A Black Sacrament

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

An endless heart ache

Pray for the lost pray for the broken

Save me from a life unspoken

A voice so quiet among the masses

A voice so loud it causes clashes

A simple prayer one for peace

A simple answer no one can keep

Hush no little one all is well

I prayed for you to burn in hell

A painful death like you did cause

I prayed for you to collapse and fall

Burn in silence Burn with fright

I will not be your savior tonight

I will end your fucking life

I will cause your death by blight

A blight that haunts with slowing pain

All around will die the same

Children, women for you to maim

I will kill them all the same

All who is close all you know

I will slaughter and watch the blood flow

You bring me pain in this dark hour

I'll bring you shame in your final hour

Crawl upon your liar’s chair

Place upon the crown of thorns

A dark pariah a dark messiah I will end this and send you to the fryer

You will burn you will feel the pain you caused to the ones so near

I will cut you a thousand times I will bring you to the pyre

I will save you one last time so you can play my game tonight

A thousand deaths for you this night

A thousand deaths will end your blight

Not simple lass not a simple mind

A thought out plan to end your life

One step ahead your one behind

I'll end you now with the bloodstained knife

Cold and hard you will die

Cold and hard you paid the price

Blood for blood and life for life

I left the sentence hear tonight

Fulfilled in an instant moment

Just close your eyes and dream of me

Turn your head I'll be there

In mirrors and corners you’re never clear

I'll watch your movements till I will strike

The darkness closes on you tonight.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Mazade. All rights reserved.

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