Imagine the tales of the blind world


The sun forever fading the sky forever drowning

The colours of life turning into a blurred view of vivacious colours of blacks and blurs

With the white intangible out comes of shrouded shadows

Imagine love fading within grasps of joy

The beauty of one gone for life

Looking in the mirror and never witnessing the beauty of a perfect effect of human form fading from existence


Walking and never seeing the car that hits you like a blemish the night of the big date

The oops when the condom breaks

Feeling the bones snap like the human you once were snap under the pressure of losing sight of the future


The telltale signs of the constant struggle in racial profiling

The world you know become as silent as the church you were christened in to begin this life filled with an over estimated expectation of your life

Remember the last sunset you will ever see the crimsons in the night the perfect weather for a sailor taking flight

Remember the last morning as the crimson sun rises up above the horizon realizing the blood spilt in the night was nothing more than the vision of your life fading

Kissing the last beautiful face you gazed upon knowing that the very essence of beauty began with those lips with the smile after the kiss

The feel of the soft hands caressing your face reopening your eyes to see a spiral galaxy in the other person seeing your lives meld together in a single stitch in time.

Feel the rage of darkness that took the beauty of sight away

Imagine the blind rage of literal descent

Remember the look of the perfect coke bottle staring at you in the way only lovers do

Knowing that you would be able to see the exact replica of the essence of beauty stand before you as the little ones grow old

Remember the first time you felt the look of another person and thinking to yourself how lost you got as you gazed into the whirlwind effect of a never ending land of beauty

Imagine removing all that in a waking moment

Imagine waking into darkness never gazing upon the life of another

Or the beauty of this spherical structure we walk daily.

Imagine seeing with your ears instead of your eyes and feeling the exact emotions one is portraying in their face by listening to the heart race in the other person

Thump thump thump

Hearing the babbling brook a block away before you cross the creek to get the flower that the humming bird is kissing so gently.

Imagine the touch of a person in the form of pure ecstasy the intensity of the slightest graze becoming a flash back of galaxies that were gazed upon before

The feel of the love with a single touch much like fire to the fire fighter.  The fear of the burn the anticipation of the end

The constant rush flowing through the mind as you picture together the beauty in simple things

The smell of sweet vanilla mixed with the aroma of mangos dance in the winds to the east

The little laugh that floats no different than the butterflies felt for years now to the end of the earth

Laying in the silent night feeling the softness of the gorgeous silhouette lying next to me hearing her heart tap dance to the touch of the hand

Knowing that distance is overcome by a string and two tin cans

Feeling the simple pleasures in a vivid instructional on the art of silence


The knowledge knowing that eyes are useless and tired

Knowing how they must sleep the Odin’s sleep into the vast world of Valhalla

Remember the wires that wrapped around a simplistic smile into the ever ending void of the shining ivory of a polished tusk perfectly arched to place

Remember the eyes filled with love and desire that melts the hearts of the strongest warriors into the heart of a shattered child that loses his teddy

Remember the softness of the lips that keeps you coming back for more like the last drop of rain in the spring before the drop of summer in the Sahara dessert

Remember the tap-dance of the heart when you run the trickling fingers down the most beautiful silhouette one ever did see

Imagine the constant vison of all this day in and day out

The dancing thoughts of a blind individual the remembrance of the sights believed to be real vison

Never expecting the eyes you will gain

The blind have an intimacy with darkness

Yet they see better than the sighted will ever.

The exponential outcome of the dimming world will result in the understanding of why we see to begin with.

Submitted: November 30, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Mazade. All rights reserved.

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