The Elephants and the Monkeys

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This is a short story which teaches us that we should not trouble others for our own happiness.

Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



Once upon a time there lived a group of elephants in the jungle. They lived near a pond. The pond was so big that all the elephants could play easily in it. Every time they play in the pond, they threw water on each other. One day it was so hot that the pond got dried. Then the king of elephants said that come with me we will find another pond. They started walking and found another pond. They immediately ran into the pond. There lived monkeys. When elephants started running some monkeys came under the legs of elephants. Some monkeys died and some got hurt very badly. Then monkeys ran from that pond.

The king of monkeys was thinking how to send back elephants. He thought very much and got an idea. When elephants will go to the jungle to eat food, monkeys will tell them that the lions are coming to that pond. The elephants should go away. If the lions see them, they will kill them and eat them. So they should go from there. Next morning the king of monkeys told everything to the elephants. Hearing this they ran away from the pond and monkeys lived happily.


Written By

Mayank Garg

Class IV

Age 9 years

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