A Prayer for the Saved

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Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



Scream for me scream so loud

Plead for me and beg me to stay

Doomsday approaches the clock strikes

Save me now before I walk away

Steal me from this sorrow

Steal me from joy

Erase me from heartache

Kiss away my pain

Love me when I need you

Hate me when I die

Show me the way home

Show me the way I go

Hold me now I beg thee

Hold me as I collapse

Fall into the dark run from the light

There is no savior to save me from this blight

The death approaches

The dark consumes

Blood runs crimson on down your cheek

I was the best one of your life

I watched you fade away

I held you when you cried

I am all that remains

I scream for you and plead for you

You just turn and walk away

I grab you as my hand just fades away

Ghostly the feel

The chill to the bone

I am right behind you as you stand alone

The night is dark I still remember

The gleam of steel in a new age December

The crash the surrender the maternal niche

The embrace of your father a soft surrender

Control you for months sickness set in

Away you went with the angels on high

Away you left us with little time

Come back to me now we still need you

Your thoughts your voice your song of love

A smile to light the dark.

Hold us once more we still need you

You left us stranded a broken home

You left us sad an empty whole

There is nothing that can fill it there is nothing to be put there

Come back now let us be with you

Your thoughts never leave us your face is gone

Your voice is silent no longer remembered

Your soul in half left here in shambles

Alone to struggle alone to cling alone to slave until you meet again

He looks for you in the sun and hunts for you in the dark

Your lover here waiting for an embrace on the day you are reunited.

Here to be there for your families so dear hear to cling upon the dark night

To hold the head high and be strong like the ox for the ones you left

Alone to be forgotten by the family he once had

Alone like all the rest who meant something to you

You could not choose when you left us

I understand

But I pray thee come back to us in our dream land

Sing me a lullaby sing me a tune so I can sleep and dream of you.

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