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there's something different about Jeff Jarecki and Darlene Jenkins. They both don't know all of the truth. But they will soon. They will soon realize that they are not human at all.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




(SCENE: A 16 year old boy with short light brown hair and soft brown eyes knocks on a door. He is dressed in a grey hoodie and blue jeans with a newspaper bag around his shoulder. He is JEFF JARECKI.)

JEFF: (Shouts) Mrs. Warshield, I got your newspaper for you!

(A vicious dog is barking from the inside of the house. It is a Rottweiler.)

MRS. WARSHIELD: (Voice from inside the house) I’ll be there in a moment, Jeff.

DESIREE: (From inside the house) I’m going to talk to him really quick.

(A 15 year old girl with black strung up hair and blue eyes exits out of the house. She is wearing a light blue tank top and black skinny jeans. She stands in front of JEFF.  She is DESIREE ANDERSON, JEFF’s current girlfriend.)

DESIREE cont.: Jeff! Hi! (Hugs JEFF and stays holding him)

JEFF: Hi Desiree. Why does your dog hate me so much?

DESIREE: Rufus hates everyone. (Kisses JEFF’s cheek)

(Dog barks louder)

MRS. WARSHIELD: (Voice) Here I come.

(The woman of MRS. WARSHIELD’s voice opens the door and DESIREE releases JEFF. The woman is short and wide. She has black, greasy, short hair. The Rottweiler squeezes through the woman’s legs)

JEFF: Oh come on. (Runs for the street and the dog chases after him) I… (Jumps over white plank fence) …hate… (While running away) …your dog!

(The dog jumps the fence and runs after JEFF)

DESIREE: (Calls from the house) Rufus, come back here!

JEFF: (Screams) I really don’t like you either, Rufus! (He runs past an 11 year old girl with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes who is sitting on her bike. She is wearing a guy’s T-shirt and sport shorts. She is DARLENE JENKINS.)

DARLENE: Why in such a rush? (Sees dog then rides her bike to JEFF) Do you need a lift?

JEFF: Yes please!

DARLENE: (Stops pedaling her bike but is still riding) Hop on.

JEFF: (Grabs DARLENE’s handlebars and runs beside her bike then hops on behind DARLENE) Now ride!

DARLENE: (Pedaling harder) You’re heavy!

(The dog barks harder)

JEFF: Sorry. Now pedal.

(DARLENE pedals harder and her bike goes faster)

DARLENE: (While pedaling) Who’s ferocious dog is that?

JEFF: My girlfriend’s. His name is Rufus.

DARLENE: I don’t care what the dog’s name is.

(DARLENE pedals to her house and she and JEFF get off the bike leaving it in the driveway and run inside the house.)

JEFF: (Holds fist up) Nice. Pound it.

DARLENE:  (Knuckles JEFF) That was some race for life.

JEFF: Thanks. You didn’t have to do that.

DARLENE: Aw. My life is so boring its fun having excitement.

JEFF: Do you want to trade? I get bullied, I run from dogs every day and I have girl drama.

DARLENE: I’ll entertain myself. Thanks for the offer.

Scene 1: Darlene

(SCENE: Fade into classroom with 20-30 kids at desks in uniforms. The uniform is a blue skirt and a white blouse with a dark blue vest over it. That is for the girls. The guy’s uniform is blue pants and a white shirt with a dark blue vest. A language arts teacher wearing all light purple is standing in front of the class giving a lecture. The teachers name is MR. BLU. MR. BLU has black hair and brown eyes.)

MR. BLU: Okay, everyone for your homework this week is to think and type up a paper about nature. You can do informative, persuasive, or a non-fiction paper. No other type of writing! If you do write another type, points will be deducted. But if you do the correct font, size, and spacing, you’ll get extra credit. (A girl in the front row with blonde pigtails and blue eyes hand shoots up in the air. She is MARISSA.) Ah yes, Marissa.

MARISSA: (Speaks smugly) Mr. Blu, you can already take points off of Darlene’s pa-.

DARLENE: (Interrupts MARISSA) Just put a cork in it, Marissa, before you get hurt.

MR. BLU: (Shouts at DARLENE and MARISSA) You guys! No fighting. (Talks normal) First for all, Marissa that comment was mean. Secondly, Darlene, no threating people. Finally, you guys have made me stop class just to yell at you. Do you two understand?

MARISSA: (Mumbles) Yes.

MR. BLU: What about you Darlene?

DARLENE: (Not paying attention) Yeah sure. You didn’t give me time to respond.

MR. BLU: (To the class) Alright, class, write down your homework in your assignment notebook.

(Everyone writes it down in their assignment notebooks but DARLENE)

MR. BLU cont.: Darlene, aren’t you going to write it down?

DARLENE: Don’t need to.  I have it all up here. (Points to head)

MR. BLU: Okay then.

(Bell rings)

MR. BLU cont.: Dismissed, 6th graders!

(Everyone gets up)

MARISSA: Over already? I didn’t know.

MR. BLU: See you guys tomorrow. Oh and we read the papers out loud. (MR. BLU goes to his desk)

MARISSA: Oh yes! I will ace this!

DARLENE: Oh shut up already. No one appreciates the non-stop bickering that comes out of you.

BEN: You got that right, G.D.!

MAX: Right here! (Holds hand up to DARLENE and she high fives it)

MARISSA: You know, Darlene, I didn’t mean my apology one bit.

DARLENE: Nor did I.

MARISSA: (Storms away) Dumb giant!

MAX: G.D., do you want to play some baseball after school?

DARLENE: For sure! You know I’m good at it!

Scene 2: Darlene

(SCENE: DARLENE is at bat. The sky is very dark and cloudy. There are boys at 2nd and third base. There are the outfielders then there is people waiting to bat. DARLENE always gets homeruns so the outfielders are nervous.)

DARLENE: Get ready, boys!  (Puts bat behind head)

PITCHER: Everyone back up!

(It starts raining)

MAX: Aw man.

PITCHER: Hey, I have to go home whenever it rains.

DARLENE: Baby. It’s only rain.

(Thunder roars and everyone but DARLENE gets startled then runs)

DARLENE cont.: (Shouts) I’m not afraid of any storms! In fact, storms are afraid of me. (Drops bat and walks away) I can’t bat without a pitcher.

(A guy that looks like DARLENE appears out of nowhere. He is wearing a plaid shirt that is unbuttoned and ripped shorts. He is holding a baseball. He is AVON.)

AVON: I can pitch for you.

DARLENE: (Turns around) A bright someone who is not afraid of a little rain.

(Lighting flashes in background and thunder slowly rolls in)

AVON: Music to my ears. I don’t know why people hate this weather. I think it’s beautiful.

DARLENE: Exactly. (Picks bat up)

AVON: You are very tall.

DARLENE: Just don’t talk about my height and pitch. (Puts bat behind head)

AVON:  (Pitches ball fast and Darlene hits it hard into a homerun) Well done.

