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The beginning to a random story.

Submitted: February 19, 2009

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Submitted: February 19, 2009



I've come to the conclusion that if people really knew what love entailed, they wouldn't want it. Do you know what really happens when you love someone? You have to give up everything. I sit in my biology class right now, clutching my pencil in my cold fingers. My eyes gaze at the back of someone who doesn't know me but that I know very well. I love him. But I will make sure he never finds out because I refuse to give up everything. I won't let what is mine become his. The bell rings and I watch him stand and walk toward the door. Everything he does seems like it's planned; a perfect path where, unlike me, he never makes a mistake. I stand and suddenly, against what I know, my lips fall open and the words that are now weightless on my tongue become audible in the tiny room. "I love you." I snap my lips shut, terrified that he heard me. But the sight of his back as he continues toward the door assures me he didn't. I'm relieved. But I find myself wondering. What would happen if he loved me back. I know it all to well. I would end up in his arms and then, in the midst of love, I would whisper my deepest and darkest in his perfect ears. I would tell him my mistake. I would whisper my secret. I would tell him I killed someone. I look up and in an instant I see his face. His eyes stare at me like they've never seen me before. He heard me.

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