and she fired up the motor.  Soon they were in the air and on their way to Havana Cuba.  As they ascended to proper flight level there was complete silence.  As they leveled off at a safe level for the rest of the journey Samantha started to talk to Robert asking him how long he knew Gregory.  Robert advised Samantha that He got to know Gregory by coincidence and by faith.  Robert told Samantha that Gregory used to be a really good buddy of his dad’s as they served in the military and they worked for the same company together.  Samantha told Robert that he must be someone very special because Gregory spoke very highly of you.  Samantha was advised by Gregory to protect Robert at all times and ensure his safety as he flew into Havana Cuba.  Samantha revealed to Robert that when she was in the military she was trained by Gregory in the military and really admired Gregory’s sense of direction and morals.  She knew that his heart was in the right place no matter what he was doing as his convictions are guided by conscience.  During the flight to Cuba the flight experienced some turbulence but not too rough only a little bumpy due to winds of the warm gulf waters and the northern winds.After flying for 4 hours they finally saw the island of Cuba and proceeded to land at the airport of Havana.  They were cleared for landing at the airport and proceeded to descend on the landing strip.  After they landed and the propellers started to wind down Samantha handed Robert a visa that Gregory sent to her to give to Robert.  With this Visa Robert would be allowed entry into Cuba and give him enough time to solicit the government of Cuba for asylum in exchange for the ABM fuel technology.  Samantha also handed to Robert another set of documents that included a hotel reservation and travelers checks.  It also included documents detailing instructions for a meeting between a Cuban government official and Robert to take place at the Hotel he was scheduled to stay.  Robert shook Samantha’s hand and thanked her for her time.  Soon after refueling Samantha took off and flew back to Mexico for her next job.  Robert hailed a taxi outside the airport and directed the taxi driver to take him to the Hotel Esmeralda.  Robert arrived at the Hotel Esmeralda and checked in at the reception desk.  Robert proceeded to go to his room and get settled into his room that he had booked for two weeks.  As soon as he arrived in his room Robert took a hot shower in order to relax.  Afterwards Robert ordered some room service.  Robert ordered delicious Cuban food that is typical food of the island.  After eating Robert grew tired and decided to get some rest.  Robert slept for what seemed like an eternity as the strenuous mission in the town of Maricruz and the dashing rush to Cuba made Robert very tired.  Robert looked forward to getting much needed rest and as such he was able to get a full day sleep and give his mind and body a proper rest.