DARLENE: This is common. (She runs around the bases and AVON watches her. She then runs to AVON after touching the Home base.) You’re not bad. So who exactly are you? Do you go to my school?

AVON: I am Avon, h-. I don’t go to your school.

DARLENE: Which school do you go to then?

(Lighting and Thunder)

AVON: (Pauses) There will be rain tomorrow. Do you want to play a game tomorrow? Same time. Same place. I’ll bring my team and you can bring yours.

DARLENE: My team is all babies who hate the rain.

AVON: So is most of my team. We’ll split then.  We will actually play.

DARLENE: Playing in the rain, completely with a team? I like it. You’re on!

AVON: Your name madam?

DARLENE: (Grunts) I’m no madam. Darlene is but my friends call me G.D.

AVON: What does that stand for?

DARLENE: Giant Darlene, but its G.D. Ya got that?

AVON: Alright. Bye. (Runs off)

Scene 3: Jeff

(SCENE: JEFF and DESIREE are at a dunk booth. JEFF is throwing the balls so he can win DESIREE a stuffed panda. JEFF is wearing a purple T-shirt and Khaki shorts. DESIREE is wearing a black tube top and a light green and dark green mini skirt over black tights. Her hair is strung up.)

JEFF: Spunky, funky, junky, dunky! (Throws ball and misses target)

(The man on the dunk tank shouts at JEFF. He is in a green swim shorts. He is one of JEFF’s bullies at school. He is CHARLE.)

CHARLE: Miss! Loser! Let’s see you dunk me wo-man! I bet you can’t.

JEFF: No. (Turns around)

CHARLE: Chicken! A gay chicken!

JEFF: (Turns back around) I’m not gay.

CHARLE: You are! You dress differently than the rest of the guys. Your shirt proves it.

JEFF: I like this shirt!

CHARLE: It’s a gay shirt.

JEFF: Call me that again and I’ll… I’ll-

CHARLE: (Interrupts JEFF) You’ll what?

DESIREE: (Threatening CHARLE) Knock it off, Charle.

JEFF: This is for you, Desiree.

DESIREE: Jeff… (Wraps arms around JEFF’s chest) don’t. You don’t have to get that toy for me. I just thought it was cute. (Releases JEFF)

JEFF: (Puts a 5 dollar bill down on the counter) Give me three more balls.

CHARLE: (Throws 1st ball) One! (JEFF catches it in his right hand) Two! (JEFF catches it in left hand) Three! (DESIREE catches third ball) Let’s go loser!

JEFF: Stop calling me that! (Throws 1st ball and misses) Blamo! (Throws 2nd ball and almost hits CHARLE)

CHARLE: Hey! I believe the target is over here! (Points to target)

JEFF: Sorry. Desiree, can I have the ball?

DESRIEE: (Looks at ball) No thank you. (Throws ball and hits target; dunking CHARLE)

CHARLE: (Swims up) That’s pretty bad your girlfriend got a better arm than you!

DESIREE: (To the carny) My prize good sir. (Leans on the counter)

CARNY GUY: Nice job lil’ lady.

DESIREE: The panda, please?

CARNY GUY: (Takes panda off of the wall) Here you go. (Sets panda on the counter)

DESIREE: (Picks panda up) You can have it, Jeff.

JEFF: No. No. No. You won it and if I did win it, you would still have it.


(JEFF and DESIREE walk away from the stand)

JEFF: Do you want some cotton candy?

DESIREE: I’m good.

JEFF: Do you want to go on a romantic ride?

DESIREE: The Ferris wheel?

JEFF: No. Goodness no way. Ferris wheels are depressing. It’s extremely depressing going around and around. I was thinking a roller coaster.

DESIREE: Jeff, a roller coaster is not romantic.

JEFF: Sure it is. Screaming around, holding onto each other when we go up the hill, and being crammed into the same seat together.

DESIREE: We are going to have to break up.

JEFF: Why?

DESIREE: Ah. How do I put this without hurting your fe-?

JEFF: (Interrupts DESIREE) Cut to the chase. I have been dumped before. I don’t care about phony bologna.

DESIREE: You are UnordiNary. Roller coasters are not romantic and Ferris wheels are not depressing.

JEFF: Well that’s your opinion. Mine is different from yours. I’m unique. Like what’s his face with the inventions. Leonardo Dicaprio.

DESIREE: Leonardo da Vinci; Jeff!

JEFF: Oh yeah! That’s right! I don’t think the “Jeff” part is accurate. And that did not hurt my feelings.

DESIREE: (Throws panda down and walks slowly away backwards) Good-bye.

JEFF: (Picks panda up) Don’t be a hater!

DESIREE: Shut up!

JEFF: Now that’s not nice. (DESIREE runs away. Then JEFF kisses the panda and pets it) She is a meanie. She threw you on the ground. You know what, I’m naming you Jack. You’re now my son.

(People in crowd give JEFF puzzled looks)

DESIREE: Jeff! (Comes back to JEFF) Will you drive me home? I’m sorry.

JEFF: No problem.

Scene 4: Jeff

(SCENE: JEFF is wearing his school uniform and is walking around in the school carrying the panda. When people pass him they give him looks of disgust, shame, or anger. JEFF notices the faces and that makes him feels sad so he talks to the panda like a crazy person. He speaks with sadness in his voice)

JEFF: That’s Mr. Jordan’s classroom. You will meet him at 4th hour. He is an awesome teacher. I think he will like you.

DESIREE: Why are you carrying that dumb panda around?

JEFF: Panda hater! Jack is still recovering from your last outburst. Right Jack?  (Moves Jack’s head to say yes) See.

DESIREE: You named your panda! How old are you?! (Laughs) Are you five? Seriously? You named the panda!

JEFF: That’s mean too! My child does not want to hear your meanie pants words.

DESIREE: You’re a father?

JEFF: Yeah and you’re the mother.

DESIREE: No! No! Noo!

JEFF: We have a divorce. Besides I already told half the school about it.

DESIREE: Jeff! That’s so bad for my reputation.

JEFF: Who do you want it to be? Some random girl?

DESIREE: Well yes.

JEFF: Fine. (He grabs a girl with red hair and crystal blue eyes out of the crowd. She is JACKIE BIRD.) Hi, I’m Jeff. Do you want to go out sometime and be the mother of my panda and other children?

JACKIE: Sure. I’m Jackie.

JEFF: So-.

JACKIE: (Interrupts JEFF) Here’s my number. (Takes out a marker and writes her number on JEFF’s hand then puts the marker away)

JEFF: I’ll call you, Jackie.

JACKIE: (Scruffs up the panda’s hair) What is your panda’s name anyway?

JEFF: Jack.

JACKIE: (Giggles) I like it. Bye Jason! (Walks away)

JEFF: (Turns to DESIREE) Burn! (Holds hand up with number on it)

DESIREE: She didn’t get your name right if you didn’t notice.

JEFF: Jason, Jeff, same thing.

DESIREE: I hate you.

JEFF: That’s weird; you didn’t hate me two days ago.

