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Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014



1st Place


Why don’t you ask him
Where it all went wrong
You should really ask him
What’s going on

You don’t need to know
Who’s on the phone
No need to ask
When he’s getting home

Just enjoy it when
His tusks puncture your skin
Leave those petty questions
With the answers in the bin

Dont say those sticky words
That exist out of heat
Let them cling to your throat
Or he’ll fall at your feet

Be careful who you tell
Who you let know -
It’s the ones you hold closest 
Who go under your nose

Can you understand me -
Or one too many lines?
I’ll save it till tomorrow
When there’s plenty of time

For now just hold him
Not the young, but the old
Black, not blue
Fuck silver, go for gold

It’s all for kicks
A childish little thrill
Whatever gets you off -
Gets you over the hill

You have to admit
It’s fucked up fun -
Breathing in the moon
Breathing out the sun

I used to think you were lucky
******, the slut with the prize
But pity comes with time
And time dries your eyes

I heard you say to a friend
You cherish freedom
Did you think that through -
Is freedom that fun?

Be careful now
More than ever
We’re at the fine end
Of a very fine tether

Women can come 
Women can go -
Men stay, for far too long
You just don’t know

In five years time
Probably in december
I’ll read this old shit
To see if I remember -

  - Remember how I thought
How I learned to forget 
How I ate my words
Washed them down with regret

******, be careful
He’s a cat in the dark
A snake in the grass
After your heart


But when fingers unlock
And dreams unwind
You’ll come to see
Love’s a state of mind


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