La Revolucion

The next day Robert awoke restful and fresh.  He got ready for the day and decided to go through the information in the packet that he received from Samantha.  The packet contained details on the mission that needed to be completed for the mission in Cuba.  Gregory advised in a letter in the packet that he would receive the materials needed to build a prototype for the ABM fuel technology that he was to present to the Cuban government official.  The government officials name was Ernesto Cruzman and the meeting was to take place at the Hotel café at the lobby downstairs.  The meeting was in the afternoon and as the afternoon was approaching he decided to meet Ernesto downstairs.  Robert sat at a table and ordered a cup of the strongest Cuban coffee in the house delicious and strong.  As Robert drank his Cuban coffee he spotted at the corner of his eye a man that was dressed in business attire with a briefcase.  The man spotted Robert and started to walk towards the table that Robert was sitting at.  The man spoke and asked Robert if he was Gratis Joules surprising Robert.  Robert replied that yes he was Gratis Joules and he asked the man how he knew who he was.  The government official replied with great humor that Robert in a room full of Cuban would stand out anywhere in Cuba.  The government official sat down and ordered a cup of Cuban Coffee as well and opened up his briefcase.  The government official introduced himself as Ernesto Cruzman and he was here on behalf of the Cuban government.  Ernesto handed Robert the papers and told him to look through the papers and see if he agreed with the proposal set forth for his expertise and knowledge.  In the papers Robert read that the Cuban government was contacted by an individual in the United States that alerted them of a scientist from the United States that was willing to trade his knowledge and expertise to the Cuban government and in return they would provide him with housing, a salary, and other necessities as well.  Also underlined at the end of the agreement the Cuban government agreed that they would provide Robert Creed asylum from all governments of the world.  Once this is singed Ernesto explained to Robert then you can never leave the island of Cuba as they could not ensure his asylum anywhere in the world except in Cuba.  This is the agreement that Robert looked for and it seemed that Gregory’s plan was working.  Robert signed the agreement and as soon as Ernesto collected the signed papers he put it away in his briefcase and told Robert that he will come around in one week to pick him up and show him to his new housing and accommodations.  Ernesto asked Robert to prepare to submit a presentation and he could take the entire week to prepare his presentation that he would be presenting to a group of Cuban scientist.  Ernesto told Robert that his new role would be to lead the group of scientist along with himself to innovations that could help the Cuban people in their daily lives.  Ernesto also gave Robert his extended visa that he could present to any government officials signed by Ernesto himself as proof that he was an asset to the Cuban government.  Ernesto also told Robert that he received the materials from the United States via Mexico and he was taking the materials to a warehouse to store.  Ernesto also asked Robert that the presentation include a materials list of anything else needed.  Ernesto also told Robert to relax that they would take care of him if he took care of the Cuban People and honored his agreement.  Ernesto welcomed Robert to Explore the island of Cuba as this is now his new home.  Robert shook Ernesto’s hand in agreement and was completely satisfied with the outcome of the meeting. Robert decided on that same day with his extended visa he would go and explore the island of Cuba and find out the wonders and riches of the island.  Robert hailed a taxi and an old vintage Chevy from the 1950 pulled up to pick him up and drive to his destination.  Robert decided the best way to explore the island was to take a taxi cab ride all throughout the island.  Robert paid the driver for the day in Cuban pesos as he exchanged some American dollars for Australian dollars at the café of Hotel Esmeralda.  Throughout the drive of the island he noticed that the Cuban society was living in very poor conditions as the island was experiencing a shortage of fuel due to the embargo that was setup and recently enforced by the United States Government.  Robert immediately thought that he could definitely improve the lives of the Cuban people by providing them with the ABM fuel technology and creating fuel for the Cuban People.  Robert was surprised that on the joyful ride the taxi driver started to speak to him in several languages to try to see what nationality he was.  Robert started to speak to the taxi driver in English and the taxi driver asked him if he was American which Robert replied that he was not an American and that he indeed was from England in an effort to protect himself.  Robert did not know if the taxi driver was hostile to Americans.  The taxi driver told Robert that he would be glad to give him a grand tour of the island and let him know about any information that he needed during the ride.  Robert started to ask the taxi driver questions about everyday life in Cuba which the taxi driver replied that it was a rough life but that the Cuban people are most humble and understand that through hard times what helps them through any situation is the bonding between our families.  Robert could not agree more and he asked the taxi driver to explain to him what has occurred on the island since the embargo was first enacted.  The taxi driver explained to Robert that through the embargo process the island was getting assistance from the Soviets and everything was fine for the entire duration of the existence of the relationship between Cuba and the soviets.  Once the Soviet empire crumbled the island of Cuba stopped receiving assistance from the Soviets there was a very hard time that came for the Cubans full of rations in many levels from everything including food and fuel.  As a result the Cuban people did go through a rough patch in their history.  The embargo has been a nuisance and the Cuban people would want it lifted because much needed resources could them come into the island of Cuba.  The taxi driver also told Robert that he has family in the United States and in Spain and he would one day love to see them if the embargo was lifted.  The taxi driver stated to Robert that he would love to see all of his family come together for a family reunion in Cuba at the house of his Grandparents.  Robert responded that would be a very beautiful event and the taxi driver was delighted that Robert thought that would be a beautiful event.  Robert jokingly asked if he could be invited when the family reunion occurs and the taxi driver said yes definitely everyone is family on the island of Cuba.  Robert started to think that if he could introduce the ABM fuel technology into the island of Cuba then the embargo process would not hit the people of Cuba as much.  The ABM fuel technology would also persuade legislators in the United States to lift the embargo as the entire premise of the embargo is to persuade the Cuban government to change their economic policies.  The ABM fuel technology would be able to get the ball rolling to change the world’s policies toward the island.  The ABM fuel technology would make the family reunion of the taxi driver in Cuba a reality.  Throughout the ride the taxi cab driver took Robert to a lot of historical sites and to the best beaches on the island.  Robert even treated the driver to lunch and dinner throughout the entire day.  Once the day hours were burnt away through the fun of exploration and the night entered the island of Cuba Robert asked the taxi driver to take him to a place where he can celebrate the night life.  The taxi driver advised Robert that there was a quaint little bar that he knew about where people go to celebrate the nightlife through drinking and dancing.  The bar also serves delicious food typical of the island that he can take back to his room at the Hotel Esmeralda.  The taxi driver took Robert to the bar and Robert asked the taxi driver to come in with him and enjoy himself as well.  The taxi driver agreed and he walked into the bar with Robert so they can both enjoy themselves.  They spent the entire night drinking and dancing through the rhythm of the beat.  At the end of the night and after having lots and lots of fun in the pleasures of music and drinks Robert asked the taxi driver to drive him back to the Hotel.  The taxi driver helped Robert into the car and drove him to the Hotel Esmeralda.  Robert asked the driver if he had a business card which the driver replied by giving Robert his business card that contained his number.  Robert bid the taxi driver a farewell and advised him that he will be calling him sometime in the next few days for another tour of the island.  The taxi driver drove away and Robert worked his way to his room.  Robert ate the food that he had leftover from the bar which was a typical Cuban dish of rice, beans and seared chicken.  After eating Robert decided to get some rest for tomorrow so that he could work on the presentation and for the first time Robert felt a sense of purpose for his true calling as the feeling of helping humanity evolve to a state of liberation from fossil fuels. 