DESIREE: (Sticks tongue out at JEFF) Things change. (Sticks tongue out at JEFF again)

JEFF: Put that back in your mouth. (Touches DESIREE’s tongue)

DESIREE: Hey! (Storms into classroom)

JEFF: Hahmm. (Walks into classroom) Hi Ms. W.

MS. W.: (Talking fast) Yes, yes. Hello. You switch seats today and you and your… (Scrunches nose up) … new child will sit… (Crunches eyes) by, let’s see in front of Charle.

JEFF: (Bounces back) Please no!

MS. W.: Yeah ya go and sit.

(JEFF walks down the row hesitantly)

CHARLE: Hi loser.

(JEFF sits in front of CHARLE)

JEFF: I’m telling you now, Charle, that Jack and I are not to be any harm at all.

CHARLE: Shut up you gay!

JEFF: I’m not gay.

CHARLE: Yes you are. Deal with it.

JEFF: (Holds hand with number on it) See this? This is a girl named Jackie. She has red hair and crystal blue eyes. She is gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as Desiree.

DESIREE: Don’t include me in this.

CHARLE: Girls shouldn’t date the gays.

JEFF: No, I’m not.

CHARLE: Shut up!

JEFF: Okay.

CHARLE: What’s this? (Takes JEFF’s panda)

JEFF: (Reaches for panda) Give that back.

CHARLE: Eston! (Throws the panda to a boy in a different row)

JEFF: Come on guys, give it back! (Reaches over sit to ESTON)

ESTON: Donny! (Throws the panda over JEFF’s head to a different boy)

JEFF: Please give it back.

DONNY: Loser!

CHARLE: Loser!

ESTON: Loser!

(JEFF looks mega sad and puts his head on the desk. He covers his face with his arm and cries)

DESIREE: Come on guys! Give it back to him.

DONNY: No lil’ lady.

DESIREE: (Takes the panda out of DONNY’s hands and gives it to JEFF) Here, Jeff.

JEFF: (Keeps his head down and grabs the panda) Thank you.

DESIREE: (Gets out of her seat and walks around her row and down JEFF’s. She kneels next to him and whispers) I may not be your girlfriend anymore but whenever anybody bullies you, I’ll be there for you. No matter what.

Scene 5: Darlene

(SCENE: DARLENE is swinging on the swing and looking over at AVON who is now her friend. AVON is sitting on the rail above the swings. AVON is acting like a goof and hanging upside-down.)

DARLENE: So where did you learn to pitch?

AVON: (Climbs down slowly) I taught myself. I’m the only one in my pact; I mean family who knows how.

DARLENE: That’s cool.

AVON: Yeah. Where did you learn to bat so well?

DARLENE: Well, I used to live by a baseball field and I watched the boys who always played there. My house always had broken windows.

AVON: (Places feet on the swing then falls off) Ah. (Looks up at DARLENE)

DARLENE: (Laughs) Are you okay?

AVON: Yeah I’m fine.

DARLENE: (Jumps off swing) You’re like a stuntman.

AVON: Why? Because I do stupid stuff like most boys my age.

DARLENE: That and you look older than most boys my age.

AVON: Psh posh. So?

DARLENE: How old are you anyway?

AVON: What’s-zitt-to-ya?

DARLENE: You’re my friend that I know nothing about except your name and you know how to pitch.

AVON: (Stands up) Good reason! (Sits on the swing) I am on my 15th year!

DARLENE: Wow! You’re older than you look.

AVON: What does it matter? I’m three years older than you.

DARLENE: I’ve recently turned 11, smart one.

AVON: Phh! So what? Not like we’re dating.

DARLENE: Yes. That’s true. Like I date you anyway.

AVON: (Joking) Do you have a problem with my beautiful face?

DARLENE: Mmm-hmm.

AVON: Well then you have a problem with your own face because we look a lot alike! So. (Evil laughs)

DARLENE: (Shakes head in disproval) We look nothing alike.

AVON: You seriously don’t see it.


AVON: Think about it. You have dirty blonde hair. I have dirty blonde hair! You have brown eyes, and I have brown eyes.

DARLENE: We kind of look alike.

AVON: We look a lot alike!

DARLENE: (Joking) I guess you’re my brother then. You have just been separated from birth.

Scene 6: Jeff

(SCENE: At school. JEFF is standing by a window looking outside. It is down pouring. JACKIE comes from behind JEFF and touches his shoulder. JEFF turns around in surprise and lightens up when he sees JACKIE. He is holding the panda)

JEFF: Hi, Jackie. Jack is Jr. you for sure. See, Jack; Jackie.

JACKIE: I need to break up with you.

JEFF: Why? Oh! Why?

JACKIE: Let me put this straight. You’re UnordiNary.

JEFF: (Surprised) No way! That’s what my last girlfriend broke up with me for!

JACKIE: It’s because you weren’t joking about Jack. I thought that was just some pick up line to get a girl you made up.


(DESIREE is eavesdropping close by)

JACKIE: (Interrupts JEFF) Then you allowed your little sister to put a dress and makeup on you.

JEFF: I was playing dress up with her. And that dress really brings out my eyes. I need to help become a fashion designer!

JACKIE: Sorry, Jeff. Good-bye. (Walks into crowd and away)

JEFF: (To himself) Well nicer than Desiree.

(DESIREE walks up besides JEFF where he can’t see her.)

DESIREE: What is nicer than me?

JEFF: (Turns to DESIREE calmly) Jackie’s break-up. You won’t believe it but Jackie broke up with me for the same reason you did.

DESIREE: (Sarcastic) No. Girls just love you and your attitude.

JEFF: Well, I’m me. No one will and can change it.

DESIREE: Hmph. That’s very strong of you. Too bad no one likes it.

JEFF: Wow, you really are mean. Why did I ever date you?

DESIREE: To prove to everyone, that you weren’t gay. Then you fell for me.

JEFF: Right, but you fell for me first. You asked me out,

DESIREE: I still have feelings for you.

JEFF: Why’d you dump me if you still care?

DESIREE: I didn’t know what to do.

JEFF: Do you want to get back together?

DESIREE: Nope. I still don’t know about you being somewhat UnordiNary. Don’t forget I dumped you?

JEFF: Yeah. What a jerk you were too?

DESIREE: Hey that’s just how I role.

JEFF: A jerk?

DESIREE: Yep. (Hugs JEFF and he hugs her back then walks away)

MR. JORDAN: Jeff, do you want to come to class sometime and exit your love life?

JEFF: Yes! This is getting all too dramatic. I don’t know who likes me anymore! (Walks into room)

Scene 7: Avon

(SCENE: AVON is standing in front of a wolf with gray hair and brown eyes. The wolf is AVON’s father. His name is KING FESTO. They are standing a dim lighted clay room. It is raining outside and some water gets in through the windows. This scene is in a secret layer of wolf-humans. Wolf-humans are like werewolves but they can change into a wolf at any time beside a werewolf that can only turn into a wolf at a Full moon. A few SPECTATORS are watching. This scene is full of tension. Wolf-humans are always wearing clothes unless they take them off. They even have clothes on when they turn into a wolf.)

