3 Wishes

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What would you wish for?

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




3 wishes
If you had three wishes
what would you do?
get a new car?
a trip to the zoo?
Wish it was sunny,
not chucking down with rain?
quick! go to the beach, 
before you go insane!
someone special in your head,
get them to ask you on a date?
your answer would be yes, yes, yes!
you feel like this was fate!
Want to be rich?
Want have it all?
See your face on every magazine,
always answering a phone call.
Peace on earth,
war to be over,
everyone to be friends!
feel like you just found a four-leaf-clover!
Get a new toy,
a doll or a teddy bear!
play with it all day,
brush the doll's hair,
A new house?
A new TV?
A new phone?
A new wii?
A long list that goes on and on,
but just remember, 
you only have three,
the list can't go on till December!
Make a wish,
start to smile,
open you eyes,
Where did everything go?
Heeey, What did you wish for again?

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