Tell me. . . Is this OK?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Uhhh. . .

KK. At the end of this I will put pics of the characters and stuff about them. /\\ /\\



LOL! It's a cat!

* * *

"You have old eyes."

"Yeah I get that a lot. . . My name is Jason!"

I smiled. I love it when humans tell me that I have 'old eyes'.

"My name is Goth. Spelled G-O-T-H."

She said Goth like Got-huh.


She puts her head-phones on again. God, humans and their technolagy. It's my stop. I jump off the subway and walk up the steps into Times Square. Running, running, running. 'I am  going to be late! I need a taxi!'


Finally! A taxi. Phew.

"I'd like to go to Wall Street."

"You don't look like a Wall Street-er." He said in a gruff voice.

"I'm goin' to protest."

"OK. Fine but it'll cost ya."



I can't be late! STUPID TRAFFIC!!! Finally! We got there.

"That'll be $35."

"Here." I said while I hand him a $50 bill. "Keep the change." And run off.


I run into the wall between two buildings. It hurts a little but I'm used to it. I run in to a room with a grand throne in the center. The rest of the room looks normal, like a living room. It smells strongly of ciggarettes and coffee.

"Sorry Ma'am."

"Where were you?!" Said a gozzy voice.

"I was lost."

"When your Queen was waiting?"

"Yes Chiki. . . I said I was sorry."




* * *


This is Jason:


Age: 9,846 looks 18

Nationalaty: Unknown

Hobbies: Traveling, assasination, sword play, serving the queen.

Back Story: Unknown

Happiness Level (0-10): 7, he has a very sad past but since it's past he puts it behind him.


This is Goth:


Age: 17.

Nationalaty: British.

Hobbies: Burning, listing to music, sitting, crying, writing, reading, sleeping.

Back Story: Goth was shipped off by her parents to go live with her aunt when she was 13. That's when she started cutting. Then she upgraded to burning when she was 15. She still has her British accent.

Hapiness Level (0-10): 1, she is depressed but she has one close friend named Tabby who keeps her from suicide.


This is Queen Chiki:


Age: 983,587,245,836 but looks 87.

Nationalaty: Unknown.

Hobbies: Comanding Jason, smoking, drinking coffee, and reading an unibridged english dictionary.

Back Story: Unknown.

Happiness Level (0-10): 5, she misses her home very much.


This is Tabby:


Age: 16

Nationalaty: Scottish

Hobbies: Talking her best friend (Goth) out of suicide online, writing, reading, studing, drawing, playing trumpet, running, and sewing her own designs.

Back Story: She still lives in Scottland. She has both her parents but her mom has Cancer. She spends most of her time online talking to Goth.

Hapiness Level (0-10): 9, she is worried about her mom, but other than that, she loves her life.


This is the Taxi Cab Driver:


Age: 57.

Nationalaty: American

Hobbies: None. All work, no play.

Back Story: Unknown

Hapiness Level (0-10): 4, what don't you understand about 'All work, no play'?


This is Maize and Daisy:


Age: 12.

Nationalaty: American

Hobbies (Maize): Playing the piano, day dreaming about the Doctor picking her up and carring her off on an adventure, sitting under trees in Central Park painting or just listing to birds, and watching Doctor Who.

Hobbies (Daisy): Shopping, doing her hair, getting her nails done, texting her friends, watching Glee, and going to the spa.

Back Story (Maize): Maize grew up in New York but always loved it when her family went up to Maine for vacation. Her best friend is named Shey.

Back Story (Daisy): Daisy was always a city girl. She was basicly the oppisite of her twin. She loved hanging out with her BFF Ella.

Happiness Level (Maizy 0-10): 8, her sisters friends torment her but all in all she has a pretty good life.

Happiness Level (Daisy 0-10): 9, she always wishes she could be more like her sister.


This is Shey:



This is Ella:










Submitted: April 02, 2012

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