Awaken Sweet Child

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A memoir



Shining so damn bright

Clouded faces picked out traces

Shaken awake in a battered realm

War on the cusp

Give me time I yell

Give this time for us to mend

War has ended tragic love

War has brought you down to your knees

Killers fade

Memories remain



Killing again

End this now sweet child of mine end this now tonight

Hide behind your vicious smile

Hide behind these blasted lies

Smile now gleam with eyes

Smile fades razors shine

Alone at peace the moon is full

My moon a solemn peace

A beauty undefined a single grazing blow

A fresh wound a hollowed tube

Needles shine as bright as any knife




Cling now ever so tight

Cling now it is your time

Hold now in a shallow grave

Empty in this bottled game

Called for you

You were not there

Called for you a bloodshot stare

Killed like the rest I did this dear

Walked away

Crumbled down

Shallow your grave

Killer peace all in one grave

Killer peace destroyed in one game.

Pray for me

Beg for me

Fight for me one last time

Knock on golden doors thrown to immortal hell

Thrown back now white the walls

Seen the dark beheld the light

Walk on in a shattered state.

Killed are the times

Silenced the mouths



A bitter shame

Help me

Squeeze me

Love me again

I just want to be held

Give me love my dear child

Give me a kiss on these bloody wrist

Give me a bottle I need to hide

Give me my needle I need to binge

Give me razors and knifes

Give me love

Give me feeling

Give me fire

Give me rage I am here to die

Give me the love I always need

Give me time to heal

Give me a second to hide my shame

Knock on down the doors of pain

Hidden in my eyes a smile a gleam of single hope

Hidden in my words a silent scream

Hidden on my flesh a battle warn man

Hidden in my mind never again

Desert and broken

Shattered and caned

I began to shake

Help me sweet child

Help me now as I fall

The world spins and never stops

Crimson the sheets

Red the rivers

I can call but cannot hold

Kiss my tears away

Kiss my eyes tonight

Tired of this shame

Tired of this pain

All I want is an ounce of peace

I need my mind to stop

I need my world to cease

Deceased the family

Deceased the mind

Give me my solemn wish

Give me this one dream

And red the river cries

Angels sing

"Rest child your home. Tears and pain are done. Dine with your Father, mother and all. Dine and be at peace"

Startled awake

A current a brace

A box of shame

A single blow a needle again

Screams in the back a broken face

All around a single chaos

A bed of white a wheeled cart

Intense the surrounding

Family stands

Cries of lies

The time is now

Dinner is served tonight

A gathering of clashing views

A gathering to say

A gathering to dine and wine

A gathering to play

At rest now in streets of gold

At rest in this shallow tome

The last wish of a dying man

The last wish to be dealt

Peace at last

Sweet peace at last.

Submitted: February 25, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Mazade. All rights reserved.

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