Robert awoke in the morning and proceeded to get ready.  He proceeded to the downstairs café for some breakfast in order to start the day fresh and invigorated.  Robert decided to start on the presentation gathering all of the information needed to present the ABM fuel technology to the Scientist.  After working the entire day on the presentation Robert decided to eat some Dinner at a nearby restaurant catering to foreigners and ordered an American style pizza.  After eating at the restaurant and taking the leftovers back to the hotel room Robert decided to get some rest to work on the presentation again the next day.  Robert awoke the next day and ate the leftovers from the previous night and started to work once again on the presentation.  Robert was given instructions to have the presentation available for an audience of 12 individuals which included 8 scientist and 4 government officials.  After working very hard on the presentation Robert proceeded to get ready to go out for another night of enjoyment.  Robert called the taxi driver and within 20 minutes of calling him the taxi driver was ready to pick him up.  They went out and explored more of the town got a bite to eat and visited many bars and nightclubs.  As the night rolled through and the two men were having fun an overwhelming sense of enjoyment hit Robert as he felt happiness that he had not felt in a long time.  Robert was ecstatic to once again in his life feel free from pain and anguish just as what he felt in the town of Maricruz Mexico after the successful mission.  Afterwards Robert instructed the taxi driver to bring him back to the Hotel Esmeralda to get some rest.  The taxi driver dropped Robert off at the hotel and Robert stumbled into his room after having too many drinks that night.  Robert slowly stumbled to bed and took a nose dive into his bed and passed completely out.

The next day Robert awoke with a slight headache and he took some aspirin for the headache.  He went downstairs to the café to get something to eat for nourishment and as his body was severely dehydrated he ordered lots and lots of water with a glass of orange juice.  After Robert got his bite to eat he took some water with him to his hotel room and he got some more rest as he nursed his hangover.  After getting some more rest his body felt a lot better and more alert and he continued to work on the presentation.  Robert spent the entire work working on the presentation and venturing out every once in a while to celebrate his new found freedom from persecution from all the deeds that he did around the world.  Some people may view Robert as an evil man and some others may view Robert as a man that liberated the world from the oppressive force of the fossil fuel giants.  This was the ultimate test of faith for the entire human civilization and it all rested on how they would address Roberts’s actions.  After the week was finished Robert had all of the presentation assembled with all of the informational packets needed to present to the 12 individuals.  One week to the date that Ernesto Cruzman’s visit to the Hotel Esmeralda he returned to meet Robert at the café to pick Robert up to go to his destination for the presentation.  Robert met Ernesto downstairs and the men sat down for a cup of coffee and some breakfast.  As the men ate a delicious Cuban breakfast Robert explained to Ernesto that he had everything ready for the presentation and that they were all going to be impressed on what he had to present to them.  Ernesto was very eager to hear Roberts’s presentation and as such after the men finished their breakfast they were on their way.  Ernesto welcomed Robert into his vehicle which was an old military style jeep from the 1960’s.