KING FESTO: (Yelling at AVON) If you found her, you must bring her to me!

AVON: (Protesting) But dad! Darle-.  (Corrects himself) I mean Adalwolfa belongs to humans now.

KING FESTO: No! She is my first born daughter! She must be sacrificed to our gods!

AVON: You can’t sacrifice her! She is a good friend. She is so nice. She is one girl who doesn’t care about herself or her appearance.

KING FESTO: (Turns into a human) She would be a better sacrifice! The gods have already taken my first born boy. All they need is my daughter. Once we sacrifice her, we will all be immortal.

AVON: (Talks normal) Is it worth sacrificing your only female pup though?

KING FESTO: Of course! Now bring Adalwolfa to me. You’re the only one who knows where she is.

AVON: (Whines) Dad.

KING FESTO: Scoropo, go assist my son with getting my daughter.

(A really strong looking guy steps away from the wall and stands next to KING FESTO. He has one green eye and the other eye is lazy and is silver meaning it’s blind. SCOROPO always talks with aggression)

KING FESTO cont.: Avon, how are you supposed to become King when you don’t want to sacrifice even your own sister?

AVON: You can’t do this. Dad, I found out that immortality doesn’t exist. In the human w-.

KING FESTO: (Interrupts AVON) We are not humans; now are we? We are wolf-humans, so we live longer than the average human and wolf. We live 10 times as long. We just need to be immortal.

AVON: So why aren’t we immortal then? Shouldn’t our ancestors have made us immortal?

KING FESTO: Our ancestors have dies before having the chance or are too weak. Just like you.

Scene 8: Jeff

(SCENE: JEFF is sitting on a chair wearing makeup with a little girl who is about seven with dark brown hair and green eyes doing his hair. The little girl is JEFF’s sister, NASSIM. JEFF is wearing a light green shirt with black dress pants. NASSIM is wearing a polka dot dress. The polka dots are white and the dress is black. They are in JEFF’s house.)

JEFF: Are you done yet?

NASSIM: No. You’re going to look so pretty though.

JEFF: I better look pretty or I’m going to tickle you!

NASSIM: (Giggles) You will.

(Doorbell rings)

JEFF: I got it.

NASSIM: (Points at JEFF) No you don’t got it! I do. (Runs to get the door) Stay where you are!

JEFF: Can I at least do my homework? I have this big exam coming up.

NASSIM: No! (Opens door) Hello? Who are you?

(The guy on the left is MAN 1. He is about 33. He has a bushy beard, blue eyes, and black curly hair. The guy on the right is MAN 2. He is about 42. He is African-American with almost black eyes and a bald head)

MAN 1: (Talks with a German accent) Are your parents home, little girl?

NASSIM: No. (Closes door then doorbell rings again and she opens it and screams at the guys) What?!

MAN 2: Are you alone?

NASSIM: No, my older brother is here. (Closes door)

JEFF: So who was it?

NASSIM: (Runs back into room) Two guys asking if I was alone.

JEFF: (Thinks for a few seconds) Stay right here and don’t go near the windows.  (Stands up and pulls phone out)

NASSIM: Who are you calling?

JEFF: Sit down.  (NASSIM sits) 9-1-1. (Phone rings)

(A rock goes flying through the window)

MAN 2: (Voice) Come on.

(JEFF takes NASSIM and hides in the closet quickly)

OPERATOR: Hello this is 9-1-1. What is your emergency?

JEFF: (Whispering) This is Jeff Jarecki. People are breaking into my house.

(NASSIM burrows her head into JEFF’s arm)

OPPERATOR: Where are you, sir?

JEFF: Hiding in the closet with my little sister. My address is – (Tells address but MAN 1’s voice is louder)

MAN 1: Where are they?

MAN 2: Probably hiding upstairs.

OPPERATOR: Don’t worry. Help is on the way.

(JEFF hangs phone up)

NASSIM: (Whispers to JEFF) What’s going to happen?

JEFF: Shh.

MAN 2: Let’s go check upstairs.

MAN 1: You go ahead. I’ll stay down here.

(MAN 2 hurries upstairs)

JEFF: Step back.

(NASSIM hides behind the jackets)

NASSIM: I’m afraid.

JEFF: Shh don’t talk.

MAN 1: (Stops in front of the closet and NASSIM and JEFF seize breath) Where is she? (Opens closet) There’s the brother. (Pulls on JEFF’s shirt) Nice house, boy. (Drags JEFF out then closes the closet door) Where’s your sister? (Wraps hands around JEFF’s neck)

JEFF: What are you doing here?

MAN 1: As you teen’s like to say, just chillin’. (Drags JEFF to the living room and tosses him on the couch)

JEFF: (Sits up) Why are you here?

MAN 1: (Shouts upstairs) Rick! I got the son! (MAN 2 comes down the stairs)

MAN 2: Nice. Where was he?

MAN 1: In the closet.

MAN 2: (Walks to JEFF and empties his pockets) A phone. (Puts JEFF’s phone in his pocket) You’re not calling anyone.

MAN 1: Tie him down. (MAN 2 pulls ropes out of his pockets and ties JEFF to the couch) We’re here because your dada has some depts. to pay off.

JEFF: My dad is at work. He is in New York for business. He won’t be back until next week.

MAN 2: Yeah, we have to kill him. We can’t do that if he’s not here.

MAN 1: We have to take a few things that are close to him.

MAN 2: Let’s go look for Ralph’s daughter.

MAN 1: (Looks at JEFF) Where is she?

JEFF: I don’t know.

MAN 2: (Threatening JEFF) Where is she?

JEFF: I believe she’s upstairs.

(MAN 1 and MAN 2 hurry upstairs)

NASSIM: (Peaks out of closet and whispers) Jeff?

JEFF: (Whispers) Go outside and go to Darlene’s house. I’ll meet you there. Hurry.

NASSIM: Be safe. (Sneaks out of closet and out the front door)

JEFF: (Tugs at the ropes) Come on. (He bites at the ropes that are around his wrists like an animal. They finally loosen.) Yes. (Pulls ropes off)

(Sirens are heard in th distance. JEFF goes outside. Then he heads toward a white van. He opens the hood and pulls out a object)

JEFF cont.: Take that! (Runs to DARLENE’s house)

(The two men run to their van and try to start it but it won’t)

Scene 9: Darlene

(SCENE: AVON is leading DARLENE away from the baseball field. DARLENE is wearing a Dr. Pepper® shirt. The shirt is red with white letters. Her pants are basic denim jeans. DARLENE drew little stars on the jeans with black and red sharpie. AVON is wearing a plaid black and red, flannel, and button up shirt. He is wearing sports jeans which are black with a white strip at the side. This is casual dress. DARLENE is acting goofy in this scene and is laughing occasionally when she talks. AVON is regretting his decision so he talks with regret and disappointment.)

AVON: Follow me.

DARLENE: You’re so mysterious and quite because I mean I know nothing about you. But yet I trust you.

