A Thought to Change Your Mind

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Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



Is there a voice that can calm the waves?

Is there a silence that brings peace to storms?

Is there a riot in our mind and a terror in our hearts

To stop and stare to run and hide

Can you save my soul tonight?

Can you bring me to the light?

Hold me under while I die

Hold me under just for the night

Bring me back I need to feel the cold the dark the endless steel

The light doth gleam the moon will glow

Just be there for me tonight

Hold me as I fall down now

Pick me up to fight

A fight of peril a fight of might

I cannot save me I'm in a plight

Cursed with sadness

Cursed with Pain

Cursed with envy

It's all the same

Bury the hatchet find my shame

Light the candle I need the flame

A relapse hear a ring in the night

An ounce of noise to endless might

I loved you dear I love you now

I cannot kill the ghost within

I cannot run nor hide the shame

I feel as if I am Cobain

Help me now as I call to you

Help me now as I began to spew

Float away a seamless end

I leave you all with a ponder

A simple thought an endless game

Could you save my soul tonight?

Did you walk on by the man?

The one who eyes burned black as night

Did you shun the endless hand the one who needs coin for a bite?

That man is you

The eyes are mine to burn at you for just tonight

Feel the shame feel the pain the man will end his life tonight

One final thought one single gleam

A blood stained wall tonight

Could you save my soul tonight?

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