The Plutonian Shore

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Walk softly a dream is burried here

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



I  sit alone upon this mount of shame

I sti alone praying for the rain

Shower upon me hold me so tight

A bloodshed light will shine upon this night

A tortured boy with out a home

A tortured soul here to roam

Find me solitude find me grief

I carry all upon these feet

Walk alone a ghost in shell

Walk alone a trek through hell

Search for me on a barren sea

Search for me where it's hard to breath

All alone in this house of glass

The paynes will break with a single streak

Flow away down to the sea

Pluto calls hell begans to hold me tight and never end

I scream aloud my flesh will burn

I scream aloud I'm all alone

I asked for this I cut you out

A wish granted with a family crest

Cursed and damned for all to see

Cursed and damned as we all bleed

Cure this torture set me free

I'm just a captive down by the sea.

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