UNknown Feelings

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SOme feelings :)

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



Looking at the people and thinking ,

how's everyone's life ?

Are their's same as mine ?

Well, never knew a girl ; a little girl 

would have to leave the place where she was born , her friends and be abroaded

May be that was her fate 

but her pain and her tears are not fake 

She tried her best to be comfort and to make others

but everyone gave her some trouble .

Her days and night were like a flowing river 

her eyes was always wet with some tear 

She thought two guys as her best mate 

but they dind't accepted her best.

She always cared them but she didn't dare to tell them 

Face to face she din't had guts

Indirctly she was always hurt.

She always thought for thier best 

but they kept on changing thier nest 

She loved them truley

they never looked her deeply 

She had got many things to say them , 

many songs to sing for them 

lot's of things to do , 

but it never could be true 

everybody told that they don't deserve 

but a place in her heart for them was already reserved 

she thought, loved and cared them as crazy 

and cried hurttingly like a baby 

they never cared  and never dared :( 

- May,Tavi <3 


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