AVON: I want you to meet ou- my family Ald- Darlene. Well, this guy is my (Emphasizes friend) friend.

DARLENE: Why are you so fumble jumble with words?

AVON: (Loses his cool. Snaps at DARLENE.) Does it matter?! (Talks normal) I’m sorry. It’s confusion. The way I normally talk to my peers. You won’t understand. Well you would, sort of. But you’d be extremely confused like me. (Leads DARLENE to SCOROPO who is leaning on a tree staring in the other direction. He turns his head to them)

SCOROPO: (Grins) You have her. (Slaps AVON’s back hard) You’re slipping.

DARLENE: (A little bit confused) I’m Darlene.

SCOROPO: Yes you are!

DARLENE: (Extremely confused) Yeah, I’ve been Darlene since birth.

AVON: (Laughs then stops himself) So… true.

SCOROPO: (Grabs DARLENE’s hand) You know, you’re not a bad looker.

DARLENE: (Threatening SCOROPO) Not interested. So, I suggest you get your hand off mine before I give you a bloody nose.

SCOROPO: Do you f-?

AVON: (Interrupts SCOROPO by kicking his head and doing a back flip) She said let go!

SCOROPO: (Cracks jaw then releases DARLENE) Avon, don’t start your lame fight back. You know I (Emphasizes always) always win.

AVON: (Brings hands up in a fighting position) You and me, Scoropo! You’ve won before but now I’m real angry.

DARLENE: (Puts hand on AVON’s shoulder) Let me help. This guy is obnoxious.

(AVON nods his head and then SCOROPO punches AVON and he falls to the ground. DARLENE looks at SCOROPO in shock.)

SCOROPO: Avon, you’re a disgrace to your father. I should be his son and you (To DARLENE) you’re-

 (DARLENE punches SCOROPO interrupting him and AVON trips him by sweeping his foot under SCOROPO’s feet)

DARLENE: Don’t mess with my friend, you jerk!

SCOROPO: (His back starts bubbling up. This is happening because he is making his first transformation into a wolf.) Prepare, Adalwolfa, to be brought to your death! (Optional: Grunt and scream in pain)

AVON: (Stands up and looks at DARLENE quickly) Run!  (He runs west from the baseball field)

(DARLENE stays and watches SCOROPO in curiosity. SCOROPO turns into a wolf.)

DARLENE: (Jumps back and runs after AVON. She is shouts to him.) What kind of person is he?

(SCOROPO chases AVON and DARLENE sluggishly.)

AVON: (Stops and waits for DARLENE) I’ll tell you later! (Runs beside DARLENE) Just hold onto me!

(DARLENE grabs on to AVON’s arm. AVON turns into a wolf quickly-because he has turned in to a wolf before this)

DARLENE: (Pauses) You’re one of them! (Worried and wants to let go of AVON)

AVON: No. Stay holding! (Hisses at DARLENE) I’m trying to help you! (Throws DARLENE on his back) Scoropo is trying to kidnap you!

DARLENE: (Holding onto AVON tightly. Her arms are wrapped around AVON’s neck. She screeches her line.) Why is he after me?!?

AVON: That’s another long story.

DARLENE: (Embracing the fact that SCOROPO is after her) Will he catch up?

AVON: I’m known for my speed.

Scene 10: Jeff

(SCENE: Outside of JEFF’s home, MRS. JARECKI just got home and is in a ball of nerves after what happened. She looks exactly like JEFF but shorter and wider. Her voice is scratchy after 20 years of smoking. She is 42. MRS. JARECKI is wearing a brown flannel overcoat and a pink ruffled dress. She is standing in front of JEFF and is shaking him by his shoulders. NASSIM is playing with Barbie dolls in the background. Tears are strolling down MRS. JARECKI’s face.)

MRS. JARECKI: How were you not afraid? (Stops shaking JEFF)

JEFF: (Reviving from the shaking. He reassures his mom) Mom, I’m fine. Nassim was safe. You know I wouldn’t let anything happen to Nassim when she is under my care. Besides, if I was afraid that would have made matters worse. If I didn’t think of what could have happened, we could have been kidnaped, injured, or worse.

(MRS. JARECKI nervous expression turns into a worried and fearful expression. JEFF looks like he knows he shouldn’t have said that.)

MRS. JARECKI: (Removes hands from JEFF’s shoulders then points at JEFF. She sputters out.) D-don’t put that i-i-image in my head. I can’t stand it.

JEFF: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put the image in your head. I didn’t know it would cause you that much mixed feelings.

MRS. JARECKI: You’re right. (Turns around and bites her nails) You and Nassim came so close to death.

JEFF: (Walks around his mom to look her in the face. He puts his hands on her shoulders) We’re perfectly fine, mom. (Takes hands down and slowly spins around) See? Not a single scratch on me.

MRS. JARECKI: (Touches JEFF’s neck lightly. There are hand marks of bruises on his neck) You have bruises on your neck. If you didn’t use your noggin, I don’t know what I would do. I love you so much! (Hugs JEFF)

JEFF: Yes, I know. I love you too. (MRS. JARECKI releases JEFF)

MRS. JARECKI: (Eyes widen and is suddenly surprised) What if this happens again?

JEFF: It won’t. Stop over reacting.

MRS. JARECKI: I’m sorry. It’s a mother’s instinct. (MRS. JARECKI hugs JEFF quickly then struts to and in the house)

JEFF: (Sits down on a lawn chair and relaxes) Nassim, can I have some soda? (Soda flies to JEFF. He doesn’t know this yet but he is using his mind powers to do it) Thank you, Nassy. (Nassy is a nickname for Nassim)

NASSIM: (Looks up from playing with her dolls) What are you talking about?

JEFF: Thanks for the soda.

NASSIM: I didn’t give you any soda.

JEFF: Well, it’s not likely that it flew into my hands. (Laughs. NASSIM joins in but not meaning it.) That’s funny. Good one.

NASSIM: (Goes back to playing with her two Barbie dolls when one’s head falls off) My dolly broke!

JEFF: Bring it here. I might be able to fix it.

(Doll flies to JEFF. JEFF uses his unknown powers.)


JEFF: How’d you do that?

NASSIM: I didn’t do that.

JEFF: (Grabs the flying doll and talks amongst himself) I must have done it.

Scene 11: Darlene

(SCENE: DARLENE and AVON are sitting in a cave, in front of a small fire. DARLENE is holding her knees and is sitting across from AVON.)

DARLENE: Tell me the long stories. I’m dying to know.


DARLENE: You said you would earlier.

AVON: Fine. I guess you deserve it. Your real name is Adalwolfa.

DARLENE: That explains why your friend called me that.

AVON: He is not my friend. I hate everything about him. It means “noble she wolf”. You were going to be a sacrifice.

DARLENE: (Talks like Scooby-doo and yells) A sacrifice!

AVON: Shh.

SCOROPO: (Voice) I hear you!

DARLENE: (Quieter) Why a sacrifice?

AVON: It is said that if a leader wanted to have immortality to the whole pact forever, they sacrifice their first boy and girl.

