Never Get A Holy Devil Pissed

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About the Devil-In-Training. I'm angry right now so I had to right my anger out. Hope you like it..? It has some swear words in it btw.

Submitted: May 28, 2008

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Submitted: May 28, 2008



"You're not in the dance anymore." she said.

"Excuse me?" I said in disbelief. Hey! It's not my fault that nobody taught me!
She just stared at me like i'm some dumb shit and turned around to walk away. 

"Hey! Don't go starting a fight and then running away from it!" anger washing over me. 

She stopped. Stuck the middle finger and yelled out "I DON'T CARE!".

"FATASS!" I yelled out. That little bitch. Oughtta go to Hell. She has no idea who she's dealing with.

I super sped ran to an abandoned alleyway. My super hearing could hear the little squeaks of rats in the garbage cans, digging for gold. I could hear the cats behind the garbage can getting ready to pounce on the rats when it came out. 

I opened my pure white wings and flew back home. I landed on the balcony and withdrew my wings. I opened the windows and crawled inside. I opened up my closet and instantly felt the pureness of the portal. I thought of the spot I really wanted to go. I had the perfect idea. I stepped into the portal and got suckered in.

I kept thinking of Hell. Kept it in my mind. I felt myself parting into a million pieces until I bounced out the portal of my room in Hell. It was much bigger and much more comforting in here. I lay on the bed and screamed my lungs out. 

How could I not be in the dance!?!? For one, I think i'm decent to NOT be kicked out! Well. She's just going to pay. I'll take away her life and soul and keep it in a bottle. Whenever I feel like it, I could take a piece of her soul and throw it in the lava. It would burn and her soul would silently scream out in pain. 

I first, had to do my job. My father's duty deadline is almost up and I need to practice all I can. So i took the list in the Death bottle out and scrolled it down. I started with the first person the list. 

And 83-year-old man who has abused a cat. Mere bastard has nothign else to do. I wore the black coat and opened up my wings. You may think that wings are for angels but think again. It's the opposite. These wings for the holy Devils(Yes, I am holy.) and the stakes are for the holy Angels. 

I went through the portal and thought of the 83-year-old bastard's home. I thought and thought until I was there. He was sitting on a comfy chair, relaxing with a cat on his lap. He was petting it softly, rewarded with a purr from the cat. Too bad old man. I stepped in front of the man. Retrieving my wings. 

By the Holy Devil I chant.
You're soul is being lifted.
You will die and rest not in peace. 
In Hell.

I raised up my arms and took the soul out of the man's body and kept it in my cloak. I smirked at the man's blank expression pastered over his face. The cat smelled death on the man and crawled up the man and sat on his head. The chair began tipping and it fell back. The cat jumed off the man's head and stayed at a spot where the cat could see the man's head easily.
I made a symbol in the air only the Holy Devils could do, opening up a Portal. I thought of the second person's home. The second person on the list has raped many children and murdering them. Putting them in a bath tub and draining all the blood out before throwing the body away. He then took the blood and kept it in all sized vials. Murder.

When I got to the person's home, she was reading. I stood in front of her and started chanting. 

By the Holy Devil
You're soul is being lifted.
You will die and rest not in peace.
In Hell.

I did the same movements I did earlier and lifted the soul out. Once I put in my cloak, the book dropped out of her hand's. 'The Murderer' it said. Hmmph. I made a symbol in the air to open up another portal. I need to kill her. She deserved it. She was a holy damned. She did not deserve to live in this world. I went back to my room to grab one of the special vials. 

I then walked to the Portal, opening it and thinking about her house, her home. I got there and saw her listening to music. I walked in front of her, tapped her head and she looked up. I put my hood down, knowing she'd be freaked.

"What the hell are you doing here?!?!" she screamed out at me. I only chanted.

By the Holy Devil
You're soul is being lifted.

"What the hell are you tlaking about bitch?!!? How did you get into my room?!?!" she screamed out some more.

You will die and- 

"GET OUT OF HERE!" she screamed out loud.

-rest not in peace.

She screamed once more.

In Hell.

I lifted my arms up and took her soul. I put it in the vial as her body fell onto the ground. I only had a few seconds before her parents came in to see what the ruckus was. I put the vial into my cloak and made a symbol. I went through the Portal and went back to my room in Hell. I took out the vial and place it on the counter. I then went to my father and gave him the 2 souls.

"Only 2 this time?" he said with dissapointment.

"I will get more next time Father. I've had errands to run."

"Oh..Did you do it..Again..?" he asked.

I wasn't ashamed. I nodded one firm nod. He sighed.

"I guess it's another school for you then."

I nodded and left. I'm sick of him bringing me from school to school. 

I went to my room. I looked at the vial. Then at the dagger I made that was next to it.

My father doesn't know he's next. I've been training long and hard to take his soul away.

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