 Robert was rather enjoying the vintage automobiles that were being driven around in the island of Cuba.  During the ride to the facility that the presentation was going to be presented to Ernesto thanked Robert for helping out the Cuban people once again and asked Robert how his stay has been on the Island.  Robert told Ernesto that he was extremely pleased with the hospitality that was being offered to him.  After an hour’s drive they arrived at the facility and after entering the facility Robert was introduced to the 12 attendees for the presentation.  Robert thanked everyone for coming to the presentation and immediately began to present the ABM fuel technology.  Robert handed out informational packets to everyone that attended the presentation and watched as the marvels of the ABM fuel technology mesmerized the attendees.  The government officials were very pleased with the presentation.  After the presentation was concluded and questions were answered by Robert mostly from the scientist the government officials excused themselves.  The government officials took about 10 minutes to speak amongst themselves and then Ernesto walked away from the government officials.  Ernesto rang his leaders to let them know that he approved of the proposal and the presentation.  Afterwards Ernesto alerted the other government officials and all of the attendees that the Cuban government was proud to announce that they would support the project proposed by Robert.  Ernesto also alerted the scientist that they would be working on this project with Robert as he would become their team leader and that they would be working on the ABM fuel technology on the same warehouse that they viewed Robert’s presentation.  Afterwards Robert was advised by Ernesto that they would be leaving the facility and that he would bring Robert to the Hotel Esmeralda and in about a week he would be escorted to his new housing close to the facility. 

Robert and Ernesto arrived at the Hotel Esmeralda and as Robert exited the jeep Ernesto handed Robert a packet and told Robert that the packet contained information about his housing, salary, and government papers stating that he was an exclusive asset to the Cuban government and would have access to many top government facilities around the island.  After the presentation and the ride back to the Hotel Esmeralda Robert decided to get room service in order to get a bit to eat and get some rest.  Robert spent the last days of the week waiting for the government officials to escort him to his new housing.  During that time Robert called Gregory to let him know the great news and the progress that occurred for the mission.  Gregory was pleased to hear from Robert and was glad that he would be working to bring the ABM fuel technology to the island of Cuba and that the Cuban government offered him asylum.  Robert was also able to speak to his mother as Eleanor was with Gregory at the time that he called.  Eleanor was delighted to hear from Robert and to know that he was safe.  Gregory explained to Robert that the investigation of the incidents that occurred on the 8 missions that Robert was responsible for concluded and that they finally had a suspect.  They named Robert as the suspect and even asked Eleanor about the where about of Robert which she did not let investigators know about as she was never told where Robert was headed to.  The investigators were now on a manhunt for Robert and were launching an investigation at the same time on Robert accusing Robert of corporate espionage and trespass.  The investigators also wanted to book Robert on criminal charges for the extermination of all of the commodities infiltrated by Roberts’s elixir technology.  Gregory told Robert that he was safe now in Cuba and that there was nothing that the government could do.  Gregory mentioned to Robert that the state department was submitting an extradition process but because they did not know where Robert was they could not start the process.  Gregory told Robert that in order for them to infiltrate the Western Oil facility they would need to divert the attention from the headquarters where the investigators were to Cuba.  Gregory asked Robert if he could announce a press conference to announce to the world that he was in Cuba and was granted Asylum.  Gregory also told Robert to announce to the world that he was going to submit proof to the Press in regards to his actions and the reasoning behind them.  This would divert the investigators attention from the Western Oil headquarters that contained the servers needed to complete the investigation Gregory was doing to prove Western Oil’s corruption.  Once the attention of the investigators was to be diverted then they could easily hack into the servers and retrieve the information.  Gregory agreed told Robert that in about a month he would hold the press conference.  Gregory agreed to what Robert told him as Robert needed this time to provide the government of Cuba results From the ABM fuel Technology.  Within a month Robert would successfully complete from the island of Cuba the last two missions.  Robert asked Gregory to take care of his mother as she should not be harmed in any of the process that was occurring.

