The knotty problem -to be or not to be

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The first poem is about the dilemma facing one contemplating the final act.The second poem is a warning for those women wanting to hitch up with married men

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012





A time comes

When you want no more;

To be a part of vanity fair’s golden scheme.

Like a babe you want

To curl up to sleep,

In the arms of nature’s soothing embrace.


You are out of the rat race,

You are out of it all;

The squabbling, the bickering,

The loving, the hating.

You only want peace;

Sweet sweet slumber.

You are in the sidelines of the drama, the anger.




How to go about self annihilation?

Will HCN or Kcl do the job?

Will a drug overdose bring about salvation?

Hanging, jumping, road accidents, fire;

The element of doubt is always there.


Worse than death, the thought of dependence.

Crippled or brain dead by one’s own defiance;

Of the law of nature

That decides your fate;

How long to suffer; how long to stay.



O God! Haven’t I endured enough?

Is your hate still not sated?

I have stretched myself to the limits I can take;

Beyond this I can only snap and break.


Yet each time I contemplate that fatal step,

I refrain; think of what could go wrong.

The moment passes, the impulse no more.

I am at rest till the next cyclone.









{For women in love with married men}

He can never share your life,

You can never be one.

You will never wake up,


Beside each other in bed.


You will never ever fight,

Those trivial household fights,

You will never bear his child,

He will never watch it grow.


Never will you be with him,

When he goes on a holiday;

Never will he say your name;

When he says –‘my family’.


You will never discuss,

What brand of detergent to buy,

He will never hold you,

Premenstrually when you want to cry.


The best years of life,

Are not yours to share

To grow old together,

Calm and storm to weather.


When you need him,

You cannot be together;

Why say then that you love?

Never will share the morning coffee,

As you read the newspaper to one another.


You must take

The crumbs you get,

Because even this belongs to another.

Never will you be his in the eyes of the world,

Though you cannot renounce him altogether.


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