DARLENE: That’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t the pact already be immortal because of past leaders?

AVON: Other leaders have died or have had a weak heart to sacrifice their children.

DARLENE: (Nods head) Uh-huh. Go on.

AVON: The girl’s sacrifice name is always Adalwolfa and thee male’s is always Adalwolf. The way the sacrifice went was they’d get hung then burned.

DARLENE: (Holds her neck) A little morbid, don’t you think?

AVON: You can turn in to a wolf too.

DARLENE: I figured. You’re supposedly my brother. So, what now? Am I supposed to be sacrificed?

AVON: Most definitely not!

DARLENE: Do I ditch my family?

AVON: (Rubs eye) I don’t know what I should do. I just know you’re not going to get sacrificed and we have to stay in this cave for now. Then we’ll sneak out later today. It’s a good thing Scoropo has a fear of caves.

DARLENE: Yes, I know. Can I ask you something?

AVON: You’re already asking me things. Shoot for it.

DARLENE: (Studying AVON’s face) How did I end up alive with the Jenkins’ family.

AVON: We have a brother.

(Scene flashes back to when this was happening. Everything happens as AVON says it. The flashback is in grey.)

AVON cont.: His name was Octavious, and every bone in his body hated the fact of sacrificing someone for a thing that might not work. So, he stole you the second you were born and ran for it. He didn’t know where he was going or where he was going to go. He was running for days without any food or water. Finally, he lost the people who were chasing him then he collapsed on the Jenkins’ porch. Then he was dead.

(Flashback ends and scene goes back to DARLENE and AVON)

DARLENE: How do you know that?

AVON: His ghost haunts the hideout. I’ve seen him. He’s came to me.

DARLENE: Your- Our tribe has very interesting stories.

AVON: (Looks at a watch) You should probably get some rest. We might fight tonight


AVON: I have a hunch that Scoropo might get some of his pals to help him.

DARLENE: We could sneak out when he is getting the pact.

AVON: It’s not that easy. Go to sleep.

DARLENE: I’m not tired! I woke up really late today.

AVON: (Slides around the fire next to DARLENE) Then hit me. I Wanna see if you can hit a guy.

DARLENE: Alright. Fair enough. (Punches AVON’s shoulder)

AVON: (Cringing in pain) A-ha-ow. (Holds shoulder) You’re good. Stay here and be quiet. I’m going to check if he’s gone. (Stands up and walks to the exit. HE takes a deep breath then peaks his head out)

(A guy dressed in all black so his face is covering is talking to SCOROPO)

COZO: Do you think they’ll ever come out?

(AVON runs back into the cave)

DARLENE: (Looks at AVON) Well?

AVON: They’re still there. Scoropo brought his friends. Well friend right now.

DARLENE: (Studies AVON) You know, I see it now.

AVON: See what? What do you see?

DARLENE: You and I look alike. Almost identical.

AVON: Finally you notice.

Scene 12: Jeff

(SCENE: JEFF is standing in the front yard in front of NASSIM. JEFF has his hands on his face. He mumbles through his hands.)

JEFF: Can you not tell anyone about this? This is defiantly not normal.

NASSIM: (Coolly replies) This is our cool secret. (Excited) Can you show me how to do it?

JEFF: I don’t know how I’m even doing it.

NASSIM: (Disappointed then gets excited again) Can you show me again?

JEFF: What should I move? (Looks around)

NASSIM: Let’s see if you can move humans! So move me!

JEFF: (Puts hands by his side) No!

NASSIM: Why not?

JEFF: I don’t need you to get hurt. Mom is still complaining about earlier today. Besides, I’ve only moved and a soda can and a doll. I don’t know if I can move bigger objects. The molecules might be too complex for me. I don’t know if I can even move a chair.

 NASSIM: Try it!

JEFF: Not in the front yard; I don’t want to be seen. This is embarrassing. This actually means I’m not normal. I even tried to fit in the crowd. (Runs to backyard) I tried. I tried so hard.

NASSIM: (Walks into the yard) You’re still my awesome big brother. Normal is boring anyway.

JEFF: (Cheers up) This just makes me more unique.

NASSIM: Try moving the chair!

JEFF: I’ll try it. (Tries to move chair with his mind but it doesn’t work. He loses hope) I can’t do it.

NASSIM: Please try harder.

JEFF: Shouldn’t you being going to bed? (Crosses arms in front of chest) It’s 8:00pm already.

NASSIM: Yes, but don’t send me please. I want to see you do your magic.

JEFF: I don’t do magic. Magic is for magicians. If I want to move the chair, I can just pick it up. (Picks chair up and throws it.) Opps! (Chair hovers in mid-air. He whispers in awe.) I can move it.

NASSIM: You did it Jeffy! (Jeffy is a nickname NASSIM uses for Jeff)

JEFF: (Moves chair with mind to NASSIM) Do you need a chair? (Gently puts chair down with mind) This is amazing. Go to bed now. I want to try some things alone.

NASSIM: No! (Whines) Pllease noo.

JEFF: Go Nassim!

NASSIM: Fine. (Walks to door) Good night Jeff.

JEFF: Night. (NASSIM goes inside the house through the slide door. JEFF talks to himself.) I wonder if I can do multiple things. (Moves lawn chair and table) I can! (Wolves howl in distance) That’s cool. (He hurries in the house and pulls out his phone to call his dad.)

MR. JARECKI: (Voice) Hi Jeff.

JEFF: Hey dad!

MR. JARECKI: What’s up, boy?

JEFF: Something happened today.

MR. JARECKI: What’s the matter? Is everything okay? Is anyone hurt?

JEFF: Well, two guys came over today in the morning when I was with Nassim.

MR. JARECKI: What happened?

JEFF: Well, they broke into the house.

MR. JARECKI: What! What did you do?

JEFF: Nassim and I hid in the hallway closet. The guys were looking for us! I got caught by one of them and his partner tied him me up. The first guy started talking to me. Here’s the funny part. They said you had some depts. to pay off and they were going to kill you. W-why is that?

MR. JARECKI: Oh Jeff, I’m sorry I put you through this.

JEFF: (A little stern) What happened?

MR. JARECKI: A mistake.

JEFF: What kind of mistake? (MR. JARECKI hangs up his phone)

Scene 13: Darlene

(SCENE: AVON slowly stands up and motions to DARLENE)

DARLENE: What is it?

AVON: Come one. We need to go before your “Parents” get worried. You don’t want a search party after you.

DARLENE: Team baseball wolves?

AVON: Team baseball wolves. (Pulls DARLENE up ad howls) Let’s go!

(DARLENE and AVON exit out of cave)

SCOROPO: Well, well, well. (Cracks knuckles) Look who finally decided to show up. Give us the girl, Avon. That would be the easy way out.

AVON: Make me. (Turns into a wolf)

(A wolf with blondish-white hair and blue eyes talks to AVON. He is STANZI.)

STANZI: I’ll enjoy this.

