Messed Up,But Family

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Suki is Sasori younger sister and this starts off her story on how she realiezs her family may be mess up but they all lve each other when it come right down to it.

Submitted: March 20, 2010

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Submitted: March 20, 2010



I do not own Naruto i only own Suki, Naiko,and Kiro , i maybe them up n.n enjoy XD

Suki sat in anger as she rebuild her brother puppet live holder they thuogh they had killed he Ha! that capsoal that held his life just ned to be given soe alive chakra and he be good as new and offffff corse it had to he his sister.

She push her red locks out of her face and steps back the puppet rose. "Suki" Sasori said smiling"sorry about that I didnt think they would-" " U own ne big time" she growled waking out of the room. Deidara walked down the hall with his other parnter Tobi who was ...... being tobi >.<

She walked into the living are to see an no so happy hidan and Kiro glaring at each other. "What now" i sighed sitting nxt to my best fiedn Kiro

Kiro had short white hair and purple eyes like her elder brother Hidan. they noth ere imortal cuz they live buy the way of Jashin this evil god guy *i think*

"That asshole ate my last cookie doe ice creames pack and didnt buy more!" she growled crossing her srm tired on her chest. *sighing* i got up and walk toward the kickten Itachi and Kisame sat taling to each other. Naiko and Zetsu were in the corner , Naiko looked pissed as she held up er a think wat was left of a bra. " You ate my favorite one u asshole!!" she hissed at him. I sweart dropped. Kakuzu sat counting money in the den whilePein and konan were making out. My face twisted in disgust, they always makeing out.

This is my family the Akatsuki, We have a promblem's but we love each * i think* We are all different in are own way's but when it come down to it , We have are up's and down's but we are there for each other.


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