Little Blue Boat

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Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




Little blue boat
Little blue boat floating out to sea,
Little blue boat carrying me,
Little blue boat paddling along,
Little blue boat i feel like nothing can go wrong,
Ocean so big, Ocean so wide,
Moving me slowly when you start the tide,
Waves that crash and sooth my skin,
Feels so peaceful when I start to swim
Empty caves, such a wonder,
Deep below, i swim under
Fish that greet me and guide me through,
Their scales are a sparkling blue,
New sights and sounds that fill my head,
"Swim further" The voice of the ocean said,
I do as it says and see an old door,
Leading to a sunken castle, i wish to see more,
Sharks that approach but cause no harm,
Because they know I do not wish to alarm,
But lost in this wonder I start to lose my breath,
I am not prepared for death,
Dolphins come and swim me to shore,
These wonderful creatures I must adore,
Those memories now stuck in my head,
The end of my journey I start to dread,
Back to my boat the animals take me,
Silencing the wind that howls like a banshee,
They start to leave and I wave goodbye,
My friends are gone and i start to cry,
Tears of joy pour out of my eyes,
from my very soul,
The sea of wonders, I shall return,
I promise I will visit again
Back on my ....
Little blue boat floating back to shore,
Little blue boat I love and adore,
Little blue boat as safe as can be,
Little blue boat just you and me

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