The Box People

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

How the church in the name of God has been constructed by man allowing legalised murders, programming violence as love, making it OK to hurt others ......and how this mind conditioning is passed down through generations & the inability of mankind within this dogma to see outside of this man made constructed God box

The Box People
Live in a Box the maker of which they call God
They maintain the walls of the Box themselves as did their fathers before them
Because they are in a box they can only think within that box and cannot see the hurt they inflict in the name of maintaining their God Box
They follow the laws of the Box that unbeknown to them were written by man not God -Done so as to keep them ingorant and in control & passed down thorugh generations via fear induced mind control

However their bodies know & revolt – their skin itches, their stomachs hurt, mucus runs, they can't sleep
Their souls know - their minds try to rationalise - they pass it on through the way they talk or the way they don't talk....or the way they explode in a suicidal blast of no sense
Someone needs to tell the Box people that those masters of the masses who wrote the box rules are long long past
To tell them that they need not fear
To show them the hurt they have inflicted in the name of protecting the Box
But they are so fearful, so conditioned that they will squash to death anyone who questions the Box
Even if it is a loved one
Their programming started from the day they were born, the programmers blissfully unaware they too have been programmed – violence equals love, hurting others is normal

Don't underestimate the extent to which a Box person will go
They will do anything, anything at all to stay in their box
They will try so hard, aim to be so perfect , will do whatever is decreed to be Box law
Even evil in particular instances is permitted - as per box rule #666 - 'in order to preserve the box'
And no matter what they will not question - rule #111 – 'dammed to hell anyone who questions a box rule'
Ignorant obedient massess
Wise powerful few
Excellent strategic planning – so good it has outlived it's developers
& its usefulness

Oh dear panic is hitting an all time high in Box land
As all the tears from the pains they have inflicted
And all the blood from the legalised murders they have committed
Are turning their boxes into a big soggy mush
There is of course life outside their box
But their minds are so conditioned, their hearts so fearful
Their eyes so blind - that an unboxed glance is beyond them
The Box is all they know
They cannot lift themselves out of the Box to the Truth
To solid ground

Goodbye Box People
Wish you could have made it
Then again – you gladly forfeited the Souls of others to stay in your Box
So I guess you deserve the mush of a box you are now left with

Submitted: November 21, 2012

© Copyright 2021 MBQ. All rights reserved.

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