At Heaven's Gate

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A poem based on a broken life. Feel like a wasted life.

Submitted: July 09, 2014

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Submitted: July 09, 2014




A shudder

A broken line



A shudder

A stitch in time


Broken lines with blood shot lies

Broken skies angels cry


Sleepless nights

Giants cry


Rain falls down

Graves began to grow


Greedy smiles

Shattered dreams

Greedy child

No man's dream


Broken homes

Broken bones

Broken styles mending smiles


Crescent moons on broken faces

Crescent moons pouring lies


Slender clouds with salty rain

Slender clouds bloodshot and pain


Round hills

Rain piles

Flood the plains

Kill the pain


A lonesome path

A broken path

A shattered trail

I'm going frail


Hold me now

I'm shaking dear

Hold me now

I've come so near


Sober once

Shattered hope

Sober once

Now a ghost


Pass my flame

Give my shame

Pass my flame

I'm going lame


I need my fix

I need my trip

I need to jump

Just take my hit


Lay in rest

Lay at best

Sit and spin

Sit in sin


I lapsed in judgment

I broke my promise

I flew away now

I crawled on down


No totem

No poem

Just life out right


No style

No form

Broken dreams take flight


Realize my dreams

Seize the day

Realize the dark

In the month of May


Crushing spirits

No hope left

Give me my flame

Give me my cleft


Give me my shame

And wipe my tears

Tie the pain

And shear the flesh


Crawl on up

Clutch at life

Crawl on up

See heavens face tonight


Golden lights

Lift so high

Track the trails

Black the veils


Angels cry on high


Shattered bodies lay limp in skies

Shattered vessels cry out tonight

Hopeless causes St. Jude doth cry

Hopeless children of our Father's blight


Kill the weak and maim the strong

Fill the vile and trip the plunge

Blow the veins lay on down

Sleep in darkness kill the rest


Lonesome doves

Alone at last

Lonesome cries

A widows best


No more sorrow

No more darkness

No more marrow

No more bark


Bleak and sudden

Peaceful now

Bleak and shallow

Pricks began


An itch of love

A beginning to an end

A stitch in time

A broken life


A crutch of fire

Punctured wire


Cut the cord

Move on now

Cut the cord

And go on now


Kill the pain

Forget the face

Hear the cries

Of Heavens grace


Angel tears

Falling down on earth

Angels flowers

Lay on fell graves


Wild fires

Broken lies

Wild fires

Heaven cries


Tears of pain

of joy the same

Tears of shame

The devils game


Hold the bodies

Feel the shame

Hold the children

A warm embrace


Father now I call to you

Father now I hear your spell

I ruined all at my own expense

I ruined all at my burning pit


I tried for years to seek the help

I tried for years I failed at best

Hear my voice

Forget my face


Hear my prayers

At Heaven's Gate.

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