- i think it comes down to cruelty, disregard total rubbishing of a person's self that puts us there yet foolishly we get up and try again. This time no one can touch me, fool me, con me, not believe in me, i'm sweet this time??????



Spiraling down

I can't slow it

Try grabbing the sides

Panting suffocating

No one there, no one to care, no one to hear

So I give up and wait

Come on then take me

Defiant. See I'm ok I'm fine

I relax for a second

My thoughts drift to lost loved ones

Betrayals too deep

Not even true

They don't believe in you


Oh you heard she's been written off

Categorized & forgotten

Barr an annual token prayer

That you can't even hear

Feel no care


Noooooo I can't bear this

Here it comes again

Wave after wave no break in between

I dive down deep hoping to miss the storm


Where am I?

Dazed amazed I hear laughter close by

Oh the footie is on

Hard to imagine for some

not a clue

 (or maybe not yet,

Or maybe well hid)


Stop feeling sorry for yourself

How selfish you're fine

The birds are singing

Your karma's bringing

You're positive this time

Happiness love is all mine

Well I deserve it

I've had such a tuf time


Hey sorry um but well it's kind of like this

It's not what you thought

Oh what a fool

You can't mean it

Hey wait at least explain it


Laughter - theirs


It just can't be right

This was guaranteed ground

But it's already moving sinking taking you down.

Just you.




How deep this time?




















Submitted: July 29, 2007

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