An entire week passed by and the day finally came for Robert checked out of his room from the Hotel Esmeralda.  Robert waited for the government officials to escort him to his housing.  The government officials came and they helped Robert with his belongings to the vintage military Jeep from the 1960’s and they drove off.  They arrived at the housing and invited Robert to his new home.  It was a quaint modest size home which contained networking capabilities, laboratory, and lodging.  It looked like a smaller version of the house he had earlier in the United States.  Robert was excited to see his new housing and got settled in.  After a while Robert heard a knock on the door while settling in and it was one of the scientists that he met at the presentation.  The scientist introduced himself to Robert as Miguel Santos and he lived right down the street in his own housing provided by the government of Cuba.  Miguel brought over a bottle of sugar cane rum brewed from the hills of the small town he grew up in called Santa Clara.  He proposed that they drink and get to know each other as he would be working very closely with Robert.  Robert agreed and soon afterwards the two men became acquainted with each other.  As the night came Miguel excused himself as his wife and kids were waiting for him at home but that he would see him at the facility first thing in the morning.  Robert decided to get some rest as he expected a big day in the morning at the facility. 

The next day Robert awoke and proceeded to get ready.  He was able to make himself some breakfast from the food that was at the housing which the government of Cuba provided.  Afterwards Robert proceeded to walk to the facility as he was really close and as he entered he was greeted by the entire group of scientist.  All of the scientist were all waiting for Robert eager to take orders for what would be a momentous occasion when they could assist in the technology that could assure their countries future.  Robert began by giving everyone their assigned duties and created a work log.  Within a couple of hours everyone was organized and in place and they were ready to start the process ABM fuel technology process.  The entire group of scientist under the direction of Robert worked constantly for about a week taking their breaks allotted to them as well as their lunches.  They would arrive at 9am and leave at 6pm to their families at home.  Within a week they were able to build the facilities infrastructure and prototypes for the ABM fuel Technology.  During this time the entire group of scientist began to acquaint themselves with each other as they explored their past and their achievements.  They were all mesmerized by Roberts’s achievements throughout his entire life and Robert told them his whole entire story including the missions that he took part in so as to get vengeance for his family.  They all agreed that they would do the same if they were in his situation and applauded him for all his efforts on helping the Cuban people.  Within two weeks they had the prototypes working and they kept building up the facilities and they started to harvest the ABM fuel storing it in drum barrels in a warehouse next to the facility.  At the two week mark Robert advised Ernesto that he was able to present to him the ABM fuel technology and to bring a spare car with no fuel to the facility so he can demonstrate the ABM fuel technology.  That very same day Ernesto came with the spare car along with other government officials to see the progress and the demonstration.  Everyone was tensed with anticipation to see if the demonstration would work.  Everyone took their positions and waited for Robert to bring out the ABM fuel for Ernesto to pour into the tank.  Within 5 minutes Robert appeared with a portable tank that was used to pump fuel into cars full of the ABM fuel technology.  Robert handed the gear to Ernesto and asked him to go ahead and fill up the car with the new fuel that will liberate Cuba from economic exile.  Ernesto pumped the fuel into the car and proceeded to start the car.  The car started right away and everyone was impressed as Ernesto was able to drive around and prove to everyone that the ABM fuel technology worked.  Ernesto parked the car and walked to the group of scientist including Robert. 

