madness inside me

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This poem is about some of my own personal madness...enjoy~

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



I walk through the halls

smile as I pass

kind friends that I love

feeling happiness that won't last

and then there are those ones

They start whispering

sinful people that I hate

staring at me...

Stop staring at me!

Laughing, they're laughing at me

I feel hate creep into my heart

whispering at me

telling me to kill them

my hands shake

I'm reaching toward them

My subconscious screaming at me

telling me to stop

Once again I do

but in the back of my mind

there is an image

disturbingly pleasnt 

Their eyes wide open in suprise

The feeling of the racing pulse in their neck

My hands breaking the fragile bones

and finally they stop moving

everyone is dead

I smile again

for I am purely insane

yet no one knows it yet

so until then

I will remain the good child

who gets good grades

and goes to church

knowing that god can save

Don't look to closely though

for you'll see right through

you'll see a trembling body

that wish's to kill you




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