Government Acts of Pirac

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Government is not the solution. Government is the Problem (Ronald Reagan)

Submitted: February 10, 2010

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Submitted: February 10, 2010



Government Acts of Piracy

Healthcare (Inalienable Right?), Confiscatory Taxation, and Dictated Compassionate Care.

Let us all first agree that the healthcare system in the United States does not serve the needs of the people. It is broken and reform is needed. Having said that, the nature of health reform is a subject about which few people discuss rationally and debate with open minds. One might even say that many people have predetermined ideas and personal or political agendas which tend to prevent rational debate and negotiation.

Discussion by slander, vilification and “steamroller tactics” are not helpful. Preconceived positions and “we are in control and you will accept our position” attitudes are not helpful.

What would be helpful is an open discussion, visible in its’ entirety to the people, where ideas are presented and considered freely with sufficient time to do so, and where those who will make the decisions do so with the interests of the country and her people. Neither House is likely to adhere to such selfless ideals.

On the one hand, taking the entire healthcare system apart, redesigning it to fit any political agenda, turning it over to government bureaucrats, and thus placing 20 percent of the American Economy under the direct supervision of Congress, and ignoring the largest single problem with the system of healthcare, tort reform, is an act of sheer lunacy. But, in and of itself, and because these actions are being taken within the rules of Congress (both Houses), said actions do not constitute Piracy. In fact, in this article we are not going to use terms like treason, traitor, thief or malfeasance. Rather, we shall endeavor to refer to government acts only as Piracy. Some of the aforementioned terms may be attached to individuals within the government. But, Piracy is the only term to be used in reference to the Government of the United States of America.

Let us first take up the idea that healthcare is now an “inalienable right” of the people of America. Did you notice how the definition of “people of America” was cleverly left undefined? Does this mean citizens of the United States? Or, perhaps it means legal residents of the United States. Could it mean people in the United States? Or, does it matter?

I would challenge anyone to find healthcare as an inalienable right in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States of America. There is no such right. Once said, though, Americans are, and have always been, among the most compassionate people in the world.

Basic healthcare, while it is not a “right,” should be made available to anyone in need of basic urgent care. I include even illegal immigrants. These people, who are in criminal violation of the laws of the Untied States, should then be deported immediately upon sufficient recovery to allow such travel. But, out of decency, we owe them basic urgent care.

As a fine man once said to me, “I know a man who grew up without the opportunities available to you and me. This man cannot even articulate his needs. But I, as a decent human being, believe it is my responsibility to see to it that this man gets a meal. And, if he is sick, again as a decent man, it is my responsibility to see that he finds the basic medical care he needs. But, it is not my responsibility to give this man annual physicals or other tests which might even give him a longer life.” “I do not owe anyone more than the basic medical needs of the day.”

I totally agree with this decent man. But, I would contend that such a system, however severely flawed it may be (and it is seriously flawed), already exists. This system is the County Hospital and County Health system. This system should be reviewed and clear direction given. It should be properly funded and permitted to function as it should. This system should provide basic urgent medical care on an as needed basis without consideration of the ability to pay for it. More extensive and ongoing care is not the responsibility of this system.

I know many people will judge me harshly now. They will say I have no compassion, or that I will not part with a dollar to help someone less fortunate than I. But, that is just not so. I will do what I believe is right and no more. That, my friends, is an inalienable right. It is an inalienable right endowed not by Congress, but by my Creator. Make of that what you will. It remains true.

For the government to decide otherwise, by law or by proclamation, is a questionable act. For the government to make such decisions by the purchase and/or sale of votes of members of the Congress (either House), paid for by funds forcibly removed from the citizens of this country is, at best, malfeasance of office and, at worst, treason. To tax me and other working citizens of this country with tax rates which are clearly designed to be confiscatory and to “spread the wealth” is an Act of Piracy by the government of the United States of America.

To decide within the government in that manner that we, the people of the United States, must as an inalienable right provide the “less fortunate” (an asinine term if one ever existed) with ongoing medical care without regard to their legal status, the choices they have made in life, or their ability to pay for that care, is an Act of Piracy by the government of the United States of America.

In the United States of America we have the unusual ability to decide for ourselves the manner in which our representatives, Congresspersons and Senators, have acted. And, we have the right to remove such persons should we decide that they have not met our expectations or that they have lined their own pockets. Every two years we must elect all Congresspersons and one third of all Senators.

We, as citizens, have these rights. But, we have done a terrible job of making these judgements and of taking the responsible actions attendant thereto.

You are a citizen of the United States of America (if you are not, you may read elsewhere), it is your right to make these judgements. It is your duty to exercise these rights. If you do not do so, you (we) deserve the self serving, corrupt, and inane Congress (both Houses) we currently enjoy.

Read! Study! Reflect! And, then Vote!

If you do not read, study and reflect, then do not vote.

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