SCOROPO: Let me know that the only emotion I’ll feel would be pleasure. (He turns into a wolf and attacks AVON. This scene moves quickly. )

(SCOROPO and AVON fall to the ground. They fight. There is a general growls and “ows!” Two twin wolves with blue eyes and brown hair are STANZI and GEO help attack AVON. STANZI is the one with the blue shirt and GEO is the one with the orange shirt. COZO goes after DARLENE.)

DARLENE: (Punches COZO in the snout) Take that!

COZO: (Grabs DARLENE with his teeth. He mumbles through DARLENE’s flesh) I got you now.

DARLENE: Let go of me! (Repeatedly punching COZO)

SCOROPO: (While fighting with AVON) Take her to the King.

AVON: (Turns into human. Punches SCOROPO, GEO, then STANZI and attacks and takes DARLENE by the hands and spins her around three times and throws her.) Brace yourself.

(DARLENE falls about 100 ft. away)

DARLENE: (Whines) Ouch!

AVON: (Shouts to DARLENE) Run!!!!

SCOROPO: (To everyone) After the girl!

(Wolves run after DARLENE)

AVON: Run. (Stands up) Darlene! (Turns into a wolf and runs past the other wolves and runs under DARLEN so she is riding him)

DARLENE: (Punches AVON) I’m not your sacrifice.

AVON: Ow! It’s me! Your brother.

DARLENE: (Holds onto AVON) Sorry.

AVON: Hold on tight! (Runs faster)

DARLENE: (Screams) Slow down.

AVON: (Runs slower) Do you want them to catch us?

DARLENE: (Holds on tighter) No please don’t.

AVON: I’ve got to run then.

SCOROPO: Avon, come back with Adalwolfa, you traitor.

GEO: (Runs ahead and attacks AVON. AVON’s and DARLENE’s bodies go flying. DARLENE’s body goes right. AVON’s body goes left. DARLENE has passed out but AVON is still cautious but the wind got knocked out of him. AVON turns into human.) I got them, Scoropo. I did it.

SCOROPO: (He and other wolves catch up and surround DARLENE and AVON. Stares at DARLENE) Good job, Geo man! You just knocked down the fastest wolf-human known to us. (Slaps GEO’s back) Now carry her to our hideout. (ALL wolves run away in the same direction)

GEO: Yes, sir. (Drags DARLENE by her shirt with his/her teeth)

SCOROPO: Turn into human, you fool, and carry her that way.

GEO: Yes. (Turns into human and picks DARLENE up sideways by the legs and back) I got it. (GEO runs away)

AVON: (Eyes flutter open and mumbles) Don’t hurt Darlene.

SCOROPO: (Turns to AVON and rubs his hands. He stands above AVON.) You are a traitor.

AVON: Don’t hurt Adalwolfa.

SCOROPO: I won’t… but your father will. (Laughs cruelly then picks AVON up by his ankle with his teeth) I will hurt you though. (Tosses AVON) I want to be next in line to be King. (Steps on AVON)

AVON: (Sputters out) I still have my brothers.

SCOROPO: True, but I need to get rid of you first.

AVON: Get rid o-.

SCOROPO: (Interrupts AVON by sliding his paw down AVON’s leg to scratch him) Good-bye, Avon. (Wraps his hands around AVON’s neck)

AVON: (Gasping for air) Yft nefter git aquw. (Faints)

SCOROPO: Good boy. That’s great you cooperated. Thanks for making it easy. (Takes hands off)

Scene 14: Jeff

(JEFF is making a knife fly and twirl around with his mind. He is intrigued. He is wearing his grey hoodie [from Prologue] and black jeans)

JEFF: So interesting how this intrigues me. (NASSIM appears in the doorway. He screams and the knife falls down) Don’t sneak up on me like that. (Picks knife up)

NASSIM: Why were you doing that?

JEFF: Testing my powers. (Puts the knife in the holder) Don’t judge me. It’s interesting.

NASSIM: Mom told me to tell you to put away the dishes.

JEFF: Uh. I don’t want to do them.

NASSIM: Oh well.

JEFF: I was going to hang out with my friends tonight. Will you help me?

NASSIM: I don’t want to spend all night doing something lame. Bye. (Runs out of kitchen giggling)

JEFF: (Shouts to other room) Nassim, that was cruel. (Talks to himself) Now I don’t get to hang out with anyone. (Opens dish washer) Maybe? Just maybe, I could finish quickly. (Flies stuff out of dish washer into cabinets and drawers with his mind) I can. I love this.

(A wine glass is flying)

MRS. JARECKI: (Comes into room and starts shuffling through papers on the table) Jeff, I want my fine china in the correct cabinet.  (JEFF grabs the wine glass and smiles nervously)

JEFF: Yes, Mom.

MRS. JARECKI: (Looks up at JEFF) Do you have a problem?

JEFF: Uh… no. (Quickly puts wine glass away)

MRS. JARECKI:  Don’t try and lie to me. There’s something about you I know is wrong. What is it?

JEFF: (Shrugs) I don’t know.

MRS. JARECKI: I’ll make you put away the dishes for two weeks if you tell me.

JEFF: (Grabs stomach) You got me where it hurts. This is hard to say.

MRS. JARECKI: Jeff, did something happen at school?

JEFF: Nothing happened at school out of the ordinary. No, it’s hard to say.

MRS. JARECKI: (Sits in chair) We have all night.

JEFF: I can’t tell you!

MRS. JARECKI: (Stern) Jeff, tell me.

JEFF: I can’t tell you… (MRS. JARECKI lifts one of her eyebrows up) …but let me show you.

MRS. JARECKI: Then show me. (Crosses arms in front of chest)

JEFF: I just found out about it. (Makes a plate fly out of the dish washer with his mind)

MRS. JARECKI: (Gasps) Oh my.

JEFF: I know, it’s scary.

MRS. JARECKI: I see you now have my family’s secret.

JEFF: (Confused) W-what?

MRS. JARECKI: (Flies chair she is sitting in up in the air with her mind) You see, this is a secret most of my family holds. (Flies chair down with mind)

JEFF: Why did never tell me?

MRS. JARECKI: Jeff, honey, sweet heart, your father doesn’t even know!

JEFF: You’ve been keeping secrets from dad!

MRS. JARECKI: (Stands up and walks to JEFF) I have to. (Hugs JEFF) Have you told anyone about your abilities?  (Releases JEFF)

JEFF: Nassim is the only one.

MRS. JARECKI: Looks like I’ll have to wipe her memory.

JEFF: We can wipe people’s memories?

MRS. JARECKI: Only the advanced can.

JEFF: So, are we like super heroes?

MRS. JARECKI: Follow me. I want to show you how awesome it is.  (Walks out of room and JEFF follows)

JEFF: Are we? Is this like super powers?

MRS. JARECKI: (Stands in front of NASSIM who is on the couch) We’re aliens, Jeff. Hi, Nassim. Have you told anyone at all about Jeff’s powers?

NASSIM: Only Mr. Waffle, my teddy bear.

