A Darkened Gaze

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just read and you feel as you feel

Give me hope

Give me dreams

Hold me tight

Pray for might

Give me grace

Give me peace

Hold me now

Just hold me tight

Tight enough to drown

Tight enough to go down

Tired of the top

It's time to let go

Let go of the hearts

Give me time

Give me family

Alone is harsh

Alone is desolate

Alone in the dark

Six feet in oak

Dark to soak

Find a bottle

Find a match

Cremate me on this plate

A dirty pyre a filthy liar

Your last fucking pariah

A single thought a simple plan

Pull this dagger out now

Down the hatch a fiery blaze

Down the gullet and watch me bleed

Fall to my knees

And watch them bleed

All the loved

All the lost

All the broken and the maimed

Pray for the wicked

To heal the sick

Pray for the savior to stop being thick

Pray for serenity

Pray for patience

Hold the hollow hands in the darkening gaze

Hold the child to you so close

Hold for the morrow

Hold for today

Pray for the guidance to put down the blade

Hide the needles

There is shame

Drown the sink

Cleanse the sorrows

Put up the dust

Clean out the pipes

Shatter the glass and dreams and shame

Shatter the memories behind my pain

Hold me and dry my tears

Watch as I shatter the pane

Cracked are the hearts

Broken are the thoughts

I tried to better me

I tried to hide my shame

I failed you once

I failed again

A relic of time

To crumble like the rest.

Submitted: February 11, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Mazade. All rights reserved.

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