Mother's Love - A Child's illusion

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A child's illusion of her Mother's love is laid bare

Submitted: November 13, 2012

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Submitted: November 13, 2012




Here child here is your mother
She is wrapped up for you to open
The child gleefully so excited starts to unwrap her mother
So expectant to find her mother inside
The mother to child’s mind is love of course
That must be what she will find inside
Layers upon layers of her mother the child opens
Still expecting to uncover inside the final layer
without a doubt it will be her mother’s love that will be inside this last layer
It is with aghast horror the child finds inside after the last layer is taken off
Only flesh and bones
No mother inside - there never was
Child you are a fool
There was never any possibility of love for you there
Only a pretend mummy
One that would not lift a finger for your true soul care
One that would not even take her own finger off herself in your presence
You knew all along child
deep down
That there was never really any mother there
So accept it now 

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