MRS. JARECKI: Good! (Snaps her fingers in front of NASSIM’s face)

NASSIM: (Confused) What just happened? Why are you guys staring at me?

MRS. JARECKI: You blanked out when you were about to do your homework.

NASSIM: (Blinks) Oh yeah! I’ll get right to it. (Runs out of room)

JEFF: That’s so cool.

MRS. JARECKI: If you want to continue this conversation, meet me in my study.

JEFF: Can we do-?

MRS. JARECKI: (Interrupts JEFF) In my study, Jeff! (Walks away)

(JEFF follows but his phone rings)

JEFF: (Answers phone) Hello?

MR. JARECKI: (On the phone he talks with a hushed whisper) Jeff, Shh. It’s your dad. Are you alone?


MR. JARECKI: Then go step outside.

JEFF: I was just about to talk to mom.

MR. JARECKI: I have some secrets to tell you, Jeff. Just go outside.

JEFF: Yes, dad. (Turns around and heads outside) I’m alone now.

MR. JARECKI: I’m not here in New York for business. That was just a cover to tell you guys. I’m really here for safety. Do you remember the guys that tied you up? Well they and other people are out trying to kill me.

JEFF: Why?

MR. JARECKI: I have upset many people. Bad people. (Sounds like he is about to cry) I have made mistakes. The guys got bailed out of jail so they will be back to get you guys.

JEFF: Dad, you need to come back. You’re putting your family on the line!

MR. JARECKI: I can’t.

JEFF: (Angry) So, you expect your wife and kids to fight your battle for you?


JEFF: Do you want me and Nassim kidnapped? Huh?

MR. JARECKI: No! Of course not! Just do me a couple of favors, will you?

JEFF: What are they?!

MR. JARECKI: Number One; fight the guys if they come back. Number two; don’t tell your mother. And the last one, keep your mother and sister safe. You are the man of the house until I get back. Will you do the things I asked you?

JEFF: I will do that.

MR. JARECKI: Good! Bye. (MR. JARECKI hangs up)

JEFF: You’re hiding things from mom too. (Quickly hurries inside the house and to his mother’s study) I’m here.

MRS. JARECKI: Good! Sit down. I will train you to use all of your powers correctly. Lessons begin tomorrow after school.

Scene 15: Darlene

(Scene is black and voices come in)

VOICE 1: This is so joyous.

VOICE 2: I’m over excited with joy!

VOICE 3: For the first time in history, this will actually happen.

VOICE 4: I think it will fail like all the other times. (There is a hitting noise) Ow! You hit me.

VOICE 2: You should not say that.

VOICE 1: You’ll jinx it if you talk negative!

VOICE 4: Alright. It will work.

VOICE 3: What if it doesn’t? Oh the King would be so mad.

VOICE 1: Shh.

VOICE 2: Shh. The King is coming.

KING FESTO: (Voice) Light up the sacred candles, so we may start the ceremony.

3 VOICES: (Unison) Yes, King Festo.

(Scene lights up one candle at a time. It is the same clay room from in scene 7.)

SCOROPO: Should I get your daughter?

KING FESTO: Yes, but where is Avon? He should truly see this miracle. He should see this to know how to sacrifice the right way.

SCOROPO: I’m sorry sir, but he passed away.

KING FESTO: Oh dear. Well the ceremony must go on. Go get Adalwolfa.

(SCOROPO walks away to a chamber)

SCOROPO: (Walks past a several cells with people looking at SCOROPO and stops at a cell with DARLENE in it) Wake up. (Whistles) Adalwolfa! (Sticks face through bars) Wake up, will you?! (Bends down a picks up a rock and throws it at DARLENE)

DARLENE: (Wakes up quickly) I’m up, dad.

SCOROPO: I’m not your dad!

DARLENE: (Sees SCOROPO. Talks aggressively to him) Oh what do you want?

SCOROPO: (Hums a funeral song. “Missing You.” By Diana Ross.) We’ve been looking forward to having a life where we can live forever.

(DARLENE stands up quickly then attempts to punch SCOROPO but he backs away)

SCOROPO cont.: Easy now.

DARLENE: What about me? You’re just going to sacrifice me to nothing! What’ll you do when nothing happens? Huh?

SCOROPO: We will kill the King and start over with the next in line. Or me?

DARLENE: (Spits on SCOROPO’s foot) You’re scum. Now get these chains off of me!

SCOROPO: (Impersonating a teenage girl) Uh like totally no.

DARLENE: I don’t sound like that.

SCOROPO: (Normal) Who cares? (Opens gate then yanks on DARLENE’s chain really hard)  Come on!

DARLENE: Ow! At least be gentle.

(SCOROPO yanks harder causing DARLENE to fall on the ground. DARLENE is chained by the hands in front of her. SCOROPO is walking ahead of her.)

SCOROPO: Get up! (Pulls DARLENE up roughly by her arm)

DARLENE: Hey! (Stands up straight) You should really learn to treat women with respect.

SCOROPO: Add a little skip to your step. (DARLENE walks)

DARLENE: Do you guys believe in curses?

SCOROPO: Yes, why?

DARLENE: I curse you.

SCOROPO: (Hits DARLENE across the face) Shut up.

DARLENE: (Trying to weasel her way out of being sacrificed) You said I was not a bad looker. Even though you’re old, Do you want to make a deal?

SCOROPO: (Pauses) No.

(SCOROPO guides DARLENE to the Ceremonial place)

KING FESTO: Excellent! You can go string her up.

SCOROPO: Yes, your highness. (Pulls DARLENE to a platform in front of the crowd of people.)

DARLENE: (Sing song voice) It’s not going to work.

(SCOROPO flashes KING FESTO a look of questioning and KING FESTO nods his head)

SCOROPO: (Smacks DARLENE’s face lighter than he had before) It will work.

DARLENE: (Sarcastic) Oh yeah and I’m a fairy princess.

SCOROPO: That was so funny I forget to laugh. (Places the rope around DARLENE’s neck and tightens it) There you go! Nice and tight. (Smiles an evil smile to DARLENE)

DARLENE: Hey, how about loosening these ropes? I can barely breathe.

(KING FESTO steps up onto platform and clears his voice)

KING FESTO: (Shouts to a crowd of wolf-humans. Half of the crowd is in human form and the other half is wolves) Brothers! Family! Friends! The time has come!

DARLENE: And it will fail.

(SCOROPO gives DARLENE a mean look that silences DARLENE)

KING FESTO: Thank you, Scoropo. We have had the boy sacrificed; now my daughter will be right here, right now!

(Crowd cheers and whoops)

SCOROPO: She’s ready.

DARLENE: Says who? I don’t know my lines! (Laughs)

SCOROPO: (Talks quieter) Say nothing.

DARLENE: Nothing.

(A few people laugh)

KING FESTO: Silence! (Crowd silences)

DARLENE: Don’t silence.

SCOROPO: Shh. (Unlocks chains on DARLENE’s hands) Don’t talk. Just Shh.

DARLENE: Hey thanks. Now the blood can get back

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