falling falling falling

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Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Im falling.... Im falling.... this hole is so deep... when will I land?

"Meghan,Meeeeeghan. It's time to wake up" I opened my eyes.

"mom?" I realized I wasn't falling anymore, it was simply a dream...

"it's time to go to school,so get up." I groaned and reluctently got up. It was time to face another day filled with nothing.

My mom drove to school and dropped me off in front of it.

"see ya later hun"

"bye mom" I watched her drive away and walked into the school. Hopefully I could get through this day without any trouble,but of course there would be trouble I would justhave to brace myself and get through the day without giving in. Homeroom went by in silence and so did band. It looked like it was going to be a good day. Ufnrtunetly threre would be more trouble during lunch because the lack of teachers and people who cared I thought back to my dream mabye it represented me and life I was falling,falling,falling into a dark abyess and I would never get out. The bell rang,it was time for second period. I grabbed my books and stood up, just to bepulled down by my very own torementor I stared at the door and shakily stood up and walked out the door.my pride would not be taken away from someone like him.

"where do you think your going?" he said as he followed me into the hallway.

"where do you think,I need to get to my next class." I replied,and stepped around him to open my locker. He leaned over me,staring,but i frowned and stared right back.

"move" I said.

" make me" there was a challenge in his eyes. I sighed and stepped sideways out of his arm reach.

" believe me I would but like I said before I need to get to class." I walked away pride and all and smiled. It was the little victories and things like it that made my day. Civics went by quickly and soon came lunch. I was begging that it would slow down, that the last minute to lunch would last another hour, but alas it ended and soon came lunch. Unlike most schools we had the choice of eating lunch outside or inside. I chose inside for obvious reasons,and most people went outside for obvious reasons,execpt on rainy days. Honestly the only class I really ever dread, only my last priod because thats the only one with Lyon in it. He annoys me so much that I cant even concentrate on my work. But today would be different

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