Your Lie

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A child's belief of her parents honour & integrity destroyed by a lie that lasted a life time

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013




It was not your mistemper that ruined me
That I forgave of you
It was your lie that ruined me
Your lie to the doctor the family the school
Your lie still now
Worst of all your lie to my child
exposed as it is fully in the recording
that as a child I knew instinctively
Now I have proof of the truth at last

What did your lie do to me - how did it ruin me
It took away my belief in your honour & integrity
It took away my trust in your word
It showed me that more important to you than I
Was what others throught of you
Your integrity & sincerity superficial
Everything a child holds of value
Of their parents
You destroyed

You see the lie you created to avoid taking full burden of your wrong
You passed over to me
As my imagination as my fault
Your lie had to be maintained as lies always do
My whole life you continued to sacrifice bits of me
To maintain your perception to the world & to the family
That you have integrity
 that you should be honoured
It is Maria your child that is the problem


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