Let's say goodbye

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story from another lifetime.

A another one of my little works from year 9~

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Submitted: July 13, 2013

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Submitted: July 13, 2013



I looked on ahead, at the memories of a lifetime that I didn’t exist in. The ruins of the unknown building that lay in the distance ran shivers down my spine as I noticed a figure in the mist.

He stood there. His long sword dripping with blood as he sank to the ground and rustled his ebony black hair with his hands and as he dropped his sword, I noticed the body of a girl that lay at his feet.

I put my hands to my mouth as I knew that she meant a great deal to him, a person that he thought dearly of in the past, now lifeless at his feet. A sharp stab of jealousy in my heart rose as I saw him touch her face with sadness, he mumbled something inaudible to my ears, before her body crumbled into dust and the light in her smile disappeared - forever. 

I walked towards him and the sound of the broken glass crackled under my shoes. I held my breath as the sword was pointed at my throat and the eyes that told a million stories stared at me, ‘Who are you?’ His sharp voice pierced the silence surrounding us.

I struggled with words, and the voice that came out of my mouth was a quiet whisper, ‘You – You can see me?’

He scoffed as his dropped the sword from my throat, ‘Yes, I can see you.’

I looked past him, to the dust on the floor, slowly being swept away by the wind, ‘How did she -?’

He looked back, the sadness in his eyes reappearing, ‘I never wanted her to be the sacrifice, and I had intended it for myself. I had nothing to cling on to, but the time we spent together.’ He looked at his hands, full with the dust of the remains of the girl, and clenched them into fists, ‘I faintly sensed that she was hiding something from me, but I ignored it, how foolish I was.’

I could do nothing, but look at him with sadness, who was I to love him when his heart had always belonged to someone else, someone far better than I, ‘The memories will stay with you.’

He looked back at me, with the eyes full of burning hatred, ‘Memories are nothing but fragments of time, which will also disappear in time.’

‘Then how about replacing her with someone else?’ I asked, my questioning voice echoed in the abandoned city, and the wind blew across us, and the water rippled around us, the night was silent as we stood there, both looking at each other, and I already knew the answer.

‘That’s futile advice, young girl,’ he replied coldly, looking up to the bright moon, ‘No one can ever replace someone else.’

My heart slowly broke and crumbled into pieces as he continued, ‘That is why parting with someone, is always so severe.’

He watched the girl he had just met slowly fade away and he was left in silence to grieve his loss.

‘This place is a mess, we finished cleaning up, we should hurry, the others will be here any minute,’ the voice echoed through his head as he turned back to his comrades, ‘Were you talking to someone, I heard voices, who were you talking to?’

He picked up the sword and wiped away the blood on his jacket, ‘a girl was here before, she just stood there,’ he wondered at his own memories, ‘It was another premonition of the future, it happens often.’

Many eons past and everything disappeared from the face of human history.

All he could remember when the darkness closed in was the final words the girl that disappeared.

How about replacing her with someone else?


Even in his next life, as a little boy, he had sensed that he once seen the eyes of the girl that now stood before him.

And though he didn’t know why, but he vowed to protect that warmth in her eyes until the end.

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