Anagera's Tower

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"I have been trapped in a sunless tower since I was very little. There has been no sadness nor joy pertaining to anything except my flower who has grown in the dark along with me, and soon I fear, that flower will die"

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



My name is Anagera. I suppose I am around eighteen years old. I don't know the exact time passage here, but I'v felt myself grow in my dark home. I live in a tower as tall as the sky, but I don't bother to explore the upper levels as I have already done so before. There are no doors or openings, no holes in the wall, I am completely enclosed. The only light I have are small candles that I use sparingly.I haven't run out of food surprisingly, I have everything I need, except the things that spoil.  I have a large mirror near my bed that allows me to see myself as I grow. I look at myself currently, my hair grows to my hips,and the darkness that makes it up is separated by dark grey highlights. I stare at my eyes and they stare back at me, grey colored and empty. I wear a gown of black fabric , which makes my ghostly white skin stand out even more. I see my flower in the corner of my eye, large and black colored with milky white leaves and long thick roots that have grown through its pot and into the wall. It is the only thing that makes me smile in this humdrum life. I walk to it and stroke it's petals, draw some water and water it.

"Why thank you miss," it says to me, and I smile and in return say "you're welcome" My eyes feel heavy as I blow out the black candle I use in moderation and fall asleep on my bed.

I awake the next day feeling a little more dreary than usual, and check on my flower. I draw an intake of breath and try not to panic, my flower is wilting. I grab the pail and water it, it just leans over even further. I feel a hot bitter tear fall down my face. No, I will not cry. It's only wilting, it will not die. I spend the day (or night, doesn't matter to me anymore) pouring through the books that I have stored in the upper levels of my tower, they have nothing to say of my dying companion. I lay my head down that night in dread, but allowed myself a bit of optimism telling myself that it will be better by tomorrow.

I awake again and see, no it only leans even further, as if saying "sorry miss, my time is up" I don't move today, only stare blankly at the ceiling. I know that soon it shall die, my one and only friend will die.

It's been three days, my flowers petals have started to shrivel and fall. Me? I have given up, I can't move, I cant eat, my heart is breaking into pieces like a fragile piece of glass. I fall into a deep sleep, there is only one petal left.

Last night I dreamed of the sun, it was beautiful and warm. I saw that there were flowers waving in the grass gaily. My mother and father call to me "Anagera it's time to go home honey"  I look back at them smiling at me, I quickly grab a beautiful white flower growing in the ground. "I'll pot it when I get home" I think to myself. That is when the dream ends. It's funny, its been awhile since I dreamed of my past.

Today I walked to my flower and watched as the last petal fell, "goodbye miss" it says as it falls silently to the ground. I stand there in sorrow, expressionless while tears roll down my face, burning my skin. I fall to the ground and hear my heartbeat slow, "maybe my time is up as well" I think to myself. My consciousness is failing me, and I think I'm hallucinating because just as I close my eyes, I see the wall infront of me fall and a stream of sunlight come through. A man reaches through holding a lovely white flower. "just like the one I used to have" I think as a fall into the darkness that has surrounded me for so long.


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