How CAN it BE?

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To promote awareness so that the cycle of abuse is stopped.

The danger of an adult coming from a loveless childhood the opportunity that their defencless devoted child offers them to reclaim back power in their desperate need to gain control over the hurt of being unloved

Submitted: January 16, 2014

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Submitted: January 16, 2014



How can it be? 
this is how
not a conscoious desire
extreme self protectiveness
a past loveless gap
defensless devoted ones
realisation of opportunities
to reclaim power
the craving inherent
loveless pain dictates
now they have power
over what was they thought long lost
yet in relity then never was
combine power with the adult loveless child
give them a taste of this power
the power to do what WILL not what should
in that act there is the reclaim
its not in what the act may be
but the excertion of that their will
therein lies the power
as that is to them what must be
a guarantee
a gurantee that now they can take love destroy love do what they choose
they can threaten no love as they gorge themselves on love 
they will not ever suffer no love now they have the power to control love as to whom they may choose
there is no hesitation to threaten no love to anyone who may expose
the error the loss for them being that
the tool they are using in their bid to reclaim lost love
is the love itself sought yet at the same time destroyed
making their pain enduring never ceasing never fill with love
so too for the defenscelsss devoted one
unless awareness of this cycle is understood.

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