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I was sitting in class, my might totally focused on the teacher, when I just glanced around the room and saw this guy I had a crush on. Boom. Instant emotions. So then and there I wrote this song.

Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Its funny, how a moment, / Can change so quickly / Here I am, on my own, / Then my heart chooses suddenly / To turn on me, and make me look at you. / Start the stopwatch, hear the tick-tock / Hold me down before I flip-flop / And I, say goodbye / To my last drop of sanity / It turns on me, and I look at you. /

CHORUS: In the blink, of an eye / Feeling fine, then I find / That I'm stuck again / I get lost, I get trapped / I go numb, then I lose myself / In a hopeless dream. / Faster than the lightning's flash, / Deeper than the thunder's roll, / I'm falling, helpless as the rain. / So go ahead and take me, break me, save me / It's all running through my head / So suddenly.

VERSE 2: I don't know, where the time goes / But I see it fly by, / The way, can I say, / What I've been dying to / But then I freeze, out of the blue /


That's all I've got so far!!!

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