A poem of mine.
i hope you enjoy it.
how do you feel.

It’s all clipped up now

White peaces fluttered the ground falling slowly down, landing in rosettes,

Little daisy,

I’ll try to find the silence, close my mind focus on listening to one sound. 

Blending the words like the humming of a bee.

Press your temples. Just feel, the act of touch and sound and colorless blood

Being, running in your choc white veins. Your smooth, stiff, skin. Your body long thin as sharp as a needle.

 Scissors, fear snap, snap, snap.


  It’s all clipped up now

The little daisys wilted with the lack of attention.

They just need someone to breath near them. To have them have life be near. To make them move

And to, flutter once more.

Even, smaller, iron slik.

Even smaller


There all clipped up now.

Hearts beating like silent, ants marching to their sacred haven.

Little beautiful daisys.

Little rossettes as small celery plants.



Submitted: June 13, 2010

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