Ernesto shook everyone’s hand and thanked them for their continued service to the Cuban government.  Ernesto announced to everyone that in honor of this successful demonstration they would double the funding they were receiving in order to make a full scale industrial version of the facility.  They were also to be provided with a workforce and materials needed for the project provided by the Cuban government.  Robert told Ernesto that they would be ready for the workforce and the funding within 2 weeks as they would now continue to harvest the ABM fuel technology and build up the reserves of the fuel for the refinement on an industrial scale.  Robert went home that day with a feeling of success knowing that his work had just begun but he gained the complete confidence and support of the Cuban government.  Robert called Gregory to let him know the progress that was made and Gregory was glad to hear the progress that was made and told Robert that he was gearing up his team of Hackers to setup shop.  They were going to get ready to start the infiltration process of the data needed to incriminate Western Oil for their conspiracies.  Robert concluded his call with Gregory and decided to get much needed rest that night.  The next morning Robert woke up got ready and was out the door by 8am to get to the facility early as he needed to manage the ABM production process a little earlier than usual.  Robert arrived at the facility and took a look at the masterpiece that he created and wondered in awe of all his accomplishments.  He started his work and the other scientist arrived soon after eager to work further more and follow the guidance Robert would provide for the next step.  The next step involved drawing up the plans for the industrial scale version of the prototype they just built.  The team started to draw up the designs for the facility they would build next door.  After one week of working together on the design the final drawings were concluded and submitted for approval from the Cuban Government.  It took the Cuban Government a day to approve the design which they did and assigned Robert and his team of scientist to orchestrate the construction.  Within one week Robert and his team of scientist saw the construction team arrive at the site to start work and immediately Robert organized the project to start building the new facility.  The construction began next door and the construction crew knowing that they were building a facility for the future fuel of Cuba was very enthusiastic to build the facility.  They put all their heart into the construction and they made great strides advancing the project ahead of the deadline of 3 months.  At the same time that Robert and his group of scientist were orchestrating the construction and at the same time building the reserves of the ABM fuel technology for the future refinement process.  At this point of progress Robert decided to alert the press of his current project with the Cuban government to start the 10th and final mission which was the diversion tactic proposed by Gregory.  That night Robert called Gregory to let him know that he can start implementing the next phase which is to alert the media of his location and current project.  Gregory told Robert that on that day he would alert the media and by the next morning he would be in front of cameras to let the world know about his presence and his intentions.  That night Robert called Ernesto to let him know that he had the intentions to announce to the world about the implementation of the ABM fuel technology in Cuba and if he could get the Cuban News Network to televise the announcement.  Ernesto advised Robert that he would order the Cuban News Network to go to the facility and hold an interview with him which could include an announcement that he may wish to present as long as it gets the approval of the Cuban government.  Robert had the speech already written and Robert told Ernesto that he would submit the speech for approval by the Cuban Press members that would orchestrate the interview and the announcement.  Ernesto agreed to the announcement as long as it is with good intentions and support of the Cuban People

For the World to Hear

The next morning as Robert was heading to work there were some reporters that were stationed right in front of the facility.  They were awaiting Robert to show up to the facility and when he arrive Robert immediately thanked them for showing up and allowing him to speak to the world.  Robert and the Cuban Press coordinator spoke briefly and Robert gave the Cuban Press coordinator the speech that he was looking to give as his announcement to the world.  The Cuban Press Coordinator read the speech and approved the speech as it did not contain any conflicting words against The Cuban people and the Cuban government.  They started to film and air the announcement as soon as Robert was ready to give his speech.  Robert first introduced himself to the world.  Robert also stated that even though there was an investigation against him for crimes that he has been accused of he will maintain that he is innocent of the entire process.  Robert explained to the world that his actions are a reaction to the corruption that has engulfed the fossil fuel industry.  Robert stated to the press that he was truly deeply sorry if there was any inconvenience that his actions caused.  Robert said to the world that he had very good intentions and that what was taking place in Cuba and around the world with the introduction of the ABM fuel technology into the local markets was a way to liberate the stronghold the fossil fuel conglomerates had on the world fuel market. Robert explained that the fossil fuel conglomerates have taken so much from the world and its inhabitants and that now it was time for the world to take back control.  That is why he has spread the ABM fuel technology throughout the world in order to liberate the oppressed from the stronghold and financial slavery that everyday citizens of the world experience day in and day out.  Robert announced to the world that this needs to stop and that the system needs to change so that it serves the people of the world.  For far too long financial markets and energy markets have been controlled by an elite few that are corrupted beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and as such Western Oil forms part of that small group.  Western Oil took actions against me to control and manipulate the same technology that is being introduced here in Cuba and around the world.  The revolution will take place and the fossil fuel conglomerates will have no choice but to accept the terms and conditions of the will of the people around the world.  Robert announced that his actions derive from the harm that Western Oil inflicted on himself and his family.  Robert also stated that he was also fighting on behalf of the billions of people around the world that do not have any power and are helpless against oppressive forces which govern every aspect of their lives.  Robert continued by saying that in a short while there will be some information released to the media that proves his actions were justified.  Robert also asked that his family and his friends be left alone as this whole situation is with him and only with him.  Robert thanked the reporters and the Cuban government for allowing him to release this announcement to the world and that he will continue to reside safely on the island of Cuba as he continues to help out the Cuban people liberate themselves with the expansion of the ABM fuel technology.  After the announcement was concluded Robert decided to go into the facility and continue the project. 

