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he left me
he hurt me
he cheated me
he deserted me
he's gone now
yeah, he's gone now

Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013



is there a real hope in this world?

is there anything I can count on?

he's gone now

he wont come back

I asked him to

but he didn't answer me

only dissapeared into a crowd of people

I loved him, I wanted us to be together

I never meant to...

I didn't want to hurt him!

we were so close, I thought he would love me forever

but eventually he got bored

no matter what I did

all my efforts were ingnored

and then she came along

I wont blame her

and I wont blame him

but I was the only one who tried

I watched him smile at her

I wasn't mad, I knew this would have happened

he said it wasn't happeing

he never looked me in the eye

but now we can be together

I watched him leave that building with that beautiful woman

I watched his hand around her waist

I watched him turn around when I tapped your shoulder

I watched his eyes widen in panic

I watched her run away

I watched him back up

I watched his life blood seep out

I watched his body go limp and lifeless

blank expression his your face

"hey,come back" I said.

he didn't answer.

I stood and walked away

I watched the crowd of people 

they swallowed him up like the sea

but that isn't him anymore

just a lifeless form

I need to find him, he isn't here anymore

and when I do, we can be together





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