To adapt.

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How to adapt to new changes in your life. If the change be a relationship issue, or a new environment, everybody seems to go through incredibly hard changes in life and this is written to put that in perspective. Read it and i hope you will learn a little about yourself.

Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007



Life Comes Hard.

Life can (and will) change in the blink of an eye. Should you not be prepared for it it can hit you hard, and with force. The point is that change is inevitable, its how you react to it that is the unknown variable. The only way to deal with a drastic change in life is to be dynamic, and to expect it. Since change is inevitable, it is imperative that you be ready to change your perception of life. Being dynamic boils down to being able to adapt to a new situation, culture, or relationship. Adapting does not always mean settling for less. At first it may seem like your losing out and in the end its true, you may lose out on something you truly enjoyed or even loved. But the sorry point is that, again, life changes, and will continue to change. This is the point where your standing at that fork, that crossroads in your life and you have two choices, a dead end in which you refuse to adapt and change, or a main highway that will lead you toward your next adventure in life. As even any blind man could see the latter of the two is the only real choice, but just because its obviously the right decision doesn't make it easy to travel. But just because that road has a few potholes in it and you might have an opportunity to turn around and go back to that fork in the road you can't. It's a part of life none of us want to face but the inevitable will always happen, like it or not. Naturally humans adapt, not only physically over hundreds of thousands of years but over the span of a lifetime, to a new environment, culture, or relationship. And as they adapt they begin to see the world in a new light, and their paradigm shifts. When this happens that person is liberated, for life changes and thusly we change, as a person; not in a bad way, and not to say that we were not our true selves before; just that who we truly are as a human being has changed. To adapt and change is not a bad thing in itself, its a completely natural and necessary thing that everyone will go through, regardless of which road you take.

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