Inner Child :)

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just how i feel atm

Submitted: August 22, 2010

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Submitted: August 22, 2010



If you look at me from the outside tell me what do you see?

But what if I told you this is not the real me.

Confidence, self belief and certainty are a world of my unknown

A place where I feel utterly alone.

Always scared and sitting on the edge,

To many thoughts and feelings that I must wedge.

Where can I find the courage to leap,

To find the faith that I know runs down deep.

None of you will see this inner child of mine,

Because most of you won’t look past the outline.

I blind your eyes with the bubble I uphold,

Where most of what I show you is always controlled.

I’m unattractive looking on the outside

But get to know me and I will take you on a one of your best rides.

For if you break down these barriers that I have created

Then you will be far from hated.

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