when Iv lost my mind

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this is a short story i made up of a girl who went on a killing spree due to the taunting and teasing iin her life.
I hate to admit it but i made it up when i was roleplaying on tinierme.com

Submitted: June 26, 2012

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Submitted: June 26, 2012



 I was born in virginia,U.S. life started out happy, normal even, until... I finnaly went to school. I began to wish i wasnt born .never to cry,never to feel one ounce of confushion,but I finnaly found out in the first grade how cruel life could be. I was taunted,teased,humilated,and harrased. until I reached seventh grade. I had finnaly decided it was enough.So on a night bright with the fullness of a moon,I walked in the shadows cast by the moonlight and snuck into my first victims house,his name was Derrick Mallows. He was home alone and I smiled with anticipation of his death. I walked in the kitchen and took a butcher knife from one of the drawers and slowely climbed up the stairs to his bedroom. I opened the door and saw that he was asleep I tied him to the bedposts of his bed and slowely started to shake him.

"wakey,wakey Derrick" He only groaned and turned over. I slapped him in the face. "I said funkin wake up!"

"aww god,why the hell am I tied up!" I smiled and stepped into the light.


"goodmorning sleepy head,I have a wonderfull suprise for you"  I said with a cheerful smile, I slowely raised my right hand and showed the bitcher knife that I planned his toture with.

"billia,wha-what are you doing" I just smiled and leaned over him,billia was my nickname at that time. I started to slowely cut deep lines into his flesh. "billia im sorry,please please stop. I wont bother you again,IM SORRY!" he kept screaming things along the lines of that for a while,and I just smiled and said,theres no turning back,there's no turning back Derrick." Soon enough I was covered in blood and his wonderful cries were getting quieter and quieter,which annoyed me so I made sure he screamed for a while. I stabbed him in the gut and slowely dragged the knife upwards towards his heart. He screamed and screamed and I only dragged and dragged that knife witha grin plastered on my face. I wiped my face with my already blood covered shirt the blood still dripped into my eyes and temporaily made my vision red.

"billia please dear god,im.... sorry please call the ambulance..I.I promise I wont tell anyone you did this..just please,i dont want to die." I looked at the sheer terror in his eyes and felt a tear slip from my eyes.


"why,why did you make me like this Derrick,you and your friemds" I didnt know why I started crying,but i couldnt stop "you know Derrick I wasnt thinking straight when I planned this,so I know its too late and your probely going to die soon,but im...Im sorry"


"yes" I asked.

"I know you'll never believe me but,even after this I love you and you insanity" I blinked away a tear and kissed him.

" well i hope you know I absolutely hate you" he smiled and slowely ,his soul started to fade from his eyes.

"if you still hate me even after you did this, I wont even forgive you,ill haunt you till your soul enters hell." I stared into those blue eyes in their fleeting moments.

"I know" HIs heart slowely stopped and I made my move towards the window. I stared into the moons brightness and realized, today the moon was bloodred,a perfect color this momentous occasion. Later that night I went to five different other bullies they all screamed out the same thing.

"IM SORRY,PLEASE IM SORRY" All humans,every single one of them is the same. 




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