The project continued to prosper as the facility was nearing completion through weeks of continuous construction.  At the same time that Robert made his announcement and continued to work on the project in Cuba Gregory hoped into action and ordered his team to start the infiltration process to retrieve the data needed to bring down the Western Oil conglomerate.  After one week of work Gregory announced to Robert during a call that they obtained the information they needed and were assembling multiple packages for media outlets.  Robert continued to work on the construction projects for the Cuban government expanding the ABM fuel technology on the island.  At the same time the United States government was asking the world court and petitioning the United Nations to extradite Robert back into the United States for prosecution.  Western Oil claimed that their property was destroyed referring to the oil and natural gas that was infiltrated by the elixir.  There was also other governments of the world that were pressing charges against Robert for his actions that he orchestrated in their countries as Western Oil asked them to do so.  After a month passed by Gregory compiled the entire investigation and submitted to multiple media outlets right in the middle of the entire extradition process and the media went into frenzy.  Some in the media called Robert a hero that fought for the good and the will of the people.  Others that supported Western Oil labeled Robert as a criminal that was spreading his ideology throughout the entire world amongst unsuspecting people around the world that did not understand their situations.  They accused Robert of manipulating individuals to help him with his deadly criminal actions.  The supporters of Robert pointed out to the evidence of the corruption that occurred within Western Oil.  After the release of the evidence by Gregory federal and state investigator made arrest for those that were responsible for the murder of Lily and the twins.  They also started to investigate the cause of death of Harry Creed to see if it was mislabeled as an accident and should be labeled as a homicide.  Gregory’s investigation paid off as everyone in the world now saw the full extent that fossil fuel conglomerates would go to in order to achieve profitability.  The United States government still advocated for extradition of Robert claiming that even though a jury would not have the heart to convict a man for crimes against a corporation that was responsible for the possible murder of his father, wife and kids he was still guilty of releasing trade secrets for the ABM fuel technology.  They started to accuse Robert of tampering with world economies by releasing such sensitive information.  Many supporters of Robert claimed just as he did that he is only trying to help the unfortunate from the grasp of a maniacal conglomerate machine that is only concerned with profits and not how people’s lives are effected by their actions. 

That ladies and Gentleman of the jury is the reason why I am defending Robert in his absence because as a lawyer that believes in the rights of Robert I can only do so much the decision is in your hands.  Voting for extradition could place the governments of Cuba and the United States at an even higher standstill increasingly escalating any provocation of war.  Voting for extradition means that Robert did not go through the justice process and have to wait through years of litigation against his accusers who would have most likely gotten away with their heinous crime with the best lawyers money can buy.  Are you willing to take a step forward and stand with Robert as a world Citizen and say no to oppression, war, poverty, destruction of nature and its inhabitants and say yes to the evolution of the worldwide energy market that would push for a higher standard of living for everyone in the whole world.  The choice is yours and yours alone, please help Robert support everyone that he ever wished to help which include me and you.  Thank you so much for hearing my closing argument I now turn the court to your honorable judge.



Submitted: August 08, 2016

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