The Failing Use of My Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Walk with a blind man lend me your eyes

The failing use of my right eye

Isn’t actually the failing use of my right eye

It’s just another way to see the sky

The dark of night in brotheled light

Purchasing glimpses of tomorrows night

The secret societies that dance among the lily pads of sanctuary

The swirl of ending colours

So I’ve been traveling with words for so long like the flowing scroll of evangelicals at night

The darkness sets in.

The foreshadowing of the morrow to the left the shyness of sight eludes the bright white noise

The actuality of the visual acceptance of the vulnerable shanty of my being I like to call my life

The simple factor of flashes tip toe through the mind to the tunes of sugar plums whilst crashing towers crumble in shadows

Two the face of this night

Two the face just might…

Crush the soul the sorrowful mind the half and half I drink this coffee black

If for once I did not wake it just means I did not try enough

The gaze to the west is nothing more than setting suns on horizon lines

Crushing waves ripping ground into the rageful sins of Poseidon himself

The shattered argorath of the Kraken himself simmer the sea as hooked as can be

The addict in this dying game as the smoke goes in the glimpse of the sun on my left eye is like the smoke reaching my lungs as a hook to pull the savior out

The equality of my mind has been ripped like the riots of old the Ottoman Empire was once great to

In the East my world grows like the raging bulls to the matadors waving cape with the spears stabbing deep and tearing the flesh

The sun set over long ago to drain the last remaining chance of dandelions on green pastures

The failing use of my mind

Isn’t actually the use of my mind

It’s just another way to tell the time.

The simple measures the double checking

The simple swallows of unsureness

The basic checks of well being

The constant clocks that never tick

The silence in the end

The sky at constant noon

Half dark and half light

The sun kisses my cheek

The moon kisses my eye

The shadow of solace creeps over to remind me the time is here

The piles of rocks shatter any walls in the end

The crippling blow the kissing sun

On the eye to ease the dark

Try and try the stars come out

Look at my galaxies hear the voices cry to the sky

As stars go out one by one so do memories of old

The mind is an interesting phenomena in the end

The green will turn to black as does the setting sun in the sky

The wheel keeps turning but the night lingers on for life

Shades come off the world sets in

It’s just another way to see the sky

Most will see the sky with eyes that peer like vessels in the deep blue sea

But to swim through the crashing waves of never ending tsunami of darkness swirling one up and spatting them out on the beach

Washed up with the bodies of Normandy metaphorically crushed and bloody

The failing use of my eyes is nothing more than the failing use of my eyes

I will make no exodus

I’ve never had to be sold that this is a curse but in actuality it is nothing more than the present nature of a gift of beauty of life

Tsunamis ease and soft waves kiss at beaches filled with bodies

the sun still shines the wind still blows the birds will sing and doves will cry

This blessing is nothing more than another way to see the sky

So sit back and look with me close your eyes and I’ll show you to fly.

Submitted: December 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Mazade. All rights reserved.

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