Strange Friendship

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A littel part of a feelings of a girl to her one sided best friends .

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012




Every day in the morning 

my esys are thirst to see you , 

I always search you in that place 

thinking may be you are there ,

when I see your friends I think even you may be in the same croud 

but you never be there ,

And suddenly, 

with the warm rays of the sun 

with he best smell of flowers

with the sweet sound of the birds 

 you enter there , then when my thirsty eyes 

sees you they immidately say to my heart that look he came , 

then my heart stared to dance with joy but

the bell rings ..... and all the people goes to their classes  

as always I want to go with you 

but when there's always someone else at your side  

then my heart feels depress .

But I still act like nothing happen , 

I wait for break so that I could see you the whole hour 

but you never be there 

then I start to roam here and there in your search 

then suddenly I find you .

When I see your with your friend's company and smile on your face 

I too smile thinking your smile is mine too . 

- May,Tavi <3

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