The ugly duckling that's never never going to be beautiful

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Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



the ashen scarlet blood from the

penetration of my loathing heart........

When I look at her i see the

Pain anger and anguish that devours her mind

i want to be the one that I can show

The tribulation to......

My heart urns to see the beauty she holds inside

Like an un-supine captive ready to be

Decapitated fro his beloved country............

She vexes herself for what she is

there is no allure

The bewitching of her

Forsooth one day someone will come with an

Angelic show stoppingness that

She has never had before, that will

Deluge the hemorrhage

Building in her Crux..........

When I look in the mirror why do I see these things?

Maybe one day I will find the

Fabrication of every young girls dream of nothing but

Something based on lie and dissimulation.....

.......The truth will never be known.........

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